21 Unique Texts To Get Him Chasing You (2024)

Does texting the guy sometimes feel like playing cat-and-mouse? Where you’re the cat and he’s the ever-elusive mouse? 

It’s time to turn the tables and send the kind of text messages that make him chase instead of run!

Here’s a list of 21 unique texts to get him chasing you!

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How Do You Get A Guy To Chase You Over Text? 

Many women are lost when it comes to texting an attractive guy they’ve just met. 

Should you be texting first? What text message will make him lose interest, and which text messages will make him ask you out instead of ghosting?

It’s a mystery indeed, but not anymore! Try these flirty texts to get a guy to chase you, and finally stop wondering about whether he’s into you or not. 

Remember to change any specific phrasing to fit your situation.

Texts to Get Him To Ask You Out 

1. “I’m just trying to figure out my weekend plans” 

This is a great way to give the guy the go-ahead to make plans with you. It’s a subtle approach to let him know that you have time available (possibly for him). 

A guy that is attracted to you will take the hint, and ask you out, once he receives a text like this.

If a man is interested in a woman, he’ll slowly poke around for signs like these.

When he receives this text message, it won’t be long before he’ll chase, and ask you on a date. Just don’t make your whole weekend available. 

Let him take the lead and find out the best time to take you out.

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2. “I have a great story to tell you when I see you next”

Send this when you’re texting between meeting up, and he hasn’t yet asked to see you again.

With a text like this, you won’t have to chase him.

Instead, this flirty text creates anticipation for the next time you’ll hang out, while also giving him a cue to secure that next date with you. 

Part of writing great flirty texts is to create mystery. Make him wonder about you, think about how much fun it is to be with you, and ultimately, make him chase you.

Texts that point to your fun mysterious nature are the texts to get him chasing you.

3. “I’m at a [work conference/lecture/etc.] But I’m bored out of my mind. Maybe you should come save me;)”

If you’re at an event or work-related meeting, instead of complaining about it, you could turn it into an invitation for him to ask you out.

Say you’re texting him at a work conference. You can express your boredom in a way that he’ll chase you and “rescue” you from it. 

Simply let him know how bored you are, and invoke your inner “damsel in distress.” Let him live out his hero fantasy and “rescue” you.

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4. “That sounds great, but I already made plans for tomorrow. I’m free next weekend though;)” 

Texts To Get Him Chasing You
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If you’ve been sending hints in your texts to get him chasing you, but he hasn’t yet taken the bait, the next thing you should do is to make other plans.

You may want to spend that time with him, but it’s counterintuitive to wait at home all weekend next to your phone, hoping that he’ll call. 

Men want a challenge. He wants a woman that will make him chase, instead of being too available.

So make other plans for your social life. And make a point NOT to obsessively check your phone every five minutes. 

Remind yourself that there are countless men in the dating pool, so you don’t need to settle for a ghoster. 

If he does text last-minute, and you want to give him a heads up for next time, this simple text will do the trick.

Texts That Will Get A Guy Thinking About You All Day

5. “Guess what I dreamed about last night;)”

A big part of sending text messages to make him chase you, is the little texts you send him during the week. The goal is to make sure you’re on his mind, even in his daily life.

Tell him you’ve had a vivid dream about him, and his mind will go into overdrive imagining what kind of dream it was.

He’ll press you for saucy details, and he’ll likely fall asleep at night thinking about it. 

6. “I’m doing something I probably shouldn’t be doing;)”

Nothing drives a man wilder than the thought of a woman doing something a little taboo. 

S let him imagine you being a little naughty. Say he texts you while you’re watching a good movie, reading a book, or just doing day-to-day things. 

Here’s where you make it a little racy, with some flirty text messages.

Maybe you’re watching Netflix when you should be doing work. Turn it spicy by texting, “I’m watching something I shouldn’t be watching;)…” 

Or if you’re reading a romance novel: “Just reading something I shouldn’t be reading;)” 

The key is to make it seem like you’re doing something taboo. It’ll get his heart racing, and he’ll spend the day wondering just what you’re up to.

7. “Is it wrong/bad/naughty to…?”

Speaking of taboo, you can use words that evoke the idea that you’re misbehaving to turn up the heat in your texting. 

Use words like “bad,” “naughty,” “wrong,” etc. in your flirty text messages.

For example, if he sends you a selfie, you could send him something like: “You look hot in this pic! Is it wrong/bad that I want to stare at it all day?;)”

“I’m being a little naughty, texting you at work like this;)” is another great example. It’s texts like these, instead of a regular boring question, that he’ll find irresistible.

