133 Best Simple Pleasures In Life (2024)

Simple pleasures are the most unassuming experiences we commonly take for granted.

However, if we pause and let time stand still for a moment to reflect on them, embrace them, relish them, be fully present with them, there’s no telling just how much joy you can build in a single day.

Simple pleasures in everyday life come in all different shapes and sizes. From the first sip of coffee in the morning to relaxing after a long day of work. They fill you up inside when you take them in as they are, without judgment, as they happen.

Follow along with these ideas and feel the momentum of joy build up just by reading the best of life’s simple pleasures.

Let’s dive in.

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1. That first sip of coffee in the morning.

2. Lounging in a warm bath.

3. Hearing your favorite song at the right moment.

4. The miraculous radiant glow of a sunset.

5. A peaceful favorite place to contemplate.

6. The smell of an aromatic candle.

7. Clothes fresh out of the dryer.

8. A Hot Fudge Sundae (or equally decadent dessert of your choice).

9. Receiving an unexpected compliment.

10. A hot shower after a long day.

11. Receiving a letter – yes, a handwritten letter from a friend.

12. The time to sleep in.

13. Driving with your windows down.

14. Dining by candlelight.

15. The smell of fresh cut grass on a warm day.

16. Dancing.

17. Freshly baked cookies.

18. Climbing into a bed with fresh sheets.

19. That feeling after finishing a good workout.

20. Flowers beginning to bloom on a spring day.

21. The pitter-patter sound of rain.

22. Enjoying your favorite meal with your family.

23. Reading a book that really resonates with you.

Simple Pleasures
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24. A cool breeze on a hot day.

25. Having a good belly laugh.

26. Holding hands with a loved one.

27. Checking an item off your to-do list.

28. Feeling refreshed after an afternoon nap.

29. Watching children giggle and play.

30. Stepping on crunchy leaves like kids do.

31. Making a yellow light at an intersection.

32. Reminiscing about good old times with friends.

33. A long walk in beautiful weather alone or with a friend.

34. Blowing bubbles.

35. Moments of making someone smile.

36. The sun shining through your window in the morning.

37. Having the time to make a good breakfast.

38. Lighting your favorite candle.

39. Your dog greeting you when you come home.

40. A nice early morning run.

41. The sound of ocean waves.

42. Reading a motivational quote.

43. Being immersed in a deep meditation.

44. Feeling grateful for simple pleasures.

45. Saying positive affirmations aloud.

46. Setting intentions for the day.

47. Making a bucket list.

48. Completing a project.

49. Baking your favorite cookies.

50. Listening to an inspirational podcast.

51. Volunteering in your local community.

52. Donating items to those who can make them useful.

53. Watching the sunrise in the morning.

54. Journaling about your dreams and desires.

55. Practicing your favorite hobby.

56. Spending quality time with your loved ones.

57. Receiving an unexpected gift.

58. Learning a new language.

59. Cuddling with your cat.

60. Receiving exciting new ideas to create something.

61. Imagining a future filled with hope.

62. Making a vision board.

63. Planning your next getaway.

64. Savoring a hot cup of tea.

65. Decluttering items in your home.

66. Having deep and inspiring conversations.

67. A true hug from someone.

68. Meeting with loved ones you haven’t seen for a long time.

69. Doing something kind for someone.

70. Doing kind things for yourself.

71. Connecting with Nature.

72. Drinking a refreshing glass of clean water.

73. Eating mindfully.

74. Taking a full slow deep breath.

75. Having a good satisfying breath.

76. Making light of a situation.

77. Sleeping with the windows open.

78. Reflecting on the love and kindness of others.

79. Being able to give and receive love.

80. Comfortable pajamas.

81. Feeling the safety of walking and moving freely.

82. An uplifting playlist.

83. Well being in your body.

84. Having the support of a partner or good friend.

85. Traveling to a new place in the world.

86. The comfort of your own home.

87. The laughter of your children.

The Laughter of Your Children
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88. An unexpected surprise.

89. Finding something you thought you lost.

90. Having a deep good night’s sleep.

91. Mom’s cooking.

92. The smell of your favorite flower.

93. A loving kiss on the forehead from a loved one.

94. Waking up without pain.

95. Appreciating what you have and feeling grateful.

96. Getting a massage.

97. Coming home and seeing a smile on your partner’s face.

98. Having the freedom to eat at a restaurant.

90. Listening to your own heartbeat.

100. The freedom to choose what you put into your body.

101. Waking up to birds singing outside first thing in the morning. 

102. Being able to resist temptations.

103. Walking in a light warm rain.

104. Seeing a rainbow.

105. Relaxing in a hammock.

106. Surprising someone you love.

107. Seeing a ladybug or a butterfly.

108. Hearing a breeze rustling the leaves of a tree.

109. The smell of fresh sheets on your bed.

110. Watching the dancing flames of a candle, fireplace or fire pit.

111. The view from a mountaintop.

112. Watching the stars.

113. Exploring new places.

114. An a-ha! moment.

115. Perfect timings.

116. Appreciating others and feeling appreciated.

117. Closing your computer when you finished work.

118. Seeing your plants grow and flower.

119. Growing a successful garden.

120. Finding a four leaf clover.

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121. Daydreaming your best desires.

