Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon: 13 Clear Signs (2024)

Sleeping with a Pisces man too soon is a great way to make him lose interest. This guide reveals the signs that you’ve done that.

Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon
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In my role as a life coach, I am often helping people better understand themselves and those closest to them. 

So, let’s dive in.  

What’s It Like To Date Pisces Men? 

Pisces guys are old-fashioned romantics. They like to court women slowly, rather than rush their relationships.

A lot of Pisces men are somewhat introverted, meaning they value strong connections with a small circle of people. It’s rare to see a Pisces man playing the field in his love life. More likely, he’s looking for one amazing woman to build something special with in a serious relationship.

Early Stages Of Dating A Pisces Man

You can expect to be wined and dined by a pisces man. In most cases, he’ll do his best to be charming and romantic. 

On these dates, you may find that he’s screening to see if you’d be a good candidate for your relationship.

That doesn’t mean he’s a complete prude. If you ask fun questions about his intimate life or sexual preferences, there’s a good chance he’ll happily respond.  

At the same time, if you’re looking to impress a Pisces man, your best bet is to present yourself as someone who would make a great partner, rather than someone who is simply great in bed. 

A Pisces man might not push your relationship towards physical intimacy as quickly as guys with other zodiac signs. It’s not necessarily that he’s afraid of initiating intimacy, more like he sees it as an intimate experience that’s far more satisfying when two people have strong feelings for each other. 

Perhaps you two won’t jump into bed on the first date. Maybe you’ll have to wait a few weeks or longer for your first intimate encounter. But that’s because a lot of Pisces men see the early stages of dating as the time for building an emotional connection, rather than discovering your physical compatibility.   

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Pisces Man: Moving Too Fast

There are some men who really value the purity of their romantic partners. These types of guys simply don’t want to date a woman who has been sleeping around and would seemingly have a one-night stand with just anyone. A Pisces guy is more likely than most to be one of those men.

So, if you tell stories or act in a way that makes him think you’re one of these women, there’s a good chance he won’t be interested in dating you for much longer.  

In some situations, if you’re the one trying to sleep with him too quickly, this could be enough for him to judge you as not compatible for a relationship with him.

As such, it’s usually best to wait for him to initiate your first intimate encounter, rather than trying to make the first move yourself.  

Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You

There are some Pisces ‘players’ out there, who are happy to hurt your feelings if it means they’ll  get what they want. However, these guys are exceptions to the rule. It’s rare for men born under the Pisces sun sign to play you like that. 

When a Pisces man loses interest in you, he’ll usually show it in his behavior and body language. Ultimately, he’ll be honest about it faster than most other guys.

With that said, here are some of the most common signs that a Pisces man is losing interest.  

1. You Can See It In His Face

A Pisces man isn’t the best at hiding his emotions, so you’ll usually be able to see in his face and body language if something isn’t right. 

2. He Invites You Out Less

A Pisces man is not the type to invite you out just to sleep with you. If he doesn’t see a future, he’ll be slower to invite you out with him. 

3. He Initiates Texting Less

Wary of leading you on, he might try to cut all communication while he figures out whether he should end things with you. 

4. He Responds With Less Frequency 

A Pisces man is generally too honorable to completely ghost someone. More likely, he’ll respond to your texts but not as quickly as when he was really excited about you.  

5. He’s Suddenly Busy

Is he a lot busier than before? This is an excuse he might use while he figures out whether he wants you in his life.  

6. Your Mutual Friends Go Quiet Too

This is most likely under his instruction. He wants to be bold enough to end things with you himself, rather than letting someone else give you a hint. 

7. Pisces Man Making Excuses

If a Pisces man starts to make excuses why he’s not texting you or hanging out, it’s not usually because he’s a “player”. More likely, he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or break your heart. 

8. He’ll Start Exploring Other Options 

A Pisces is loyal and honorable enough not to even slightly entertain other romantic interests when he’s in a relationship, much less cheat. However, as he loses interest in someone, he may begin to give more of his time to other women.

9. Mood Swings

Does he lose his temper more often around you? This could be a result of the stress that he’s feeling about having to break things off with you. 

10. Lack Of Physical Contact

If a Pisces man becomes less touchy-feely, that’s a surefire sign that his interest in you is waning.

11. He Doesn’t Post You On Social Media

He’s not the type to declare interest in you publicly, while secretly planning how to bin you off. 

12. He Won’t Let You Meet Friends And Family

This is another indicator of romantic interest which he won’t indulge if his feelings for you are fading.   

