31 Signs That He Loves The Other Woman (2024)

If you’re looking for signs that he loves the other woman, my heart goes out to you. That’s hardly an ideal situation to be in.

The truth is: there are plenty of telltale signs that a man loves another woman more than you. I’ve listed 31 of them in the guide below. 

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients to understand their romantic situation better and take steps to improve it. 

That’s why I’m keen to share this guide with you.

So, let’s dive in.  

He Loves The Other Woman
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How Do You Know If Your Man Is In Love With Another Woman? 

Here are 31 signs that your man has stronger feelings for another woman than he does for you. The more of these signs you spot when you’re with him, the more sure you can be that he’s in love with someone else. 

1. Date Nights Become A Thing Of The Past 

 He used to make time for date night, but now he has too much of a “busy life”? That’s a common sign that you’re not a priority.   

2. He’s Distant 

When he’s physically there, does it feel like he’s emotionally somewhere else? In this case, it’s fair to assume that something else – or most likely someone else – is playing on his mind. 

3. He Doesn’t Look At You The Same Way

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, because you can see how someone is really feeling through eye contact. Perhaps you used to see burning desire in his eyes and now you see nothing?

4. He Avoids Eye Contact

If he’s avoiding locking eyes with you altogether, that’s another subtle sign that something is up between the two of you. He’s hiding his guilt or the fact that his mind is elsewhere.

5. He’d Rather Be Somewhere Else

If he’s restless, miserable or genuinely not engaged when he’s around you, there’s every chance he’s wishing he was with the other woman.

6. He’s Grumpy

When a man is around his true love, he’s usually a bundle of happy and positive energy. Even during boring mundane tasks, he at least makes an effort to have fun and engage with her. If he’s not doing this, that’s a warning sign that the love between you has faded.

7. No More Public Displays Of Affection

Maybe you still have somewhat of a physical relationship, but never in public. When you’re out and about, have you noticed he doesn’t hold hands or give you small hugs? It could be that he’s worried about the other woman (or someone she knows) spotting it. 

8. He Avoids Going Out In Public With You

Perhaps, for the reasons listed above, he finds excuses not to go out in public with you at all.

Indeed, when love is fading in a relationship, a man’s desire to help with errands and boring chores tends to fade.

9. No More Small Gestures Of Love

If this guy’s in love with another woman, you can expect the affectionate gestures to you to stop. No more small gifts. No more favors. No more little love notes. He’ll be saving those for this other person instead.

10. He’s Frugal

Have you noticed that he’s suddenly a lot more careful with money? He’s started making excuses to not spend on you or the family? Most likely, he wants to be spending on his relationship with the other woman instead.

11. He No Longer Shares How He’s Feeling

Sharing your feelings is a big part of a committed relationship. But if he’s in love with another woman, your guy is unlikely to feel comfortable talking about that any more.

12. He’s Glued To His Phone

Ok, it’s not one of the clearest or most obvious signs. There are plenty of reasons to be consumed with a smartphone these days. However, most guys are only excited about constantly texting someone if it’s a new woman they’re really excited about.

13. He’s More Private When He’s On His Phone

If he’s taking extra care to ensure you don’t read his text messages or listen in on his phone calls, that’s one of the clearer warning signs that things are hotting up between him and someone else. 

14. He’s Secretive

He’s acting strangely? He’s hiding things? That generally means he has something to hide. In the case of married men or guys in a long-term relationship, it’s fair to suspect that he’s hiding activity with another woman.

15. He Won’t Tell You Where He’s Going

If you ask where he’s going and catch him lying, that’s one of the brightest red flags. If he straight-up refuses to tell you, that’s an even clearer sign there’s a serious problem in your relationship.

16. He Gets Angry And Defensive

Pay attention to how your man reacts when you question his behavior. If he’s overly defensive and aggressive, that’s a sign of a guilty conscience. He’s surely up to no good and can’t help but feel guilty about it.

17. He’s No Longer Affectionate

Small and consistent gestures of affection – whether verbal or physical – are par for the course when a man is in love with you.

However, when a man is in love with another woman, it’s common he’ll feel guilty offering these affectionate gestures to you as well.

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18. A Newfound Interest In Fitness

It’s a shame that this is true, but most men won’t suddenly take an interest in fitness if they’re a happily married man or settled in a committed relationship. However, they often will when there’s a new love interest or affair partner on the scene.

19. A Newfound Interest In Fashion

Has he suddenly adopted a new haircut or fashion style, which you don’t really care for? Most likely, he’s done this to impress someone else. So, it won’t matter to him if you don’t like it. 

20. He Suddenly Takes Up A New Hobby

Is he really spending time playing poker with his friends, or is that excuse so he can spend time with someone else? 

