Ancient Soul Symbolism: All 12 Examples (2024)

Welcome to this ultimate guide on soul symbolism.

Soul Symbolism
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Below, you’ll discover what all 12 symbols are – and how they can affect someone’s personality. 

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients soul-search to better understand themselves and those closest to them. 

That’s why I’m keen to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in.  

What Does The Soul Symbolize? 

The soul is the essence of a human being, considered to be the symbol of one’s individuality and their connection to the universe.

What Are Soul Symbols?

Soul symbols are related to one’s birth month – and each one carries their own personality traits.

By learning what your soul symbol is and gaining a better understanding of what traits it carries, you could potentially find an explanation for some of your natural behaviors. 

(Consider them an alternative to zodiac signs, essentially). 

What Is My Soul Symbol?

Do you know what your birth month is? Then, you’re about to find out what your soul symbol is. There is a different symbol for each month, each bringing their own traits.

So, let’s discover the hidden secrets of one’s soul symbol now.   

January Soul Symbol

January Soul Symbol
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Dragon. You are strong-willed and no obstacles can stop you reaching your goal. However, your fiery temper can be a problem. To become your best version and fulfil your tremendous potential in life, you must learn to control it. 

February Soul Symbol

Phoenix. A phoenix may be burnt to ashes, but they have the impressive ability to arise stronger than ever before. You’re defined by incredible strength and tenacity. You know your worth, and will never let anyone drop below your personal standards. Although extremely admirable, this can sometimes be exhausting to others around you. 

What Symbolizes March’s Soul?

Yin-yang. You seek balance throughout your life. You have the unique ability to see the good and bad sides of people and various situations. You tend to look on the bright side, but you will never judge someone on first sight. This can be a strength and a weakness, as the yin-yang struggles to learn that not everyone should be trusted so quickly. 

April Soul Symbol

Lion. You’re bold, courageous and incredibly loyal to those in your personal tribe. You have immense passion and will always try to protect your loved ones in the most difficult situations, even if it means risking your own life to do so. If the lion has one weakness, it’s that he’s sometimes passionate to a fault. 

May Soul Symbol

Wolf. You’re a natural born leader, who can simultaneously exist happily in the shadows. You will let other people shine, but if your friends check over their shoulder, they’ll have faith in you to be there for them. To truly excel in life though, the wolf must learn to thrive in the limelight sometimes. 

June Soul Symbol

Fish. You’re a carefree spirit who goes with the flow and follows their heart, rather than overthinking things. You value freedom more than anything else. You prefer zero responsibility and to enjoy your life. A fish can energize the serious people around them, but could also benefit from a trusted person giving them some direction in their lives.   

July Soul Symbol

Fire. Every part of your life is fuelled by a fiery passion that burns deep within you. You make decisions with your heart, not your head. You take on every task with the energy of an intense fire burning inside a firework factory, and this can lead to great achievements. At the same time, you’re susceptible to easily become obsessed or addicted to your pursuits.   

August Soul Symbol

Horse. You were put on this earth to run freely, like a horse running with unlimited freedom through endless fields. You’re adventurous with an incredible work ethic and always want to try new things. Unlike other symbols, you’re very independent and can find a great balance between work and play.

September Soul Symbol

Flower. You have a beautiful and innocent soul. Your energy and very presence brings joy and beauty to your surroundings. Your beautiful heart and free spirit helps others to slow down, relax and “smell the roses”. Perhaps you have a tendency to wilt under pressure, but the healing energy you bring to the world should not be underestimated. 

October Soul Symbol

Star. Your strength is the unique ability to guide others to become the best version of themselves. For you, success is about helping others to grow as well as making great efforts to grow yourself. The weakness of the star is they’re sometimes too selfless in their life. Without understanding how to focus on themselves too, they’re in danger of burning out. 

November Soul Symbol

Tree. Your branches reach out to provide shelter in the worst storms. Your strong roots and trunk provide a solid source of support, albeit sometimes at the cost of your own peace. Indeed, those born in November, sometimes need to learn how to protect themselves better from the harsh reality of the world and humanity.   

December Soul Symbol

December Soul Symbol
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Water. You’re a constantly evolving individual who brings peace to your friends, family and the world around you. You can bring a sense of calm to stressful situations, but also explode with strength and energy when you need to. This power and diversity brings a lot of value to the world and the lives of your loved ones.  

Frequently Asked Questions About The Soul?

Let’s round off this guide with some frequently asked questions about the soul. 

What Is The Soul Made Of?

It is agreed that the soul exists within the physical body of human beings, but much like our own consciousness, we cannot see it. Indeed, it’s suggested that the soul leaves the body of the person it was inhabiting after their death.

The Epicureans believed the soul was made of atoms just like the rest of the human body. The Platonists suggest it was an incorporeal and immaterial essence. In the modern day, we are still debating the existence of the soul. Clearly, there’s a lot of knowledge still to be discovered. 

What Is The Symbol Of Human Soul?

The most widely recognized symbol is the winged form of a butterfly. 

Ancient Symbol For Soul

Since ancient times, there is evidence of humans using the butterfly to symbolize the soul. 

Greek Symbol For Soul

In Greek mythology, the goddess of the soul was Psyche. She would bring beauty to the world that would rival that of Aphrodite and seduce Eros the God of Desire. Anyway, Psyche’s symbols were also butterfly wings. 

Is There A Link Between Soul Symbols And Soulmates?

Both are linked to human souls, although it’s tough to find content explaining the link between these two similar ideas.

Soulmates are two souls that were united in the spirit world, which separate then reunite to complete an important task on Planet Earth. 

If you’ve been lucky enough to personally experience a soul reunion, you’ll agree that the experience did a lot of good for your life and usually the world at large.

To learn more about the existence of soulmates, check out the following guides:     

Any Questions? 

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