33 True Signs An Older Man Is Falling In Love With You (2024)

Welcome to my ultimate list of signs an older man is falling in love with you. 

Signs An Older Man Is Falling In Love With You
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This guide explains what makes an older man fall in love and features 33 signs an older man is falling in love with you.

You should be in no doubt whether an older man is smitten with you after reading this guide.

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients understand and improve their relationships with those closest to them. 

That’s why I’m excited to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in. 

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What Makes An Older Man Fall In Love?

An older man is less likely to fall in love with a woman just because of her beauty. He’s more likely to search for a woman who fits well into his life.

At the same time, some older guys could be more excited to date younger women who have a lot of energy, excitement and lust for life.

This type of woman could make an older man feel young again – and he could easily fall in love with how he feels when he’s around her. 

It’ll definitely help if he’s physically attracted to his lover – and it can be somewhat of an ego boost for an older man to date someone half his age.

While it could be argued that it’s not ‘real love’, nor a healthy relationship, when you’re solely infatuated with someone’s physical attributes, it’s definitely a reason why a lot of older men seek out younger partners.  

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How Do You Tell When An Older Man Is Attracted To You?

1. He Will Tell You

Older men are less likely to be shy about saying ‘I love you’. Most likely, they’ve said it a few times over the course of their life. This might not be the first sign of a man being in love that you see, but it’s the most clearcut.    

Older Man Falling In Love With You
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2. He Compliments You

Genuine compliments are another clear sign that an older man is falling in love with you. These could be compliments about your appearance, your overall personality or how great it feels to be around you. The older generation rarely feel the need to beat around the bush when flirting. 

3. He Asks If You’re Single

An older man lives in a world where women his own age are more likely to be married than single. That’s why it could be a habit of his to ask a romantic interest for her relationship status. It’s rare that he’d be one to pursue a woman who is already taken. 

4. He Can’t Stop Smiling Around You

A lot of older guys aren’t smiling throughout their everyday life. If he’s generally quite a serious guy but always smiles around you, that’s a good sign that he’s developing serious feelings about you.  

5. He Wants To Help You 

An older man tends to be more knowledgeable and established than the younger women he falls in love with. He’s probably aware that he will be able to help a younger partner with a lot of things in a long-term relationship.

Maybe he helps you get a job offer, or assists you with some personal troubles. If he’s offering to help you with a lot of things, there’s a good chance he’s showing off how useful he can be as a partner to you.      

6. He’s Curious About Your Life Experiences

An older guy is unlikely to be interested in the trials and tribulations of a young woman’s social life, unless he’s trying to form a romantic bond with her. 

7. He Asks To Spend Quality Time With You

Let’s be honest. There are very few reasons why an older guy would want to spend time with a younger woman in his social hours, unless he has a romantic interest in her. Their hobbies are likely to be very different, after all.  

8. He Calls And Texts You

Once again, what reason does an older man have to text a younger woman all the time? If he begins talking to you on the phone frequently or sending you lots of messages, that’s a good sign that he’s falling for you. 

9. Winky Faces, Kisses And Emojis In His Texts

This is a subtle sign of flirting when a younger man does it. For an older fellow, it’s an even more obvious indicator. Guys approaching retirement age rarely use emojis and kisses in their texts, unless they’re trying to show they can be “down with the kids”.

    10. He’s Young At Heart Around You

    If this guy is usually a sophisticated and mature man, but begins to act a bit more silly and playful around you, that’s a great indicator that he’s opening up his heart and experiencing strong romantic attraction towards you.    

      11. He Mentions Younger Women He’s Dated

      There’s absolutely no reason why an older man would bring up the women he’s dated (and specifically their ages) unless he was trying to impress another younger woman.  

        12. He Tries Out New Things With You 

        A lot of older gentlemen tend to be stuck in their ways. They like what they like and they have no strong desire to ever leave their comfort zone.

        However, a older man falling in love might agree to try wacky new things to spend time with you.    

