28 Definite Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back To You (2024)

Are you looking for signs your ex will eventually come back? 

If so, you’re in the right place. This guide features 28 of the clearest signs that your ex may return.

As an experienced coach who has worked with countless couples in the past, I have seen plenty of patterns among couples who break up and reunite. 

That’s why I was keen to present this list to you. If you’re hoping to get your ex back, you might want to read this list extra carefully.  

With that said, let’s get started.

Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

1. Your Breakup Was Due To Outside Circumstances 

This is perhaps the most promising of all the signs your ex will eventually come back.

When your breakup was due to distance or some other circumstance beyond your control, that means there’s no reason a reunion shouldn’t be on the cards, once these circumstances change. 

In this case, it might only be a matter of time until you’re back together

2. Your Breakup Was On Amicable Terms

If there was no venom or anger as part of your breakup, that certainly increases the odds of you getting back together.

3. There Was No Act Of Revenge

Sometimes, an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend will attempt something unforgivable to create closure after a breakup. Perhaps they might try and damage your property, sleep with a good friend or reveal one of your deepest darkest secrets. This is their way of making it clear to themselves that there is no chance of getting back together. 

Even if you could accept them back, such an incident does help to create closure. Your ex is more likely to move on afterwards. 

But, if there was no act of revenge after your breakup, that’s a good sign!     

4. They Still Praise You

If you’ve heard or seen them praise you, that’s a strong indicator that a reunion could be on the cards. 

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5. They Ask To Remain Friends

If they ask to remain friends, that means they still want you in their life. Whether or not you accept this offer, it’s still a strong sign your ex might want to give your relationship a second try.

6. They Haven’t Collected Their Stuff

That’s a good sign that they’re going to try and reunite soon, especially if the stuff they’ve left is important or valuable.

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7. They Haven’t Returned Your Stuff

If they return your stuff immediately, that’s a great hint that they don’t want to hear from you again. 

If they don’t return it, this could be because they want you to get in touch to ask for it back. 

Of course, it could also mean that they’ve already put the items for sale on eBay.

8. You’ve Caught Them Stalking You On Social Media

Most social media platforms don’t tell you who is viewing your profile, but there are some exceptions.

Instagram shows you who has watched your stories, and LinkedIn will reveal who has visited your profile if you have a premium membership. 

In any case, if they engage with your page or you catch them cyber-stalking you, they’re showing signs they’re still interested in being a part of your life 

9. They Stalk The People You Interact With On Social Media

This is arguably an even clearer sign that your ex wants you back. When an ex cyber-stalks you, it’s possible they’re just curious about your life due to pure nostalgia.

But, if an ex-girlfriend is caught stalking the women you post photos with – or those who comment on your posts – that means they still have a vested interest in your romantic life. The same goes for ex-boyfriends stalking the men you’re interacting with.  

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10. They Make Social Media Posts About You

Whether they’re positive or negative, it means you’re still on her mind. In many cases, your ex wants you to respond when you do this.

11. They Don’t Delete Their Old Photos Of You

That suggests they think there’s still something worth fighting for. At the very least, it means they still treasure the memories of your relationship.  

12. They Block And Unblock You

Another clear indicator that they’re unsure whether they want the breakup to be permanent. Clearly, they can’t leave the virtual door closed. So, they might eventually want to open the door to your real-life relationship.

13. They Keep Finding Reasons To Get In Touch

If they call or message you about silly things they could easily solve themselves, what do you think that means? No prizes for guessing it means they miss your attention. In fact, it’s one of the biggest signs your ex is thinking about rekindling a relationship.     

14. They Call Or Text You When They’re Drunk

Maybe they’re strong enough to resist messaging or calling during the daytime, but alcohol releases inhibitions and helps to release someone’s true emotions. If you’re the person they want to talk to in this state, that’s a clear sign they still have feelings for you. 

15. They Respond To Your Messages Quickly

Another sign they want you to come back is when they respond quickly to your messages and calls.

Perhaps they were playing the mind games and waiting a few hours to text back during the initial courtship, but when one is hoping their ex will come back, it’s a bit different. 

They’ll usually message back straight away because they desperately want a longer conversation, and they know you’re free to talk in that moment.  

