Best Healthy Breakfast Smoothie – With Scientifically Proven Ingredients

Best Healthy Breakfast Smoothie – With Scientifically Proven Ingredients

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie
For the Best Start of the Day – Whole Food Plant Based

For several years now, my healthy breakfast smoothie has been a fixed part of my daily morning routine, and now I cannot imagine starting a day without it.

Below, you’ll probably get one of the healthiest breakfast smoothie recipes out there. ?

Most of the ingredients have scientifically proven health benefits approved by Dr. Michael Greger from

After several years of intensive research on nutrition, I developed the following healthy breakfast smoothie recipe.

The smoothie enables my body to start the day as energetically and nutrient-rich as possible.

The top priority for the composition of the ingredients was the greatest possible health benefits.

And of course, it should taste good too.

With time, I added more and more ingredients to it. So that you are not deterred in the beginning, I offer you two recipe variants:

A basic version with the most important ingredients in my opinion.

And an “extended version” for those who are not deterred by buying some exotic ingredients.

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Basic recipe (gives 2-3 large glasses of my healthy breakfast smoothie)

These are the basic ingredients for my healthy breakfast smoothie:

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Basic
Source: Bijan Kholghi
1 Banana gives a sweet taste, nutrient rich
1 Kiwi great for preventing colds (more)
1 h.f.o. (hand full of) Kale frozen strengthens the immune system, very rich in vitamins, high in calcium and potassium
1 h.f.o. Broccoli frozen vitamin rich, detox effect, anti inflammatory
1 h.f.o. Blueberries frozen reduces brain aging, highly antioxidant & anti-inflammatory
1 h.f.o. Strawberries frozen highly antioxidant, inhibits cancer cell growth
1 small piece of Ginger good for the body’s defenses, blood thinning, spasmolytic
1 very small piece of fresh Turmeric or 1 tbsp Turmeric spice powder inhibits cancer cell growth, inflammation and absorption of pollutants
2 tbsp crushed Flaxseeds against high blood pressure, inhibits cancer cell growth, source of omega 3s
1 pitted Date healthy sugar substitute, potassium & calcium-rich

Extended Version

The following ingredients can also be added to increase the health benefits.

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Extended
Source: Bijan Kholghi

The last ingredient, the hemp seed powder, is a plant-based source of protein. If you do a lot of sports, you can increase the dose.

1 tbsp Goji berries highly antioxidant, good for the eyes and for insomnia
1 teaspoon Amla powder one of the most antioxidant fruits ever
1 teaspoon „Supergreen“ 30% organic wheatgrass, 30% organic barley grass, 20% organic spinach, 10% organic ribwort, 10% organic stinging nettle
1 teaspoon brown millet powder rich in minerals and trace elements
1 teaspoon hemp seed powder protein source, especially for people who do a lot of sports

Of course, it would be ideal to use all the ingredients in a fresh form.

But since I really do the healthy breakfast smoothie every morning and do not want to spend more than 5 minutes on it, I have most of the ingredients in a frozen form in the freezer. This is only a minor disadvantage in terms of nutrients since most fruit and vegetables are very gently shock-frozen. So this makes it much more practical for the implementation.

Of course, you have to decide the choice of organic or non-organic for yourself, and it certainly depends on your budget.

Personally, I try to buy all organic ingredients, as it reduces the likelihood that the food is contaminated by pesticides, etc.

Especially with the frozen ingredients that I put directly into my blender without washing them first, that’s an advantage. But it also sometimes happens, that I cannot get one or two ingredients at the supermarket organic, then, of course, I purchase conventional products.

Good washing gets rid of almost all pesticides.


Wash ginger and turmeric very well, especially if they are not organic.

I then leave them unpeeled because most of the nutrients are under the skin. Incidentally, the same applies to apples.

Then add all the ingredients to your blender, pour boiling water (because of the frozen ingredients) until these are covered with water (up to about 800ml.).

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Preparation
Source: Bijan Kholghi

Then blend the ingredients and the water well for approximately 2 Minutes.

Now you can enjoy your best healthy breakfast smoothie.


So that it does not become monotonous, you can of course experiment with various other ingredients.

I sometimes add:

Apples or,
other Berries.

Side dishes

In addition to my healthy breakfast smoothie, I always eat a Brazil nut and a half walnut for a nibble.

1 Brazil nut (important source of selenium)

1 half Walnut (source for omega-3 fatty acids)

This whole food plant based healthy breakfast smoothie provides your body with most of the important nutrients, and you start the day with maximum energy.

Have fun while enjoying and feeling good!!!

Every Nutritionist and Life Coach would be proud of you. 🙂

About The Author

Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.