          13. He’s Not Afraid To Express His Emotions

          Most platonic relationships between older men and younger women are likely to be devoid of emotions. An older man is more likely to be stoic around someone he sees as just a colleague or acquaintance.

          When a man starts to share his emotions with you, he becomes more of a three-dimensional human in your mind. This is key to forming a proper relationship. If he’s always talking about his feelings, that can be seen as a good sign that he’s trying to develop a deeper relationship with you. 

            14. He Talks About His Future Plans With You

            An older man might do this to see if you’re the sort of woman who could fit into his plans for the future. For the same reason, he might ask what your goals for the future are, to see if he could fit into your plans. It’s rare that platonic acquaintances will have a genuine interest in these sorts of topics.   

              15. He Talks About Sex Around You

              This is rarely a smooth way to seduce someone, but some older men do try this in an effort to show that they’re still interested in sex.  

                16. He Gets Jealous Of Your Other Romantic Interests

                An older man tends to be better at hiding unhelpful emotions like jealousy. Still, he might show  his envy by subtly talking trash about that one guy you like (or about younger men in general).

                Pay attention to how he treats other men you introduce him to, as well. Does he try to make them feel insecure? This can give you a good clue whether he has romantic feelings for you.  

                  17. He Touches You Unnecessarily  

                  This is an obvious sign of romantic interest no matter how old someone is. Hopefully, this guy is savvy enough to read how comfortable you are with physical contact, rather than getting too handsy too quickly.   

                    18. He Puts You First

                    Older men are likely to have longer careers with more responsibilities than their younger counterparts. If he puts spending time with you ahead of seemingly important tasks, or even certain events that are common like his usual gym session, that’s a great sign that he is developing strong feelings. 

                      19. You See A Different Side To Him

                      If acts differently around you than he does around other women, that means he sees you as more important than them. He’s falling in love with you – and it’s probably more than obvious at this point. 

                        20. He Gives You Cute Pet Names

                        This is another obvious sign he has strong feelings for you. It would be inappropriate for him to give you a cute pet name if he wasn’t flirting with you.  

                          21. He Talks About Money

                          In most cultures, it’s considered inappropriate for men to boast about how much money they have or discuss their financial situation at all. If you’re a young woman, it would be strange for a man to suddenly begin talking about their wealth or their investments. Men usually assume that women aren’t interested in that sort of thing.

                          A possible explanation is that he’s trying to show off how well he could take care of you. Once again, it’s not a smooth way of flirting, but a lot of older men try to win the hearts of younger ladies this way. 

                            22. He Buys You Gifts

                            This is another way for men to show off how wealthy they are. If he’s buying you thoughtful or over-the-top gifts, that’s a clear sign that he wants you to be part of his love life. Perhaps gift-giving is his love language. 

                              23. He Pays For Things You Need

                              This is an alternative to gift-giving, which is arguably an even more obvious sign that he’s falling in love with you. Why would a man pay your phone bill or rent, unless he’s trying to get into some sort of relationship with you? 

                                24. You Meet His Family Members

                                This is an obvious sign that a relationship is serious, whether a guy is the same age as you or older. Alternatively, if he’s a married man who hides his wife from you at all costs, that’s another sign that he has strong feelings towards you.  

                                  25. He Wants To Meet The Important People In Your Life

                                  A man will usually be disinterested in meeting your friends and family, unless he wanted to become a serious part of your life. 

                                    26. He’ll Pick Out Trendier Clothes When He Knows He’s Going To See You

                                    It’s rare that an older man has the same dress sense as a younger guy. If he makes more of an effort to dress well around you, take that as another sign he’s trying to impress you. 

                                      27. He Doesn’t Care What Anyone Else Thinks 

                                      It’s common that a man will attract criticism when he’s seen to be in an age difference relationship.

                                      If he continues to treat you well despite what other people say about the age gap, there’s every chance he’s falling in love with you.  

