51+ Best Shifting Affirmations (2024) – For Lasting Change

This guide explains why shifting affirmations are so effective for creating lasting change in your life. It also features 51+ of the best shifting affirmations for you to use. 

In my role as a life coach, I am often recommending techniques to help my clients create a better reality for themselves – and shifting affirmations is definitely one of them. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.  

Shifting Affirmations
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What Are Shifting Affirmations – And How Do They Help You Shift Realities?

Shifting affirmations are positive statements, repeated multiple times with faith and self-belief, with the goal of making them your reality.

This practice became popular when an early 20th century psychologist and pharmacist called Emile Coue began to notice his patients healed better when he told them just how great his medicine was. Word spread about the power of positive affirmations from that day.

Now, a host of rich and famous people are citing shifting affirmations as one of the secrets of their success.

A common explanation behind the power of affirmations surrounds the subconscious mind. This part of the brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy.

Don’t believe it? Then, how come the average person can feel such powerful emotions when watching TV and movies? It’s because our subconscious mind interprets it as if it’s real.

With that in mind, it becomes easier to see why people can shift their realities by using affirmations to penetrate their own subconscious. 

You may not be aware that you’re already using affirmations every day. 

A lot of these might be negative. Perhaps you’re telling yourself you’re ‘stupid’ for making a mistake or you’re ‘a failure’ when things don’t go your way.

The subconscious absorbs these negative messages and makes them your reality which can have a rough impact on your self-esteem and your life in general.

Thankfully, through the power of positive words, we are capable of shifting our reality into something more positive. We can overcome our negative beliefs and choose happiness through this simple practice.

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What Are The Different Types Of Shifting Affirmations?

There are different types of affirmations for shifting your reality. We’ll explore some of the main ways for you to perform your own affirmations below.

Spoken Affirmations

These are probably the most well-known forms of affirmations for shifting your reality. When performing them, the key is to put your heart and soul into it.

Say your affirmations with unwavering faith and desire. You’re aiming to speak your dreams into reality here. You must fully believe what you are saying to create that reality shift.

Some coaches will encourage you to put your whole body into your affirmations for added impact. So, feel free to stand in a power stance and attempt to experience how it would feel inside you if your affirmations came true.

It can also help to add visualiations to your spoken affirmations. By visualising your ideal reality as well as affirming it, you’re almost creating a guided meditation for yourself, creating extra momentum for your desired reality shift. 

Shift Realities
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Written Affirmations

It’s argued that written affirmations can be more effective for shifting realities, because writing them down by hand requires you to be more focused for a longer time period. 

This added focus helps you to embed these statements into your subconscious, giving you an added ability to shift your reality. It’s highly recommended that you hand-write your affirmations, rather than type them, in order to make the most of this added focus.

You should write your positive affirmations into a special diary multiple times. If you want to read them out after you’ve written them, that’ll have a positive impact on your ability to shift your reality too. 

Pillow Method Shifting Affirmations

The pillow method is an unorthodox alternative, in which you write your affirmations then place them under your pillow before you fall asleep.

This supposedly adds extra impact because it encourages you to write and read your positive affirmations directly before you go to bed.

This is believed to have a positive impact on your mental state as you’re falling asleep, making it easy to continue your reality-shifting process the next morning.

The Raven Method Of Shifting Realities

This technique for shifting realities requires you to lie on your back with your limbs spread in the starfish position with your eyes closed. You’ll count to 100, while saying an affirmation after every five or ten numbers.

Then, you’ll repeat all of your affirmations again once you reach 100. The body position and the counting aims to help you relax so you can be truly focused on visualising and believing in your desired reality.  

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51 Examples Of Powerful Shifting Affirmations For Lasting Change

Here are some great examples of powerful shifting affirmations to create lasting change in your life.

Shifting Affirmations For Self-Confidence

Many people with an interest in shifting realities desire a reality where they’re more confident in themselves.

This shift into a self-confident being makes it easier for people to take action towards their goals, which ultimately leads to more purpose, happiness and satisfaction with their life.

Here are some powerful shifting affirmations to help you boost your self-confidence. 

  1. I accept myself as I am
  2. I accept t I make mistakes and I learn from them
  3. I accept not everyone will like me
  4. I love every aspect that makes who I am
  5. I am proud of who I am becoming
  6. It’s incredible that I am unique
  7. I can become the person I believe I can be
  8. I am the leader of my life
  9. My existence is important
  10. I believe in myself even when no one else does
  11. I am confident in my abilities. My potential is limitless.

