The Kind Of Girl Guys Regret Losing: 15 Qualities You Can Develop (2024)

Want to learn how to become the kind of girl guys regret losing? This guide suggests 15 qualities you can develop to be that type of great woman.

The Kind Of Girl Guys Regret Losing
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In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients learn how to connect better with those around them. 

That’s why I’m excited to share this guide about how to become the kind of girl guys regret losing. 

So, let’s dive in.

What Kind Of Girls Do Guys Regret Losing?

Below, you’ll find 15 examples of the type of girl guys regret losing. The more of these qualities you have, the more you can be sure your man will regret losing you if he ever does.

1. The Kind Of Girl Who Looks After Her Appearance

If you want to be the kind of girl guys regret losing, beauty isn’t enough. Beauty is the baseline. There are plenty of beautiful women in your city. With just beauty, you’re probably just another girl, to a high-quality man anyway.

Having said that, if you’re the type of girl who actively looks after her appearance by going to the gym, eating healthily and taking care of her skin, that makes you a rarer catch. Now, you won’t be losing your beauty as quickly as you age.

It’s rare qualities that make guys regret losing you – and this level of self-care is one of them.   

2. The Kind Of Girl Who Makes Him Laugh

This is another rare quality that men love in their partners.

If you have a great sense of humor and share cute little in-jokes, this makes your relationship uniquely fun.

That’s difficult to replace and it will make you difficult to forget. Most likely, he’ll regret losing a relationship with a woman like this.

3. The Kind Of Girl Who Is Self-Sufficient

If you’re the type of woman who relies on her man she’s dating for a lot of things in her life, that’s not awful. A lot of men feel good being the knight in shining armor who makes his woman feel safe.

However, the truth is: when that relationship ends, he’ll usually realize how much easier it is being single. He’s less likely to regret losing you when a ton of his responsibilities disappear.

He’s more likely to regret losing an independent person, or (even better) someone who made his life easier.

4. The Type Of Girl Who Is Unquestionably Loyal

Yes, it’s one thing being the ‘good girl’ who doesn’t cheat on her man. Again, that’s the baseline.

It’s another thing to devote yourself to the guy you’re in a relationship with. Are you the type of good girl who champions her man in public? The type of good girl who wouldn’t dream of flirting with his friends or posting racy snaps on social media? 

Are you the type of girl who is supportive during the good times and the bad times?

This is the type of girl that makes a man fall in love. You can bet that any man would hate to lose a good woman like that.   

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5. The Kind Of Girl Who Supports All Of His Projects 

If she’s the type of girl who shows a keen interest in all of his projects, she’s a keeper. This helps to create a deep connection in a relationship that’s tough to replace. It’s hard enough to find friends with that level of interest, let alone some other girl.

6. The Kind Of Girl With A Growth Mindset 

Successful guys love the idea of a relationship where both partners inspire each other to grow and improve. It’s not easy to find a woman who wants that though. If a man does find a woman like that, you better believe he’ll regret losing her.

7. The Kind Of Girl Who Can Manage Her Emotions  

A relationship will have its ups and downs. There’s bound to be disagreements and difficult love situations. 

But if you’re the kind of woman who can discuss her feelings calmly without letting your hurt feelings drive you crazy, you’re the kind of woman he’ll regret losing.  

This is especially true when the next person he ends up dating is unable to do that.

8. The Type Of Girl Who Makes Him Feel Like A Man

If you’re the type of woman who can make a man feel masculine, that’s a feeling he won’t want to lose.

For the full story on how to activate a man’s Hero Instinct, see my comprehensive guide on that topic

9. The Kind Of Girl Who Is Unpredictable  

There are good and bad ways to be unpredictable.

If you’re the type of a woman who always surprises her man with fun new ideas, that’s a true partner he won’t want to lose. 

If you’re the type of woman who burns his underwear whenever you feel jealous or he hurts your feelings, not so much… 

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10. The Kind Of Girl Who Is Honest

If you’re the type of girl who is always honest about her own feelings instead of playing silly mind games, you’ll make your relationship so much easier for both of you.

Sadly, this type of good woman isn’t so easy to find and that’s why guys tend to regret losing a person like this.  

11. The Type Of Girl Who Embraces Her Uniqueness

Every guy and girl in this world is unique, but few fully embrace their uniqueness with no filters or regrets.

