Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon: 41 Personality Traits & Best Matches (2024)

Welcome to my extensive personality guide for a Taurus sun Scorpio moon. 

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon
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Below, you’ll discover the key personality traits for a Taurus sun Scorpio moon, plus the best love matches for this archetype. 

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients better understand themselves and those closest to them. 

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Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Personality 

What Does It Mean To Have A Taurus Sun And A Scorpio Moon?

Your sun sign and your moon sign are both parts of your zodiac sign – and are said to have a significant impact on your personality.

Your sun sign is based on where the sun was in relation to the Earth when you were born. It changes 12 times per year. If you were born between April 20 and May 20, you’re a Taurus sun. 

Your moon sign is based on where the moon was in relation to the Earth. It changes roughly every two-and-a-half days, so you generally need to know the time you were born to be sure about your moon sign.

Your sun sign is said to determine your outward-facing personality that the rest of the world sees, while your moon sign reportedly determines your inner being.

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What Is A Taurus Sun?

Taurus Sun natives were born between April 20 and May 20. Taurus is an Earth sign, and these are known for being grounded and loyal. Their primary traits are: loyalty, gratitude, dependability, determination, a good work ethic and a passionate nature. 

Taurus individuals tend to be picky in their search for a romantic partner and are happy to be single, rather than wasting time in short-term relationships. The right connection is more important than physical pleasure to a Taurus sun.

Taurus sun signs can be stubborn and adverse to taking risks, although they often are attracted to signs that help them bring out their adventurous side.

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What Is A Scorpio Moon Like?

Those born under a Scorpio moon are characterised by passion and enthusiasm. They wear their heart on their sleeve, which can be good and bad. They can be fun-loving and passionate partners, but also self-destructive at times.

A Scorpio moon naturally has a lot of emotional intelligence. This allows them to build strong relationships, although they are also prone to try and manipulate people to get what they want

They seek relationships with great emotional intensity and emotional depth. Moon Scorpios are quick to share their feelings and always demand respect from their friends, colleagues and family members. With that said, they are happy to give it back once it’s earned. 

A Scorpio moon wants to grow in life and is happy to take risks to make that happen. A Scorpio moon is great at learning from their mistakes and that’s why they always grow wiser with age. 

A Scorpio moon can be mysterious, but this person is always very loyal in their relationships. When they do fall in love, they love deeply. They are good judges of character and that’s why they tend to enjoy lasting relationships once they find their other half.

The links provided below can help you learn more about the Scorpio personality type:

41 Common Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Characteristics

Good traits:

  1. A rare magnetism that makes it easy for them to form friendships;
  2. Complex;
  3. Profound and original;
  4. Magnetically attractive; 
  5. Passionate and sensual; 
  6. Like to be in control; 
  7. Ambitious and goal-oriented; 
  8. Hard-working; 
  9. Financially stable; 
  10. Strong and resilient; 
  11. Intuitive; 
  12. Good at detecting lies; 
  13. Spiritual; 
  14. Realistic and composed; 
  15. Committed and protective; 
  16. Artistic and creative; 
  17. Good at harnessing inner peace and healing; 
  18. Caring and helpful; 
  19. Excellent healers and givers;

Bad Traits:

  1. Inflexible; 
  2. Secretive; 
  3. Difficulty with controlling their primitive passions or physical urges; 
  4. Dislike change;
  5. Distant and untrusting; 
  6. Difficulty with authority; 
  7. Stubborn and demanding; 
  8. Bad temper; 
  9. Prone to aggression and impulsivity; 
  10. Tend to suppress feelings which leads to outbursts; 
  11. Prone to jealousy and possessiveness;
  12. Materialistic; 
  13. Struggle to deal with primitive passions; 
  14. Easily hurt and hold grudges; 
  15. Initially distant and untrusting; 
  16. Difficulty with authority; 
  17. Independent and don’t like to take advice; 
  18. Bad temper;
  19. They are dealt a lot of bad luck;
  20. They find it tough to show their true self initially;
  21. They have many emotional insecurities which they find it hard to address;
  22. They struggle to build emotional stability. 

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Best Love Matches

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personality often has a rollercoaster ride in their search for love. The Scorpio moon in their personality often attracts and dsicards several partners before finding the right person. The Taurus sun ensures they provide the loyalty and affection needed in a successful long-term relationship.

Best Match For Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon
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What Signs Are Taurus Suns Attracted To?

The Taurus Sun doesn’t match well with air or fire signs. More likely, one of the water signs is a better match for long-term relationships with a Taurus sun. These are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces  

What Signs Are Scorpio Moons Attracted To?

A Scorpio moon man or woman is most commonly drawn to an Aries moon, Capricorn moon or Pisces moon.

This means any of the following nine combinations will make a great love match for A Taurus sun Scorpio moon. 

  • Cancer sun Aries moon;
  • Cancer sun Capricorn moon;
  • Cancer sun Pisces moon;
  • Scorpio sun Aries moon;
  • Scorpio sun Capricorn moon;
  • Scorpio sun Pisces moon;
  • Pisces sun Aries moon;
  • Pisces sun Capricorn moon;
  • Pisces sun Pisces moon.

These will be more fulfilling than other relationships with a Taurus sun Scorpio moon man or woman. The physical pleasures and loving feelings provided for one another will be unmatched.   

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