122. The wonders of a bright full moon.

123. Fluffy snowflakes drifting downward to the Earth.

124. Playing a fun game.

125. Feeling the Earth beneath your feet.

126. Your feet sinking into the sand on a beach.

127. The fresh feeling after brushing your teeth.

128. Seeing the lights of fireflies at night after a hot day.

129. Being wrapped in a warm cozy blanket.

130. Inquisitive expressions on your pet’s face.

131. Feeling you’ve done the right thing for yourself.

132. Looking down on clouds from a plane.

133. An organized desk or closet.

What Are Examples Of Simple Pleasures?

Choose ways to make your days much more pleasant by finding little, simple pleasures and sprinkle them throughout your day.

Examples Of Simple Pleasures
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They may not be big things, but each one can translate to a great day if you use them right.

1. A Cup Of Coffee

In the morning, you might have a cup of coffee, and sip it slowly, focusing on the pleasure of tasting the fullness of its flavor.

2. A Good Book

You might choose to read a gripping novel, and revel in the world of fiction. Smell the pages as you turn them and let time stand still while you delve into another world.

3. Nature

Maybe for you, life’s simple pleasures include watching the sun come up, and marvel at the world’s pastel hues.

4. Food

For breakfast, putting berries on your cereal could lighten your heart. Savor each one, closing your eyes and taking in the sweetness of life.

5. Warm Showers

In a warm shower, you might close your eyes, and just let the warm water run over you feeling grateful for the ability to do this.

Then notice the smile that comes across your face with happiness.

What Does Simple Pleasures Mean?

Simple pleasures can be defined as brief positive experiences which emerge in everyday settings, and are accessible to most people at little or no cost.

Simple pleasures are highly personal. Meaning, what is a simple pleasure for you may not be a simple pleasure for others.

For the purposes of illustration though, examples in a study included:

  • Taking a walk in the sun
  • Having a cup of tea with a best friend
  • Getting green lights all the way to work

What matters is that simple pleasures bring you joy and happiness, unlike temptations which bring torment and inner conflict.

Enjoying the simple pleasures in life literally means you get great satisfaction from something:

  • Small
  • Simple
  • Easily attainable

These are sensations and experiences that make us feel good and often we look forward to them.

In fact, a research study held by Nicole Mead, Pd.D. and associates suggests that “simple pleasures help you to make progress on your daily goals, particularly when life feels challenging and stressful”.

These small things are easily overlooked or dismissed when you’re pressed for time or stressed – in other words, not present in your life.

Once you’ve chosen to slow your mind down and be present while experiencing something simple you love, the happiness you generate from it rises up inside.

We all have simple things we love and experience on a daily basis, but we don’t always recognize or acknowledge these little pleasures in life.

By recognizing and appreciating the little things in life that bring you joy will actually help you create more joy and happiness in your day-to-day life.

Simple Pleasures In Life

Happiness does not require much, some say it requires nothing, and that’s the beauty of it. Just a few moments of appreciating simple things is enough. 

In other words you generate the feeling of happiness inside. It doesn’t come from the outside.

All of this may sound intuitive, but it’s surprising how easily people sweep aside simple pleasures because they seem superfluous compared to their daunting to-do list or during challenging times.

When participants in a study were pressed for time, the first thing they cut out of their lives were simple pleasures. However, according to research, depriving themselves of the little things they enjoy in life would harm, not help, their ability to make progress on their goals.

“Remember this, very little is needed to make a happy life.”  – Marcus Aurelius

Think about how to keep your 5 senses active as a way to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Your 5 senses (sight, smell, touch, taste and sound) are extremely powerful and can link to many positive memories from your past.

Using your senses to appreciate the simple things in life helps you to reflect on them and practice gratitude to find more happiness in your day.

There are many things to cherish in your busy life. Slowing down and enjoying life’s simple pleasures can help you notice them, it can also make a huge difference to your personal growth.

Embrace the little things that bring you joy today and learn more through them about being happy and content.

And if this article brought you joy ✅ , we invite you to write us your comments. Then consider forwarding it on to some friends ✅  to remind them about simple pleasures in life.

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