21. He Stays Out Late

The ‘hobbies’ and ‘events’ that involve late nights should spark your suspicions more than any others, no matter how often he makes excuses about them.

22. He Hesitates To Make Future Plans

Trying to plan a holiday a few months away, and he’s making excuses not to do it? Check his body language when you ask him. Are there secret reasons why he’s hesitating? Could it be that he’s planning to run off with this other woman before then?

23. He’s Stopped Posting Photos With You On Social Media

Men will stop posting photos with other women, when they don’t want the one they truly love to get jealous.

24. No More Photos Of You On His Person

Perhaps you were his phone wallpaper or he had a passport photo of you in his wallet, but that’s disappeared. Again, this is usually a move to not the feelings of the woman he loves more than you.

If this woman is on his phone wallpaper now, that’s one of the biggest slaps in the face. It should be clear he loves her more than you at this point.  

Miss The Other Woman
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25. You Catch Him Without His Wedding Ring

If he’s a married man and you catch him out and about without his wedding ring, it’s usually because he doesn’t want to remind a certain woman that he’s married.

26. He Has Less Interest In Sex

Perhaps because he’s ‘saving himself’ for the woman he really loves.

27. His Friends Are Becoming Distant From You Too

His close friends are probably in on your man’s true feelings and also feel guilty keeping too much of a relationship with you.

28. He Talks About Her A Lot (Or Avoids It At All Costs)

If a man falls in love with someone else, it’s weird that he’ll be talking about this other person to his wife or girlfriend. But maybe he can’t help it. Perhaps he’ll do it if he’s still in the stage of convincing you she’s just a friend.

On the other hand, it’ll make more sense if he wants to avoid talking about this other person at all costs, for fear you’ll discover the emotional intimacy that’s taking place.

29. The Kids Have Met Her

Another extreme example, which you should take as a clear sign he’s in love with another woman. If he takes the kids to meet her, that usually means it’s serious – and not just some short-term fling.

30. He Tells You He Loves Her

The most obvious of all the signs. Perhaps it comes out in the middle of the argument – or it happens that your man falls so deeply in love, he can’t hide it any more.

31. There’s No More ‘Spark’

When a man is in love with you, there’s a certain electricity when you spend time together. There’s an energy between you which is difficult to describe, but easy to spot when it’s there.

It’s also easy to notice when it’s fading – and if another woman is on the scene, there’s every chance he’s feeling the ‘spark’ with her instead. 

Go with your gut feeling. It’s usually right about these kinds of things. 

When The Other Woman Wins

Let’s assume you’ve read this list of signs that he loves the other woman – and concluded that your husband or boyfriend loves someone else.

What now? 

While it’s not my place to say you should definitely leave this person, I’d suggest you ask what you’re looking for from your love life. 

Are you happy to accept being the wife of a husband who doesn’t put you first? Consider your own worth. Would a married woman with high self-esteem accept this situation?

There are cases where your relationship is worth fighting for. But does he want to fight for it? When a man falls in love with another woman, the answer is usually no. 

When your man has been ‘stolen’ by someone else, it can be tempting to go after that other woman. Maybe you want to make both of their lives hell. Just know that this is not good for your mental health. It only makes the break-up harder for you in the long run. 

If you do choose to leave, it’s best to make a clean break with your dignity intact. This will help you heal quicker, so you’re ready to find someone who truly cares about you

Frequently Asked Questions About Signs That He Loves The Other Woman

Let’s round off this article with the answers to some frequently asked questions about this topic.

Does He Miss The Other Woman?

If there’s someone else in this guy’s life and he’s in a bad mood around you, that’s a clear indicator that he misses her. If he’s glued to his phone or seems somewhat distant whenever you two are together, there’s every chance he’s messaging her or at least thinking about doing it. 

Signs You Are The Other Woman

If your man is showing enough of the tell tale ‘signs that he loves the other woman’ listed above, it’s perhaps unfair on her to give her that label. At this point, you’re the other woman because she’s the one he wants to be around.  

Can A Man Love Two Woman At The Same Time? 

Yes, it’s possible. In cases like this, it’s common that a man loves different things about the two women he’s seeing.

He might still love his wife because of all the great memories and loyalty she’s shown him, while also being in love with the excitement and passion that the other woman makes him feel.

There’s a strong argument that married men would never have an affair if they were truly in love, but life isn’t always that simple. 

Ultimately though, you are always going to want to be the number one woman in your man’s life. Hopefully, this article will help you realize whether that’s the case.  

Any More Questions About The Signs That He Loves The Other Woman?

Thanks for reading my list of all the signs that he loves the other woman. Hopefully, it now makes more sense where you stand in your relationship. 

If you have any questions or any other points to add, feel free to leave a comment below. 

It will be great to hear from you.

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