                                        28. He Wants More Than Sex Or Casual Dating

                                        Powerful older men might sometimes pursue younger women for a bit of fun on the side, but that doesn’t mean they’re in love. If he’s making it clear that he wants more than sex or casual dating from you, there’s every chance he’ll be whispering ‘I love you’ really soon. 

                                          29. He Only Has Eyes For You 

                                          Perhaps he has been a playboy in the past, but now there are no more signs he’s dating other women. He has cooled his other romances because he is falling in love with you. Now, the question is: will you accept that love in return? 

                                            30. He Is Protective Over You

                                            It’s part of a man’s ‘Hero Instinct’ to protect the woman he loves from the dangers and woes of the world. If he’s doing this for you, there’s every chance his heart has your name in it already.

                                            The ‘Hero Instinct’ is a concept developed by relationship psychologist James Bauer. It suggests that men love to play the strong, protective father figure, even if you are a confident woman in your own right. You can read more about in my guide titled: Ways To Unveil The Hero Instinct In Men 

                                              31. He Makes Romantic Gestures

                                              An older man would have grown up being taught that chivalrous gestures were an important way to show you loved someone. If he’s making gestures like buying you flowers or sending hand-written letters, it’s because his love-filled heart tells him to do so.  

                                                32. He Asks For Your Advice 

                                                Why would an older man ask a younger lady for her advice on anything, unless he saw her as a deeply important part of his life. Yes, simply listening to your advice is a sign that he’s in love. Not all older gentlemen will do this, but it’s a strong sign that he sees you as his equal. 

                                                  33. He Proposes

                                                  A marriage proposal is the ultimate sign that he’s in love – and he’ll probably confirm it as steps down onto one knee.

                                                  There’s no playing games at this point. This guy wants to be a married man and he wants you to be his wife.   

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                                                  Frequently Asked Questions About The Signs An Older Man Is Falling In Love With You

                                                  Age Gap
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                                                  When An Older Man Flirts With You

                                                  You can expect an older man to be less anxious than teenagers and twenty-somethings when flirting with you. They’ve hopefully racked up enough experience to be able to deal with any nerves they have.

                                                  At the same time, they might be more cautious than a younger man, because they’re aware of the age gap and that not all younger women are into older men. 

                                                  That’s why it’s not always easy to spot the signs an older man is falling in love with you.   

                                                  Subconscious Signs A Man Is Falling In Love

                                                  As well as the obvious signs an older man is falling in love with you listed above, it might also help to look for more subtle indicators of interest.

                                                  These could include body language tells like prolonged eye contact, facing his body towards you in group situations, or his pupils dilating when he talks to you. 

                                                  How Do You Tell If A Man Is Attracted To You But Hiding It?

                                                  Older men can be more prone to hiding their feelings for a younger woman, but you can discover these in my list of Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

                                                  How To Tell If A Man Over 50 Likes You

                                                  For the purposes of this article, you can classify any man over 50 as an ‘older man’. The signs listed in this guide are the most likely a man over 50 will give if he’s falling in love with you. 

                                                  Do Older Men Fall In Love Quicker?

                                                  No, it’s usually the opposite. A young man tends to have less romantic experience and less control of his emotions – and that’s why younger guys tend to fall in love more quickly. 

                                                  What Do Older Guys Want In A Relationship?

                                                  Older men have less patience for drama and silly mind games in their relationship. So, perhaps the number one thing they want from a relationship is peace. They certainly don’t want to play games or have unnecessary arguments in their relationships any more. 

                                                  With that said, a lot of older guys date younger women due to their lust for life, higher sex drive and better quality of sex. This can do a lot to make an older gentleman feel young again.  

                                                  Any More Questions?

                                                  Thanks for reading my list of signs an older man is falling in love with you. 

                                                  Hopefully, you’ll now have a better idea of when a guy is showing signs of his true feelings towards you.

                                                  If you have a question related to this topic, you can leave me a comment in the box below. Feel free to share your personal experience in existing or past relationships that had an age gap. 

                                                  It would be great to hear from you. 

                                                  About The Author

                                                  Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.