How Do You Know If Hypnosis Worked?

Hypnosis is not a state of unconsciousness.

Although, because it can look like sleep, it’s common to wonder whether hypnosis worked.

In fact, there could be a number of different things a person is experiencing during their trance.

And just when you think you know how it will go, the next time will be different. 

The suggestions offered during a session are the pebbles that your therapist drops for your subconscious mind to pick up on. 

Your subconscious mind will actually reject any changes being suggested if they don’t line up with the conscious mind and your values.

It’s very important to work with a qualified hypnotherapist and one who has plenty of experience if the session is to be effective. 

Also make sure your therapist understands the goals you want to reach with hypnotherapy.

How Do You Know If Hypnosis Worked

How Do You Feel After Hypnosis?

The effects you feel after hypnosis can be very positive and they can increase as the days and weeks go by.

After hypnosis, you may find:

  • you sleep better, 
  • are more relaxed
  • and have improved self-esteem and confidence
  • sometimes you’ll sense an uplifting, euphoric feeling that lasts for hours or days afterwards.

Some who aren’t used to feeling relaxed might associate this feeling with light-headedness.

Right after hypnosis a person could also experience some drowsiness.

How do you know if hypnosis worked?
source: (Cristina Gottardi)

Difficult issues can be dealt with in hypnosis. 

After hypnotherapy, if you’re feeling low, it’s because this is one way your mind deals with some difficult or important issues therapeutically, which could cause this temporary feeling. 

From there it’s a gentle upward journey, as time goes on, into a feeling of freedom, relief and other more positive outlooks. 

Hypnosis can help bring out the better version of you. 

A hypnotherapist can be a good bridge to help bring out that better version.

Do You Remember Anything After Hypnosis?

Your unconscious mind won’t let you remember anything if you’re not ready to handle it. 

An experienced hypnotherapist will make hypnotic suggestions to respect that, like, “you will remember everything of value as your conscious mind can handle it”.

Many good therapists will also let you tape your session, if you choose.

Hypnotherapy guides you into different brain waves, from beta to alpha, theta, and then delta.

These are all very normal and natural brain wave states that we move through daily.

In the first stage, alpha, you will hear and remember everything your therapist says because you are alert and very relaxed.

You can open your eyes at any point.

If you go into trance very quickly, you may not remember very much of this stage. 

The deepest stage of hypnosis is when you’re in the delta state. You may even think you’ve fallen asleep at this point, but in reality you haven’t. 

This is when your subconscious mind is paying attention and accepting the suggestions your hypnotherapist is making.

Then your conscious mind can act on them.

Hypnotic Experience
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How Can You Tell If Someone Is Under Hypnosis?

These are a list of some ways your hypnotherapist can see that you are in trance. 

  1. Body

The person shifts position to be more comfortable.
You will feel relaxed and this is very noticeable in the facial muscles.
Generally, you’ll close your eyes, although, If your eyes are open, there is usually a vacant look in them.
The body remains still.

  1. Eyes

Fluttering eyelids can occur at the beginning.
You begin to blink more slowly while entering a state of trance.
Sometimes the eyes roll upward or they tear up and redden.
People often mention blurring or foggy vision.
Sometimes changes in the colour, sizes and shapes of things have even been mentioned.
Mostly, your eyes will be closed.

  1. Attention

In hypnosis, people will be less distracted by sounds. In a person who easily goes into trance they could stop making an effort to listen to the hypnosis therapist.

  1. Pulse and Respiration

Entering hypnosis can slow the heart rate and breathing temporarily and in some cases it will increase when the person realizes they’re in a trance state.

  1. Swallowing

For many people this reflex will slow or disappear during trance unless attention is drawn to it.

  1. Psychomotor Retardation

There is usually lag in time when a suggestion is given and the person carries it out.

  1. Signs of Reorientation

A person will begin moving their hands and feet when shifting out of trance state.
Other signs are shifting their posture, you’ll feel like stretching, yawning, opening their eyes, blinking and wetting their lips.

Some of these signs are very subtle and only an experienced hypnotherapist can recognize them.

However, not all of these sensations are experienced by every person. Each person’s experience can be vastly different.

There are many hypnotherapists near me who don’t have the qualified experience I require.

I know that I may have to do some research to find hypnotherapy near me or a bit further away that will work for me. 

Hypnotherapy can help you see a new way for your life to work for you to move forward in your journey on a path of positive choices and experiences.

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