Taurus Man Testing You: 21 Key Insights (2024)

There are times when you may want to check if the people you spend your time with are the right ones for you. 

As an earth sign, Taurus man is no different. He leaves nothing to chance, most certainly not a romantic relationship.

Keep reading for key insights on how a Taurus man is testing you.

How Is a Taurus Man Testing You?

1. Neediness

One Taurus man test will be observing how needy you are. This is a big no for this man.

He’ll pretend to be easygoing and always give you whatever you want. It’s a trap though. This is only to find out if you’re overly demanding and what your boundaries are. The Taurus male psychology likes a woman who knows what she wants. 

2. Romantic At Heart

This sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, so it’s natural this zodiac sign is considered a hopeless romantic.

He’ll enjoy sweet and fun couple games, so be prepared for a love life with touching and kissing.

3. Financial Independence

This fixed earth sign is one of the most financially stable signs of the zodiac. Taurus men are known for their big, generous hearts. However, these guys will test whether you take advantage of their kindness.

He’ll check how financially stable you are. If you don’t have a job, he’ll even go out of his way to help you find one.

The Taurus man tests by asking you to split the bill or insist on sharing other expenses, just to see how good you are at managing money.

4. Supportive

Taurus fellows are incredibly focused and don’t like to be distracted from achieving their goals, and they want a woman to share them with.

This man is looking for the perfect woman to support him on his journey. Therefore, he will share some of his plans with you and ask for your opinion to see what your support level is like. Share your supportive words.

Taurus Man Testing You
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5. Trustworthy

Taurus men certainly stick to this principle of honesty being the best policy. He’ll always be brutally honest with you and is willing to open his heart to you, so he’ll test your honesty.

Show him he can always count on you and that there’s no reason to doubt your loyalty.

6. Patience Is A Virtue

Taurus guys dislike people who tend to explode within seconds, so he’ll check if you’re one of them and test your patience.

Most likely, he could suddenly make himself unavailable, or he’ll ignore your messages and calls for a while. Just play it cool and show him you’re not playing games.

7. Your Ambitions

Being the most ambitious sign of the zodiac with a strong mindset, Taurus guys will always fight for their dreams and won’t easily give up on their plans.

He’ll probably ask you often about your life plans and watch how you’re progressing. You may find this annoying at first, but his approach could even motivate you.

8. Materialistic

One of the first things the Taurus man will test is whether you’re a materialistic person.

He’ll probably act like he doesn’t have money to buy you perfume at the moment. However, it’s a sign he’s testing your materialistic side.

9. Culinary Skills

This zodiac sign tends to believe “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Conversations could often revolve around food and exotic dishes because this zodiac sign happens to be a great gourmet.

While it’s not required to be an expert in cooking to please him, just enjoy the cooking experience with him.

10. Ready For Commitment

Your maturity level is undoubtedly on the list of things the Taurus man tests for.

The Taurus man certainly won’t let anyone play with his feelings. So don’t expect him to be a one-night-stand.

If you want this man in your life, you have to be willing to give yourself to him completely. He’ll go with the flow, and because the Taurus man reads people incredibly well, he’ll know where he stands with you very quickly.

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11. Sharing Family Time 

The Taurus man tests you with family as well as this is the most important thing in any Taurus’ life.

The Taurus man testing you will likely invite you to a family dinner to see how you communicate with his family and if you feel comfortable in their company.

This is only after you get to know each other a little better. If you can accept and love his family, there is no doubt that you are the woman of his dreams.

12. Accepting His True Self

The Taurus guy works tirelessly to improve himself and achieve success. So what will definitely turn him away from you is if he realizes you want to completely change his work habits, his style, or anything along those lines.

If you want to be part of this relationship, be ready to accept and love him for who he is, not for who you want him to be.

13. Self-Confidence

The Taurus guy likes a strong, confident woman, and who can deal with challenging life situations well.

The Taurus man falls even more in love with you when you’re self-confident. Make your choices for yourself and don’t conform to anyone’s expectations.

Show him you are a strong, independent, and confident woman, and you’ll win him over.

14. Drama Queen

This zodiac sign and drama don’t go together. Be aware of the Taurus man testing you for attention seeking and overly dramatizing trivial things

If you tend to dramatize and bother him with unimportant things, feel free to open the door yourself and get out of this relationship.

15. Long Stretches Of Quiet

One of the ways that a Taurus man tests you is by listening carefully while you talk.

Taurus is a passive feminine sign, which means they’re great listeners. So, while he’s listening to you speak, he’s analyzing your body language and assessing your match potential.

Tauruses are great at detecting when someone’s lying to them, so keep it real because he’s interested in how much you two have in common to your future plans and goals. 

