20 Hugs – What Does It Mean When A Guy Squeezes You In A Hug (2024)

Are you wondering what does it mean when a guy squeezes you in a hug? Or maybe you’re curious about what different types of hug mean?

It’s possible to learn a lot about a man’s feelings from his body language.

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients decipher between people’s words and their actions. This can be especially crucial with people in your love life. 

That’s why I’m excited to share this guide with you. 

Below, you’ll discover 20 different types of hugs and what they mean about a man’s feelings. 

Let’s dive right into it.

When A Guy Squeezes You In A Hug
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20 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

You can find information about the hugs you like most in the list below. 

1. The Cuddle Hug

A ‘cuddle’ is generally regarded as more affectionate and intimate than a hug. You can expect cuddles to last longer with both parties being completely comfortable in this moment with their arms around each other. 

Needless to say, a cuddle hug is a sign of strong feelings between a man and woman, although it could be friendship, rather than a romantic gesture. For more guidance, see these Subtle Signs He Likes You MORE Than A Friend

2. The Big Squeeze Hug

Wondering what does it mean when a guy squeezes you in a hug? These types of hugs are often a conscious way for a man to show how much you mean to him. He wants to communicate that he’s here for you and wants to protect you. He’s your security blanket in this moment and wants to be this for a long time.  

3. The Bear Hug

This is just a form of the big squeeze hug, where the man squeezes harder or picks you up. It can be painful when performed at full capacity, but once again a bear hug shows safety and that a man really likes you a lot. You’ll often notice a guy friend gives you this type of hug when he hasn’t seen you in a long time.  

4. The Resting Heads Hug

This kind of hug – where a man leans his head on a woman’s chest or her arm and vice-versa – is another romantic hug. These types of hugs are typically mutual expressions of togetherness and trust. 

However, if just one person is resting his or her head on the other, that suggests this is a one-sided hug. If both people are leaning their heads on each other, that’s a clear sign their feelings for one another are mutual.

5. A Hug From Behind

A hug from behind might come as a spontaneous surprise or as a way of showing affection as you’re both facing the same way. 

A back hug is more intimate than most other types of hugs, if only because the woman is leaving his backside vulnerable. While it’s common that a boyfriend hugs his partner this way, you’re less likely to find people who want to be ‘just friends’ doing it. 

6. The Long Hug

These types of hugs signify that neither of you want to let go. It’s a way of showing you’re going to miss each other. Neither of you want to be going anywhere. You can expect a long hug to take place before a long goodbye.  

7. The Catching Hug

This is when a girl runs up to a guy at a fast pace and he catches her in a warm embrace. Of course, it’s up to you to choose to run at him like this. He may feel obligated to catch you when you do this. The only other option is to run away! Anyway, these types of hugs are usually reserved for couples or great friends who are reunited after a long time apart.

It is possible that the guy runs at a woman in such a way that she would catch him, but it’s less common because men who are bigger and stronger than women could easily knock them over. 

8. The Side Hug  

A side hug usually happens when a guy isn’t sure of your physical boundaries yet.

They’re slightly less invasive of your personal space, meaning they’re the ‘safe’ option for guys who don’t know where they stand. These types of hugs are also chosen when one feels obligated to hug the other person, even though they have no feelings for them.  

With that said, a side hug where he puts his arm around the waist is more romantic. Couples will often walk like this as an alternative to holding hands.  

9. The Twirling Hug

The Twirling Hug
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Consider this a bear hug with some added spice. The man picks up the woman and spins her around. If he gives you this type of hug, he likes you a lot. Again, it usually takes place after a long period of absence. For extra sass, wrap your legs tightly around him as he spins you. 

10. A Hug From Around The Waist

If a man wraps his arms around the waist and hugs you that way, this is a key sign he wants to be more than just friends. In this type of hug, it’s common that a guy pulls your waist into his, ready to kiss you. Either that or you rest your head on each other’s shoulders, which is also a somewhat intimate move.

11. A Quick Hug

A very fast embrace isn’t just given as an obligation. Sometimes, it’s because a man will give you a quick hug because he’s generally in a rush to get somewhere else. Regardless of whether there’s just a timing issue, this probably isn’t your favourite hug, and it’s one of the least intimate on this list.

