Soul Contracts | 19 Facts You Should Know In (2024)

You’re about to learn what a soul contract is, how it affects you and how you can maximise the impact of soul contracts in this life.

In my role as a life coach, I like to learn about these spiritual ideas, so I am able to work with a broader range of clients. 

Now, I’m excited to share these ideas with you.

Let’s dive right into it.

Soul Contract
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1. What Is A Soul Contract?

Soul contracts are based on the belief that our soul meets with the souls of other people before carnating into their respective bodies.

During these pre-birth meetings, human souls carve out agreements for how they will help each other to grow stronger on Planet Earth.

Our souls grow stronger from positive and negative experiences. But we need other people – and other souls – in order to participate in them. 

The idea of soul contracts suggests that these experiences are pre-determined before we are born.

There’s no suggestion that there’s anything physical to represent a soul contract. They are simply formed via communication between two souls before they inhabit a human body.  

2. What Is A Soul Agreement?

Soul contracts are sometimes called ‘soul agreements’ or ‘soul level agreements’. They are also occasionally referred to as pre-birth life planning. There is no discernible difference between these terms. 

3. Who Do We Form Soul Contracts With?

It would make complete sense that we would form soul contracts with our family members, our lovers and the people who are most prominent in our life. After all, these are the people who teach us the most.

However, it’s also true that we form soul contracts with people who are in our life very briefly. It is still possible that these people can teach us a soul-enhancing lesson. The wise old man who shared some stories on the plane to London. 

The hottie at the bar who tempted you to cheat on your girlfriend. The burglar who stole valuable belongings from your home. These are just three examples of fleeting individuals who can leave a lasting imprint on your soul.   

Soulmates are believed to have souls with similar characteristics, as if they were family members on a spiritual level (rather than a genetic one). 

It is highly possible that you have formed a soul contract with a soulmate. It is also likely that you have formed a soul contract with a non-soulmate.

Soulmates are sometimes referred to as soul family members, soul tribe members, twin flames or kindred spirits. These terms all have slightly different definitions though.   

5. What Is A Soul Family?

It is believed that a soul family is a group of soulmates that tend to incarnate with each other repeatedly, throughout several human lifetimes. You can imagine soul family members hanging out like friends in pre-birth, planning their next contracts before incarnating together.

Ever met someone and felt like you’ve known them your whole life. This is a normal reaction to encountering a soul family member on Planet Earth.  

6. Planet Earth Is School For The Soul

I completely loved this metaphor when I first heard it.

To truly understand the idea of soul contracts, think of Planet Earth as the school where souls go to learn and transform into stronger versions of themselves. This planet is filled with immense challenges, after all. 

Every other soul is either your teacher or your student (because you’re teaching others as well). 

School’s out after your death.

It’s believed that only the most ambitious and advanced souls make it into ‘Earth School’, so congratulations for getting this far.  

7. The Ascension Of Our Soul Is Our Highest Purpose

The narrative of soul contracts suggests that the only reason our souls carnate into human bodies is to grow stronger, via human experiences.

As such, our only purpose as humans is to participate in experiences that encourage spiritual growth.

The bigger the ups and downs, the greater our spiritual growth. 

If we don’t strive for greatness and fulfilment, we are doing our soul a disservice. 

If we run from our problems instead of facing them, we are doing our soul a disservice. 

In doing so, we are neglecting the one and only purpose for being here on this planet, according to the soul contracts narrative anyway.    

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8. It Takes More Than One Lifetime For Your Soul To Reach Its Potential 

It is believed your soul will endlessly reincarnate into a different physical body after you die, in order to continue its spiritual growth. Your soul could potentially be thousands of years old. It may have encountered the same soulmates while inhabiting several different bodies.

Soul agreements could potentially take more than one lifetime to be completed.

When a younger person has high maturity levels, it’s suggested they have an old soul. When an old person has low maturity levels, it is believed they have a young soul. 

9. What Is A Karmic Contract?

A karmic contract is an agreement our soul makes with the universe. Once the karmic contract is agreed, the universe will send people and create circumstances in our life to help us learn a lesson, complete the agreement and grow.

If we do not learn the lesson from that person, the universe will keep creating these circumstances until we do.

Perhaps now it makes sense that it’s called ‘karma’ when someone does a bad thing and the universe makes a point of punishing them for it.

There’s also ‘good karma’, where the Universe rewards you for following your purpose. 

10. We Don’t Remember Forging Our Soul Contracts

It’s believed these memories are stored in the deepest part of our sub-conscious. This is why we sometimes run away from our life lessons.  

11. What Is My Soul Contract?

You don’t need to worry about not consciously knowing what your soul contract is right now. You certainly don’t need to be actively trying to complete it.

The universe will bring the right people and circumstances to teach you what you need to learn. 

Once you’re in these lessons, you’ll certainly get an inner suspicion that there’s some sort of higher purpose asking you to solve it. 

That’s why it’s called your calling. When a certain mission feels like your destiny, it often is.    

12. You Can Have Your Soul Contract Read 

There are people that earn a living as soul contract readers. These professionals put you into a deep state of relaxation, so they’re able to read your subconscious memories. The process is very similar to hypnosis. Search for ‘soul contract reading’ online to see if you can book a session with a reader near you. 

