What Is A Womanizer’s Weakness? 17 Cons Of Being One (2022)

You gain more confidence in approaching woman, get good at sex, have fun with the ladies’ attention, and of course, gain lots of adventures in having lots of sex. 

Sounds amazing living a womanizer’s life eh? But that’s just one side of the coin. 

While the womanizer’s life seems attractive, it’s not. Its cons outweigh the pros and the sooner you know this other side of the coin, the better.

So what is a womanizer weakness? There are many so let me introduce you to them.

Let’s dive in!

What Is A Womanizer’s Weakness
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1. You Remain Emotionally Immature

While playing mind games with the ladies seems like you’ve grown, manipulation is a game of the immature.

A mature, real gentleman dates women with commitments of mutual consent. No lies, no games.

But if you’re incapable of working out your emotions to have healthy relationships, no matter how much you’ve figured women out, playing mind games on them, you’ll never grow emotionally. 

And this would cost you time, energy, and resources.

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2. You Let Insecurities Control You

We all experience insecurities. But the strong are those who overcome them. 

Yet in the case of a womanizer, insecurities control them instead of them controlling the insecurities.

You might think you’re the secure one since you’re playing on the ladies’ in the insecurities, but you’re the weak one here. You’re a slave of low self-esteem. 

A secure person won’t seek to hurt another intentionally. You hurt women because you’re governed by your own pain.

But there’s another way – a better way. Gain genuine confidence by mastering your insecurities using the following video:

3. You Doubt Their Loyalty

What is a womanizer weakness? Doubting the loyalty of others.

The thing about womanizing is that sooner or later you’ll start thinking no one is capable of truly loving like you.

So you might go around thinking all the women are a scam, skank – whatever filthy word you’ll call them. And this stems from one thing: your lack of loyalty.

4. Guilt Kills You

As a womanizer, you know you’re doing the wrong thing. You know you’re hurting people, even the people you consider as good. You know you’re ruining lives.

This knowledge eats you up because you have a conscience.

Guilt can host a myriad of problems according to therapists. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and even physical issues.

The more guilt you let yourself go through, the more you endanger your physical and mental health. Remember what Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The first health is health.” 

A womanizer’s guilt is one of the greatest cons.

5. Womanizing Robs You of True Fulfillment

A real gentleman pursues a woman who fulfills his needs. He pursues people who compliment his well-being. But a womanizer can’t say the same thing.

Pursuing multiple women is never fulfilling. If only, it leaves you empty. It’s only a matter of time.

Ask yourself, “Does womanizing really fulfill you? Does it bring lasting joy? Does it make you a better person?” You can’t even dare to say yes.

Because womanizing provides fleeting happiness. Loving  – lusting superficially only provides superficial joy and nothing more.

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6. You’re Delaying Healing

As a coach, I understand what you’re going through. But you have to come to terms with it before it’s too late.

The truth is you’re in pain. And womanizing doesn’t quench it. It only distracts you from this pain. So you’re not healing but delaying the healing.

But this is a great disadvantage not only to your relationships but also overall life. Everything you do would come from a place of hurt. Sooner or later, it might consume you. 

Your heart is impatiently waiting for healing.

7. You Might Experience Future Trust Issues

If you’re thinking of getting into womanizing or are already living that life and wish to know the ugly side of it, this is it. This is one of those not bad… but ugly cons.

Even when a womanizer reforms, their past would haunt them. Their partner might never fully trust them. One small coincidence and they might think you’ve gotten back to your bad habits.

And that’s crushing coming from your loved one.

8. Boredom Kicks In

No matter how many women you deal with, how different they are, or how modified your game gets, with time, you get bored with the whole thing. The thrilling nature of the activity ceases being attractive.

And you remain with the empty, ugly habit of womanizing.

You get used to women getting attracted to you. The initial thrill you used to get becomes a dreadful knowledge of how ugly it all is. The casual release happens to be the same with time. It becomes a boring obsession. 

It’s the worst place to be.

9. You Risk Sexual Disorders

One of the most dangerous cons of womanizing is that you make yourself susceptible to disorders like sex addiction, STIs, and related physiological and mental disorders.

Many womanizers claim to seek a variety of women but some avoid revealing that they’re addicted to sex. The shame and guilt further worsen their relationship with themselves and others. This gives way to other diseases.

10. You Use Up Your Energy in the Wrong Place

Seriously, no matter how efficient you become with time, think of how useless the thing you put so much of your energy into is.

The energy you could have used to work on your career, hobbies, long-term relationship, and spirituality among other things is used up preparing and executing your playboy plans.

11. You’re Actually Lonely

When many people think of womanizers, they visualize confident men in the company of several pretty girls having a good time party after party. But this is far from the truth.

Actually Lonely
Photo by Demeter Attila from Pexels

Once the one-night stand or even the casual release is over, the womanizer has to come face to face with the empty world he actually lives in.

He hasn’t made any real connection with the ladies he has been with and no matter how much he tries to sleep with more, the familiar lonely feeling doesn’t go away.

In fact, it worsens.

12. You’re Creating a Disgusting Reputation

Womanizing isn’t pretty to many people. In fact, many view it as downright disgusting.

No matter how much you hide it, your womanizer tendencies tend to seep through society and get known. If other important people in your life hear a word about it, you lose their trust.

13. You’re Perpetuating Weakness in You

As you continue letting your pain and insecurities rule you, you move much further from emotional control. And this makes you a weaker man.

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Masculinity is focusing on one woman worth your time and energy. It is about making one woman feel loved all the days of your relationship. It’s about being a man in your relationship and saying no to other women.

