What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To? 30+ Tips (2024)

Welcome to your ultimate guide on what type of woman is an alpha male attracted to.

What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To
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Below, you’ll discover a full list of what alpha males are initially attracted to, plus what makes them fall in love. 

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients learn how to connect better with those around them. 

That’s why I’m keen to share this guide with you. 

Let’s dive in.

Alpha Male Personality

An Alpha male is strong, ambitious, self-confident and outgoing. 

He’s assertive and dominant. He exudes hyper-masculine qualities like competitiveness and aggression and the desire to lead. 

You can learn more about alpha males and get a sense of where you stand in the social hierarchy with this guide: The Five Male Archetypes Test: Which One Are You?

What Do Alpha Males Look For In A Partner?

Not all alpha males are born the same. Each alpha male you meet will have slightly different requirements for his perfect partner.

With that said, here’s a list of 30 qualities that most alpha men will be looking for in a girlfriend or a wife. 

1. She Allows Him To Lead

The defining quality of an alpha male is the desire to lead. If a woman is constantly trying to be the top dog and take charge, it’ll cause a lot of conflict in her relationship with an alpha man.

2. She’s Supportive

An alpha male is ambitious and will typically have a lot of projects going on outside the relationship. For him, the right woman will be supportive of that, not constantly nagging him to spend more time with her.

3. She Has A Growth Mindset

An alpha male tends to place a lot of focus on growth and self-improvement.

When he thinks of his dream girl, she’s highly motivated to improve too.

He wants a relationship where two people can grow together.

4. She’s Grateful

An alpha male often likes the idea of spoiling his woman, but he doesn’t want one who takes his generosity for granted. That’s why gratitude is a quality he looks for in the women he chooses to date.

5. She’s Beautiful

It would be foolish to say that beauty isn’t important to an alpha male.

The truth is: a lot of beautiful women are attracted to alpha men, and alpha men will usually be drawn to the best-looking women. 

6. She Enjoys A Healthy Lifestyle

Women who exercise and eat healthy are more beautiful, so they’ll be more attractive to an alpha male.

But it runs deeper than that. 

He’s most likely interested in a relationship with someone who encourages him to be healthy too. 

7. She’s Intelligent  

An alpha male wants more than a pretty face and a hot body, for a long-term relationship anyway.

In his long-term relationships, he wants a woman he can talk to and enjoy a conversation with. 

If you’re intelligent and a great communicator, this keeps things interesting in a relationship. Alpha males are interested in learning about the world, and that’s part of why they want a curious and intelligent woman as a partner.

8. She’s Traditional

An alpha male is more attracted to relationships with traditional gender roles. If you’re excited by that, you’re more likely to be a suitable partner for an alpha guy.

9. She’s Family-Oriented

If an alpha-male is looking to start a family, he’ll admire women who are very family-oriented. This is a strong indicator that she’s a traditional woman.

10. She’s Friendly And Polite

An alpha male is usually confident enough to navigate the situation when women play hard to get. He’d prefer she was a friendly, polite feminine woman in his presence though.

If a woman isn’t polite and welcoming to him, he’s confident enough in his abilities to find another woman who is. 

Most likely, he doesn’t like the idea of dating a woman who might embarrass him with her rudeness. He would prefer women who are kind and agreeable to be in his life. 

10. She’s Socially Affluent

An alpha male wants to feel comfortable introducing his partner to all the high-value social circles in his life. So, to be truly attractive to an alpha man, a woman needs to be comfortable making a good impression in many social situations. 

11. She’s Loyal

It’s a given any relationship that a man wants his woman to remain loyal to him. An alpha male wants to give his partner the world, but she’ll need to show signs that she can be a loyal woman first.

12. She’s Loving And Nurturing 

An alpha male loves the idea of being able to come home to a loving and peaceful partner at the end of a tough day. He wants a woman who can rejuvenate him, so he’s ready to go to war again tomorrow.  

13. She’s Selfless

A sense of selflessness is arguably a crucial trait to make any relationship work. While an alpha male doesn’t need a woman who gives and gives, it’s still an attractive quality.

He doesn’t want a partner who is only interested in satisfying her own needs.  

14. She’s Down To Earth

A practical and realistic type of woman is a godsend to an alpha male. Even if he’s able to provide all the luxury experiences in this world, it’s still attractive for him to date a woman who appreciates all the small gestures of a loving relationship  

15. She Has A Good Sense Of Humor

If you can have a laugh and enjoy life without taking yourself too seriously, there’s a great chance you’re a woman an alpha male might be attracted to. 

16. She’s An Independent Woman 

An alpha male is perfectly capable of looking after his woman.

However, he’s typically more attracted to the type of woman who is self-sufficient and has lots of cool things going on in her own life.

His dream girl doesn’t need him to succeed and be happy in life, just like he doesn’t need her. 

This is the foundation of a healthy relationship. 

