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Life Balance – The Minimalists

The minimalistic approach is a good counter pole to the influence of our society and it’s advertising in which more, faster, better, and beautiful is the state of the art. To follow the principles of minimalism gave me a huge amount of freedom in my life and helped me to improve my life balance.

If you are looking for more time, you should also explore the minimalistic approach. One of the main principles of minimalism is to ask constantly if this, what you are spending your time and life with is valuable. If you put this question behind everything you do, it is easier to focus on the important things and you have more time immediately.


In his New York Times Bestseller, Greg McKeown gave me an extraordinary wakeup call. It helped me to question all the tasks I get from outside. It helped me improve my communication while saying no. And it helped me to prioritize and to get more effective in my work. All this together improved my life balance and helped me to appreciate every hour I have in my life.

Life Balance Essentialism

The upside of stress

Stress often causes us to get out of life balance. In this talk psychologist, Kelly McGonigal shows how to see stress differently. Her interesting talk is based on the newest research about stress and helped me a lot to have a better life balance.

The 4-Hour Workweek

Timothy Ferriss is a serial entrepreneur and his book is one of the classics when it’s about having more life balance, time and money.

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