Scorpio And Pisces Friendship Compatibility 2024 (+Love & Intimacy)

Is Pisces compatible with Scorpio? Is Scorpio a good romantic partner for Pisces? These two can easily be best friends or deeper yet, soulmates.

Scorpio and Pisces Friendship
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Find out why and learn about Scorpio and Pisces compatibility, plus love and intimacy.

Let’s dive in.


Scorpio and Pisces are attracted to each other. Their characteristics of loyalty and passion along with their kindred emotional and spiritual tendency. Indeed, it’s the best zodiac couple pair.

1. Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman

The compatibility between Pisces man and Scorpio woman brings stability and individuality to each other’s life. They’re like the missing pieces of a puzzle to one another.

Blessed with the ability to read between the lines, they yearn for a connection that has the potential to sustain against all odds. The connection they feel instantly is solely attributed to Scorpio woman’s sensitive personality and Pisces man’s intense emotions.

2. Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman

A Scorpio man and a Pisces woman can create an incredible atmosphere of passion (both the physical and emotional nature) and honesty. A Pisces woman might try to escape to counter feelings of grief and disappointment.

Whereas a Scorpio man might become so attached to his Pisces partner that he might even end up being possessive about her. A hunger for loyalty drives a Scorpio man.

3. Pisces And Scorpio Friendship

These two bond best with each other. These are some of the aspects that fuel their friendship.

  • Compassion: These two zodiac signs both have a highly compassionate nature which lets them get along quite well.
  • Good Listeners: Communication from both the signs works efficiently as they can instantly relate to each other.
  • Forgiving: Pisces, being a mutable sign, is notable for forgiving their fellow Scorpios easily.
  • Intuitive: This is a common trait in both of them which if they trust leads them to befriend each other.
  • Spiritual And Philosophical: Besides being highly intuitive, these two water signs possess inherent traits of going beyond reality.

They’re on a quest to seek spiritual awakening while prioritizing philosophical ideas. Fantasy and ecstatic emotions revolve around these souls. They crave deep emotional connection and can make that available to each other.

4. Love Compatibility

A Pisces can go far to handle a Scorpio woman or man’s difficulty to express themselves.

  • Loyalty: Both signs maintain loyalty and they also expect loyal partners, especially the Scorpio partner.
  • Passion: A Scorpio and a Pisces work together well if they’re passionate in almost every aspect of their lives.
  • Supportive: A typical Pisces may go with the flow, while a Scorpio will be there to inspire and guide them. A Pisces can soften a Scorpio’s hard character.

In relationships, both signs are determined to support each other relentlessly through thick and thin.

  • Trustworthy: Trust is the key to this pair’s successful relationship. They put their trust in each other before committing to a relationship.
  • Mutual Understanding: They both foster mutual understanding by prioritizing each other’s needs before their own.
  • Attachment: It’s important to know that a Scorpio can gradually get too attached to the Pisces partner. And they might do anything to keep them close.

5. Intimacy Compatability

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility is regarded as an enthralling and fun intimate pair. While Scorpio is passionate, Pisceans are hopeless romantics. The channelization of their sexual energy is mysterious as well as magical.

  • Pisces and Scorpio prioritize emotional bonding before setting forth their feet in the bedroom.
  • Scorpios are specifically known for being the most sexual among all the signs and stand out due to their propensity for intimacy. Fantasy and euphoric emotions adorn the personalities of Pisces. 
  • Experimentation is always on their to-do list. They like to push and go beyond their comfort zone.
  • Endurance is what they try to build up while engaging in intimate affairs.
  • The level of fulfillment and satisfaction they derive from each other is unparalleled.

6. Marriage Compatibility

The Pisces and Scorpio relationship is always on the road to evolving. Pisces can be prone to lying, but Scorpios are shrewd and hard to deceive. They’re empathetic by nature which keeps their bond strong.

  • Pisces can turn a house into a home that has soothing and peaceful vibes, while Scorpio will most likely contribute to shaping that home into one free from prying eyes and holds privacy.
  • As the Pisces Scorpio match grows old together, a harmonious relationship ensues between them.
  • Scorpio’s intense passion will keep the flame of love burning, while Pisces, creative and artistic talents, will allow new ideas to flow.
  • Their marriage would be based on the profound spiritual and emotional connection they share.

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Scorpio And Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Astrologically Scorpio and Pisces compatibility is extremely good.

A Scorpio will be possessive and fearful if they feel vulnerable. However, a Pisces will be trustworthy enough to remind them their friendship is safe and secure.

Pisces are interested in mystical and philosophical ideas. They will have big dreams and goals. While the zodiac sign Scorpio loves to be mysterious. It’s no secret that they’re a determined go-getter. They will help the Pisces achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.