12. The Ragdoll Hug

This is sometimes called the ‘limp hug’ because one person goes limp in the other’s arms. It’s one of the more awkward hugs, for sure. Honestly, a recipient would only go limp to let you know they don’t want to be hugged.   

13. A Pat On The Back Hug

A pat on the back during a hug is a subtle sign of friendship, but nothing more. While there are a few logical explanations of the meaning behind this typical friendship embrace, you will rarely find two people in a romantic relationship hugging like this.

Sometimes a pat on the back is also delivered as a way of congratulating someone, but again you’ll never find people with strong feelings doing it. 

14. Hugs With A Gentle Rub

The difference between a pat on the back and a rub is very subtle, but the meaning is completely different. It’s far more intimate. Most guys wouldn’t feel comfortable rubbing a girl’s back (or anywhere else) unless they were attracted to her. 

15. The One-Handed Hug

These can be awkward hugs. Similarly to the side hug, a one-handed hug could mean a guy isn’t sure of your physical boundaries yet. Either that or he’s hugging you because he feels like it’s the right thing to do. You’ll often see guys giving one-handed hugs to distant relatives for this reason. 

16. Sneaky Hug

Sneaky Hug
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A sneaky hug means he’s comfortable that you really like him. Most socially-aware guys wouldn’t dare sneak up on a woman to embrace them unless they were 100% sure that their embrace would be welcomed. It’s too risky to sneakily put your arm around otherwise. In the modern day, you could get in trouble for harrassment.   

17. Lying Down Hug

If you’re both lying down together and decide to hug, this is clearly one of the more romantic hugs. Either that or you’re in the blistering cold and need to share body heat. In most cases, this hug will lead into even more intimate touches. One of your favourite hugs from the right guy, then ;).

18. The Horny Hug

This is any type of hug where a man pushes his erection into your body. There are few alternative explanations for what this could mean. He’s horny and wants you to know it in a subtle way with this ‘naughty’ hug.  

19. The London Bridge Hug

This is essentially the opposite of the Horny Hug, where one or both people are making an obvious effort to keep their hips away from the other person’s hips.

You might feel like this body language is an obvious sign that a man isn’t romantically interested in you. But it could mean that he has an erection and is embarrassed about it. 

Perhaps you could get to the bottom of this mystery with this list of Clear Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You.

20. The Pickpocket Hug

This is the fun nickname for the type of hug when a man puts his hands in your back pockets. Clearly, he feels comfortable in the intimacy you two have if his hands are touching your butt. 

Guy Hugs: Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering what does it mean when a guy gives certain types of hugs? Here are some quick summaries to the frequently asked questions about this topic.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Squeezes You In A Hug

When a guy squeezes you in a hug, he’s often doing it as a deliberate gesture to show just how much you mean to him. 

What Does A Long Tight Hug Mean? 

This kind of hug means he’s going to miss you and doesn’t want you to leave.

What Guys Feel When They Hug A Girl?

When people hug, a comforting feel-good chemical called oxytocin is released within them. This is known as the ‘love hormone’ as it makes people feel more bonded to each other. So, it’s fair to assume that a guy will feel like they’re closer to you emotionally when you hug.

This sensation occurs whenever two people hug, regardless of the types of hugs or the romantic affection involved. That’s a great reason to hug more people, even if it’s just a quick hug. It’ll aid your well-being and there’s.

Here’s a more in-depth guide: Is Cuddling A Sign of Love? – 12 SECRET Body Language Signs To Understand.  

What Does It Mean When A Guy Grabs Your Bum While Hugging?

He’s attracted to you, and (hopefully) he knows you’re attracted to him too. He’s being playful and he loves how your butt feels. 

Any More Questions About What Does It Mean When A Guy Hugs You?

Thanks for reading my article about the ways guys hug you. 

Hopefully you’ll now be more clued up about what it could mean when a guy gives specific types of hugs.

If you feel like asking a question about the way guys hug, you can leave it in the comments section below.

I’ll make sure to pay attention to the comments form and answer your query as quickly as possible. 

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