16. They’re In Hermit Mode

If it would appear they’re mostly at home instead of going out to meet people and enjoy their single life, that’s a good indicator your ex is still not over the breakup.

The biggest signs of Hermit Mode is that they’re responding to your messages quickly. If they post a lot of photos on social media from inside their home, that’s another way to know that Hermit Mode is in full swing.

17. They’re Desperately Unhappy 

Most likely, if your ex feels miserable without you, they’ll do their best to hide that. There are ways to tell though. 

If they appear to be in Hermit Mode, there’s a good chance they’re still hurting from the breakup. 

On the other hand, if your ex is trying really hard to show their online followers how they’re having the BEST time ever, that’s another reliable sign they’re still in pain. 

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18. Their Friends Still Contact You

If your ex is done with the relationship, they’ll often do their best to turn mutual friends against you.

But, when they want you back after a breakup, they may send your mutual friends on a mission to help patch things up.

So, if their friends are asking whether you want your ex back, or explicitly saying your ex still wants you, that’s one of the clearest signs that a reunion is on the table.  

19. Their Parents Still Contact You

If their parents still get in touch after a breakup, that means it was clearly a strong relationship. You were basically part of their family.

If there’s anyone who can talk us into changing our mind after a breakup, it’s our parents.

So, if their parents stay in touch and are still on good terms with you, they may well put in a good word to your ex.

20. You Two Still Have Plans

Had you two already booked a holiday together? Did you co-sign a lease for an apartment? Did you get a dog?  

On their own, these aren’t the most healthy reasons to come back to an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

But it does create extra leverage for an ex to want to try again. 

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21. They Miss Your Close Friends And Family 

Again, this creates leverage for them to give your relationship another try. 

22. You Broke Up Because Of One Incident

Maybe something awful happened and you broke up for a good reason. 

Still, it’s more likely that they’ll eventually come back to a relationship in this scenario, compared to one where they were slowly becoming more miserable over time

23. You Did Nothing Wrong

If you did nothing wrong during your relationship – in their eyes at least – they’ll be more likely to come back one day. After all, they’d have no reason to suspect it would go wrong the second time around. 

24. There Was No Monkey-Branching

When a man or woman is miserable in their relationship, it’s common for them to line up a new partner before they jump ship, so there’s no period where they’re not dating someone. This behaviour is called monkey-branching.

As immoral as it is, the truth is: monkey-branchers are less likely to regret a breakup.

So, if they’re not in a new relationship with someone else in the days immediately after the breakup, that’s another sign your ex might be open to rekindling your relationship.  

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25. They Keep Bumping Into You

In some situations, they can’t help can’t help but bump into you. In others, they could easily change their plans to avoid it, yet they don’t. 

Either way, if you’re not out of sight, you’re rarely out of mind. Seeing your face may well bring back memories of the good times. 

Pay attention to how they react when you bump into each other. If they avoid eye contact at all costs, maybe this person is not looking to come back. If they’re open to talking, that’s a clear sign that some feelings still remain.

26. They Working To Change That One Thing You Hated About Them

If they had no thoughts of coming back, you can bet they’d probably be embracing that annoying thing more than ever.

The fact they’re trying to improve the one thing you hated suggests they’re still keen to impress you in the future.  

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27. They Haven’t Changed At All

It’s common for men and especially women to treat themselves to a ‘glow-up’, after a break up. Often, they completely change their image in a bid to move on with their life and attract a better person.

If there’s no ‘glow-up’ and no sign of your ex having changed, that often suggests they didn’t want to break up in the first place and probably still want you back. 

28. They Openly Admit Their Mistakes

If your ex openly admits mistakes, this could be a sign your ex wants you back soon.

Any Questions About These Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back?  

I hope you enjoyed this list of signs your ex will eventually come back. The more of these signs are relevant to your situation, the more likely your ex will want to get back together.

If you want to get your ex back, I say good luck to you!

However, if you’re still not seeing too many good signs your ex is coming back, I hope you’re brave enough to move on as well. Dwelling on the past for too long isn’t healthy.   

Also, please consider why you want to make your ex come back. Sometimes it’s better to not be dating anyone rather than remaining in a toxic relationship. Know your self-worth!

If you want to know something about what happens when an ex comes back – or if you have any questions about this list – feel free to post a comment below. 

I will try to read your post and get back to you as quickly as possible.

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