17. She’s Confident

Self-confidence is always sexy. Indeed, confident women tend to be the best at catching the eyes of an alpha male.  

18. She’s Goal-Driven

An alpha male is attracted to ambitious women. He likes the idea of being in a power couple where both people are striving to achieve amazing things in their lives. So, if you’re trying to attract an alpha man, don’t be afraid to share your life goals with him.

19. She Has A High Sex Drive   

A young alpha male is usually flowing with testosterone and has a high sex drive. As such, he’s interested in finding a girl who can fulfil his desire for frequent sex. .

20. She Enjoys Life To The Fullest

An alpha man is ambitious in his professional life and his personal life too.

He wants to experience amazing things in his everyday life, and he usually wants an adventurous woman with a similar goal.

21. She’s Trustworthy  

Trust is a staple of any healthy relationship.

If an alpha male is going to give the world to his girl, she needs to be the type of woman he can trust.

22. She Avoids Drama 

An alpha male has enough stress in his professional life. The last thing he needs is to come home to a woman who creates drama out of nothing.

If there are rough patches in your relationship, he hopes you’ll be able to talk it through calmly like adults. 

23. She’s Not Too Needy 

Of course, an alpha male wants to be desired. Every human being wants this. 

But an alpha male doesn’t want to be needed. A woman’s neediness can cause tension and drama in a relationship, especially when you consider how busy alpha maltes tend to be. 

In his ideal world, you’ll both be excited to lead your own lives as well as enjoying quality time together. 

24. She’s Not Jealous

An alpha male tends to be desired by many women.

As such, he’ll need a partner with enough self-esteem to trust in his love for her.  

25. She’s Full Of Love

She’s not only full of love for him, but for all of the exciting things that occur in life.

The ability to effortlessly let love flow is a highly feminine quality. It’s one that a masculine man truly adores.

26. She’s Happy To Follow The Rules

Alpha males like to make strict rules in their relationships and expect their partners to be able to follow them.

If you’re the type of woman who is disobedient in her relationships, you won’t stand much of a chance with a true alpha guy.  

27. She’s Co-Operative

An alpha male is a natural leader, so he wants a woman willing to be co-operative rather than argumentative.    

28. She’s Submissive In The Bedroom

An alpha man usually wants to be dominant and aggressive in bed. So, he’s most likely to be compatible with a sexually submissive woman. 

29. She’ll Make A Great Mother

Most of the qualities listed above are signs that a woman will make a great mother to an alpha male’s children. 

30. Her Feminine Energy

Most of the qualities listed above will come naturally to women who feel free to embrace their femininity.

This should be easy enough when in the presence of a self-assured alpha male with strong masculine energy. 

A sexually polarised relationship is a satisfying one for both parties. This is why it’s so common that ‘opposites attract’. 

What Makes Alpha Males Fall In Love?

The more of these qualities a woman can show, the more likely an alpha male is likely to find her attractive.  

However, for an alpha-male to fall in love takes something more.

This isn’t just about the qualities you have, but the effort you put into loving the other person.

When a woman has an attractive personality, but also shows incredible love and loyalty to her alpha male, she has a great chance at standing out from other women and becoming the true love of his life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s round off this guide with the answers to some frequently asked questions about alpha males and what type of women they’re attracted to.  

Alpha Male Approach A Woman
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How Does An Alpha Male Approach A Woman?

There are countless ways to approach a woman you’re attracted to. The chosen method will always depend on the situation.

Still, when an alpha male is attracted to a woman, he’ll usually be very direct in his approach. 

He’s not one to drop subtle hints. He’s definitely not one to try and be ‘friends first’ and hope the woman shows signs that she’s attracted to him. That’s more in the realm of the ‘nice guy’ beta male.

When an alpha male is attracted to a woman, he’ll usually tell her and invite her to join him on a date. Simple yet effective.  

What Are Alpha Males Like In Bed?

An alpha male’s masculine qualities usually transfer to the bedroom. That means they like to be dominant and aggressive with their woman in bed. Ideally then, they’ll find a feminine woman who enjoys being sexually submissive. 

What Is An Alpha Female? 

An Alpha female typically has the same qualities as an alpha male. She has a strong personality. She’s ambitious. She’s fully capable of taking charge and leading others. In fact, she enjoys it. 

A true alpha male isn’t intimidated by an alpha woman though. He’ll still expect to take the lead in their romance. 

Indeed, an intelligent alpha female understands what an alpha male likes, and will therefore be happy to let him take control of their relationship. 

What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To? Any More Questions?

Thanks for reading my guide. I hope it made sense and you’re now more clued up as far as what type of woman is an alpha male attracted to.

More importantly, I hope you’re confident in your ability to land a happy relationship with an alpha male. 

It’s not the most difficult task, if you’re an ambitious feminine woman. You got this!

If you have any questions on this topic, leave a comment below. Feel free to share your personal experience of dating an alpha male too!

It would be great to hear from you.

About The Author

Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.