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Have you ever heard of a Sigma female? It’s a rare personality type with unique traits.

If you’re a woman wondering why you tend to be so different from your peers, it might be worth checking whether you fit into this personality type. 

This guide will help you. It lists 11 traits of a sigma personality and how they compare to other personality types.  

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping my clients better understand themselves and that’s why I’m excited to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in.  

What Is A Sigma Person?

A sigma is well-known for having dominant personality traits. They have many of the same qualities as alphas in this sense.  

However, the one quality that makes them stand out from alphas is that they have no interest in leading others. They’re more of a lone wolf.

Sigma Female
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Whereas alphas strive to be top of the social hierarchy, sigmas really don’t care where they are placed by others.   

What Is A Sigma Type Personality? 

Below, I’ve gone a bit further in depth, explaining 11 traits of the sigma female personality. Read on for your full guide to the key characteristics of a sigma female. 

1. A Sigma Female Is Independent  

You won’t find a sigma female trying to rely on a man to make her way in this world. She wants to be self-sufficient in her own life. Most likely, she’s independent and is very passionate about her chosen career path. This is the personality most likely to become an entrepreneur or engage in a peculiar job.

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2. A Sigma Female Is Often Introverted

It’s the defining quality of a sigma female to be unconcerned about her social standing. As such, she’s unlikely to put too much effort into embedding herself into a certain crowd or being constantly surrounded by friends. More likely, she’ll keep tight-knit social circles of close friends who she’s very loyal to.

However, even these true friends might not be able to successfully drag her out to social events very often. That’s because most sigma females are deeply introverted and therefore prefer their own company.

3. A Sigma Female Dances To The Beat Of Her Own Drum

The approval of other people is incredibly low on the list of a sigma female’s desires. She’s the type of woman to forge her own path in life, regardless of whether her close friends and family think it’s a good idea. She’s a wise thinker who can write her own rules and do her own thing. That goes with her career, her dating life, her decision to start a family life and anything else.

4. A Sigma Female Is Strong, Powerful And Mentally Resilient

Just like an alpha female, sigma females have all the personality traits of great leaders. The difference is: she has no interest in leading a large clique. In fact, a sigma is often referred to as an introverted alpha. 

That’s the same professionally as it is socially. You’re more likely to find a sigma female using her dominant personality to become a solopreneur, rather than to climb the corporate ladder.

5. A Sigma Female Is Incredibly Charismatic

A sigma female is unlikely to be spending time alone, because she’s shy or has poor social skills. In most cases, she’s able to ramp up the charisma to 100 in social interactions. She just has little interest in doing that all the time.

If you break into the circle of a sigma female to become her friend or partner, you’ll have a lot of fun. However, you will have to respect her desire for alone time. 

6. A Sigma Female Is Interested In Self-Improvement

A sigma female is ambitious and understands that she’ll need to improve herself to get what she truly wants. Unlike other personality types, she has the mental strength to do that. Often, she’s only interested in aligning with other females who are ambitious and driven.

7. A Sigma Female Goes For What She Wants Romantically

Of all the female personality types, a sigma female is the most likely to approach a man and make something happen. Other female personalities would be too concerned about how society views a woman that does this. But a sigma personality doesn’t care about that. They simply go for what they want in all elements of life, including their love life. 

For the same reason, a sigma female might be the most likely to choose an unorthodox partner; someone who doesn’t tick all the mainstream boxes of a perfect boyfriend. She wants someone who will make her happy, not just the best-looking guy who makes her appear a certain way.

Don’t expect her to get emotionally attached though. She can form strong bonds with men, but is also comfortable enough in her own skin to dismiss men who aren’t right for her. She has the self-assurance to feel confident finding a new partner, so don’t mess her around.

8. A Sigma Female Can Be Fiesty

While she’s not one to start a fight or chase meaningless drama, you shouldn’t expect a sigma female to avoid conflict altogether. She is absolutely the type to stand up for what she believes in, or defend herself if she has been hard done by. 

Don’t expect her to stay quiet if a great friend has been wronged either. A true sigma would be happy to go into battle for her great friends if the situation called for it. 

9. A Sigma Female Likes To Be Private

You shouldn’t expect a sigma female to be a social media over-sharer. In most cases, she prefers to keep her personal life private. Remember, a sigma female doesn’t need the validation on social media that certain women obsess over. If you want to get to know her intimately, you’re going to have to become good friends first.

10. A Sigma Female Might Seem Cold At First

A sigma female doesn’t care about impressing strangers. She’s not going to pander to you and make you like her. That might make her come across as cold at first. However, once you get to know her, you’ll likely realise that she can be a great friend. A sigma female cares deeply about those closest to her and will do anything to protect them.

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11. A Sigma Female Is Somewhat Mysterious

When you meet a sigma female, you’ll quickly realise she’s not like other girls. Most likely, you’ll feel a mysterious aura around her. This will either turn you off her completely or make you intrigued to know her better, depending on your own personality type.

What Are The Six Female Personality Types – And Where Do Sigma Females Fit In?

