Sexual Fasting: 12 Benefits For Intimacy And Orgasm (2023)

Welcome to my comprehensive guide on sexual fasting.

Sexual Fasting
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Below, you’ll learn what is sexual fasting, the main advantages of this practice, how to cope with urges during your sex fast and more…

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients explore ideas that will improve their relationships with those closest to them. 

So, let’s dive in. 

What Is Sexual Fasting?

Sexual fasting is the process of abstaining from sex for a certain period of time. You can engage in it solo or with your partner.

You can define your own terms of a physical fast. Some people choose to abstain from all activity, while others choose only to take full intercourse off the table.

Either way, there are many physical, emotional, and psychological benefits which we’ll discuss in this guide.

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When Should You Try A Sex Fast?

Sex fasting is generally only recommended for a couple who is getting on well and having a lot of sex, but would like to experience the benefits listed below.

If a couple isn’t having a lot of sex, the benefits of a sex fast will be severely reduced and therefore it might not be worth considering. 

If a couple is going through a rough time in their relationship, taking sex off the table could only serve to heighten the conflict between them. A sex fast isn’t generally considered a way to erase all your day-to-day relationship struggles, more of a way to boost the excitement in relationships which already have a solid foundation of love and respect.  

All aspects of physical intimacy arouse hormones that allow couples to bond and de-stress. Taking that away could drive warring couples into meltdowns. Couples who are fighting are encouraged to face their problems head-on, rather than avoiding them and going on a sex fast. 

If you’re single and feel like you may be masturbating too often, a solo sex fast could be just the trick for you. This is often referred to as ‘NoFap’ and you can find a lot of helpful resources by typing this term into a search engine  

You’ll get a solid idea of when you might be engaging in too much sex or masturbation throughout the rest of this guide.    

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How To Suggest Sexual Fasting To Your Partner

You need to be sensitive when you suggest abstaining from sex with your partner. If you’re not careful, you might make them feel that you’re not sexually attracted to them anymore.

To ensure you don’t make them feel like this, make sure to focus on all the potential advantages of a sex fast for both of you.

Essentially, you’re pitching a little bit of frustration now for increased benefits in the future. Delayed gratification for your relationship.

Sex fasting is a lot easier when it feels like you’re both on board, so make sure to agree on the terms and duration of your fast together. If you’re typically having sex once or twice a week, a month-long fast might be suitable. If you’re having a lot of sex, a week-long fast may still bring you a lot of advantages. 

By all means, you can mention how difficult you’re finding to abstain from sex with your partner. They should take it as a compliment.      

12 Benefits Of Sexual Fasting

Here are the most common advantages of sex fasting, mentioned by those who have tried it for themselves.

Benefits Of Sexual Fasting
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1. You Will Increase Your Desire For Each Other

When you abstain from any pleasurable activity, you’ll soon find that your desire for it increases. What’s more, you’ll usually enjoy it more once you finally indulge. These two facts help sex fasting couples increase their libido and overall intimacy in the relationship.

2. You Reset Your Desensitization To Your Partner

It’s common that you’ll become desensitized to most forms of pleasure when you over-indulge in it or become used to it after a long time.

Sexual activity is definitely one of these pleasures. This is why even the most sexually ravenous couples find that their passion wanes and their intimate life becomes ‘stale’ after a while. Sex fasts can help you reset this desensitization and help you enjoy your intimate life like it was the very first time. 

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3. Dopamine Detox

If you abstain from intimacy as part of an overall dopamine detox, you’ll enjoy a range of psychological benefits including improved focus and increased enjoyment of day-to-day pleasures.

If you’re hoping to become more mindful and more fulfilled in life, a full-on dopamine detox is highly recommended. 

4. Help Your Sex Life Go From Monotonous To Momentous

Sex becomes monotonous when you do the same things with the same partners, but only if you’re doing that regularly. A sex fast can make your sexual ‘routine’ more exciting to you.