8. “I had a great time last night. You’ve officially made me a fan of cowboy films:)”

Sexy texts are great, but remember to balance them with sweetness as well.

Compliment him and thank him for a great date, and he’ll be more inclined to ask you for another one. 

Wait until sometime after the date, or the next day, then send him a text message showing appreciation.

A guy’s heart is touched by feminine sincerity, and he’ll want to spend time with you again. 

Stand Out From The Rest: Texts That Guys Like To Receive

Texts Guys Like To Receive
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

9. “You looked really hot yesterday. I like a man who knows how to wear a suit.”

Most ladies receive compliments on a regular basis, by family, girlfriends, and potential love interests. But men hardly receive compliments on their looks or outer traits. 

If you love his hairstyle, clothes, or body, make sure to mention it, and he’ll feel special. 

Use words that will resonate with him, and make him feel manly. Masculine words like “hot,” “manly” or “sexy,” will make him melt.

Any man would chase after a woman who makes him feel like that, so be sure to compliment him every now and then while texting.

10. “I love how thoughtful/disciplined/honest you are. It’s really attractive.”

At some point in your flirting, a guy likes to receive more genuine compliments about his character. 

This is where you can tap into your more feminine nature, and give heartfelt appreciation for how he makes you feel, his work ethic, goals, punctuality, etc. Anything that elevates his character in your eyes. 

Ditch the superficial language here, and use your own words to express your authentic self. 

Sassy, flirty texts are great, but a guy also likes when a woman expresses admiration for his masculine leadership traits.

11. The 10 second text that will make him smile for hours

You want to text a guy but don’t know what to send? Just remember that pictures speak louder than words. 

Send him an image with the text “I saw this today, and it reminded me of you.”

The image could be of a handsome celebrity, or a funny meme to remind him of a past conversation you’ve had. 

A cute picture post is an upbeat text men love to receive during the day when they may be too busy for a texting session.

12. Let him know he’s on your mind without fishing for conversation

Many women like to use text messages to communicate, but for some men, the thought of having a long texting talk during the day is not appealing. 

So sometimes it’s best to make a short text that lets him know he’s on your mind, while not fishing for a full conversation. 

Show interest with short thoughtful texts, like “I just watched/listened to the movie/album you were talking about. It was sooo good!”

It’s a great way to communicate value and show that you are a woman who pays attention, and who is worth the chase.

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Texts Guaranteed To Get A Reply 

13. “You’ll never guess what I did today”

If you want him to reply, there are a few sure-fire flirty text messages you can send. Make him chase you over text, by playing the guessing game. 

Start the chat with a little bit of mystery: “You’ll never guess what I bought today,” or simply “I have a surprise for you!” 

He’ll be interested to find out what you’re hiding. You can then slowly reveal what you want to tell him through text message, or tease him by making him wait until the next time you see him. 

Not only will you get his attention, but he’ll be keen to chase you for the next date!

14. Make A Playful Inside Joke 

Text An Inside Joke
Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

Be sure to note the little details when you’re together in person. This will be great ammo to use in your text messages to keep the spark between dates. 

Say you spent the night before at an Irish pub during happy hour. Send him a funny meme or text that references what you spoke about or saw that night. 

Men love when you show interest by paying attention to little details in your exchange.

Sending him a short funny text will definitely spark your text chemistry and leave him interested for a long time.

15. Forget The “Hey How’s It Going?” – Personalize Your Text Greeting

Whenever possible, try not to use the number one boring question in your text messages – “Hey, how’s it going/how are you?” 

It’s a guaranteed conversation killer. Spice up your texting game by personalizing your texts to him. 

If you know his favorite song, include the lyrics next time you text him. If you noticed him showing interest in a movie, or hobby, you could playfully tease him about it.

Even if you only know surface-level details like his job, make a small reference to it next time you text him. 

He’ll respond much better to your intimate and unique text than to the regular “how’s it going” texts in his inbox.

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16. “You’d love the dress I’m wearing right now”

Men are visual creatures, and a key to sending texts to get him chasing you is to tickle this nature of his. 

Send texts that will make him picture you in his head. The best way to do this is to let him imagine what you’re wearing. 

You could send him a little mirror selfie of your outfit, or better yet, leave him to his imagination. Make a promise that he’ll get to see it in the near future. 

It’s a seductive text that will definitely get him into chase mode, begging to see you as soon as possible.

17. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but here’s one thing I really like about you…”

Here’s a great combination of the taboo type text (“I probably shouldn’t tell you this…”) and a genuine compliment to show you’re interested. 

