65 Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually (2024) & How To React

Have you recently met a handsome and mysterious love interest? Are you wondering about the signs he wants you badly sexually?

Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually
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This guide will not only reveal the signs he wants to sleep with you, but also how to tell if that’s all he wants. 

In my role as a life coach, I am always helping clients learn to understand the people closest to them. 

That’s why I’m keen to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in.

Signs He Secretly Wants You

1. He Tries To Find Out If You’re Available

Maybe he straight-up asks if you have a boyfriend, or maybe he asks more subtle questions to see if you’re available.

2. He Compliments Your Appearance 

It’s rare that a man will do this if he’s not interested.

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3. He Looks You Up And Down 

If he scans your body from head to toe, that’s a clear sign of attraction.

4. He Touches You Unnecessarily

If he seemingly always finds excuses to touch you, that’s another sign that he’s sexually attracted to you. Physical flirting is one of the clear signs of attraction.

5. He Makes An Effort To Be Liked

If he’s trying extra hard to be liked by you, it’s usually because he wants to get intimate with you. It’s rare for a man to put in this work just to have a female friend.

6. He Talks About Your Body 

Another clear sign he’s playing the flirting game. It would be inappropriate for a man to do this if he wasn’t flirting.

7. He Talks About His Body 

Usually, this is a form of hinting to see if you’re interested in physical intimacy.

8. He Discusses Intimate Topics 

This is another way of testing to see how interested you are in getting intimate with him.

9. He Asks You About Intimate Experiences 

Again, this would only be appropriate if he was interested in getting intimate with you.

10. He Talks Slowly 

This is a flirting method that helps to create tension in a conversation.

11. He Talks In A Low-Pitched Voice 

He may have a naturally low-pitched voice, of course. Still, using a deep voice is another seductive flirting trick regularly suggested to guys. Try to note if he talks in a deeper voice around you. 

12. He Mentions “Taking It Slow”

This is a subtle way of telling you that he hopes your relationship progresses eventually.

13. He Replies Quickly To Your Texts

Guys will often reply instantly to a text message if they think a quick hook-up is on the cards.

14. He Boasts  

Often, men do this as a strategy to woo women into bed.

15. He Treats You Differently To His Friends 

Does he treat you differently to people he definitely doesn’t want to sleep with? That’s one of the clearer signs he wants you.

16. He Always Dresses Well Around You

This is a common way men try to impress the women they want to sleep with.

17. He’s Seemingly Always In A Good Mood Around You  

This is another way that men try to impress the women they want to sleep with. Being a depressed and shy type of guy isn’t too much of a turn-on, after all.

18. His Body Language Shows Interest

Is his body turned towards you when you speak? Are his eyes fixed on you? These are often signs of interest.

19. He Invades Your Personal Space  

This is either an indicator of desire or a sign of being socially inept. In most cases, it’ll be the former.

20. He’s Not Afraid To Kiss You In Public

If he’s OK with public displays of affection, that’s a good sign he’s ready for the next step of intimate contact. 

21. He Offers To Massage You   

This is a common strategy to ramp up physical intimacy and lead to more.

22. He Tells Hinting Jokes

This is a risque move, and not worth the risk unless he actually wanted to get intimate with you.

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23. He Cancels His Plans For You 

It’s rare for a man to do this even for a best friend unless it’s an emergency or he wants to be intimate with you.

24. He Ditches His Friends To See You 

This is hardly a noble move on his part. However, his male friends would usually understand being ditched if their buddy thought he was going to have pleasure.

25. He Travels Far To See You 

How far would you travel to just visit a friend? It’s unlikely a guy would travel further than that unless he thought he’d be having intimacy.

26. He Travels To See You Late At Night 

Most guys wouldn’t do this just for a pleasant conversation. If you invite a man to see you late at night, he’ll usually assume a hook-up is on the cards.

27. He Invites You To His Place Late At Night

Once again, he’s not craving stimulating late-night conversation. When a guy does this, he wants to approach you. 

28. He Puts His Hobbies On Hold For You 

Again, it’s rare that a man would do this for someone unless he wanted to have intimacy with them.

29. His Friends Will Know It 

If he’s super-excited to get intimate with you, there’s every chance he can’t stop talking about you to his friends and co-workers. If you’re not sure of his intentions, maybe you can ask them.  

30. He’s Considerate Of Your Feelings

If he’s overly considerate of your feelings – more so than he is around other people – you can take that as another sign he wants something more than friendship.

31. He Tells You His Fantasies 

If he tries to make the conversation intimate, it’s one of the clear signs he wants to be intimate with you. Most likely, he wants you to fulfill these fantasies one day.

