11 Lessons To Learn From “When One Door Closes Another Opens” (2024)

When one door closes another one opens. In this guide, you’ll learn what this quote means, some examples to illustrate it and 11 powerful lessons we can learn from it.

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Who Made The Quote When One Door Closes Another Opens?

The quote is attributed to Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone.

But did you know there is more to the quote? 

“…but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

What Does The Quote When One Door Closes Another Door Opens Mean?

A closed door is a metaphor for an opportunity disappearing, while an open door is a metaphor for an opportunity being presented.

Alexander Graham Bell was suggesting that when an opportunity vanishes, one or several more appear at the same time. 

Indeed, that tends to be the way it goes in anyone’s life, provided they see their failures from the right perspective.

The second part of the quote suggests that people are too busy mourning their missed opportunities to notice new opportunities in front of them. 

Basically, it’s a motivational quote which aims to inspire people to keep moving forward with a positive attitude after a setback. 

It’s great advice. Alexander Graham Bell wouldn’t have achieved all the things he did if he had lost hope and quit early on. Thankfully, he was a determined person with the wisdom to keep shooting after his first miss.  

When One Door Closes “God” Opens Another

This quote isn’t in the Bible, but has been widely adopted by the Christian community. It suggests that their higher power is there to look after them and open new doors when things don’t go as planned. 

When One Door Closes
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When One Door Closes Another Opens Examples

  • When someone loses their job, it gives them the opportunity to search for a new one or even pursue a new career. 
  • When someone loses their romantic partner, it may give them the motivation to improve themselves and eventually date someone more suitable. 
  • When someone loses a business opportunity, it creates space for them to learn from their mistake and perhaps pursue better new opportunities in the future.
  • When someone loses money or material possessions, it gives them the opportunity to focus on what really matters in life.

This video guide ‘Chinese Farmer Parable Teaches You Equanimity’ is one of my favorite stories and another great example of the idea that when one door closes another door opens. 

11 Lessons To Learn From When One Door Closes Another Opens

Here are some lessons we can learn from this idea of “when one door closes another door opens.” 

1. Learn From Your Mistakes 

When you learn from an experience, is it really a loss? Is it really a bad experience? With time, you’ll usually see it as an opportunity to grow and do better next time.

2. Opportunity Cost Affects Us All 

It’s always true that when we devote our time to one thing, we can’t devote it to anything else. However, we often need to lose something important before we truly realise that.  

3. You Don’t See An Open Door Without A Good Attitude

If you’re too busy being disappointed about the past, you won’t see a new opportunity arise in the present. There are possibilities for you to do so much in this world, but you have to believe that before you can see them. 

When you lose something good, see it as a sign from the universe to pursue something better.

4. Failure Can Be A Great Catalyst  

You could have been walking the safe but unfulling path for years. Deep down, you knew you wanted to try something riskier, but the path you were on was too comfortable. 

When the doors to that comfortable path close, it can give you the motivation to finally follow your dreams and do what you truly desire. Eventually, you’ll see it as a blessing in disguise. 

5. A New Path Can Be Exciting 

Not all change is bad. Sometimes your new path will be more exciting than your past one. 

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6. Abundance Vs Scarcity

When you first stumbled upon the closed door, you might have feared there were no more doors to lead you to happiness. That’s a scarce mindset. 

Eventually in life, you’ll discover there are plenty of doors for you. This is a more positive abundant mindset

The world is full of possibilities once you’re ready to see them. 

7. A Closed Door Reveals Your True Capabilities

In the face of adversity, we realise our true strength. You’re a strong person who will find a way to overcome this setback and thrive in the future. 

8. A Closed Door Can Bring You Peace

Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation so great that you’re terrified of the door closing. 

But when you finally lose that precious thing, it can bring a strange sense of peace. You’re now free from the fear.  

Soon enough, you’ll realise you’re strong enough to get on with your life. 

9. A Closed Door Can Reveal Who You Really Are 

Some people try to find meaning in the things that make them happy. Their careers, their relationships, their hobbies, their social status. Often, their identity becomes wrapped up in these things.

When this door to happiness closes, you’ll realise that you are not your career, you are not your status, you are not your hobby. 

In this moment, you’ll be given the opportunity to search inside and discover who you really are. 

10. You Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are

When you lose something appealing, you’ll often discover you didn’t have as many friends as you thought. Some people just wanted the appealing thing. 

But your real friends will stick by you through thick and thin – and there’s a subtle joy in discovering who these people are.

11. Every Door Closes 

Once you learn to accept that, life becomes a lot more peaceful (especially once you’re aware that more doors will open soon). 

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