16. Pushes Your Emotional Buttons

It’s part of the Taurus man’s personality to keep his composure when life throws you a curve while everyone else is freaking out. He doesn’t like it when people get overly emotional.

So, the Taurus man test will see him actively push your buttons to see how you react to life situations.

He doesn’t want to hurt you on purpose, nor will he walk away if you do shed a tear. Yet, if he sees you can’t keep your emotions in check, he’ll question whether you’re the right person for him in the long run. 

17. Refusing To Help

He wants to see if you’re able to handle things yourself and won’t need him to lend you a hand with everything. Your Taurus man also wants to make sure you’re not using him. 

So, if he suddenly starts rejecting your requests for help, your Taurus man is testing you. Try not to feel angry or worry too much about it. Show him you’re an independent woman who doesn’t need a man in her life and you’ll ace this test. 

18. Jealousy

The Taurus man test for jealousy is because he wants his woman to give her assurance that he is the only man in her life.

There are times that he might try to stalk you or find different ways to see if you are getting close to someone else. 

He won’t expect you to constantly tell him where you are, just keep a transparent approach with him.

19. Meeting Your Friends 

If he just asked to plan a lunch to meet your friends, it’s a clear sign this is a Taurus man test. He wants to know how serious you are before anything else.

He’ll be watching how you interact with your friends and what the overall conversation is focused on.

20. Take You By Surprise 

Taurus men test you with quizzes to see if you’re the right person for him and worth pursuing. He’ll register your first reaction to a question at a time you’ll least expect it.

Just show him your honesty and he’ll see the real you.

21. His Stubbornness

Your Taurus fellow is one of the most stubborn of the zodiac signs. 

Taureans often find themselves in conflict with people all because of their stubbornness. So, if he realizes you’re someone who can calm him down and be understanding when he needs it, it’s a good sign you’ll be his forever woman.

How Do You Know A Taurus Man Is Serious About You?

Taurus men (born between April 20 and May 20) make great partners for their good character. 

  • Loyalty
  • Stability
  • Extreme dependability
Taurus Man
Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

If you like a Taurus man and you’re not sure he likes you back, his body and attitude will give you the signals which are unmistakable indicators of his affection, even if he’s playing it close to the chest!

Here is a list of signs so you’ll know exactly how to tell if a taurus man likes you.

1. Initiating Conversations

Taurean men are stubborn, and only make an effort when they genuinely like someone.

2. Open Ended Questions

When a taurus man likes someone, he asks open-ended questions, which require longer and more detailed responses about your personality or personal beliefs.

3. Giving You Compliments

Paying compliments is one of the clearest signs out there that a guy is interested, because a compliment indicates that he’s paying close attention to you – and wants you to know it.

4. Spending Time Together

A taurean man may not be open about his true feelings, but he’ll make an effort to hang out with you, and offer up an alternative time and place if you ever need to reschedule.

5. Physically Close

Taurus men are highly physical, and touch is a key love language. On average, men tend to be more comfortable expressing their affection through physical touch.

6. Protective Around You

Taurus men have a need to feel secure, and if he likes you as a long term partner, he’ll want you to feel secure too.

He’ll walk you to the door after you hang out, stick close to you around new people, or defend your point of view in a group discussion. 

7. Making Plans

Taurus men live for routine, so if you’re becoming part of his, that’s a huge indicator that he likes you. If he actively tries planning something that won’t happen for a few months, that shows you that he wants to keep you in his life long-term.

How Do You Tell If A Taurus Man Is Playing You?

Taurus man is charming, attractive, and sensual. The man born under this sign is a man of few words, but his actions speak louder than any speech. 

1. Not Actively Trying To Impress You

When the Taurus man has a serious intention to be with a woman, he’ll do his best to impress her. If he’s not, he’s just playing you.

2. Acts Like He Doesn’t Care

The Taurus man doesn’t play hard to get if he’s serious about you. So if he acts distant, it’s time to move along and find someone who is ready to settle down with you.

3. You Can’t Reach Him

If your Taurus man is only available when he wants to be, he is most likely playing you.

4. You Know Little About Him

The Taurus man won’t share details of his personal life with you if he is playing you.

This man knows sharing his intimate life with you means intimacy, and that’s something they reserve only for the woman they are ready to fully commit to.

5. His Ex Is Still Present

If your Taurus man is not done with other women from his past, we don’t even have to tell you that he is playing you.

Even if he still mentions her or keeps a reminder of their relationship. This is a huge red flag for you to move as far away as you can from this man.

What Is A Taurus Man Weakness?