32. He Calls You “Beautiful”

If he calls you “beautiful”, he probably wants to sleep with you. If he uses other more direct terms, there’s barely any doubt remaining.

33. He Locks Eye Contact 

Good eye contact is a sign of confidence. Unwavering laser eye contact is one of the clearer signs he wants to get intimate with you.

34. That Spark In His Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul. If he wants to get intimate with you, you’ll see it in his eyes. This look is difficult to put into words, but you’ll know it when you see it.

35. He Listens To You  

When a man wants to get close to you, he’ll listen through the most long-winded and boring stories.

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36. He’s Not Afraid To Connect Emotionally

When you have that deep connection and trust, there’s every chance he’s ready for physical intimacy.

37. He’s Jealous Of Other Men Around You

When he shows signs of jealousy, it’s because he sees these guys as competition for what he wants. 

38. He Talks Badly About Your Boyfriend

He’ll do this when he’s jealous of the guy who is intimate with you.

39. He Tries To Make You Jealous By Flirting With Other Women

This is part of the mind games which so many men think are part of convincing a woman to get intimate. 

40. He’ll Act Like A Perfect Gentleman 

Guys will often put on a front, trying to hide all their flaws during the initial courtship when they want to sleep with a woman. 

41. He Spoils You

A lot of guys think that spoiling a woman with gifts improves the chances of them sleeping together. Of all the signs of desire, spoiling a woman with a gift is one of the most obvious. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with some old-fashioned courtship!

42. He Buys You Gifts From The Lingerie Store

If being spoiled is a pretty obvious sign of his interest, a gift from the lingerie store is one of the most obvious signs he wants to sleep with you. For sure, he’s not wanting some other guy to see you dressed like that.

43. He’s Doing You Huge Favors

Some guys think this is a good idea that’ll help women want to sleep with them. If a guy is doing you favors he wouldn’t do for other people, he’s probably trying to get into your pants. 

44. He Tries To Compete With Other Guys

If he tries to show you that he’s better than other guys, that’s one of the clearer signs he wants you. 

45. He’s Proud About You And Is Always Talking About You

It’s rare for guys to do that for women they don’t want to sleep with.

46. He Posts Pictures Of You On His Social Media

Usually, he’ll do this because he thinks you’re good-looking and wants to show that off to his friends. 

47. He’s Interested To Hear About Your Relationship History 

That’s unless you’re talking about how happy you are with your partner…

48. He’s Always Inviting You to Places

Are you always his first choice for a plus one, even though he has lots of close friends? You can take this as a good sign he wants to sleep with you. 

49. He Calls You Out Of The Blue 

There aren’t a lot of guys who call women just to chat, even if they’re feeling lonely. In most cases, he’ll only do this to try and lead to a hook-up. 

50. All Your Plans Seem To Involve Alcohol

Maybe he enjoys drinking, but he also probably knows the advantages of you drinking with him. That’s not to say he’s the type to get you drunk to take advantage of you, but he probably knows the chances of sleeping together are higher after a few drinks.   

51. He Seems Distracted

This is one of the more subtle signs he wants to get intimate with you. If he seems distracted in conversation with you, it’s usually because he’s secretly planning his next move to get you into bed. 

52. He Always Has Excuses To Go Back To His Place

Or somewhere else where it can happen…

53. He Plans Date Nights At His Place 

If you’ve been dating for a while and he’s ready to sleep with you, he might invite you to his place for a meal or a movie.

54. His House Is Unnaturally Clean

He could be a neat freak, or he could have tidied up to “set the mood” for intimacy. 

55. He Has Mood Lighting

If the lights are dimmed, it’s another sign he’s trying to “set the mood”. 

56. He’s Playing Romantic Music 

If he’s got chilled R&B music in the background, that’s usually no coincidence. That’s another deliberate attempt to “set the mood” for intimacy. 

57. He Always Has Excuses To Go To His Bedroom

If you’re at his house and he always has reasons to go to his bedroom, it’s probably because he wants to make a move.

58. He Plays Intimacy-Themed Movies

It doesn’t have to be an erotic movie, just one with some undertones. If he plays intimacy-themed movies in your presence, that’s a good sign he’s trying to make something happen. If he does play an erotic movie, that’s a surefire sign. 

59. A Passionate Kiss

When his kisses have that extra passion, that’s a great sign that he’s ready to sleep with you.

60. He Doesn’t Back Away When You Kiss Him Passionately

This is one of the clearest body language signs that show he’s ready for it.

61. He Kisses You On The Neck Or Collarbone 

This is a classic foreplay move, which women can barely resist and usually makes their legs spread within minutes. Notice how guys don’t do this in public. It’s their go-to move to escalate further. 

