23 Signs He Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To Have You (2024)

Welcome to my list of signs he doesn’t want anyone else to have you.

Signs He Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To Have You
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This refers to those in the early stages of dating where you haven’t yet agreed to be monogamous, or a casual relationship where you have agreed to see other people.

A relationship like this can be confusing at the best of times, especially when a guy isn’t honest about his real feelings.

Thankfully, there are several signs that a man will show when he doesn’t want you to date any other guys, even if he won’t admit it. 

Anyway, in my role as a life coach, I am often helping people better understand themselves and their loved ones so they can enjoy better relationships with those closest to them. 

That’s why I’m keen to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in. 

23 Signs He Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To Have You

The more of these telltale signs a man shows, the more likely it is that he really doesn’t want anyone else to have you, even though he hasn’t asked for a committed relationship yet.

1. He Spoils You With Attention

He’s very generous with attention. He showers you with compliments. He’s super-helpful and does you favors. It’s as if he’s trying to prove he’s the best guy for you to be spending your time with.   

2. He Doesn’t Want You To Talk About Your Other Relationships

If you bring them up, he might hint or straight-up tell you that he wants you to stop. At the very least, you’ll see that talking about some other guy hurts his feelings. 

3. At The Same Time, He Might Try To Get An Idea Of Whether You’re Dating Other Men

If you don’t mention other people you’re dating, his curiosity might get the better of him. In such cases, he’ll either hint or straight-up ask whether you’re seeing anyone else.  

4. He Doesn’t Talk About His Other Women

If he doesn’t want other men to have you, he won’t mention his other women, due to fear that this might motivate you to date around too. 

5. He Always Makes New Plans

If he wants to keep you away from other men, he’ll often plan the next date shortly after the previous one. 

6. He Texts You A Lot

This is another strategy he might use to keep your attention away from some other Prince Charming. 

7. He Gets Upset When You Don’t Invite Him Somewhere

This jealousy stems from a fear that you’re out meeting new guys. 

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8. He’s Cagey Around Your Male Friends

He won’t try to befriend them if he’s butthurt about them possibly sleeping with you. 

9. He Bad-Mouths Your Male Friends

Another clear sign of his insecurity about you spending time with other people. 

10. He Doesn’t Like When You’re On Your Phone Around Him

This is kind of rude. But if he over-reacts at you answering a text around him, this is another clear sign that he doesn’t want other men to have your attention. 

11. He Won’t Let You Mingle At Parties

Is he the type of guy to stand next to you throughout the whole party, instead of going off to mingle with his friends? That’s another sign that he doesn’t want any bonds between you and another man to happen.

12. He Shows Signs Of Jealousy When He Watches Your Social Media

Does he leave comments on your photos, perhaps about how he wishes he was there or making fun of the other people in the picture? It’s another sign that he wants you all to himself.   

13. He Gets Butthurt When You Can’t Meet Him 

Most likely, he’ll be wondering who you’re choosing to spend time with instead.  

14. He Tries Hard In Bed

Does he make a huge effort to satisfy you in the bedroom? That’s a good sign that he likes you, but it could be a bad sign that he’s desperate to be better than other guys in the sack. 

15. He Leaves A Mark On You

Maybe you’re into some rough and tumble in the bedroom. But if he makes an extra effort to leave scratches or a hickie, he could be trying to ‘mark his territory’. 

16. He Perks Up When He Senses He’s Losing You

Is his communication inconsistent? Do you sense he only gets in touch when you show you’re less interested in him? This is a definite sign of him not wanting other dudes to have you. 

17. He’s Emotionally Vulnerable With You 

Most men keep their emotions locked up in a casual relationship, especially if they’re not bothered what their casual partner is up to without him. If this guy is sharing his feelings or intimate details about his life in a past relationship, that’s a clear sign he’s becoming emotionally attached and probably doesn’t want other men sniffing around you. 

18. He Remembers All The Little Details You Reveal

This is another sign that a person is developing stronger feelings towards you, and would prefer you weren’t interested in dating other people.  

19. He Makes An Effort With Your Family And Friends

Most dudes won’t do this if they want their relationship to be truly casual. However, it’s true that  making an impression on a woman’s family members and friends can strengthen your relationship with her. Any relationship coach will tell you that.

If he’s looking to stop other people getting serious with you, he might therefore attempt to build a friendly relationship with your dearest loved ones.  

20. He Buys You Gifts 

A man might use gifts to impress you and warn away other competitors. This could be especially true if he’s buying jewellery or other gifts you’re likely to see or wear every day. 

21. He’s Super-Affectionate During Sex 

Casual sex is purely physical. If this guy’s emotions are spilling over during sex, there’s a great chance he doesn’t like the idea of you sleeping around. 