The Taurus man’s biggest weaknesses are no worse than the flaws of any other sign, just knowing them will help you understand him better.

1. Taurus Man Can Be Stubborn

They like doing things their way, and they’re usually not interested in taking advice or accepting help once they’ve made up their mind or committed to accomplishing something. It could be helpful for these immovable bulls to practice being more flexible.

2. They Give In To Vices

The Taurus man likes anything that feels extravagant and titillates their physical senses. This can result in overindulging.

Whether it’s giving in to their sweet tooth, chasing the high of a shopping spree, or a habit of ordering one too many martinis, Taurus men sometimes struggle to say no to their favorite feel-good vices.

3. Taurus Guys Take Their Time

Slow and steady usually works well for them, as they rarely rush into things blindly or make silly mistakes due to moving too fast.

Yet occasionally, the snail pace of a Taurus can be frustrating to people around them. There’s a difference between taking your time and dragging your heels.

4. Hold A Grudge

A Taurus woman or man is represented by the bull and they’ll lose their chill if a person pushes their buttons hard enough.

Unfortunately, once they see red, it can be hard for them to back down or let go of the anger built up inside of them, which can lead to serious grudge holding.

5. Greed As A Deadly Sin 

The Taurean is all about money, material possessions, and other valuables. So if Taurus is feeling insecure, he can fall prey to greed-based behaviors.

It could show up as them hoarding their wealth out of fear, and it could also be  something as simple as not wanting to share their dessert.

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How Do You Know When A Taurus Man Is Lying?

When Taurus lies, he’s very careful. His lying consists of very meticulous recounting and just the right amount of detail.

He might seem to be thinking hard about what he’s saying, yet not so hard that you can tell immediately that he’s lying.

If he’s lying about his whereabouts last weekend, he’ll tell the story slowly so he doesn’t forget what he said later on when you inevitably ask him again.

Taurus Man Acts Interested Then Disappears

There are a number of possible reasons why a Taurus fellow will suddenly lose interest with someone he’s interested in.

Let’s explore them here.

1. Not Ready To Commit

It could imply he’s not ready for a commitment. He’s fallen in love and things start to get serious, and then he hesitates hiding his feelings instead.

2. Doesn’t See This Working Out

As a perfectionist, if your Taurus guy sees that you’re not his perfect type, you’re not compatible with each other, or the relationship isn’t going to work according to how he wants it to be, he may simply walk away from you.

3. Testing You

He needs to know if you actually like him and want to develop a deeper relationship with him. He’ll pay attention to how you react and deal with the situation.

4. Feels Offended Or Insecure

Taurus males can also be very sensitive and jealous. Your partner may be insecure about you or the relationship, so he chooses to distance himself to avoid getting upset.

5. Too Needy Or Demanding

This earth sign is known for being resolute and unswerving, one who values comfort and goes by his own set of rules.

He won’t like it if you try to change things too much, or impose your own will on the relationship.

When A Taurus Man Chooses You

Commitment is a huge step for them and they don’t take it lightly. That being said, here are some signs to look for that reveal if he wants to commit to you and take your relationship to new heights.

  • He includes you in his future plans.
  • He wants to spend more time with you.
  • He’ll treat you special and open his heart and soul to you.
  • He’ll want to be close to you, maybe even live together.
  • He’ll be generous with his money and time with you.
  • He wants to commit.
  • He’s happy to let his friends and family know all about you.

He’s also stubborn, however, he doesn’t mind being scolded by the woman he loves. You could be that woman if you’re one of the following:

  • Taurus Man and Virgo Woman – The Virgo woman is his dream woman. These two are crazy about each other.
  • Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman – Lots of sexual tension between these two. That sexual intimacy can turn into an emotional bond with the Scorpio woman in no time.
  • Taurus Man and Pisces Woman – A match made in Heaven. She doesn’t mind letting him dominate in this duo, however the Pisces woman rules his soul.
  • Taurus Man and Gemini Woman – Despite some initial glitches with Gemini woman, these two make an initial connection. This woman is the true calling of the Taurus man.
  • Taurus Man and Libra Woman – The Libra woman can balance this man. She’s the best long term partner for this Taurus man.
  • Taurus Man and Leo Woman – When he comes together with a Leo woman, they’ll surely end up marrying.

Taurus Man Waiting Game

First, know that Taurus males are very slow in nature toward commitment. They’re cautious people, and want to be certain of what they are doing.

Let him ease into the idea of being in a relationship and bring the questions to you.

However, Taurus man can be change adverse and complacent, so subtle nudges and friendly discussions about the future will help keep him on track.

Signs A Taurus Man Is Sexually Attracted To You

While a Taurus man prefers to be intimate inside of a monogamous relationship, he’s capable of separating sex from emotion. Here are some sure signs he’s sexually attracted to you.

