Should I Block My Ex? 21 Pros & Cons (2024)

Are you toiling with the question of: “should I block my ex?” Below, you’ll discover an extensive list of the pros and cons, so you can make the best decision after your breakup.

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients make the smartest decisions to move forward and create the lives they want. 

That’s why I’m keen to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in.  

Psychology Of Blocking An Ex

There’s a psychological concept called ‘burning the boats’, which essentially means robbing yourself of the opportunity to turn backwards.

The phrase supposedly originated from the story of Spanish soliders, who burned their own boats after arriving to invade Mexico, giving themselves no opportunity to retreat. They would either invade or die.

Blocking an ex might not be as dramatic as that. However, it’s still a move to help people move forwards with their lives, instead of retreating back to where they came from.

It can be difficult to move on from an ex who you loved. You’re treading into the unknown alone. Often, it will feel far more comfortable to retreat into their arms, even if you know deep down that this is a bad move.

By blocking your ex from contacting you, it helps you to feel as if there’s no choice but to move on. 

This can provide the psychological push you need to actually do it. 

Should I Block My Ex
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Why You Should Block Your Ex

There are more than a few reasons to block your ex after you break up with them. Let’s list and break down some of the key reasons. 

1. It’s Your First Step To Moving On 

It’s one thing telling yourself that you’re going to move on. Actually doing something reinforces that belief in your mind. It can be a key start to your healing process and getting over the emotional turmoil of starting a new life without a lost love.

2. You Burn The Boats 

It’s not as dramatic as the Spanish soldiers burning their own boats, but if you do everything you can to stop your ex contacting you, it can create a similar psychology of forcing yourself to move on. It’s certainly more helpful than leaving the door open for your ex to contact you after your relationship ended. 

3. It Sends A Signal To The Universe

Believe in The Law Of Attraction? Blocking your ex is a powerful way to tell the Universe to bring a new person into your life.

4. You Don’t Have To Stress About Them Contacting You 

It’s common to waste mental bandwidth worrying about your ex getting back in touch, or hoping for them to do so. What would they say? What would you say back to them if you answer? 

These thought patterns are counter-productive to your own well-being or moving on with your life. Blocking your ex will prevent them doing that and give you the inner peace needed to remain in the present moment.

5. It Gives Them The Closure They Need

Maybe they’re the ones who are most upset about the breakup. If so, blocking them on social media will give them the closure they need to forget about you and move on. Your ego might prefer that they stress and worry about you, but it’s a kinder move to prevent others from experiencing torment.

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6. You Don’t Have To Worry About Playing Mind Games

When your ex isn’t blocked from viewing your social media accounts, you may be prone to posting a video or a new profile picture with them in mind. This is the wrong way to get over a breakup. These types of mind games are counter-productive to moving on. It’s healthier to block them.

7. You Don’t Have To Witness Them Moving On 

When you’re not blocked from seeing their social media, it becomes far more tempting to check in on how they’re doing. However, in most cases, this is nothing but a form of self-torture, especially if you spot them posting photos and videos with other romantic options. It’s better to rid yourself of the option to check their social media.  

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8. It Stops Your Ex Manipulating You

Is your ex the type to try and guilt-trip or manipulate you into getting back with them? Blocking them rids them of the chance to do that.

Block Your Ex
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9. It Lets Your Ex Know You’re Serious About The Breakup 

And it’s a way of telling yourself that you’re serious about the breakup.   

10. It Makes You Less Attainable In Their Eyes

In most cases, you shouldn’t care what your ex thinks about you. It only serves the ego at this point. However, the fact remains that your ex will probably think more of you for making yourself harder to reach. It’s part of human psychology that we value what’s difficult to obtain.

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11. If They Do Try And Come Back, You’ll Know They’re Serious About Your Relationship

The harder you make it to contact you, the more sure you can be that they’re serious about trying to figure things out and solve your relationship issues, if they do find a way to get in touch.

12. You’re Protecting Your Mental Health  

Blocking your ex is the quickest and simplest way to:

  • start your healing process;
  • limit depressing flashbacks about your past relationship;
  • reduce anxiety about your ex getting in touch with you;
  • stop yourself from wasting time checking up on your ex’s life;
  • help you focus on finding the right person.

All in all, it’s the best solution for your mental wellbeing after a breakup. Consider it an act of self-care.