22. He Wants You To Sleep Over

Another strategy to strengthen your romantic feelings and keep you away from other interested lovers.  

23. He Hints At Maybe Committing ‘One Day’

This could be honest or a lie to string you along. There’s more specific advice about this below.

Either way, it’s rare that a guy would do this if he didn’t care who else you were sleeping with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s round off this guide with the answers to some frequently asked questions about relationships with commitment-phobic men. 

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How Do You Tell If A Man Is Using You For Convenience?

Does this man ever put you first? Does he do things you want to do? Is he interested in your life at all? If the answer to these questions is no and he only ever focuses on his own needs, he’s most likely using you out of convenience and nothing more.  

Signs He Sees You As A Possession

When a man sees you as a possession, he’ll become very angry when you do things he doesn’t like. He might even threaten revenge.

These could be simple things like having lunch with your friends, or posting a suggestive picture on Instagram.

Of course, a person has every right to choose what they do in their free time. 

However, when a man sees you as a possession, he believes he has the right to tell you what you can and can’t do.  

Signs He Is Keeping You On The Hook 

This phrase means he’s keeping you around with lies that he’ll never actually follow through on. In the context of this article’s topic, it typically means that he’s stringing you along by making you believe that he’ll commit to a serious relationship soon.

Here are some key signs he’s doing that:

  • He’s super affectionate when you’re around, but difficult to get hold of when you’re apart. 
  • He seems to always tell you what you want to hear, but never act upon it. 
  • He’s a master of making excuses.
  • His stories don’t always add up. You suspect he’s lying about his whereabouts often. 
  • He always needs more time to figure things out in his life. 
  • There are plenty of indicators that he enjoys the single life, but few that he’s ready to settle down into a relationship. 

The men who are very good at stringing women along tend to be incredibly charismatic. They’re often very handsome and they usually do the bare minimum required to keep you onboard. 

These guys are a huge waste of time to any women who are looking for a real relationship.

That’s why it’s so important to be aware of these signs. 

Signs A Guy Doesn’t Know What He Wants

There will be occasions when a guy tells you he needs more time to figure things out in his life, and he means it.

Often, you’ll be able to tell by their body language. You’ll see that he’s nervous and apologetic. He will feel guilty for giving you mixed signals, presenting difficult love situations and making you wait for him. This is incredibly tough to fake. 

A person who genuinely doesn’t know what he wants will be able to give you a genuine reason why. Maybe he has been hurt in his previous relationships or is going through a tough patch in his personal life, but he’s also falling in love with you.

These are the guys who might actually commit to a relationship, so it’s worth giving a little more time to work out what they want from life. 

How Do You Know If A Man Doesn’t Want You?

If a man is not showing the signs of not wanting anyone else to have you, you can be darn sure he doesn’t want a serious relationship with you. 

If he is showing some of these signs, there’s a chance he does want a relationship.  

Honestly, the best way to know if a person wants a serious relationship is to straight-up ask them. Have that ‘exclusive talk’. A lot of men who don’t want a relationship will unapologetically tell you. Others will try to string you along, but their lies will be see-through. These are guys worth ditching straight away.  

For the guys who genuinely aren’t sure what they want, you need to be incredibly clear about what you want.

Be kind, be empathetic to his dilemma, but be clear that casually dating isn’t going to cut it any more. Tell him you need to consider your own best interests.   

Then, give him some alone time to figure out if he does want a relationship with you. 

If he doesn’t get in contact to try and win you back, you can be sure that this man doesn’t feel the same way. In fact, he probably never seriously considered being your partner in a committed romantic relationship.

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How Do You Know If He Actually Cares?

It’s possible that this guy cares about you even if he doesn’t want a serious relationship right now. He could have his own personal reasons for not committing. My list of clear signs he has caught feelings for you will help you know for sure. 

What Are The Signs That A Man Is No Longer Interested In You?

If this guy was showing a lot of strong signs of romantic interest, but these indicators dropped off a cliff, it’s no coincidence. This only happens when he loses interest in you. Most likely, he’s off chasing other women instead. While this can be painful, the best thing to do is accept this and rip him away like a band-aid, so you’re emotionally ready for a new relationship with a new guy.    

Any More Questions?

Thanks for reading my guide. I hope it will prove to be genuinely helpful for your love life moving forward, whether that’s with your current relationship or a future one. 

If you’re still unsure where this guy stands after following all this advice, consider booking a consultation with a certified relationship coach. Highly-trained relationship coaches will be able to offer you unique insight and offer tailor-made advice based on your personal experience.

Alternatively, you can leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to respond as quickly as possible. 

It would be great to hear from you.  

About The Author

Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.