Happiness – Emotional First Aid

You sometimes feel lonely? Or you are being harsh on yourself? Psychologist Guy Winch inspired me with his TED Talk about Emotional First Aid. His talk helped me to focus more on my inner self-communication and to stop negative self-talk. His advice is very helpful for everyone and can definitely cause more happiness in life.

If you want to go deeper in emotional first aid and more happiness you can check out his great book:

happiness first aid

The Power of Vulnerability – Dr. Brené Brown

This is one of the most touching talks I ever saw. Here comes a very important milestone for true happiness and fulfillment! Enjoy watching.

Why are we happy?

Have you ever asked yourself what makes us happy? Psychologist Dan Gilbert gives a very interesting Ted Talk about happiness and why we are happy. What effects happiness and how long does it last?
I would never have considered the results Dr. Gilbert found out. They surprised me and I guess they will also surprise you.

Life is easy

You have the feeling life is hard with all the liabilities we have? Here comes one of my favorites. This charming and sympathetic Thai explains how easy life is. It’s really worth watching! He questions fundamental aspects of our modern society and he somehow manages to flip our perspective upside down. Wow!

The 6-Minute Diary

This Book really raised my personal happiness.
A SIMPLE & SCIENTIFIC APPROACH to a HAPPIER AND MORE FULFILLED life – The 6-Minute Diary is not only based on scientific studies that are proven to increase happiness over time, but also on the feedback from more than 80.000 users. The result is a book that induces positive and powerful habits in your everyday life!

Studies have shown the positive effects of a daily dairy routine. By concentrating on the positive moments and celebrating the small successes in life a positive attitude towards life gets strengthened. You don’t have to write novels. 3 Minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening are enough. Since I began working with the 6 Minutes Diary, my satisfaction with my life has increased exponentially.

The 6-Minute-Diary

10% Happier

Dan Harris is a very successful journalist, working as a correspondent for ABC News. His story is compelling. He talks about the up and downs in his career and explains what he found on his journey and what gives him more happiness.

He also wrote this #1 New York Time Bestseller about being 10% happier


All it takes – 10 mindful minutes

Andy Puddicombe explains in this TED Talk how 10 minutes a day can make you calmer, clearer and more productive. Also, our level of happiness can rise with this 10 minutes a day.

Andy developed www.headspace.com which became famous throughout the whole world and it’s definitely worth giving it a try. Many of my days start with Andy’s voice. Thanks for this great service. Andy also motivates me heavily as an entrepreneur. He is one of the few who manages to focus 100% on the needs of his clients and customers.

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