Losing a woman like this is tough, because she’s difficult to forget and impossible to replace. All the rest of the women out there are nothing like her. Guys will miss talking to a woman like this, especially when they felt they were the right man for her.    

12. The Type Of Girl Who Makes Her Own Money

As we mentioned, most girls want a man who earns more than them. There are many who want a guy that can fund their whole life.

But if a man is lucky enough to find a woman who is willing to spend her own money on him, it’s really going to hurt to lose her.

When he’s with a woman who is far richer than him, the quality of his whole life could collapse in just a few minutes, if he falls short in the relationship. That’s a whole new level of regret that extends beyond his love life. 

13. The Type Of Girl Who Is Submissive

Dominant masculine men prefer dating submissive feminine women. These are becoming rarer as third-wave feminist ideology takes over the world. As such a guy is more likely than ever to regret losing a woman like this.

14. The Type Of Girl Who Rocks His World In The Bedroom  

A woman who looks good naked isn’t so rare. A woman who blows his mind in the bedroom by doing that thing just right? That’s harder to find.

A relationship where the sex is still mind-blowing (and maybe better than ever) after several years? You can bet a guy is going to miss that after he’s lost his ex. Regret isn’t a strong enough word to describe his feelings at this point. 

15. The Kind Of Girl Who Has Her Own Life Without Him

A guy will miss an independent woman, because a relationship with her tends to be effortless. 

Guys regret hurting an independent woman, because they know she won’t be back once he’s lost her.

And it won’t just be her that he’s lost either. Usually, she’ll take the mutual friends and the fun activities she used to plan in the relationship too. 

Signs He Regrets Losing You

When guys regret hurting you, they’ll apologize. When guys regret losing you, they’ll fight to win you back. It’s as simple as that. No more tailor-made advice is needed.

If he doesn’t try to win you back, the truth is: he doesn’t regret leaving and he’s not that hurt. 

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Frequently Asked Questions For Guys

Let’s round off this guide with the answers to some questions that men will ask about the kind of girl guys regret losing. 

Regret Losing
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The Kind Of Woman You Will Regret Losing

The list above details the qualities of the kind of girl guys regret losing. These are the qualities that are rare in modern women and therefore difficult to replace. If a woman has several or dozens of these traits, it’s fair to say she’s the kind of girl guys regret losing.

How To Attract A High-Quality Women

To attract the kind of girl guys regret losing, you need to be a high-quality man yourself. Women don’t want to date down.

But what does that mean in practice? For starters, you’ll need to provide the type of lifestyle that she wouldn’t be able to experience on her own. Studies show that the majority of women won’t date men who earn less than them.

From there, you’ll need to learn how to convey your attractiveness without being too full-on, desperate or needy. My guide on how to seduce a woman using your words will help with that. 

But it’s not just your lifestyle and your chat-up lines that will attract a good woman. Do you believe you deserve a high-quality woman, or do you see the type of girls guys regret losing as above you? Your energy matters. So, check out my guide on how to be the energy you want to attract.

Finally, if you can’t seem to help but attract bad women into your life, there might be a subconscious reason for that. Most women are kind-hearted. There are good girls everywhere, so there probably is something going on with you on a deeper level. See my guide on Why Do I Attract Toxic People for more. 

Signs You Lost A Good Woman

If she’s an independent woman with an amazing life and a good sense of self-worth, she won’t give you a second chance when you mess up. It’s a sign of her own self-respect that she will break up with you, cease all contact and move on.

That’s the clearest sign that you lost a good woman; the type of woman that all guys regret hurting, the type of woman that any man regrets losing. If you don’t want to regret losing a good woman like this, make sure to treat her the same way you expect to be treated. Treat her like the good girl she is and do all you can to create a healthy relationship.

If you’re looking for more relationship advice, my list of the biggest relationship turn-offs to avoid would be a great place to start.   

Any More Questions?

Thanks for reading my guide on becoming the kind of girl guys regret losing.

I’m not saying you have to develop these qualities to land a great guy. This is simply a list of qualities that will make you stand out and impossible to forget in the eyes of men.  

If you have any questions about the kind of girl guys regret losing, please leave a comment below. 

I’d like to keep talking about this topic – and it would be great to hear from you.

About The Author

Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.