What Is A Goddess Party And 13 Tips For Hosting One (2024)

A goddess party is a gathering that celebrates womanhood, sisterhood, empowers women, and uplifts the female mind and spirit. The spiritual journey of your inner goddess is finding peace within yourself. 

Goddess parties are a fun way to celebrate many different occasions and they’re becoming increasingly popular. 

Here are 13 tips to hosting your own goddess party.

Let’s dive right into it.

What Is A Goddess Party
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1. Determine The Occasion

Before you throw a goddess party, decide what the occasion will be. Your goddess party can be thrown for someone’s birthday, bachelorette, new year’s eve, solstice, baby shower, season’s changing etc.

Celebrating and honouring women can be part of any occasion.

2. Determine Your Goddess Circle

Your goddess circle is a group of women who have a similar attitude about life and are open to this new kind of experience. 

For your goddess parties, be clear with the women you invite what this is about so they’re clear and excited to accept the invitation.

3. Goddess Dress Code

Ask your group of friends to come dressed as the inner goddess they really are. 

Maybe you’ll choose to assign a specific goddess to each friend. Be sure to include African, Haitian, Native American, and Latin goddesses. There are also the goddesses of love, abundance, passion, and the sun.

Then let your friends interpret how to dress to represent them.

4. Empowering Music

Music can set the vibe. Create a playlist of songs that welcome being a thriver, survivor, and a beautiful woman on fire. Then dance like the music is moving through you and have fun.

Maybe everyone could even bring something to drum on and have a drumming circle or other instruments.

5. Move Your Bodies

Let your guests be lifted by music that tells them they deserve to rule the world. Dance, sway, skip, twirl, whatever feels best. Most importantly – BE the music.

Consider asking a fellow Goddess to lead a short belly dance, hip-hop, or yoga lesson.

6. Customized Drinks 

Come up with a custom drink for the occasion. Bring into it whatever fruit is in season. Pour over ice, give it a cool name, and serve.

Celebrating with a toast to start off the event is one thing everyone can relate to.

7. Invite Your Goddess Friends To Share

Sharing expresses sentiments from your heart.

Ask your friends to bring something meaningful to them from home. Make it encouraging, positive, and uplifting. Maybe it’s their favourite quote, poem, or something they created.

Another way to share is to organize a “gifting circle” setting the parameters and theme ahead of time.

8. Create The Space

Since the intention behind these goddess parties is to empower and support each other, the feel of the space should truly resonate with the intent. 

For instance, light candles, diffuse essential oils, hang some fairy-lights, arrange an herbal tea counter, decorate your goddess party room with fresh flowers and plants.

9. Decide On The Menu

There are no restrictions on what to eat during a goddess party. However, some consideration towards elements of the Earth would truly match the spirit of the gathering.

You can plan healthy and free from animal cruelty food. You can also choose to cook something easy together while sharing wisdom.

Goddess Party
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10. Explore Different Worlds

Consider a celebration of different perspectives, cultures and their foods and traditions.

You could celebrate by having food or drinks from different places in the world. You could also enact different traditions or customs, using their scents and colours of dress or decor.

Have a henna station, astrologer, an angel card reading station, maybe even create vision boards.

11. Hold A Vision

This is what makes your goddess party a more powerful party than any regular get-together.

Ask each guest to stand and share her lessons from this year, plus her positive intentions for next year.

Everyone else is asked to hold their vision as each woman speaks of her thriving and living her goddess dreams. Get ready for the truth bombs!

12. Embracing Your Sexuality

Since goddess parties are all about empowering women and making them feel desirable, embracing a woman’s sexuality is an inevitable part of it.

You could host a goddess party with pole dancing classes, lingerie parties, or boudoir photo shoots. It’s a room full of powerful women helping other women feel powerful and sexy.

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13. Seek Help From Your Goddess Friends

Goddess parties are all about the togetherness of women so keep this in mind while planning to throw a goddess party.

You can delegate various party planning tasks to women in your circle and go easy on yourself.

What Makes You A Goddess?

Goddesses, in many stories and religions, are women with remarkable beauty that represent ideals such as purity, peace, and charm.

Today, being a goddess means more about the journey to finding inner peace, leading an authentic, honest life, and empowering the feminine self.

To find the goddess in you, look to the many truly unique strengths of femininity. It’s important for a goddess to accept and listen to her own feelings and emotions, finding inner peace. 