13. It Stops You Sending Stupid Messages In A Moment Of Weakness

A drunk text to your ex is nearly always a humiliating move that you regret the next morning. A sober text in a moment of weakness can be just as bad. Blocking your ex will place some extra hurdles to stop you making that mistake.

14. It Stops You Sending Your Ex Abusive Messages 

This does nothing for your overall happiness in the long run, nor does it help you move on.

15. It Stops You Ruining A New Relationship

If your new partner spots a text from your ex’s number, this will usually throw a spanner in the works of your new relationship. If they comment on your social media posts, this can create tensions too. Sure, you might be able to explain your way out of an argument with this new person, but why not eliminate this possibility by blocking your ex on all platforms.   

Why You Should Not Block Your Ex

Here are some reasons not to block your ex after a break-up.  

1. You Might Upset Your Ex

It’s never nice to hurt a person you used to love, but sometimes you have to put yourself first. The most important thing right now is moving on. Most likely, blocking them will provide the tough love that they need to move on too.

2. They Can’t Contact You For Serious Things 

Maybe a clean breakup isn’t possible. Maybe you have a joint bank account you need to sort out. Perhaps you have kids!! Maybe there’s another desperate situation that they might have to talk to you about. In this case, it’s probably the wrong time to block your ex. You probably need to make it possible for your ex to contact you until such situations are solved.

3. It Can Come Across As Petty And Butthurt 

Maybe your ex thinks it’s a bit pathetic for you to block them. Maybe he’ll complain to your mutual friends that you’re a bad guy or a horrible woman. However, in most cases, you shouldn’t need to care what they think anymore. At this point, it’s only your ego that benefits from even thinking about this.

Block Your Ex
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4. They Won’t Be Able To Witness You Moving On

This only benefits your ego anyway. There’s no real win in playing games with your ex on social media.

5. It’s Tougher For Your Ex To Come Back       

Maybe that’s what you really want…

Still, it’s not as if you’re locking yourself in Fort Knox. If they really want you back, they’ll find a way to get some different contact details and fix the relationship. Making it harder for them will often make you more valuable in their eyes. It also lets them know (or at least think) that you’re serious about the breakup.

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6. You Might Lose The Opportunity To Be Friends Later On 

There are some cases of exes who grew to become incredible friends. When you block your ex, you put up a hurdle to prevent that from happening.

However, if you’ve been really hurt by a breakup, this might be a sacrifice you need to make at least for a few months. Hopefully, you have other friends to rely on in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blocking Your Ex

Let’s round off this guide with the answers to some frequently asked questions about blocking your ex.

Does Blocking An Ex Hurt Them?  

When you block your ex, it can deliver a shock to their system. It can make them feel hurt. It’s not a nice feeling when you realize any person blocked you. However, there is a chance they won’t even realize or give it a second thought, because they’ve already moved on themselves.

Should I Block My Ex On Instagram? 

Instagram is the social media platform best known for showing off what an amazing life you supposedly have. For this reason alone, it’s probably a good idea to block your ex here if you’re trying to move on with your life.

Should I Block My Ex On WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app. You can also upload your WhatsApp status to potentially show off how great your life is. To move on with your life, it’s better to block your ex on WhatsApp.

Should I Block My Ex During No Contact?

The No Contact Rule is a great exercise to help you move on from your past relationship. If you block your ex, it makes this exercise easier to complete, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Should I Block My Ex On Social Media?

If you’re trying to move on from a broken relationship, it’s a helpful idea to block your ex on social media. Take a few moments to block them on all social media platforms, even the ones you barely use.

Should I Block My Ex Number?

It can be a bit more of a hassle to block your ex’s phone number from calling you, but it’s worth it if you’re serious about moving on after a breakup. At the very least, delete your ex’s number from your list of contacts.

Should I Block My Ex Who Cheated On Me?

If your ex cheated on you, I imagine you’re probably less willing to give them a second chance. All the more reason to block them, then.

How Long Should I Block My Ex?

If you really can’t bear the thought of blocking your ex after a serious relationship ends, tell yourself you’ll block them for 30 days cold turkey. Hopefully, after the time is up, you feel less compelled to get back in touch with them. Even better, over the course of the 30 days, you might forget about the challenge altogether.

Any Questions? 

Thanks for reading my guide. I hope it helps you decide whether to block this person or keep communication open. Only you can make the final decision of what to do. 

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.