How To Get Laid (2023): 21 PRO Tricks

Are you a man wondering how to get laid?

This guide features 21 pro tricks to help you get laid fast. Forget about the mainstream advice like ‘be yourself’ and ‘treat her like a princess’. Below, you’ll find the strategies that true players use to get laid consistently. 

In my role as a life coach, I usually focus on helping men and women develop stronger connections with the most important people in their life, whether these are lovers, friends, or family members.

But, in this guide, we’re going to focus on helping single men have more intimacy.

So, let’s dive in. 

Disclaimer: How Important Is It To Get Laid?

Some people might turn their nose up at this guide.

They might think it’s embarrassing to have to put this much effort into having intimacy. 

If you’re lucky enough to be able to get laid whenever you want, it isn’t a big deal. A bit like how eating isn’t a big deal if you can always afford food.

However, if you’re a grown adult starved of intimacy, it can seem like as big a deal as being starved of food. In fact, Maslow put intimacy alongside food and water in the first tier of his hierarchy of needs for a human being.

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The stats show that involuntary celibacy among young men is rising to record highs. This is causing a lot of harm to young men’s mental health and their self-esteem in particular. 

If they could just learn how to treat women in a way that makes them excited to be intimate with you, it’s a big win for BOTH genders.

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This guide is about making both genders more satisfied with the dating game. Women get to meet men who are more socially calibrated. Men get to learn how to make women like them. Everyone is happier. 

Most likely, once you learn how to get laid a lot, intimacy won’t seem like such a massive deal. But let’s get you to that point first.  

Disclaimer: This guide is NOT teaching men how to manipulate or mistreat women. If you want to make an accusation of that nature, please state exactly what part of the guide you disagree with in the comments section, and I’ll be happy to discuss your point.

How To Get Laid Everyday

The easiest way to get laid every day is to get into a long-term relationship.

Some of the tips below might not help you get into a serious relationship. That’s because this guide is about how to get laid fast. 

However, it could be argued that men who have the ability to get laid a lot will find it easier to get into a great relationship, by virtue of having more options to choose from. 

One of the reasons why so many relationships turn sour is because the man and/or the woman settled for their partner, simply because they had few options and didn’t think they could do any better.

A lot of guys want to learn how to get laid a lot – not so they can enjoy endless one-night stands – but so they can eventually win over their dream girl. 

Once they do that, they have a great chance of landing a winning relationship with a woman who loves him dearly and wants to make love to him all the time.

How To Get Laid: The Foundations

Here is a list of qualities that will generally make you more attractive to the opposite sex. 

None of these are essential to get laid a lot, but they will make it easier.

The list only includes attributes that are possible for all guys to gain or improve. There’s no point in focusing on things you can’t control. 

  • A fit and healthy body.
  • Confidence. Self-esteem. Good mental health.
  • Status.
  • Good hygiene.
  • Good fashion and grooming.
  • A lifestyle that a woman would want to be a part of.
  • Language abilities (i.e you can speak the same language as the woman you want).

It’s also crucial to be non-needy. If there’s one thing that repels women more than anything, it’s desperation. The best way to control your neediness is to build a life that’s already fun, regardless of whether there are women in it. 

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How To Get Laid: 21 Pro Tricks

With these foundations out of the way, let’s get to our list of 21 pro tricks to get laid like a rockstar.

1. Talk to Everyone

Most guys don’t get laid because they don’t put themselves out there. At best, the average dude creates a Tinder profile and occasionally starts a few conversations at a bar.

If you can become the super-social guy who talks to everyone he sees, you’re going to create more opportunities for yourself, just by virtue of the law of averages. The odds of you meeting a woman who is immediately into you will be far more favorable!

If you have social anxiety, the best way to get over it is to face your fear. Get outside your house, find a few places to do fun things, and spend time talking to people. It becomes easier with practice, the same way any other skill does. 

2. Last Man Standing 

It’s no secret that a lot of girls go to bars, nightclubs, and parties hoping to go home with a great guy. The problem is: when these venues are closing, most guys are either too drunk, too demoralized from rejections, or at home asleep.

If you can be that fun guy who is still meeting women outside the club at closing time, you’ll create a lot more opportunities for a late-night hook-up.

3. Have An Innocent Excuse To Go Back To Your Place 

It’s important to realize that women don’t ever want to look too promiscuous. If you ask them to come back to your place for great sex, they’re usually going to refuse, even if they really wanted that.

They want to be able to tell themselves (and their besties the next day) that “just happened”. So, it’s better to have an innocent excuse for you two to go back to your place; an afterparty, a nightcap, to watch a movie, anything.

