11 Signs You Are Sexually Liberated (2023)

In this guide, you’ll discover 11 signs you are sexually liberated.

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients through the process of understanding themselves and the people closest to them better.

That’s why I’m excited to share this guide. 

So, let’s dive in. 

Sexually Liberated Meaning

Sexual liberation is the state of being comfortable with one’s sexual expression. Any behavior or social trend associated with sexual freedom can be defined as sexual liberation.

Sexually Liberated
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Below are some stereotypical examples to help you get an idea of what a liberated person of each gender might look like. Of course, these are just stereotypes. Sexual expression looks different among different people all over the world.

Sexually Liberated Man

A sexually liberated man might be open about his desires to sleep with multiple partners, if he’s single. He might comfortable speaking with a potential partner about sex or boasting about his ability to fulfil their sexual needs.

In many cultures, it’s common for liberated men to make jokes about their penises, pornography, masturbation or things of this nature. They might tease their friends about their sexuality or tell a fun story about their sex lives.

In most parts of the world, it’s considered relatively normal for men to boast about their promiscuous sex lives. With that said, it is also considered somewhat immature and a habit that should disappear with old age.   

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Sexually Liberated Woman

Women might not be as open to talking about their sexual encounters, their erotic fantasies or any part of their sex lives with just anyone, because society still tends to shame promiscuous women more. That’s the major difference between the gender stereotypes. 

Liberated women might still talk about this with their best friends or a sexual partner though.

More commonly, you might be able to spot liberated women by the way they dress, the way they move their bodies on the dance floor, the way they treat their partners in relationships. 

Their sexuality is typically expressed more visually than with words.  

11 Signs Of Sexual Liberation

In this section, you’ll find 11 common signs that you’re sexually liberated.

1. High Libido

If you find yourself wanting sexual intercourse or some other form of sexual stimulation a lot, that’s a nice foundation to suggested you’re liberated. 

2. You Initiate Sex

Regardless of your gender, if you’re not embarrassed to initiate love-making with your sexual partner, that’s another good sign of being liberated. 

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3. You’re Comfortable Flirting

Consider how comfortable you are with flirting, and when other people flirt with you.

How does it feel when someone you’re attracted to calls you “sexy”? As things heat up, how would you feel about them respectfully alluding to their sexual desires? How far would you go in response?

Of course, this depends on how attracted you are to them. But your boundaries for flirting are still a good barometer for your sexual liberation. 

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4. You Don’t Mind Talking About Sex 

It’s normal for human adults to be interested in sex. Many liberated men and women will be happy talking about sex with their close friends. Extremely liberated people might talk about it with anyone! This is another good test of your liberation. 

If you feel uncomfortable talking about your sexual needs or expressing your pleasure with a partner, that’s a sign you may be lacking in sexual liberation. 

5. You’re Not Ashamed Of Your Body

How much of your body do you think it’s appropriate for men or women to show in public? How about on the beach? How much of your body are you comfortable showing? This is another good liberation test.

Do you feel it’s inappropriate for popstars to expose their bodies and allude to their erotic selves in music videos? How do you feel when you see other women showing so much of their bodies in the club? Would you do that yourself? 

6. You’re Curious About New Sexual Experiences

Have you experienced curiosity about wanting to explore new things in the bedroom? Maybe that’s anal sex, something different with one’s tongue or any new behavior related to sexual pleasure. Maybe you spotted something in a porn movie you want to try? That’s a reliable sign of liberation. 

But also, how open are you about these desires? Do you feel any shame about them? Would you dare to let your partner know about them? These are good questions to ask to better understand your level of liberation. 

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7. You’re Not Embarrassed Talking About Your Kinks

Most men and women have varying sexual desires. Some are quite different from the norm. Our erotic selves can be very different from our day-to-day selves. 

A good first question to ask yourself is: have you dared to explore your sexuality to discover what your kinks are? We can only gain a true understanding of our full sexual selves by daring to explore our bodies.   

Then, are you comfortable talking about every sexual desire you have with a partner? Do they know about everything that you believe would spice up your sexual encounters? If the answer to all these questions is yes, that’s a nice start to suggest you’re sexually liberated.

Another question to measure the extent of your liberation; who else do you talk with about these kinks?  