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5. More Powerful Orgasms

This is a noticeable benefit of increased desire for your partner and increased sensitivity to sexual stimulation. You can expect your orgasms to blow you out of your own body once you complete your sex fast.

6. It Gives You The Space To Focus On Love Over Lust

Some couples make the mistake of allowing their relationship to be centered around sexual activity. A period of abstinence allows you to focus on other important parts of a relationship. This is your opportunity to improve communication, show gratitude for your partner in other ways and experience a deeper connection.

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7. Create Time To Consider Your Truest Desires

A break from your autopilot sexual routine can create the space to help you gain a new perspective about where you most intense sexual desires lie. What is it you miss most about intimacy with your partner? Is there something else you’re craving that you’d love to try once the fast is over? These are great questions to think about during your period of abstinence.

Make sure to talk about the answers with your partner too.     

8. Fix Your Sexual Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be an extreme result of the desensitisation that arrives when over-indulging in sexual activity. 

This is a common problem in porn addicts whose arousal from ‘normal’ sex become desensitized because they’re so used to the perfect bodies and extreme sexual situations depicted in adult movies. Female porn addicts can lose their libido for the same reasons.

Either way, a sex and masturbation fast can reset your desensitisation, increase your arousal levels for all forms of sexual activity and hopefully improve your sexual performance. 

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9. Improve Your Physical Health

There are plenty of health benefits linked with sexual intercourse, but the occasional sex fast could improve your health even further. 

This practice is sometimes recommended as part of an extreme ayurvedic cleanse, which removes toxins from your body helping you feel at your physical best. The main part of this health cleanse involves fasting from certain food.

10. Unlock ‘God Mode’ With Semen Retention

The NoFap community are adamant about the physical advantages that arise when you abstain from ejaculating. The reported advantages include: increased focus, increased energy, as well as increased strength and stamina. There is no scientific evidence to back this up, but the masses of men testifying about these advantages are hard to ignore.

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11. Spiritual Growth

There is arguably a level of spiritual growth obtained from abstaining from watching porn or engaging in casual sex (or even in avoiding sex outside of marriage, according to many religions).

Of course, your opinions on this perspective will ultimately be down to your own morals and beliefs. 

12. Emotional Healing

Many sex or porn addicts turn to orgasms and physical sensations as a way of distracting themselves from the problems in their lives. These addictions occur because the problems never disappear that way.

By abstaining from these physical sensations for a while, you may force yourself to face your problems head on and improve your mental health as a result.     

How To Cope With Urges During Sex Fasting

If you’re getting intense sexual urges towards your partner, that’s a good thing. It might even have been one of the key benefits you were hoping for.

Sex Fasting
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Still, you’re going to want to find some discipline to ensure you get through the duration of your fast and receive the full advantages. 

In a couple, it’s easier because it only takes one of you to have the self-control to say ‘no’.

Dampening your urges could be as simple as spending a couple of minutes away from that person, or doing something else to keep your mind off sex.

Alternatively, you can engage in the other acts of physical intimacy which are still allowed during your fast. I’d recommend you explore each other’s bodies using a mindful technique called ‘sensate focus’, which involves different forms of body touching to improve intimacy in a relationship. Just make sure you have the strength to make sure things don’t get too heated!

If you’re engaging on a solo NoFap journey, it can be tougher because you’ve got no-one to hold you accountable.

Similarly though, if you’re feeling urges to masturbate, the key is to do something to change your mood and take your mind off it. First things first, you should immediately step away from your web-connected devices. From there, try putting on some music, going for a run or taking a cold shower.

There are communities of NoFap advocates online, which you might want to engage in for extra motivation.         

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Any More Questions?

Thanks for reading my guide on sexual fasting. I hope you now have a clearer idea about whether this practice could improve your life or your relationship.

If you have any questions about sex fasting or would like to share other aspects of your life that improved during this practice, feel free to leave me a comment below. 

I’d love to talk further about this topic and it would be great to hear from you.