13. All Soul Contracts Are Made Via Free Will 

By its very nature, your soul desires spiritual growth. It understands that pain is necessary for ascension.

So, when soul contracts are agreed, they are agreed via free will. There is no coercion at play. 

14. Can I Break A Soul Contract?

Yes, you can. Every soul is afforded the opportunity to fulfil or look past the agreements made before making the journey into Planet Earth.

Just as with real contracts, soul contracts have wiggle room. Some people believe that soulmates are meeting each other in our dreams to renegotiate contracts while they’re still on Earth.

A karmic contract might be harder to break, as the universe will keep sending you opportunities to learn and grow. 

15. What Are The Types Of Soul Contracts?

This world goes way beyond karmic contracts and soul contracts between the spirit of two humans.

There are other spiritual soul level contracts that transcend human life. 

These include: 

Animal Contracts

There are several reasons why souls would choose to inhabit the bodies of animals. Some will agree to be part of the food chain to exchange energies with the animal that ate them. Others may need the experience of being a human pet in order to acquire more consciousness of the human condition before their first human incarnation.

Migratory Contracts  

These are agreements made by beings on separate planets.

Planetary and Sun Contracts 

Stars, planets and suns have their own consciousness. When your soul reaches a higher level of divine ascension, your soul may need to create contracts with them. 

Galactic Prime Creators Being Contracts

A large group of souls can combine their consciousness to form a new galaxy. This requires an incredibly large group of souls with high levels of combined consciousness.

The idea that your soul can completely transform from a dog soul to a human soul to part of a new galaxy might blow your mind. If you’re new to the idea, perhaps you don’t need to worry about the past or future of your soul.

Personally, I like to focus on how soul contracts can transform our present lives as humans, rather than get completely lost in the details behind this ultimate divine ascension. 

16. Soul Contracts Aren’t About The Connection Between You And Other People

This confusion typically comes from the idea of soulmates and falling in love.

Yes, other people are required in order to bring the experiences that strengthen your soul , but soul contracts are about the relationship between you and your inner self.

17. Are Soul Contracts The Reason Why I Do Bad Things?

Above, we explored the example of making soul contracts with a burglar, so our soul is able to  learn from the aftermath of being robbed.

Does this excuse the burglar for what they did?

Perhaps, but you can bet his immature soul is about to learn some painful lessons from the aftermath of these poor actions. Karma will make sure of that.

Once the universe teaches him these lessons, the burglar’s soul may go on a journey of regretting their actions and eventually forgiving itself, as it should.

We sometimes do negative things because of the lessons our soul hasn’t learned. Indeed, criminals are often cursed with immature souls telling them that burglary, arson, murder etc is the right thing to do. 

Both the victim and the criminal will ultimately learn from this, which is why the soul contract was formed.

If you can’t bring yourself to cause pain to others, think yourself lucky. Your soul is close to full ascension.  

18. What Are The Advantages Of Soul Contracts? 

Here are five amazing advantages that soul contracts play in creating a more joyful life for us as humans on Planet Earth.

They Assist With Healing

Soul contracts show us where we need healing. They show us our weaknesses and the journey we need to take to become stronger.

They Encourage Us To Live Our Best Life

Striving for greatness in this lifetime is the most effective way to aid our soul’s ascension. With the biggest goals come the biggest challenges to overcome.

They Connect You With The Energy Of Love

From birth, you’re fed with the energy of love and fear. On this Planet Earth, society conditions us to live in constant fear.

However, it remains that this negative emotion can be overpowered by the energy of love. 

With the belief that all negative events and all other souls are your teachers, you’ll hopefully be inspired to react with love, rather than fear.

When you embrace the power of love, you’ll be filled with positivity and become far more pleasant to be around. 

They Raise Your Consciousness

When we become aware that life is more than what we consciously experience, it raises our vibration.

We stop living on autopilot, we feel more positive about the world around us, we become more aware of how to control our thoughts and emotions, we become better at raising other people’s vibration. 

They Encourage You To Listen To Your Soul

Perhaps you call it ‘listening to your heart’ or ‘going with your gut’. Either way, when you follow that inner voice, you tend to feel tremendously fulfilled. It’s these people who are most excited to get out of bed each morning.  

19. Why Should I Believe In Soul Contracts?

You have every right to not believe in soul contracts. There is no physical evidence of them existing in the real world, after all. No-one knows the truth.

However, if you do believe in soul contracts, you are likely to benefit from an inner peace and fulfilment.

The belief in fulfilling your soul contract may inspire you to live the richest and most interesting life.

It’ll embolden you to let go of fear, face life’s challenges head on and to become a stronger person by doing so. 

You should find it easier to subscribe to the belief that the Universe has your back and that everything happens for your own good. This makes it easier to stay calm and relaxed in times of tragedy. You should also be more open to learning from the bad circumstances that occur in your life, rather than to dismiss them as ‘bad luck’.

The soul contract narrative will make it easier for you to forgive a person that wronged you, and to have more compassion for others.  

Whether soul contracts are real or not, these beliefs will help you to a more fulfilling and happier life. 

Any Questions?

Thanks for reading my guide about the soul’s journey and the contracts we create on a soul level.

If you have any questions related to this topic, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. 

If you’d like to share the story behind the path of your spirit in this lifetime, I’d love to hear it!

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