62. His Wandering Hands

If, during a passionate kiss, his hands begin to wander to very inappropriate places, this intimate contact is another obvious sign he’s trying to lead to intimacy.

63. You Met On A “Hook-Up” Dating Site

Some dating apps are for finding a serious relationship, others are for quick hook-ups. You can tell by how these apps market themselves. If you met on the latter, he’s probably ready to sleep with you right now.

64. He Has Condoms In His Wallet Or Pocket

Some guys always want to be prepared, just in case. But this is an interesting sign, nonetheless. 

65. He Tells You

I left the most obvious sign for last. While some guys will draw the lines at hinting, others will admit they want to sleep with you. If he tells you he wants to get intimate with you, he’s not showing mixed signals or lying. He means it!

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How Do You Tell If A Guy Wants A Relationship Or Just A Hookup?

You should now be clued up on the signs he wants to sleep with you, but how do you know if he just wants fun?

This is an important skill for women who want a long-term relationship and don’t want to waste their feelings on guys who aren’t interested in commitment. 

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How Do You Know If A Guy Just Wants Quick Fun With You?

You can start by paying attention to his words. Does he just compliment your looks? Is he talking about a future with you or not? 

His behavior is equally important, or arguably even more so. Does he only show signs of physical attraction or is he interested in you as a person? Does he want to spend time with you outside the bedroom, or is he only arranging date nights at one of your homes?

You’ll be able to tell a lot about a man’s true feelings if you pay attention to how he acts around you. 

Sadly, some guys will pretend to be interested in a relationship just to get into your pants.

The only way to stop your feelings from being hurt by these players is to wait before jumping into bed with them. Give it some time until you’re sure you’re on the same page. 

If he enjoys your company and really wants a relationship with you, he won’t mind waiting until you’re ready for it. It’s usually the dudes who only wanted a one-night stand that gets impatient and disappears.   

Signs He Only Wants You For Your Body

  • He’s inconsistent with his contact, often disappearing for days or weeks at a time. 
  • He shows little interest in your feelings, hopes, dreams, or opinions.
  • He doesn’t want to meet your friends or family. 
  • He’s only interested in bedroom dates. 
  • He only compliments your looks.
  • He continues to show interest in other women. 
  • He gets upset if you don’t jump into bed quickly. 

How Do You Tell If A Guy Likes You More Than Physically?

If he wants more than an affair, he’ll want to spend time with you outside the bedroom. He’ll invite you on nice dates and be happy to meet your friends. He’ll compliment your personality as well as your looks. He’ll talk about the future with you. 

Yes, it’s usually your looks that initially attract men – and it often takes men a bit of time to decide if they want a future with you. All the more reason to wait before jumping into bed then.  

Signs He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

  • He’s consistent with his contact. 
  • He’s interested in talking to you about everything. 
  • He’s excited to meet your friends and learn about your life. 
  • He arranges fancy dates. 
  • He compliments your personality, as well as your appearance. 
  • He’s excited about committing to you.
  • He doesn’t pressure you to sleep with him. 

If a guy is falling for you, the intimacy will be a lot more passionate and intimate.

How Do You Know If A Guy Is Using You?

As you can see, there’s a big difference between a guy who wants just physical pleasure and one who wants a relationship – but how can you tell if a guy is just using you?

This is difficult because manipulative guys like this tend to be good liars.

The only thing you can do is take your time, read his behavior and go with your gut.

Remember, a genuine guy will be patient and empathetic with you. 

Most men do have good romantic intentions. If you’re continuously attracting toxic lovers, you might benefit from reading my guide on Why Do I Attract Toxic People? 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

Wants You Badly Sexually
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Let’s round off this guide with the answer to some frequently asked questions on this topic. 

Signs He Finds You Irresistible

  • He never gets bored of talking to you. 
  • He tells his friends all about you.
  • You can tell his honest compliments come from the heart.
  • He can’t help but get excited over kissing or other physical contact.
  • He wants making love all the time.
  • He does whatever it takes to make your relationship work.
  • He’s excited about planning a future with you.

Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

  • He stares at your lips.
  • He invades your personal space.
  • He has the spark of attraction in his eyes.
  • He touches you unnecessarily.
  • He talks slowly. 
  • He bites his own lips.
  • He tells you!

When Is The Right Time To Sleep With A Guy? 

The right time is: when you feel comfortable. 

If you’re comfortable sleeping with a guy and confident in his intentions on the first date, go ahead!

If it takes you a few weeks or longer to feel comfortable about that, then wait! 

If a guy is pressuring you into sleeping with him before you’re comfortable, that’s a huge red flag that suggests he doesn’t have your well-being at heart.

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