Sleeping with numerous women just to hurt them is a weakness. Playing games on other women just because the only woman you loved in your life played you is a weakness. Boosting your ego with endless one-night stands is a weakness.

And continuing in these weaknesses increases weakness in you.

14. You’re Risking Promiscuity in Your Children

Researchers discovered that promiscuity can be inherited so chances are if you promote womanizing tendencies in your life, your children will inherit the same habits.

Imagine your daughter sleeping with countless men because you did. So unfair.

Maybe you inherited promiscuous genes from your parents or grandparents. Does it mean you should let your kids experience the same?

This is one of the worst cons because being a womanizer doesn’t just affect you and others in your life but it also affects the innocent generation that’ll come after you.

Studies are continuing to prove the same. Religion refers to such things as a generational curse.

15. You’ve Become a Villain in Your Own Story

We all have a story. While we strive to rewrite our stories for the better, we seek to become the best people in our stories, making improvements whenever necessary.

But the problem is with a womanizer’s lifestyle, they’re living as the villain of their own story. They’re pulling the strings to ruin their lives and other people’s as well. They’re their own obstacle towards success.

16. Hurting Because You Were Hurt Is Cowardice

Exactly. No better way to say it.

In relationships, cowards return evil for evil. They fail to deal with their pain and run to distractions for solace. But this is nothing brave.

The thing is, once you’re used to running away from your pain and insecurities through womanizing, you keep doing so. You’ll run away from your fears and fear even more. Cowardice builds up as you stay afraid of facing your fears, of choosing to be a nice guy.

17. You Become a Victim of Your Selfish Self

You may believe you’re free as a womanizer but the brutal truth is that you’re not. You’re a victim of your pain and past actions that no amount of numbing with casual sex can fix.

You claim victims thinking by hurting others you won’t be hurt but you lie to yourself. 

You victimize yourself by acting out of self-pity. You don’t run away from your nightmare by womanizing, you create a nightmare by doing so.

17 Signs He Has Multiple Partners – Womanizer Tactics

Many times women confuse womanizers with the unicorn guy.

But are you sensing the man you’re interested in is a womanizer?  Stay woke with these signs revealing your suspicions are true:

  1. You’ve heard too many rumors of his dark past
  2. He’s too flirtatious with everyone
  3. He has had a history of cheating on multiple women
  4. He avoids introducing you to friends, family, and other closest people
  5. He uses his wealth, status, and looks to attract women
  6. His body language around female friends and other women reveals there’s something more
  7. He focuses on complimenting you far more than getting to know you
  8. He’s easily distracted by the presence of other women
  9. He receives too many flirtatious text messages from women
  10. He’s too private with many things
  11. He gets confused about what he’s telling you because he’s telling multiple women
  12. He’s on and off when it comes to his interest in sex since he’s not doing it with you alone
  13. He gives you too many maybes for your requests because he has to juggle commitments with others as well
  14. He’s perfect but isn’t available too often
  15. He calls you the wrong name more than once
  16. He uses pet names too early so he can’t confuse them
  17. His family or friends confuse your name too much

To get a closer look into the shady tactics of a womanizer, check out Clear Signs He’s A Player.

The Psychology Behind a Womanizer

While many womanizers claim they love dealing with a variety of women, the truth is they’re insecure about their lovability. To cover their belief that they’re not enough like other real men, they try to manipulate many women into falling for them that they may feel validated. For some womanizers, it stems from psychopathy due to past hurts.

Signs of a Womanizer Who’s Falling in Love

You probably discovered he’s a womanizer. But he seems to be falling in love. Could this be true? Watch out for more than one warning sign to know he’s falling for you.

Falling in Love
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
  • He constantly asks you to spend the night
  • He no longer pushes for sex
  • He compliments your personality not just looks
  • He seems more protective than before
  • He reveals he’s falling for you
  • He wants you to meet his loved ones
  • He is committing you to his future plans
  • He wants more than a hookup
  • He has started opening-up
  • Your relationship is progressing
  • Your talks are now deep
  • The relationship is moving long term
  • You make love
  • He gives you consistent attention 
  • He looks at you with love
  • He opens up about leaving his old ways

How to Make a Womanizer Fall For You

Womanizers do have feelings. They just need to deal with the emotional baggage holding over them for them to love honestly. 

So to make a womanizer fall for you:

  • Behave differently than his previous conquests
  • Live your life 
  • Let him be the least of your priorities
  • Deny him of what he wants occasionally
  • Make his game fruitless
  • Challenge him
  • Agree on only spending quality time with him
  • Don’t push him to commit

Keep in mind that if the guy doesn’t truly like you, they won’t change. Men can only chase after something they genuinely want so don’t pursue him. Be a high-value woman and let him do the pursuing.

What’s the Best Payback for a Womanizer?

The best payback for a womanizer is getting over him and the pain he caused you. The smartest way to make him rethink his ways is to point out that what he’s doing isn’t right, listing the above cons for him to ponder. Then move on.

Why Am I Single? Reasons And What’s Good About it

Unlock Your Potential NOW!
Unlock Your Potential NOW!
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Reflecting Reformation

Are you a womanizer? It’s time to consider the cons of being one and work on the roots that made you a true player. 

If you’re a victim of a womanizer, on the other hand, give him the recommended payback above and you’ll move on to your amazing life and perhaps help fix the womanizer’s life.

Before you go, kindly share your thoughts on this topic in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this piece with others and make the world a better place.

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