Will He Miss Me If I Leave Him Alone? 11 Clear Signs In (2024)

Are you asking yourself “Will he miss me if I leave him alone?”

Leaving your ex alone after a breakup can reap positive results. Once he starts feeling the void, he’ll realize your importance and there’s a good chance you’ll get your ex back. 

But, it will require some effort and actions from your side too and that’s the topic of this article. So, are you ready to get your ex to miss you?

Let’s dive right into it.

Will He Miss Me If I Leave Him Alone
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11 Signs He Misses You When You Leave Him Alone

Did your relationship show zero? Has it come to an unexpected end? Do you want your ex to miss you? Here are 11 signs aka tips to make a man miss you.

#1 Have A Killer Social Media Profile

Do not block him on social media. Instead, use it to put on an extravagant appearance of how you’re living your life to the fullest — without your ex! This will tell him that you’re no longer dependent on him for a happy existence. Post vacation pictures, pictures in which you look like a star, group photos with new people, etc.

It helps even more if you have hundreds or thousands of followers with tons of likes and comments. I WILL mention here that you should never place your self-worth on social media numbers but they do give you more visibility.

Whatever you do, don’t be salty or mope in your social media. There’s nothing sadder than a whiny, self-flagellating image you willingly put up of yourself for everyone to see.

#2 Be the Best Version of Yourself

“Kill them with success and bury them with a smile” might be a cliche but it’s applicable here. The best way you can get a man to miss you is to show him that you’re more than just his sidekick. Improve your life for the better, learn new skills, explore career opportunities, and show your ex how perfectly capable you are of “making it” without him.

A successful woman is an irresistible one. In hindsight, this involves correcting an annoying habit of yours that people (including your ex) disliked. It will make him want you even more.

#3 “Let’s Be Friends” Is A Big No-No

If your ex extends a hand of friendship after the breakup, turn him down. No good will come out of this. Worse comes to worst, he’ll be content that he still has you around him and wouldn’t realize what he lost. Besides, your aim is not to befriend him, you want to get him back as your partner. And for that, you need to leave him alone. A friendship after a relationship is a misstep that doesn’t work most of the time.

#4 Be Indifferent to Him

Do not skim through your uploads on social media to check whether your ex has liked them or not. And if he did leave a comment, do not reply to it — be indifferent! Show him you have moved on and you do not need his validation anymore. A man cannot stand being ignored and he’ll try to reach out to you. Do not see this as victory yet! It’ll probably just be an emotional outburst.

Make your life your own and leave no space in it for lukewarm relationships and milquetoast people. If your ex wants to have anything with you, he will have to invest himself completely.

#5 Don’t Be Rude

Be indifferent to your ex but don’t be rude to him. You should leave a positive last impression on your ex. Remember, you’re portraying yourself as the perfect girl he lost so an egoistic talk will only assure him that what he did was correct.

However, NEVER reach out to him! If you happen to study or work together, there’ll be plenty of occasions where you run into him. Keep your cool and talk as if you would talk to a casual friend. Do not come off as desperate and excited but don’t sound blatant and uninterested either.

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#6 Make New Friends

Now that your weekends aren’t occupied anymore, it’s time to expand your circle and make some new friends. It’ll help you in more than one way. Firstly, it’ll make your ex crave those times together.

By seeing you hang out with other people (people who he doesn’t know), the feeling of possessiveness might rekindle within him. Secondly, talking to new people will increase your own network, which will aid you in your career moving forward. However, don’t go sipping drinks with just random people; choose kind and upbeat people.

#7 Make Him Jealous With Someone New

Flirt with someone else in front of your ex or post pictures with a new “friend” to make him jealous. I’m not saying to dive into a new relationship, but to use the trigger of jealousy and possessiveness as a catalyst to get an old love back.

Delete any pictures of your ex on your social media and frequently post the ones with the new person — of dates, hangouts, etc. However, refrain from taking it a touch too far lest your ex loses interest in you for good. Preferably, you’d want the new person to be a tad more desirable than your ex.

Will He Miss Me
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#8 Don’t Answer Texts Immediately

Surely, you want your ex to reach out to you with emotional texts or voice messages. This only proves that leaving him alone is making him miss you. But you need to curb the temptation to reply to his texts within minutes, let alone seconds. Even if you’re online, take some time (preferably hours) before you get back to your ex. 

Let your ex think you have better stuff to do. This ties back to #2 where I suggested you be the best version of yourself. If you’re hustling, you naturally won’t have ample time to sit around on social media. And when you do reply, follow the advice given in the last couple of lines of #5. 

#9 Use Your Mutual Friends 

If you and your ex are part of the same group (college or office), surely there’s an intersection of your friend’s circle. You can indirectly let your ex know about your new relationship or new endeavors in life through such mutual friends.

Besides riling up your ex and making him feel jealous, this will also get him to think that people (mutual friends) know more about you than he does. He’ll feel disconnected and will probably start missing you even more.

#10 Handle The Breakup Maturely

You need to gather yourself and not give anything away when you’re trying to make your ex miss you. This involves avoiding any sort of drama and emotional outbursts either on social media or in front of a common friend. Indeed, it will be tough to hold yourself back on occasions but you need to give off a mature vibe to your ex.

Understand that certain things will not go according to plan. Plus, if you break the image of being oblivious in front of your ex, he’ll know it was all a play.

#11 No-Contact Rule

Last but not the least, the no-contact rule! It’s a widely used method to get your ex back. All you have to do is shut off all channels of communication between you and your ex. This includes not seeing him at mutual gatherings and ignoring him completely (on social media or elsewhere).

The no-contact rule literally means “leave him alone”. Remember that there’s no fixed time within which the no-contact will work. An emotional ex won’t be able to stand a week or two of no contact whereas a rigid one may take anywhere between 1–3 months. Whatever be the time frame, it’s a great way to create a void in your ex’s life that’ll make him realize what he’s missing out on.

If I Leave Him Alone
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Leaving Him Alone FAQs

When you decide to leave your ex alone, it’s natural to face second thoughts or questions. Here I answer 3 such common questions about leaving your ex alone.

Does Silence Make A Man Miss You?

Yes, no-contact is an effective tool to get your ex to miss you. But you should take note of certain things: First, just leaving him alone won’t make him want you back. You need to get up and use the silent time to improve as a person. A better version of yourself will be irresistible to your ex. Additionally, patience is key when you give your ex silence. #11 talks about this in length. It will take some time before your ex reaches out to you i.e. the no-contact starts showing results. 

Will He Miss Me If I Give Him Space?

It’s natural to reminisce about old times when a person is no longer with you; in this case, you with your ex. Unless you were in a terribly immature relationship, your ex too would be aware of what I just stated. So, just giving your ex space wouldn’t be enough to make him miss you.

All the 11 abovementioned signs, namely, making him jealous with your progress and profile, new friends, and indifferent nature can go a long way in sending him down the “I miss her so badly…” lane.

Will He Come Back If I Let Him Go?

While leaving him alone has a strong chance to bring him back, this might not always be the case. There are a lot of factors at play here — the reason for your breakup (was it your fault and if yes, how terrible was it), his level of detachment and anger at your wrongdoing, whether he’s moved on or not, etc.

However, if you leave him and in the meantime become a better person, both emotionally and career-wise, there’s a strong chance that the romance will rekindle. At the end of the day, you need to realize that in matters of the heart, there’s no given — if it’s meant to be, it WILL work out!

If you aren’t sure if your love is meant to be, watch this video for a deeper understanding of the 3 requirements for a good relationship:

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