Six Female Personality Types
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According to the socio-sexual hierarchy created by Vox Day, a sigma female is one six female personalities. Below, I’ll explain the others and how they compare to sigma females. 

Sigma Female vs Alpha Female

Alpha females have mostly the same personality structure as gamma females. The key difference between sigma female vs alpha female is: the latter is more keen to lead a group of people, whereas the former is happy to do her own thing.    

What Is A Beta Female? 

A beta female tends to follow others and do what they’re told. This is mostly recognised as a feminine trait. As such, a beta female is often seen as incredibly attractive to men – and to the alpha male in particular. Meanwhile, sigma female traits are recognised as being somewhat masculine in nature. 

What Is A Delta Female? 

A delta female doesn’t really have much ambition in life, even as a follower of others. A lot of delta females only aspire to find meaning in life by attracting a great husband and having children. Feminists will certainly argue that there’s more to a woman’s life than being a delta female.

You can learn more about the delta personality in this guide: Traits Delta Male Test And How To Change   

Who Is A Gamma Female?

A gamma female is best described as a woman who wants to be a sigma female – and maybe even sees themselves as one – but doesn’t have the positive personality traits to live a sigma female’s life. In many cases, they’re too self-conscious and not mentally resilient enough to confidently go their own way against social norms. 

Gamma women act like they don’t care about being popular, but they really do. In fact, a gamma female will resent other women for their popularity. They tend to be jealous of sigma and alpha women for enjoying the life success they want. They may be particularly resentful of beta females for attracting great men, despite being inferior to them in their eyes.

You can learn more about the gamma personality in this guide: Traits Gamma Male Test And How To Change

What Is An Omega Female?

An omega female is at the bottom of the social totem pole. They’re unpopular with men and women. Often, they have some form of mental health problem, which affects their ability to make friends. An omega female is often physically unattractive too.  

Sigma Females: Where Do They Fit In? 

Vox Day’s socio-sexual hierarchy places alpha females and sigma females jointly at the top of the social totem pole. 

Vox Day’s Socio-Sexual Hierarchy

Alpha Female

Sigma Female

Beta Female

Delta Female

Gamma Female

Omega Female

Frequently Asked Questions About A Sigma Woman

Let’s round off this article with the answers to some frequently asked questions about a sigma woman.

Who Is Sigma Female Compatible With?

More than anything else, romantic relationships need sexual polarity. One partner should have primarily masculine energy and the other should have primarily feminine energy. 

There are some women out there with masculine energy – and sigma females are great candidates to be among them. These women might be most compatible with beta males.

However, it’s still possible (and arguably likely) for a sigma female to be overflowing with feminine energy. In such cases, they’re most likely to be compatible with alpha or sigma male.

How To Attract A Sigma Female

Most sigma females will respond well to the same attractive masculine traits that appeal to any other woman. These include confidence, charisma, assertiveness, bravery, intelligence, a good sense of humor, wealth and the ability to take care of others.

Sigma Female Relationship

To succeed in a relationship with a sigma woman, you’ll absolutely need to respect her need for alone time. It will also be imperative not to be intimidated or turned off by her desire to take the lead and do things her own way. 

Sigma Female Celebrities

Although I don’t know them personally, I’d suggest some examples of sigma female celebrities include: J.K Rowling, Greta Thunberg and Roma Army. All three primarily work alone, have polarising opinions about life, but don’t really care what other people think about that.   

Can A Woman Be A Sigma Male?

Sigma males and sigma females share the same personality traits. Still, it wouldn’t make sense to call a sigma woman a sigma male. In fact, it’s arguably offensive to do so. 

Sigma Female Quiz

Still unsure whether you’re an alpha female, a sigma female or something else? This fun quiz might be able to help you find out.

Is It Good Or Bad To Be A Sigma Female? Should You Want To Change?

This article has focused mostly on the positive qualities of being a sigma woman – and there are plenty of them. 

Be A Sigma Female
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The most commonly mentioned downside of this personality type is that sigma females (and alpha females) often find it more difficult to get into a relationship with a great guy.

This isn’t just because they’re less likely to be out mingling with other people in various social situations all the time. It’s also because a lot of sigma females will want to date a strong sigma male or alpha male. But these guys tend to prefer feminine and submissive women. A sigma woman often isn’t their type’s type.  

While it’s part of her character not to care what other people think, a sigma female might still desire a loving relationship and a family one day. If so, it might be in her best interests to defy her sigma nature and force herself to be a little more social. Once she’s in a relationship with a masculine alpha character (if that’s what she wants), she may also have to consciously turn down her own dominant behaviors.

It’s absolutely possible for her to achieve this if she so wishes. To do so, she might want to consider working with a life coach that specialises in personal transformation.

A sigma female has a lot of attractive qualities that men go wild for. By tweaking her not-so-attractive quirks, she puts herself in a great position to land the man of their dreams.  

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Any More Questions? 

Thanks for reading my guide. I hope you now have a better understanding of what a sigma female means.

If you have any questions surrounding this topic, feel free to leave them in the comments section. 

It will be great to hear from you.

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