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8. You Have No Problems Reaching Orgasm

If men or women in particular can’t reach orgasm during sex, this is usually due to a struggle to ‘let go’.

Often, those who can’t let go have a sense of fear, guilt or shame surrounding sex. This might be a problem to explore with a sex counsellor, although those who would benefit from such counselling often have too much guilt or shame to seek it.

If you’re reaching orgasm nearly every time you experience sexual pleasure, that’s a nice sign you’re not holding onto any sexual shame or guilt. Instead, you have a healthy relationship with sex and the pleasures it brings to your body. You’re liberated. 

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9. Your Parents Were Liberated

Many of the ideas were develop about sex form when we are children. Typically, we will take on feelings about sex that are passed down by our parents, or to a lesser extent, by society in general.

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If your parents consciously or unconsciously taught you that sexual desire or sexual expression is shameful, you are far more likely to hold those beliefs as an adult. 

If your parents did a good job of encouraging you to talk about sex and explore your sexuality, there’s a much higher chance you’ll be liberated now.

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10. The Link Between Sexual Liberation And Promiscuity

A lot of people link promiscuity with sexual liberation. And rightly so. Indeed, it would be hard to suggest that someone with 100 sexual partners isn’t sexually liberated. 

Over the last few years, it has been a key idea of the third-wave feminism movement that women are free to give their bodies to as many people as they want, and that this is empowering and liberating.

But the truth is: promiscuity and liberation don’t have to go hand in hand.

It’s possible to be sexually liberated and still only desire sex within the confines of serious romantic relationships. 

By the same token, it’s also possible to be liberated without feeling the need to dress immodestly in public. It’s also possible to be liberated without making pornography and selling it online for $35/month.

Some people like to explore their sexuality only with a partner they love and trust, and that doesn’t necessarily make them any less liberated than an erotic dancer or a porn actress.

Sexual liberation is more to do with how you feel, rather than what you show the world at large.

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11. Opposite Of Sexually Liberated 

When men or women are sexually repressed, they repress all feelings of sexual desire. They stop themselves from being excited about sex. Often, they’ll feel a sense of shame or guilt whenever these feelings of excitement or pleasure pop up. This is the opposite of sexual liberation.

It often happens when you’re taught at a young age that sex is bad or sinful. It can also happen to victims of rape or sexual abuse. Both experiences can make you ashamed or afraid of your sexuality. Needless to say, it can ruin your desire for or enjoyment of any sexual encounters.

If you’re sexually repressed, it’s best to talk about this with a sex therapist. This is an important aspect of your mental health, especially if you’re seeking fulfilling romantic relationships. It’s completely normal for a human to want to make love to their partner and have their sexual needs fulfilled, after all. 

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What Are The Most Sexually Liberated Countries In The World? 

Sexual liberation is ultimately subjective. You might appear to be liberated to some people, yet reserved to others.

This often depends on the country or the society you’re living in. 

World’s Most Sexually Liberated Countries

It’s difficult to measure sexual liberation. The only real numerical way to do so is to ask people how many sexual partners they’ve had in their lives.

However, this is also considered difficult as people have a tendency to self-report inaccurately, due to a fear of judgement. 

For this reason, psychologist Dr. David Schmitt invented a complicated liberation measurement called the Sociosexual Orientation Inventory (SOI).

Based on this, he judged the top 10 most sexually liberated countries in the world to be:   

  1. Finland 
  2. New Zealand 
  3. Slovenia 
  4. Lithuania 
  5. Austria 
  6. Latvia 
  7. Croatia 
  8. Israel 
  9. Bolivia 
  10. Argentina 

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Sexually Liberated Cultures

Religion is a key determining factor of a culture’s sexual liberation. Islam has a lot of strict rules about sexuality, which most followers will embody to the tee. In fact, there are a few religions which suggest that sex is not for pleasure, but purely for married couples who want to birth a child. Followers of these religions might be shamed for expressing any other sexual desire.  

Indeed, cultures with looser ties to religion in general are free to be more sexually liberated. 

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Any Other Questions? 

I hope this guide has given you more awareness about sexual liberation.

If you have a question about this topic, feel free to leave a comment below.

I love to engage with my readers and will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.