ReGain Review (2024) – Best Comprehensive Review

In this ReGain review, I’ll give my opinion on how effective this relationship counseling app is. 

You’ll discover how this app compares to face-to-face counseling, and whether there are other apps that are better. 

You’ll also discover how ReGain works, the key features and whether it’s worth spending your hard-earned money on. 

Let’s dive right into it.

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ReGain: Overview

ReGain was founded as a sister company of the most popular online therapy app – Betterhelp – in 2016 and has arguably grown to become the most well-known couples therapy app. The company is based in California but is available to individuals and couples all over the world.

Online therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years, although ReGain would appear to be the only international app focused solely on relationship counseling. 

Once you’ve set up your subscription, you’ll be granted unlimited text access, plus a weekly phone or video call with a licensed therapist. 


ReGain counseling costs less per week when you commit to a longer subscription. Here are your subscription options.

  • Weekly: $80 per week
  • Monthly: $260 per month (equal to $65 per week) 
  • Quarterly: $540 per year (equal to $45 per week)
  • Annual:  $1,820 per year (equal to $35 per week)

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to pay for ReGain through your health insurance, and I couldn’t find any discount codes or free trials available at the time of this review.  


🟢 Speak with experienced certified relationship therapists
🟢 Unlimited text counseling, plus video calls
🟢 Competitive pricing
🟢 Competitive pricing
🟢 Sign your partner up at no extra cost
🟢 Secure easy-to-use website and app.
🔺 No three-way video calls;
🔺 No freedom to choose your own therapist.; 

Is Online Counseling Right For You? What To Consider Before Investing In ReGain Couples Therapy

ReGain has a comprehensive guide on its website, explaining the situations when the app is not suitable for you.

This includes: 

  • You and/or your partner don’t have a web-connected device.
  • You and/or your partner is under 18. ReGain will redirect you to if you are a minor.
  • You’re in a physically abusive relationship. 
  • You’ve had thoughts of hurting yourself and/or your partner.  
  • You’re in an urgent crisis or emergency situation. 
  • You’re required to undergo therapy by a court order.

You’ll get the most out of ReGain counseling when both you and your partner are committed to improving your relationship. If you and/or your partner agree to try out couples counseling out of obligation, it’s less likely to be effective. 

You can’t heal a broken relationship if you don’t want to fix it. This takes commitment from both sides. Not just commitment to showing up, but also dedication to implementing the changes suggested during your therapy session. 

Therapists can’t make official medical diagnoses or prescribe medication for any mental health problems. 

Using ReGain without your partner

If you’re seeking therapy in order to strengthen your existing relationship, it makes sense that both you and your partner take part in ReGain counseling.

However, there are scenarios where ReGain therapists can help individuals too.

For example: 

  • if you would like help healing from a separation or divorce;
  • if you’d like help overcoming fears or negative beliefs surrounding love, relationships, marriage and family;
  • you’d like help fixing your relationship but your partner isn’t ready to commit to counseling.  

If it’s determined that a relationship therapist isn’t suitable for your individual situation, you may be referred to a more suitable professional from ReGain’s parent website Betterhelp.

ReGain Online Counseling Vs Face-to-face Counseling

Online therapy has become increasingly popular over the last few years, because it’s cheaper and more convenient than face-to-face therapy.

It could be argued that face-to-face therapy is more effective because it makes for easier communication and deeper bonds between therapists and clients. 

There are plenty of people who still prefer to receive therapy within the ‘safe space’ of a therapist’s office, for this reason. 

However, the added convenience of online therapy cannot be ignored, especially for busy couples who may have to go to the trouble of hiring a babysitter in order to travel to their therapist every week. 

Thankfully, as video calling software becomes more powerful, it is becoming easier to develop stronger personal connections through video therapy too.

No wonder thousands of people have left positive reviews about ReGain and other online therapy apps.

ReGain Features And Benefits 

You can access ReGain from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection. It’s available on desktop and mobile (iOS/Android). 

In this section of my ReGain review, I will describe and rate the most important aspects of this relationship counseling app out of five stars.  

Getting Started With ReGain 

To get started with ReGain, you can create an account on the mobile app or the website. All you need is to give is your email address and a nickname. Your real name isn’t needed. You can sign up with your Google or Facebook account if you prefer.

You’ll have the option to register an account for your partner too. When you do, ReGain will send an email to invite your partner to log in. They’ll be able to do so with their email address from any web-connected device. That’s not compulsory though. You can do so later on, if you prefer. It won’t cost extra to add a partner to your account, regardless of when you do it. 

The next step is to be paired with a therapist.

To do this, you’ll need to fill out a lengthy questionnaire. Within it, you’ll reveal details about your current situation, what relationship issues you need help with, and your preferences for what type of therapist you’d like to work with.  

You’ll typically be paired with a ReGain therapist within 24 hours. You can change your therapist whenever you like, no questions asked. 

The set-up process is simple enough, although other online therapy apps do give you more choice to pick your own therapist. 

Once you’ve been matched with a counselor, you’ll be prompted to pay for your service. 

