17 Best Self Help Magazines In (2024)

Below, you’ll find my list of the 17 best self-help magazines available in (2024).

I’m a certified life coach and these are my favorite magazines in the self-help genre. 

In this list, I’ve included the topics covered in each publication, as well as tips for getting hold of it.

So, let’s dive in. 

1. Psychology Today

Psychology Today is perhaps one of the most well-known magazines in the personal development genre. Its first issue was published in 1967. The magazine is currently available on a bi-monthly basis.

The magazine covers various aspects of human behaviour to help readers improve their grasp on their own mental health and personal relationships.

The Psychology Today magazine’s simple tagline is “Here To Help”. It’s available to buy in more than 20 countries. The popular Psychology Today blog is packed with helpful tips and articles from some of the best-known self-help experts too. 

2. Success

Success Magazine focuses primarily on business, but it regularly publishes content related to mindset and the psychology of successful entrepreneurs. Of course, most entrepreneurs are interested in self-help, as it takes a certain level of personal development to succeed in the business world.

The monthly magazine is aimed at those “who take full responsibility for their own development and income”.

Success Enterprises, the company responsible for the magazine, was founded in 1897. 

3. Flow

Flow Magazine encourages creativity, positivity, mindfulness and self-love. It publishes in English, Dutch, German and French and is distributed across the world. Flow includes prompts which encourage you to express your creative side. The illustrations are always a highlight and each issue features a gift of specialist paper.

4. Wellbeing

Wellbeing Magazine is based in Australia and has been providing inspiration to its female target audience for over 30 years. 

The magazine’s articles focus on real-life stories related to happy, healthy and ethical living. It has a family of sister publications, focusing specifically on diet, astrology and yoga among others, which you can buy on its website. 

The Wellbeing blog and email newsletter is a great free resource for anyone interested in these topics.  

5. Breathe

Breathe Magazine focuses on creating a calmer mind. You’ll learn how to treat your body and soul better by subscribing to this magazine. That’s key to a happier life. 

Each issue contains five sections on: wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escape.

You’ll love the beautiful unique illustrations. Creative minds can gain inspiration from the recommended craft projects. 

It’s available to buy in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom, although there is a sister French publication with the same name. 

Teen Breathe is another sister publication aimed at eight-to-14 year-olds.

6. Mindful

Mindful Magazine is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to the beautiful art of mindfulness. 

Its goal is to inspire readers across the world to enjoy better health and stronger relationships with others.

Subscribe and you can have it delivered to your home, wherever you live. Mindful also produces stellar blog posts and digital courses to help you calm your mind.  

7. Bella Grace

Bella Grace is centred around the idea that an ordinary life can be extraordinary.

Born in 2014, this is “the magazine that believes it’s a book.”. 

With zero outside advertising, there is more room for awe-inspiring stories and compelling photography. The whole magazine is an inspirational masterpiece.

You can expect stories about the wonders of imperfection, the magic of everyday life and the positive impact of calming your mind. 

One of the most in-depth publications on this list, for sure. 

8. Thoughtfully 

Thoughtfully aims to encourage self-development by changing the way you think about important psychological topics.

Readers can expect stories about wellness, self-care, holistic health, as well as authentic, transparent and intentional living,  

Thoughtfully is available to buy from news stands and independent retailers in the United States and Canada, although subscribers can have it shipped anywhere in the world. 

9. Happiful

Happiful is a monthly magazine dedicated to mental health and wellbeing. The magazine aims to break the stigma on mental health via a range of inspirational and informative and personal stories, features and tips.

If you want to understand how mental health affects the body and mind on a deeper level, it could be considered an essential purchase. 

The print edition is available to buy from plenty of UK retailers, but the digital magazines can be downloaded for free across the world.

10. Live Happy

Reading Live Happy Magazine will help you to find real and authentic happiness in your life. It is packed with inspirational stories and tips surrounding the psychology of positivity.

Readers should walk away feeling empowered and inspired to start their personal growth journey.

The magazine is available in English and Spanish. As well as these useful self-help magazines, The Live Happy podcast is highly recommended too. 

11. Experience Life

Experience Life is a personal growth magazine centred around the main idea that we can start enjoying a better life by taking better care of our body. However, you can expect the magazine to cover mental health and wellness too. 

Life Time, the company that owns the magazine, also operates athletic resorts and athletic events. You’ll get great value from the Experience Life blog posts too.  

12. Cadaceus

Caduceus magazine focuses on psychological and emotional healing, spirituality and personal development. It’s one of the more established self-care magazines on this list. 

Since 1987, it has experienced tremendous growth and established itself as the authority on these topics. When you read this magazine, you can expect to see tips on holistic healing, energy work and medicines among other other things.

You can subscribe to this quarterly magazine, and order back issues of past magazines via its website.

13. Mantra Wellness

This quarterly magazine tackles personal development from all angles.

In each issue you read, you can expect tips on health, beauty, mindfulness, travel and general life hacks.  

It’s widely available to buy from magazine retailers across the United States. A digital subscription is available to buy on its website.  

14. Belong

Belong is a quarterly self-development magazine aimed at female entrepreneurs.

Inside, women share stories of their business journey. Readers can also expect articles about creativity, community and inspiration from the business world. 

One of the publication’s main goals is to encourage a stronger family-like community of female entrepreneuers. This is why the editorial team makes space to share some key conferences, networking events and business resources from around the world. 

15. Happinez

Happinez is a German magazine focusing on spirituality and personal growth.

As you may have guessed from the title of this magazine, it is packed with unique tips for increasing your happiness and overall wellbeing. 

It is available to buy in 20 countries, but you can subscribe online and have it shipped to your address anywhere in the world. 

16. In The Moment

This was a UK-based magazine, which aimed to teach women how to live a calmer more mindful life. The magazine was divided into four sections, focusing on wellbeing, creating, living and escaping.

No new issues of this magazine are being published, but you can still order digital back issues online.  

17. Real Simple

Real Simple is a monthly lifestyle magazine aimed at women. The monthly magazine was founded in 2000 and has a circulation of around 2 million in the United States.

During the height of its popularity, Real Simple had a TV show of the same name in the mid-2000s.  

The Real Simple magazine features articles related to homemaking, childcare, cooking and emotional wellbeing, among other topics. Real Simple promotes a minimalistic lifestyle and this is echoed by the simple layout of the magazine.

Any Questions About These Self-Help Magazines? 

I hope you enjoyed this article about my favorite self-help magazines. Please share it with your friends and family if you did!

Indeed, if you enjoyed this list, I think you’d be interested in checking out my favorite self-awareness books too.

They’re all interesting reads that’ll aid your personal development.

If you have any questions about self-help magazines, especially the ones in this list, feel free to leave a comment below. 

Please let me know which publications helped to improve your life, even if it’s not featured on this list. 

It would be great to hear what you think.  

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