If she likes you, she’ll come, no matter how seethrough your excuse is. It’s like a white lie that you’re both in on to save her reputation.

4. How To Pull The Trigger

You want to invite a woman back to your place when she’s riding the wave of excitement. At this emotional peak where she’s having the most fun in your presence, she’s most likely to agree to keep hanging out with you somewhere else.

At that point, you want to make it happen with as little delay as possible. If you take too long and the fun starts dying down, that’s when logicial reasons for her not to go start popping up in her head.

Keep that emotional wave of fun and excitement going for the whole journey home and these logical concerns won’t ever cross her mind.

5. Live Close To The Best Nightlife Venues In Your City 

When your house is a two-minute walk away, it’ll be so much easier to convince girls to come back for a nightcap or whatever other excuse you have.

How To Get Laid Everyday
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6. Arrange Your Dates As Close To Your House As Possible  

Always have your first date at the bar closest to your house. Your date/close ratio will skyrocket when you do this.

7. Create A Lifestyle When You Can Party All The Time

The more parties you’re able to go to, the more opportunities to get laid you’ll create for yourself, compared to someone who only goes out on Saturday nights. Perhaps you can get a job as a club promoter or some other role in the nightlife industry, or at least a line or work where you don’t have to wake up too early.

If you give up drinking, you’ll be physically ready to go out more often, plus you’ll be sharper than all the other drunkards when you’re meeting women at closing time.

8. Go On Holiday To Party Destinations

Las Vegas, Cancun, Ibiza, the Thai islands, the Greek islands. These are the places girls go to get wild away from the judgemental gaze of their hometown. These are the places they’re most likely to have a one-night stand.

Go on holiday to these places. Even better, find a way to get a full-time job there. A digital nomad coach could help you with that. 

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9. Surround Yourself With Female Friends

The friend-zone is often painted as this embarrassing thing, but it’s actually great to have female friends. This type of social circle will help you get laid fast because of a psychological concept called social proof. 

Social proof is the idea that we trust something more if other people already like it. It’s why we all drink Coca-Cola instead of some unknown brand. It’s why we queue at the restaurant that’s already full. And it’s why women want the guy who’s already surrounded by other women.

Social proof shows that a man is probably fun, or at least safe to hang out with. This is important because a woman risks her safety by going home with a man she barely knows. It’s why so many couples are introduced by mutual friends.

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10. Throw House Parties

When you throw a great house party, you gain instant social proof and your bedroom is just a few steps away.

11. Go To College And Join A Frat

When you join a frat, you’ll gain instant social proof and you’ll be invited to all the best college parties. 

12. Never Shame The Idea Of Casual Sex

If you say anything that suggests you think casual sex or giving it up quickly is shameful, a girl will transform into an innocent princess. She’ll say she always makes guys wait a few dates before jumping into bed and that’s what will happen to you. The same thing will happen if she gets the impression you’re looking for a stable long-term relationship with one girl. 

Remember, women don’t ever want to look too promiscuous.

13. Be Proud Of Your Sexuality  

If you’re embarrassed to talk about sex, it’s going to make you look like a guy who isn’t confident in the bedroom. You may also come across as a man who doesn’t get laid a lot – or even someone who thinks it’s shameful. None of these impressions will help you get laid quickly. 

So, be proud of your sexuality. Don’t be embarrassed to flirt. At the same time, don´t be too sexual. That’ll make her feel embarrassed, uncomfortable or too easy. Sprinkle in just enough sexuality to show her you’re not embarrassed to do so.

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14. Embrace The Player Reputation 

You might hear different women talking about ‘players’ in a negative light, but that’s only because they’re desperate not to look promiscuous.

A player’s reputation might put off the women looking for serious relationships, but it will attract the women looking for something casual, because you have social proof and they know you’re not going to judge them. So, let them think you’re happy to be commitment-free forever, at least initially. 

15. Get Referrals

This isn’t something you have to actively do. If you give any girl the best intimate experience she’s ever had, she’s going to tell her friends about it. Now, they’re probably going to want you too.

This doesn’t work without the player reputation, because then she’ll try and keep you all to herself. It definitely doesn’t work if they had just a mediocre experience.

16. Always Be Closing

You may have noticed a few sales tactics in this guide. ‘Always Be Closing’ is another one.

Sometimes guys won’t try to kiss a woman or invite her home because they’re not sure if she’s interested. This attitude is born out of fear of rejection.

But, remember some women are shy. All women don’t want to look promiscuous. 

So, if you want to kiss her or invite her back to yours, try it anyway. Often, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Your interaction won’t be ruined if she says no. But it might be if she wanted something more and you were too cowardly to shoot your shot.

