Life Coach Prices (2024) – A Complete Guide

One of the most common questions I get from potential coaching clients is, “How much does a life coach cost?”

If you’ve been thinking of hiring a life coach, you’ve probably had this question.

Today’s article looks to answer this question. In this guide, we’ll cover everything related to life coach prices. This includes,

  • How much does life coaching cost
  • The different types of life coaching packages
  • The cost of different life coach packages
  • How much life coaches charge per hour, and
  • Why some life coaches charge higher than others.

But, before we get into how much life coaching costs, let’s first look at who a life coach is and how a life coach will help you.

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Key Takeaways

  • Life coaches might choose to charge hourly, monthly or longer-term rates.
  • When a life coaches raises their rates, they’ll often raise the perceived values of their services.
  • By raising their rates, a life coach can afford to work with fewer clients.
  • Experienced life coaches who specialize in a unique coaching niche are more likely to charge higher rates.

Life Coaching Fees and Packages

The lack of regulation in the coaching industry has led to coaches charging a wide range of prices for their services.

Some charge on an hourly basis, others monthly, and others for their entire coaching package.

Life Coaching Hourly Rates

Most life coaches charge hourly rates. On average, a life coach will charge you anywhere between $75 and $200 per hour.  However, these coaching fees aren’t standardized. 

Novice life coaches looking for clients are likely to charge less than $75 per hour, while more experienced coaches are likely to charge more than $200 per hour.

Life Coaching Monthly Packages

Many coaches who charge by the hour target clients looking for a single coaching session. But if you’re looking to enjoy all the benefits of working with a life coach, you need to go through several coaching sessions.

For multiple sessions, it’s best to look for a coach who offers comprehensive monthly life coaching packages.

And here’s the best part.

In comparison with hourly life coaching rates, monthly packages may be relatively cheaper. This is because most coaches charge anywhere between $250 and $750 for a monthly package.

Long Term Coaching Packages

If you feel like one month isn’t enough for you to enjoy the full benefits of life coaching, you can choose a coach who offers packages that last more than one month. On most occasions, either a three-, six-, or 12-month package.

Long term coaching fees costs vary depending on the number of life coaching sessions required. The more sessions, the higher you’re likely to pay. However, despite the higher price, coaching packages with more sessions allow more savings per session.

A three-month life coaching package will cost you anywhere from $350-$600. For a six-month coaching package, you’re likely to pay anywhere between $1170-$1950.

Individual Coaching Sessions Vs Group Coaching

Most life coaches only offer individual coaching sessions, because this allows a deeper coaching relationship where clients can make the fastest progression. However, if you find a life coach that offers group coaching services, you can expect it be significantly cheaper than individual coaching sessions.

Why are Life Coaches so Expensive?

One of the main reasons why life coach prices are high is due to the perception that this type of coaching is a high-end and costly service. Thanks to this perception, most people looking to make dramatic changes to their lives are likely to look down on coaches who charge less than the market average.

Most coaches will charge rates within or above the industry standard to avoid being considered a bargain basement coach.

Another reason why life coaching fees are so high is that most coaches work with a few clients. On average, a professional life coach has less than ten clients a week. Working with fewer clients allows a coach to better attend to the needs of every client.

However, this comes at a cost.

Fewer clients mean that the life coach has to charge more to achieve their set income goals.

Another factor that may make life coaching expensive is the coaches’ specializations. Business coaching, executive coaching, or academics coaching is likely to cost more than personal coaching from a generalist life coach.

Why are some Coaches more Expensive than Others?

This depends on several factors. For starters, a coach’s target market plays a significant role in influencing their charges. Business life coaches who works with CEOs are likely to charge higher than coaches who work with the average individual.

This is because business coaching is deemed to have the potential to make the client more money. It also takes more training and experience to become a successful business coach. Business coaches and executive coaches have to work harder to establish themselves, but it pays off in the end.

The location also matters. Studies have found that coaches working in the United States and Western Europe charge higher than those in other regions. A life coach working in New York or London is also likely to bill higher than one working in a small town.

A coach’s experience also plays an essential role in determining their prices. More experienced coaches are likely to charge higher than less experienced coaches looking to get their first couple of clients.

Another factor likely to influence the cost of life coaching is the technique a coach uses.

Some life coaches will use techniques such as hypnotherapy, NLP, and guided meditations, among others. Coaches who use more complex methods, including hypnotherapy, are likely to charge higher than those who don’t.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Life Coaches

Life Coaching Prices
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Who Is A Life Coach?

Most people think that life coaches and therapists have similar jobs. These individuals will pay for online life coaching, yet they need therapy. Others will seek a therapist’s help while they clearly need to work with a life coach.

This is why it’s essential to understand the distinction between these two professions.

A life coach is a wellness professional who helps people achieve the most out of their future. Life coaches help their clients improve their careers, relationships, and day-to-day lives. Therapists, on the other hand, are healthcare professionals who specialize in helping people deal with emotional trauma and mental health issues.

What Does A Life Coach Do For You?

One of the first things a life coach does for you is that he/she helps you clarify your personal and professional goals. The coaching process will initially involve questions to help you better understand what you want to achieve in life.

A life coach will also help you identify and develop solutions to obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals. Working with a life coach also offers you a better understanding of your strength and weaknesses.

By guiding you through all these activities, your life coach helps you get closer to the life you’ve always wanted. Other than these, a life coach can also help you to:

  • Improve your work-life balance
  • Gain better financial security
  • Improve your work satisfaction
  • Build stronger and better relationships
  • Improve creativity
  • Identify your passion and help you decide on the best career path.

Now that you know how a life coach can help you let’s get into the main issue. How much will it cost you to enjoy the above results?

Is it Worth Getting a Life Coach?

After going through the above rates, you may be wondering, “is it wise to invest so much money in life coaching?”

Yes. And here’s why.

If you’ve been struggling with making impactful changes in your life, a life coach can help you create and keep these changes.

  • If you’ve been looking to grow your career, a great life coach will help you achieve this.
  • If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your relationship, working with a life coach may help you achieve this goal.
  • If you’ve been looking to grow financially, working with a life coach can help you develop better discipline and grow your finances.

Without a life coach, these changes may be impossible to come by. This is why getting a life coach is worth it.

Life coach prices may be expensive, but the changes that these coaches introduce in your life are worth more than the money you paid.

However, there’s a disclaimer. The value of your life coaching sessions depends on how good the coach is. If you work with a great coach, your investment will be worth it. But if you work with a mediocre coach, you’ll have wasted your hard-earned money.

So, choose wisely.

Life Coach Certifications

How do you know if a life coach is worth it?

Other than testimonials, you should also consider a coach’s certifications. Before investing your money in any coaching program, ensure that the coach has received certification from an ICF-accredited institution.

If your chosen coach has certifications from any of these six ICF accredited programs, you can be sure that you’ll get value for your money.

Life Coach Salary

You may be wondering, “with such high prices, how much do life coaches earn?”

Well, it depends.

A coach’s specialization, number of clients, and experience level influence their salary. However, on average, a life coach can anywhere between $29,000 and $70,000.

Does Insurance Cover Life Coaching?

In most cases, no.

There are a few exceptions, such as specialist health coaching prescribed by medical doctors, although is rarely classed as life coaching.

If you’re interested in becoming a life coach and want to learn more about a life coach’s salary, check out my Comprehensive Guide on Life Coach Salary.  

Any Further Questions?

There you go.

All you need to know about life coach rates.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. More importantly, I hope you learned what you needed to know about pricing in the life coaching industry.

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