  • His body language and masculine presence will show you.
  • He’ll want to touch you any chance he gets and his touch will linger.
  • He’s flirty, attentive and full of compliments for you.
  • If other guys get too close, he’ll get territorial.
  • He looks at you with intensity and desire.

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When A Taurus Man Misses You

Unfortunately, it can be hard to know if a Taurus man misses you once you’ve ended things.

They’re not forthcoming with their feelings and it takes a while to get them to open up about their emotions.

However, he’ll send you some easy to miss vague signs he still loves you.

  • He’ll text or call you to see what’s up and if you ignore those he’ll blow up your phone.
  • He’ll be active on your social media.
  • He’ll ask mutual friends about you and want to know all about what you’re up to.
  • He doesn’t pursue other women as long as he has feelings for you. Taurus women and men are very loyal.
  • He’ll shower you with lavish gifts, invite you on an expensive vacation, or even do you a little favor and, for example, pay your electricity bill.
  • He protects you, helps you out, and makes sure you know you can rely on him.
  • He’ll appear more than ready to change his ways if that’s what got in the way of you two 

being together.

  • Despite your relationship status, he still gets insanely jealous of the mere thought of you with another guy.

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How To Know When Taurus Man Is Done With You

He’s been different lately. Something has changed between you and you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you don’t want to jump to conclusions.

Taurus Men
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When he’s not happy anymore, the signs are there. It just takes interpreting them correctly.

1. Irritability

Little things you say seem to spark an argument or your worst fight. It may not be you. He can simply be acting out the emotions building up in him. When he’s ready to move on, he might be more blunt with you, even cold.

2. One Word Answers

An established relationship with this sign in which communication suddenly drops off to single-syllable answers when you ask him how his day was, isn’t a sign of a happy Taurean. Less calls and texting too.

3. Less Action In The Bedroom

Without an emotional connection, the physical connection disappears. He’ll initiate less or stop initiating altogether, and he’ll turn you down left and right.

4. Less Time Together

Now he always seems to have something else he needs to do. Not only is he not prioritizing quality face time, he’s actively hindering it by being anywhere else when you’re free.

Signs A Taurus Man Is Playing You

This isn’t the hardest sign to decode, he can still leave a trail of confusion in his wake with his antics! Here’s how to know if a Taurus man is playing you.

  • Being a fixed Earth sign, it’s unusual for your Taurus man to be inconsistent with you. He’s probably just using you and leading you on.
  • If he’s standoffish and not very affectionate, that’s a very obvious sign he doesn’t see a future with you and he’s putting in the bare minimum effort.
  • Maybe it makes you feel special when he rings you up for a booty call. When that’s all it is though, he’s doing it because he’s driven by Venus to enjoy and experience intimacy. He’s using you to fulfill those urges! 
  • If he dodges personal questions and refuses to talk about anything meaningful, he’s just using you. His feelings don’t go beyond the surface!
  • When they’re not interested, the flaws that were once a sweet part of the experience, are now annoying and get in the way of their desires. An overly critical Taurus man is using you.

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How To Play A Taurus Man At His Own Game

It’s no secret some unconscious feminine traits are playing mind games with males. But so many women are susceptible to the games guys play too.

Most people are honest and open, however be wary of those who slip through the cracks. These are the personality traits you can “amp up” so he totally falls for you.

1. Create Jealousy 

As a Taurean he’s highly susceptible to jealousy and possessiveness in relationships, it’s easy to set him off and play mind games this way.

2. Be Just As Stubborn

You can test his stubbornness by competing with him. A Taurus man is used to getting his way because he can out-stubborn anybody.

3. Challenge Him

A Taurus man requires a partner who will sometimes let him take charge and obey his instructions because it makes him feel secure.

He believes he is the wisest, and it confuses him when his partner challenges him and avoids his efforts to control her.

4. Challenge His Role

They prefer to play the traditional masculine role in their relationships. Flip the tables and play the dominating role.

5. Question His Loyalty

He is an unendingly committed friend and lover, so anyone who accuses him of being anything less than completely devoted drives him insane.

6. Don’t Commit ​

A Taurus man is hesitant to commit because he wants to ensure that he chooses the right person.

When you notice signs he’s ready to commit, distance yourself from him and simply disagree to an exclusive relationship.

7. Be Unpredictable

Earth signs are recognized for their steadiness, stability, and grounding. Becoming impulsive and unpredictable can drive him nuts and mess with his mind.

When a guy with this star sign is sure you’re the person for him, he’ll stop testing you and start revealing his true emotions for you.

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