Of course, I’m not saying to force yourself on a woman. If she turns you down, respect that. But at least give her the opportunity to turn you down. Women like men who are brave enough to respectfully go for what they want. That ‘no’ might turn into a ‘yes’ later as she gets to know you.

17. Build Status  

It’s not just in spicy movies where high-status men get laid fast because women want something from them. This happens in real life too. Why do you think rappers and rockstars can get laid so effortlessly?

The good news for all you non-rockstars is: status is contextual. If you have the most status in a particular social circle or social venue, all the girls there will want you. This is why a lot of restaurant managers end up sleeping with all the waitresses.

This isn’t a quick tip, but boy is it powerful. 

18. Make Use Of Instagram  

Of all the online apps, Instagram is the most useful for getting laid. You can use Instagram to show off your status and social proof instantly without having to brag about it. It’s worth curating a profile with dope pictures that make you look as attractive as possible. Once you do, start swapping Instagram details instead of phone numbers with the women you meet.

If your profile is attractive enough, random girls will start to DM you. A lot of high-status men even hire virtual assistants to send DMs to the hottest women in their city.

19. How To Get Laid On Tinder

Online dating isn’t easy. Studies show that only the top 20% of attractive guys get any notable success on Tinder or similar online dating sites. If you’re barely getting any dates from Tinder, you need to improve your photos. Hire a professional photographer who specializes in online dating photos. That’s your best shot at attracting women on Tinder.

Once you start getting matches, invest in Tinder Platinum. This will put you to the top of the pack and you’ll get so many more matches.  

Speed is imperative when you text women on online dating apps, because otherwise some other guy is going to beat you to the punch.    

Don’t make the mistake of becoming texting buddies with your matches. As soon as a girl shows interest, transition to phone numbers or Instagram, then start organizing your first date.

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20. Find A Great Wingman

A wingman is a friend who helps you to meet women and get laid. You’ll be expected to do the same for him if he’s single. A wingman will be able to occupy the friends of the girl you want, while you get to know her. This is crucial because most women go to bars and parties with friends, and they won’t want them to be left alone.

You should want a cool attractive man to be your wingman. If your wingman is weird or boring, he can hurt you more than help you. If he’s cool, he might even be able to point out what you’re doing wrong with the women you don’t get.

21. Hire A Dating Coach

Most girls won’t point out what you’re doing to repel them, because they don’t want to offend you or cause conflict. Most of your friends won’t do it either for the same reasons, or because they’re clueless with women themselves. This is where a dating coach can come in handy.

A dating coach will be able to notice what you’re doing wrong with women and give you advice to help you improve. It could be something as subtle as your body language on the dance floor when you meet girls, or your desparation to get laid fast. 

You’ll learn a lot about how to approach women and act in a way that makes them attracted to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s round off this article with the answers to some more frequently asked questions about getting laid. 

Get Laid Meaning

It’s an informal phrase which means “have sex”.  

What App Will Get Me Laid?

There are plenty of mainstream dating apps that are packed with single women. In North America, you can use Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OKCupid, Plenty Of Fish and you’ll probably never run out of people to swipe on, provided you live in a big city.

The problem is: you really can’t portray your personality to the full extent on these apps. Your success will be highly based on your photos. You’ll need photos that put you in the top 20% of attractive guys, otherwise your chances of getting laid from a dating app drop significantly.

How To Get Laid When You Live With Your Parents

Here are some basic ideas.

  • Ask your parents if you’re allowed to bring a girl home. 
  • Sneak when your parents are out or sleeping. 
  • Have intimacy at her house.
  • Have intimacy in your car or her car.
  • Ask a friend to borrow his bedroom.  
  • Book a hotel room and have intimacy there.

How Do Random Girls Get Laid?

It’s no secret that a random single woman can get laid easier than probably even some of the most attractive men. A big reason for this is that most men are happy to lower their standards for casual intimacy. Meanwhile, a lot of women are not interested in casual intimacy at all. They have a lot more to risk in this scenario.

Anyway, the point is: if you’re a man trying to get laid, it’s not going to help you to ponder over how random girls do it.

How Do I Get Laid If I’m Short/Tall/Young/Old/A Certain Race? 

So many guys get caught up in their supposed disadvantages, and use them as an excuse for why they should give up trying to have affairs.

Maybe it is more difficult for someone with that particular disadvantage. But I guarantee there is someone out there with that disadvantage who is getting laid a lot, so why not focus on that instead?

Anyway, the answer to the question is to follow the 21 tips in this article.

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Thanks for reading the guide. I hope it will help you meet and seduce more women. Follow as many of these steps as you can and your intimate life with beautiful women will surely improve. Maybe you’ll even have a great experience tonight.