13. He’ll Tell You 

A Pisces man might not be the type to quickly dismiss you as soon as his emotions wane; perhaps that’s a weakness on the part of this water sign. Most likely, he has a lot of empathy towards your feelings. However, he will eventually push past this resistance and find the courage to break up with you, once he’s not seeing a long-term future between the two of you. 

How To Keep A Pisces Man Wanting You

If you want to keep a Pisces man interested in you, it’s not just when you sleep together that will matter.

A Pisces guy will also be testing to see if you’re compatible for a relationship.

The attributes he’s looking for will differ depending on the guy, but here are some things that men tend to consider when screening whether a woman is “girlfriend material”. 

  • Do we have similar interests?  
  • Do we have similar goals for the future? 
  • Is she interesting? Can we talk for hours without getting bored?
  • Would I be proud to introduce her to family and friends?
  • Would she make a good mother?

A Pisces man also tends to value a traditional woman who values his romantic gestures. He wants a woman who is kind and trustworthy with a big heart. He values a relationship with a strong emotional connection and no petty drama.   

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Frequently Asked Questions: Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon 

Let’s round off this guide with some frequently asked questions about sleeping with a Pisces man too soon. 

How Do You Know If A Pisces Man Is Serious About You?

A Pisces man isn’t the type of person to hide his feelings or play silly mind games in a relationship. If he’s serious about dating you, you can expect him to talk to you about it.  

When Is The Right Time To Sleep With A Pisces Guy?

It differs depending on the guy. As a woman, your safest bet is to wait for him to initiate your first intimate encounter when he is good and ready.  

What Does Pisces Man Like In Bed?

Pisces men value the emotional intimacy that comes with physical intimacy. As such, you can expect him to value lots of eye contact, sweet-talk and moans of passion during love making.

What Turns Pisces On In Bed?

A Pisces man is perfectly capable of enjoying rare and nasty kinks. However, you can expect many of these to surround serving and pleasing their partner in bed.  There are several advantages to dating a Pisces and this is surely one of them. They are classic people-pleasers, in the bedroom at least.

If they do have kinks that they love to receive in bed, you might have to prod and earn his  trust before he’ll reveal them, especially if he suffers from self-esteem problems.  

Once this trust and mutual respect is established, he’ll grow in self-confidence and start to push boundaries in bed.

Warning: Revealing your own kinks too quickly to a Pisces man can be detrimental the same way as sleeping with him too quickly, especially if he has self-esteem issues. This is something it’s best to introduce slowly.  

Can Pisces Man Do Friends With Benefits?

It would be foolish to think that all Pisces men are only interested in physical intimacy that leads to a committed relationship.

They are still men, so they’re still likely to have frequent sexual interests, especially when they’re young. 

However, this zodiac sign is less likely than others to be interested in a casual ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement. 

Letting Go Of A Pisces Man

It’s well known that giving a man space is a great way to make him afraid of losing you – and subsequently inspiring him to chase you more.

However, this strategy may not be as effective with a Pisces man. Relationship drama and mind games can be particularly off-putting to this star sign. 

Also, a Pisces man is one of the most interested in dating a woman who wants him for the long-term. So, playing it cool, giving him space and letting him go might have the opposite effect in this instance. 

What Zodiac Sign Is Most Compatible With A Pisces Man?

  • Scorpio. Scorpio women are often wild, free-spirited and passionate. If a Scorpio woman values a committed relationship, she might fall for a Pisces hard. In such a case, her biggest challenge might be coping with her impatient and restless personality, and jumping into bed with her new beau too quickly. 
  • Taurus. Another star sign brimming with passion. A Taurus woman is often honest about her emotions and uninterested in playing mind games in their love life. Their honest and loyal nature could make them the best match for a Pisces male. 
  • Cancer. Cancer is another water sign. A Cancer woman is therefore likely to value emotional intimacy just as much as a Pisces man. They’re likely to be on the same page in this respect. Often, a Pisces man likes to date a Pisces woman for the same reason.    
  • Virgo. Virgos are intelligent and value emotional connections more than most. This makes them great partners for Pisces men. On top of that, Virgo women love to talk, while Pisces men are great listeners.   

Any Questions About Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon? 

Thanks for reading my guide about sleeping with a Pisces man too soon.

I hope it helps in any future relationships you enjoy with a Pisces guy. 

If you have any questions on this topic, feel free to write them in the comments section below. 

It would be great to hear from you.

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