It’s a way to celebrate the spiritual journey.

  • Find fulfilment inside yourself. Don’t try to fill a void or emptiness through external means (like being obsessed with vanity, greed, or lust in order to feel better about yourself). You have everything you require inside yourself.
  • Accept that you are where you are. Don’t focus on things you can’t change. Instead, accept it for what it is and you will feel relief from the stresses of worrying about a situation that’s not yours to change.
  • Acknowledge your emotions as valid and something worthwhile to feel and explore without dwelling on the story that caused the emotion.

Many women meditate as a way of connecting to their inner goddess. 

The purpose of meditation is to clear your mind from distractions and give you more control over your own mind and body.

It can lower stress levels, decrease your heart rate, build self-confidence, and increase creativity.

Goddesses are connected with nature.

If you spend most of your time inside a building separated from nature, it’s important to remind yourself of where you came from and the beauty of nature in order to find your inner goddess.

  • Walk barefoot on the grass or the beach so you can harmonize with the energy of Earth and ground yourself.
  • Be still in nature and feel appreciation for everything surrounding you. Let that energy keep rising within you.
  • Be active outside biking, swimming or hiking and get out of your head.

Your body is the vehicle that drives you through your life. Treat it with self-care practices to honor your physical and mental health.

Learn to love the skin you’re in and give it what it truly requires to thrive, mind, body and soul.

How Do You Host A Goddess Party?

Any party requires certain tasks in preparation. A goddess party is no different in that sense. What is different though is the way you go about planning and throwing this party.

Think about what your occasion, or life transition, is and whether a goddess party can be incorporated into it. 

  • Bachelorette parties are becoming more popular as goddess parties. It’s one of the biggest transitions in a woman’s life. 

Celebrate the changes that happen within you and outside you. A woman goes through a roller coaster of emotions before getting married. 

Instead of a girls’ night of mindlessness, a goddess party allows women to acknowledge this beautiful transition of life, love, partnership, understanding, and compassion. It’s a much more aligned way of having a bachelorette party.

  • Celebrate birthdays or the New Year as goddess parties and remember beautiful memories from the past year.

A birthday or New Year is an opportunity to realize what went wrong and how to move forward. Women can set goals for the next year and help each other to ride the stumbling blocks along the way.

Having celebrated this way will leave you energized and motivated for marching towards the next year.

  • A goddess party can be of immense help during a divorce or breakup. All women can share their stories of forlorn experiences and coping mechanisms.

It helps in liberating the woman from feelings of abandonment. Above all, the collective energy of hope and willpower will generate and support new levels of strength in women.

  • Typical baby showers can easily be replaced with goddess parties. Usually, it’s about a celebration of the baby which is worthy of keeping, however this way, all the women can shower their blessings and support for the mom-to-be as well.

Sharing emotional experiences associated with motherhood or changes in relationship with their partners, is a sign this goddess party can be a truly uplifting experience for mothers-to-be.

  • Women can share their moments of spiritual awakening with other women at goddess parties as a rite of passage, deepening their awakening without judgement.

Having celebrated this way can lead to a very enlightening journey of heightened spirituality for everyone.

This is a celebration of the spirit. Together, women can work on awakening the senses through various rituals like yoga and meditation, healing sessions, or celestial baths.

  • A goddess party can help women embrace their female energy, playfulness, sexuality and power. Plan activities that help them feel sexy and confident.

Some women plan activities like pole-dancing, photoshoots, essential oil baths, or anything that helps a woman feel sexy and empowered.

Or plan it any time. Just like you sometimes don’t always need a reason to party, you don’t always need a reason for goddess parties either.

Sharing your deepest thoughts with other people is one of the most intimate things you can do. What better way to do that than with the people who have a similar mindset as you do.

Write poems from the depths of your heart. Write simple empowering messages that express your current mindset or you can organize speeches. Choose to share your deepest thoughts with other supportive and spiritually minded women. 

Before you wrap up your goddess party for the day, make sure you thank each other with warm hugs and blessings for this divine experience.

Feel the energy and be grateful for everything. Keep the vibe up outside of your goddess parties as well. After all, what is a goddess party, if not fun!

The loving support that comes from connecting this way with people makes you feel understood, accepted and respected for who you really are.

Maybe this has given you an idea with renewed reason to celebrate womanhood with your close circle. Throw a goddess party next time ✅ and connect on a deeper level and share this article with those you believe ✅ will like it also.

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