11 Ways To Let Go And Trust The Universe In (2024)

It’s time to learn how to let go and trust the universe. 

As an experienced life coach, I have worked with many people who struggle to do this. This struggle is never in their best interests. 

That’s why I want to suggest 11 exercises to help you surrender to the universe in times of hardship. 

These exercises require mental resilience, but I know you’ve got what it takes to move forward with your life. 

So, let’s dive in.

Trust The Universe
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1. Weigh Up Your Options 

When presented with a dilemma, tragedy or disappointment, you have two options. 

  • Surrender to the idea that the universe wants what’s best for you and will show you the way forward. 
  • Resist this idea and desperately try to control everything yourself. 

There is no in-between. You will always have to address the situation, but you can choose to do so from a place of resistance or surrender.  

When you resist, you feel stressed, anxious, resentful, exhausted…

When you surrender, you feel present, calm, open-minded, supported and motivated.

Which mindset do you think will serve you better as you search for the way out of this situation?  

Before you answer this question, remember that we attract the energy we release into the world. Love attracts love. Negativity attracts negativity. You can learn more about this concept in this guide on The Law of Attraction.     

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2. Find Examples Of The Universe Having Your Best Interests In Mind  

To let go and trust the universe, we must believe that it is working for us every day. 

People who struggle to surrender to these beliefs tend to be highly pessimistic or extremely logical.

Perhaps, in this moment, you can only think of examples of the universe working against you.

If that’s the case, I’d ask you to sit down and actively search your mind for instances of receiving blessings in disguise.

This shouldn’t be too difficult. Every person is presented with challenges that serve to make them stronger. Most people suffer losses, which ultimately make room for something much better to arrive. 

It’s easier to have faith in something when it’s backed by proof, especially if you’re logically-minded.   

If you can’t think of any examples from your own life, use the lives of other people.

Then, at the very least, could you accept the possibility that the universe has your back too?    

3. Learn To Trust Your Gut

We are all part of the universe. The energy of the universe runs through our body – and it often shows us the way forward.

We call this sensation our ‘gut feeling’. 

This is more powerful than you may think. In fact, I’d highly recommend the following practice to help you understand what your gut is telling you. 

Sit comfortably, focus on your breathing and empty your mind. Once in a relaxed state, meditate on a past experience where you felt a strong desire to say ‘no’. Focus on the sensations that occur in your body as you do this. Most likely, these are the same sensations you felt while living that experience. 

Next, follow the same routine for an experience that made you feel a powerful desire to say ‘yes’. Most likely, you will feel much different after this one. Make a note of what each emotion felt like in your body. 

Complete this practice as often as you need to really become familar with these feelings. Now, commit to letting them determine your future actions. By doing so, you’re trusting the universe to show you the right direction.       

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4. Look For External Signs From The Universe

The universe will present you with many signs and opportunities as you go about your daily life.

However, you need to act upon them. 

The problem is: you’re unlikely to even see them if you don’t trust the universe to deliver them. 

When the wind blows a $100 bill past a pessimist, he assumes it’s litter or some other unhelpful thing. The optimist chases it down the street, just in case. 

Meanwhile, the man stuck in his thoughts trying to solve all his problems never sees it in the first place!

This is the Law of Attraction at work again. The optimist in this scenario trusts the universe to deliver great things, and that’s why he spots the opportunity.

Be that optimist and the universe will make great things happen!   

5. Don’t Numb Yourself 

When bad things happen, it’s common to react by numbing yourself to reality, be it with alcohol, drugs, adult movies, video games or whatever vice you can find.

This is comforting in the short-term, but it’s not the right way to solve your problems. You’re running away from things, instead of fixing them. 

More importantly, you’re also numbing yourself to the solutions the universe wants to present you. 

As hard as it can be, do your best to resist these vices. They only serve to create more problems over time. 

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6. Say Yes To New Opportunities 

Often, when the universe presents us an opportunity, we will experience several symptoms. A racing heart, heavy breathing, excessive future projection. You may even feel that the situation is too good to be true. 

These are sometimes perceived as symptoms of fear.

Indeed, taking a great opportunity is often scary, as there are usually many unknowns involved. 

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it.  

In most cases, it’ll serve you much better to interpet these physical symptoms as excitement. 

While there is a balance to be struck between positivity and naivety, it’s no use living in fear. To trust the universe, you must take the opportunities presented to you. What’s more, you must trust yourself to navigate any future hurdles that may pop up.

If it’s not the right decision, the universe will help you deal with it. 

7. Lose Your Ego

Your ego is your preconceived idea of who you are. Your self-image.

This can also cause us to self-sabotage and let opportunities pass us by.

A ‘big ego’ tells us “you’re too good for this”. 

A ‘small ego’ tells us “you’re not good enough for this”. 

Either way, it’s best to never listen to this inner voice. Your ego doesn’t want you to change. Its idea of ‘who you are’ is based only on your past experiences. But the universe is presenting you new opportunities in the present moment – and you can choose to be something different any time you wish.

It can take a lot of work to quieten your ego, but you’ll live a richer life by doing so. 

8. Take Action

Even if you’re not sure what course of action to take, your best first step is to try something. Action-taking allows the universe to present new opportunities. By staying at home feeling sorry for yourself, you’re actively preventing good things from happening to you. 

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9. Embrace The Obstacles

You should trust that the universe is always here to serve you, but that doesn’t mean it will always please you. 

Many times, it will aid you by placing obstacles in your path.

It might not be obvious what you’re supposed to learn from these obstacles, but you should never stop trusting that they’re here to serve you.   

Every Hero’s Journey has obstacles. These help to show them the paths to take in life and give them the fortitude to overcome bigger challenges in the future. 

So, try and be thankful for the obstacles presented on your Hero’s Journey. They’ll ultimately allow you the strength to live a better life. 

10. Don’t Give Up 

Sometimes, the universe presents you a 10-course meal of turd sandwiches. You’ll get served one setback after another and it may seem like things can’t get any worse. 

This relentless barrage of tragedies, disappointments and pain could leave you thinking the world is against you. You may start to doubt yourself or lose trust in the process of ‘letting go’. Perhaps you’ll want to give up… 

Whenever this happens, I would urge you to go back to tip #1. Weigh up your options. 

Would it serve you better to resist or surrender?  

Never lose faith in the universe. Allow it as much time as it needs. Trust that these things were meant to happen to you The reward comes when it comes. This too shall pass.  

By trusting that everything is happening for a reason, you’ll get through this rough patch relatively unscathed. What’s more, you’ll ultimately become the person you need to be to get what you want from life.  

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11. Define ‘The Universe’ In Your Own Image

Perhaps these ideas will resonate with you more if you replace ‘The Universe’ with ‘God’. If you don’t want to do that, try using ‘higher consciousness’, ‘eternal energy’ or ‘the divine’.

After all, these are all phrases used to describe a greater power in this world that’s working in your favour. 

You can call it whatever you like. The most important thing is that you can let go and allow it to serve you. 

Any questions

I hope this guide gives you everything you need to get through the challenges in your life. 

You have the roadmap to let go and trust the universe. Now, it’s up to you to follow it. 

If you would like to share what you’re thinking or ask a question on this topic, you can do so in the comments section below. 

I would really love to see what you have to make of this one.

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