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Shifting Affirmations To Increase Your Motivation

Motivation can shift up and down for a number of reasons, but this list of positive affirmations can help light a fire inside you at the start of the day. 

  1. I am capable of doing anything I want
  2. I am not giving up. I have the ability to overcome anything. 
  3. I believe in myself
  4. I am strong enough for this
  5. I respect myself and so do others
  6. I am a fighter
  7. I will make this possible
  8. I am determined to do this
  9. I will make things work for me today
  10. I am talented enough to do this

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Shifting Affirmations To Boost Your Self-Love

Self-love is more than just a feeling. It’s the key to happiness and fulfilment in our everyday lives. No wonder so many people are keen to use powerful shifting affirmations to boost their levels of self-love.

Here are some examples to shift into a reality where you have unrelenting love for yourself and a life filled with happiness as a result. 

  1. I am worthy of love and respect.
  2. I am a magnet for joy, love, and abundance.
  3. I am more than enough. My needs matter. I’m kind to myself.
  4. I love who I am and the person I’m becoming. 
  5. I love that I am imperfect. My imperfections are part of who I am. 
  6. I accept and love myself as who I am.
  7. I deserve to express my feelings. I deserve to be seen. I deserve to be heard.
  8. I respect myself. I trust myself. I am proud of myself.
  9. I don’t have to be perfect all the time. I am compassionate with myself when I fail. I learn from my mistakes.
  10. I am doing my best, and that is enough. My worth is not measured by my results.
subconscious mind
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Shifting Affirmations To Help Attract A Loving Partner 

The Law Of Attraction is a big reason why affirmations work so well. Indeed, many people are using them to attract a loving partner into reality.

By putting out loving energy into the world, you can receive more of it back. Here are some words you can affirm to make that happen.  

  1. I am loveable and worthy of receiving love.
  2. I am attracting unconditional love, abundance, joy, and bliss into my life.
  3. I deserve love in my life, and the love I deserve is looking for me.
  4. I am drawing love and romance into my life today.
  5. I trust that the right people will walk into my life in the most natural way.
  6. I deserve love and romance, and I am ready to receive love.
  7. I allow love to flow to me and through me.
  8. The universe is full of love. My soul overflows with unconditional love.
  9. Love comes easily to me. It will find me at the right time. 
  10. I am attracting a loving, respectful relationship into my life. 

There are more reality-shifting examples similar to this in this list of Powerful Love Affirmations.

Shifting Affirmations For Overcoming Stress And Anxiety 

Sadly, there are a lot of people looking to gain the ability to shift realities to finally live in  a calmer and less anxious world.

Here are some shifting affirmations that will help release the negative energy surrounding stress and anxiety from your physical body, giving you the ability to shift into a more ideal reality. 

  1. I am relaxed; my mind is calm, my soul is at peace
  2. No-one has power over me. I am free.
  3. Every breath I inhale calms me, and every breath I exhale takes away all my tension.
  4. Every cell in my body is relaxed and oozes calmness.
  5. Every breath I take, I release the anxiety within me, and I become calmer
  6. I am ridding my mind of negative beliefs and filling it with positive ones.
  7. I am in a safe place. I am filled with calming thoughts and optimism.
  8. I am in my sanctuary. I choose to stop worrying.
  9. Stress and negativity can’t control me. I am in my natural, peaceful state. 
  10. I am free of racing thoughts. I let go of all negativity. I let them float away. 

These powerful shifting affirmations could be particularly effective to help you sleep at the end of a stressful day – and wake up feeling energised. Want more? Check out this list of the best Best Positive Sleep Affirmations for A Peaceful Night.

If you struggle to turn off your anxious inner voices, I recommend listening to the message of this video too. 

Any More Questions About How Shifting Affirmations Can Create Your Desired Reality? 

Thanks for reading my guide on shifting realities via affirmations. Hopefully, you feel more capable of shifting your own reality after reading it. I truly believe you can create your ideal reality with this practice. 

If you want to make more sense of the information in this guide or discover more about the reality-shifting process of affirmations, you have the ability to leave a question in the comments section below. You can feel safe doing so. It would be great to hear from you guys.

Here’s to becoming a master shifter! Imagine the happiness it could bring!

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