The Sunni Method For Shifting In 8 Effective Steps (2024)

You’re about to discover how to shift reality using the Sunni Method.

Sunni Method Shifting
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Shifting realities is a motivational practice to give people the confidence to manifest their desired reality in real life.

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping people to create the dream lives they always wanted – and that’s why I’m excited to share this article with you.

So, let’s dive in.

Sunni Method Shifting: 8 Effective Steps

The Sunni Method is an example of one of the more popular shifting methods in the shifting community. 

However, this is one of the more complicated methods, especially if you’re new to tricking your mind with visualization techniques. 

With that said, here is a step-by-step guide to reality shifting using the Sunni method. 

1. Write A Shifting Script

This first step is optional. However, this will make it easier to visualize and shift into your desired reality using the Sunni Method. 

A shifting script is essentially a detailed description of what this reality looks like. There are plenty of online prompts you find to create a great script. Simply perform a web search for “reality shifting script”.

2. Create A Relaxing Environment 

It’s much easier to shift when you’re in a quiet and relaxing environment where you know you won’t be disturbed. 

Most people shift lying in their bed, so hopefully your bedroom is a suitable place for you too.

3. Meditate 

Meditation primes your brain for shifting.

If your brain is buzzing with thoughts, it will be far more difficult to focus on your visualizing for the Sunni method.

That’s why it’s recommended to meditate for 10 minutes to relax your conscious mind in the present moment. This will prepare you to visualize your desired reality with no distractions.   

4. Lay In A Comfortable Position And Close Your Eyes

Unlike other methods, it’s not important what position you lay in. You just need to be in a  comfortable position. That’s why many people shift in their bed. 

5. Affirmations

The next step of the Sunni Method is to repeat affirmations that help you shift. Here are some shifting affirmations I like to use. 

  • I am shifting.
  • Shifting comes easily to me.
  • I am going to my desired reality.
  • I love to be in my desired reality.
  • My desired reality is amazing. 

6. Picture Your Desired Reality

Keep repeating these affirmations until you start feeling symptoms of shifting away from your current reality. 

As you become more relaxed, you may begin to experience several shifting symptoms. Shifting makes you feel numb, dizzy or detached from your body sometimes, for example. 

Don’t panic. You’re supposed to be feeling these symptoms. This is a sign you’re ready for the next step of the reality-shifting process.

Now, you need to picture your desired reality. Imagine a specific scene that you’ve been thinking about for some time. Now, explore your surroundings. Visualize as much as you can. Where are you? Who are you with? How are you different?

The clearer you imagine your desired reality, the better. That’s why it helps to write a detailed script beforehand.     

7. Use The Five Senses To Shift Away From Your Current Reality 

Now, it’s time to intensify your visualizing by moving each of your five senses into your desired reality.

You’ve focused on what you can see. But what can you smell? Can you smell your favorite meal cooking downstairs, for example?  

Can you feel the warm sun on your skin? Can you hear the birds chirping or the chitter-chatter of your perfect social circle? How does it feel to be in the body you desire? Take the time to truly immerse yourself.

8. Wake Up In Your Desired Reality  

The final step of the Sunni method is to open your eyes having successfully shifted into your desired reality.

As soon as you open your eyes, you should have a feeling in your consciousness that something is different.

You’re now in a world that’s closer to your desired reality.   

Frequently Asked Questions About Reality Shifting

Let’s round off this guide with the answers to some frequently asked questions on this topic.  

What If I Fall Asleep While Shifting?

It’s not a big deal to sleep immediately after having visualized your desired reality. In fact, some visualization methods require you to sleep afterwards. If you’ve shifted successfully, you should still wake up in your desired reality when you open your eyes.  

What’s The Easiest Method To Shift Realities?

The Sunni Method is one of the more complicated shifting methods. You have to be able to trick your mind into believing that what you’re visualizing is real. 

This takes some skill and will probably require a lot of practice at visualization.

Some easier methods include the Raven Method, the Heartbeat Method and the Pillow Method.   

What Is The Most Effective Method For Shifting?

A method with an easier shifting process might not necessarily be more effective.

Indeed, a significant portion of the shifting community have reported having successfully shifted using the Sunni Method, despite this being regarded as more complicated. 

It’s not easy to shift into your desired reality though. It requires a fair amount of focus and you really need to keep believing in the process. 

If you’re not successful on your first try, it might not necessarily be that you’ve done it wrong. More likely, you need to lie down and try again with stronger focus or a clearer visualization of your desired reality.

With that said, it’s recommended that you try a range of techniques to see which one you find most comfortable. My full list of reality-shifting techniques can help you here.

When you finally begin to experience the symptoms of shifting, it will be well worth all the trouble.   

Any More Questions?

Thanks for reading my guide on the Sunni Method for shifting. Now, all that’s left is for you to lie down and try it for yourself! 

If you’d like to search for more information about the Sunni Method, you can start by putting your questions into the comments box below. 

I always love to receive more comments on my blog – and of course I try to reply to as many as possible. 

I’d like to keep talking about this topic – and it would be great to hear from you.

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.