These types of texts will make any guy smile, and want to know you more. 

Compliment a great physical feature, or get a little bit racy and hint at how he makes you feel. If he’s a good kisser, this is the type of text you want to mention it in. 

This is a great flirty text for the shy woman to show her authentic self to a guy she’s interested in. 

How To Turn The Tables, And Make Him Chase You 

Texts To Make Him Chase You
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

18. “Sounds really fun, but I can’t tonight. Sorry:(. I guess you’ll have to daydream about me a little while longer…:)”

If a guy makes a habit of asking you out at the last minute through text message, don’t give him the wrong impression by accepting it every time. 

He’ll eventually stop chasing you, because he’ll take your time for granted.

Communicate the value of your time in a cute and flirty way. Texts like these will make him think twice about leaving you as an afterthought.

It lets him know that you won’t always be waiting by the phone for him.

19. Challenge him to come out and play

Another bold way to send texts to get him chasing you, is to playfully challenge him to meet you where you’re at. 

Think of it as a cute open invitation. Say you’re spending happy hour at a bar with some friends, send him a selfie and invite him to buy you a drink. 

It might seem like you’re the one who’s chasing, but the key is to make him know that while you want to spend time with him, you can have fun without him. 

Leave room for him to imagine the countless men who might be chasing you while you’re out having a good time, and he’ll meet your challenge if he realizes what he’s missing out on by ignoring you.

20.  “Hey you, should I assume we’re not on for tonight? Haven’t heard from you and I’ve other things I’d like to do;)”

Say you’ve made plans for a date with a man, and he hasn’t yet sent you any details about the place, time, etc. 

You could simply wait for him to send you the details, however late it comes. 

But according to dating coach Matthew Hussey, it’s better to let him know that you can make other plans. 

Send him a text like this and he’ll stop thinking that you’ll always leave room for him to be lazy when making plans. 

Watch the video below to see more texts that will make him chase you, instead of the other way around:

21. “You looked really good last night. It’s a good thing we’re just friends;)”

Men tend to be the natural chasers in relationships, and if you show him too much interest, he likely won’t put too much effort in chasing you. 

Sending a text like this is a bold move and could easily backfire, depending on the type of man you’re texting. 

But if you’re sick of being the one chasing, send him this challenge: compliment him – say you find him attractive – and then add an obstacle, such as “it’s too bad we’re just friends.” 

Suddenly, in his eyes, you’ll become a woman that he could potentially lose. If he was taking your attraction for granted until now, he certainly won’t anymore. 

Men love a good chase, and this is a great way to start it, especially if you feel like you might waste your life waiting for him to make a move.

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What to text a guy to get him thinking about you?

Texts To Make Him Think About You
Photo by Jhosua Rodríguez from Pexels

Any man loves a good subtle, but seductive text. Anything that gets him in his visual mode will get him thinking about you. 

Funny and cute texts will indicate how much joy he could have with you in his life. And don’t be hesitant to be a little sassy in your texts. 

Challenge him playfully, and he’ll be sure to have you on his mind all day.

What texts do guys like to receive?

Men love flirty text messages: playful teasing always works well. 

Texts that will make him smile are funny texts, and some seductive texts will make sure that he stays texting you. 

Never underestimate how visual men are, and take advantage of this fact. Send him selfies, or pics of your outfits, or let him imagine by simply telling him what you’re wearing.

At the end of the day, guys are individuals, so getting him to chase you is a matter of tapping into what makes him unique. Send him texts that appeal to his specific wants and needs.

What are texts a guy can’t ignore?

The texts in the list above are perfect examples of texts that he will find hard to ignore. 

The very moment that you use cliche, dry texts is the moment he might stop replying. Try not to send him texts that he could receive from anyone. 

Texts that will make him stand up and take notice include sexy, flirty texts, or funny texts. But the key is that he’ll want to receive texts that are tailored to him. 

He’ll want to have you in his life if you can make him feel special. So no matter what type of text you send, be unique and let him know that you’re paying attention to him.

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How can you make a man obsessed with you over text?

There’s no golden rule in a text message that will be a magic key for everyone, but in general, finding a balance in how you communicate with him is key. 

You should send him text messages to make him chase only you.

If you can keep a balance between sexy texts (racy compliments, selfies, etc.) and sweet, feminine texts, you’ll show that you’re a well-rounded woman that he can go to for any of his wants or needs. 

He’ll find you irresistible, and you’ll always be the top contact number in his phone.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my guide. Share this article with your girlfriends that need extreme text help! 

Happy texting!;)

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