Getting started:


All of your communications with your therapist will take place within a private chat room. You, your partner and your therapist will share it and be able to post unlimited messages at any time. Most of your couples counseling will take place here.  

You’ll also be able to arrange your weekly video call using the automatic scheduling tool. This tool will show your therapist’s availability, allowing you to book the time slot that suits you best. 

The chat room is easy to use.

The main flaw of the app is that it does not allow three-way video calling. That means you’ll either need to be in the same room as your partner during your video call. If that’s not possible, you can have it so one partner can only contribute to the call by text. 


ReGain Therapists

ReGain therapists are all fully licensed. They have all been practising for at least three years, and have racked up at least 1,000 hours of experience. 

They all specialise in couples counseling and marriage counseling. They all have a masters degree or a doctoral degree in this field. 

There are few, if any, online counseling apps with such strict standards as far as who can work for them. 

You can be confident that your couples counseling is in good hands, whoever is chosen to handle it. Even so, if you’re unhappy with your online therapy experience, you can change counselors at any time. 

Choice and quality of therapists:

Payment Options

ReGain allows you to pay for your online therapy sessions by debit card, credit card or PayPal. 

Payment options:

Privacy & Security 

Like most online therapy apps, ReGain is HIPAA-certified and uses 256-bit encryption to protect your personal information, but it goes further.   

ReGain doesn’t share your data with insurance companies or employers. ReGain servers are hosted in an “A Grade” facility with encrypted and scrambled databases. In short, that means you don’t need to worry about your data being stolen. 

There’s a “Shred” option to delete any messages you send from your account. There’s not too much more it can do.  

Privacy & Security:


According to the ReGain website, their therapists do their best to be as responsive as they can to meet their clients’ needs.

Some people may prefer to have short frequent interactions with their therapist. Others may prefer sporadic longer conversations. 

After checking a few ReGain US reviews, I couldn’t find too many complaints about a therapist being not responsive enough. If you find that your therapist doesn’t respond quickly enough to your text messages, you can always swap.  

Weekly phone calls are organised using an online calendar tool, so you don’t need to worry about your therapist not being available to respond.


Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your ReGain counseling any time. When you cancel, you’ll be able to keep using ReGain for the time you’ve already paid for. Your payments will continue to recur until you cancel. 

Cancellation policy:

Value For Money

ReGain is similar in price to face-to-face relationship or marriage counseling sessions.

Although you don’t get the added connection with your counselor that you may get in face-to-face meetings, you do get the added convenience of being able to contact them from anywhere in the world.

Also, with ReGain, you get ongoing therapy via the 24/7 text option with your therapist.

Despite this impressive level of support, ReGain is right up there among the cheapest online therapy apps to use.         

Value for money:

What Do People Think Of ReGain? 

ReGain has attracted over 1,900 reviews on the iOS store, with an average star rating of 4.7 out of 5.

ReGain has registered more than 700 reviews on the Google Play store with an average star rating of 4.5 out of 5. 

Of course, there are a few bad reviews complaining of poor service. No company is perfect. Nevertheless it’s fair to say that most people appreciate the online therapy service delivered by ReGain. 

Alternatives To ReGain  

Below is a summary of three other online therapy apps and how the service compares to ReGain. 


Betterhelp is the parent company of ReGain. When you navigate to the Betterhelp website, the first question you’ll be asked is whether you’re seeking individual or couples therapy.

Those seeking couples therapy will be redirected to the ReGain website.

As you’ll see from my Betterhelp review, I’m a big admirer of this app. It works similarly to ReGain. There’s an opening questionnaire to match you with a therapist, a private chat room for all communications.

You’ll get unlimited text and video chats with a therapist for $260/month. 

If you’re looking for online help for mental health issues outside your relationship, Betterhelp is definitely worth a look.    

Click here to check out Betterhelp >>

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Talkspace is the nearest rival to Betterhelp as far as the size of its user base. It offers video and text therapy in a private chat room too.   

It places more emphasis on niche forms of therapy, including couples counseling. 

Talkspace couples counseling costs $396 per month or $1,068 per quarter (a 10% discount). 

That’s significantly more expensive than ReGain for what appears to be a similar level of service. 

Click here to check out Talkspace >>  

7 Cups Of Tea 

7 Cups Of Tea is a text-only mobile counseling service.

With this free version of this app, you can vent about your problems to the app’s team of volunteer ‘listeners’. Bear in mind though that these volunteers are not certified therapists.

The paid edition of this app costs $150/month. This will get you access to unlimited text therapy from a certified therapist.

It’s the cheapest alternative on this list, but this is text-only therapy and there is no couples counselling available. 

Click here to get started with 7 Cups Of Tea >>

Conclusion: ReGain Is A Great Option If You’re Considering Online Couples Counseling 

I hope this ReGain review helped make your mind up about whether this app can help you. 

If you’ve decided that online therapy is a good option for you and your relationship, I have no hesitation about recommending relationship or marriage counseling through this app.  

Most users who left a review appear to be delighted with their experience using the app.

If you have any other questions about ReGain relationship and marriage counseling, feel free to leave them in the comments sections below. 

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.