Although it might seem like nothing can bother a Scorpio, they’re surprisingly insecure. They can be secretly scared of abandonment and betrayal by people who mean the most to them. 

Luckily, a Pisces’ gentle nature will help a Scorpio feel safe and secure. They’ll make a Scorpio feel comfortable to open up about their emotions because they won’t judge. Anything they say will be kept in confidence

Both water signs are determined to reach their goals. Once an idea gets into their head, they will follow it through without slowing down or quitting. When these two pair up, they are unstoppable.

If Pisces ever has doubts about themselves, Scorpio will give them a pep talk. They’ll encourage them to continue chasing their dreams. These two star signs will support each other through thick and thin. 

Scorpio And Pisces Female Friendship

These two zodiac signs become good friends due to their shared interests and their ability to put up with each other’s quirks.

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility
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Water signs Pisces and Scorpio have a lot in common right from the start. They share the same intuition, imagination, and creativity.

This makes them great friends who can understand each other on a deep level. They also have similar values, which means they will likely be attracted to one another’s morals and beliefs.

Pisces And Scorpio Friendship Problems

There are also some differences between the Pisces and Scorpio compatibility that can make their friendship a little challenging if no one is willing to compromise.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, and Pisces is a mutable water sign, which means while the first is only focusing on one task at a time and mutable signs don’t mind changing directions and projects, which,  to the Scorpio, could look wishy-washy.

The sensitive nature of Pisces can be a lot more emotional than Scorpio. This means Pisces may need more reassurance and support from their Scorpio friend.

Additionally, Pisces can be quite gullible, while Scorpio is more skeptical. This can lead to

disagreements and conflict between them, but it’s nothing that they can’t overcome with some effort.

Scorpio as a fixed sign, can lead to a tendency to become very controlling and headstrong. This can cause Pisces to feel suffocated by their unyielding need for control.

If both of these signs have a good understanding of each other’s differences and work together to find solutions, then the Pisces and Scorpio friendship will be able to overcome any obstacle thrown at it.

The most challenging aspect of this friendship is that Pisces and Scorpio may have a hard time communicating their needs to each other.

The Scorpio tendency to hold things in can cause the friendship to become very one-sided. They may feel like they’re alone when it’s really just because they aren’t expressing themselves well enough for their Pisces friend to understand.

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Why Do Scorpios Like Pisces So Much?

The Pisces and Scorpio compatibility is deeply satisfying to the Scorpio’s heart and soul. The Scorpio love for Pisces is based on this zodiac sign understanding Scorpio in a way that few people do.

Despite the aura of power they exude, Scorpios are deeply sensitive souls. Beneath their intimidating persona resides a bottomless pit of emotion that threatens to swallow them whole. 

Scorpios recognize a similar sensitivity in Pisces people who are by contrast more mellow, kind and compassionate.

However, Scorpio tends to redirect their intense emotions and insecurities into a conscious or subconscious drive for power and control, possibly to protect themselves from emotional pain and feelings of vulnerability.

They may sometimes display a jealous streak with their partners out of fear and this tendency may turn many romantic interests away from them.

However, Pisces’ calm, laid back demeanor puts Scorpio at ease and provides a refuge away from the hectic demands and stressors of modern life. Pisces is more submissive and willing to let Scorpio take the lead so power struggles are not likely to be an issue.

The Scorpio and Pisces compatibility is able to form a powerful emotional bond that provides the level of intimacy they love.

Scorpio And Pisces Relationship

Here are some suggestions for these two signs to help them to keep their relationship strong:

  • The Scorpio person could work on not being too controlling of their Pisces friend, giving them more space and freedom
  • If things are becoming too overwhelming for this pair, it’s important they take a step back to make sure emotions don’t take over the experience entirely.
  • Pisces and Scorpio could make an effort to listen when the other is talking in order to get to the heart of an issue.
  • The Pisces person can try not to be indecisive or wishy-washy, and instead, make choices they’re comfortable with and stick by them even if it means making a decision alone.
  • Scorpio can learn to let go of anger with their friend’s indecision and remain patient so their Pisces friend works out the best decisions for themselves.
  • The Pisces person could remember to think things through before acting in order to make sure they don’t overwhelm their extremely sensitive Scorpio friend.
  • These two signs could find a creative project to work on, which will create a strong and meaningful bond to help them to learn more about each other.
  • Make it the goal of every challenge or argument to come up with a compromise, so there aren’t one-ended outcomes and both feel heard.

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Are Scorpio And Pisces Soulmates?

Both Scorpio and Pisces are looking for their Soulmates, and their shared vision of the future leads to a deeply romantic bond where sparks fly from day one.

Scorpio and Pisces make for a true soulmate couple, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have problems.


  • Emotional Connection: Both Scorpio and Pisces prefer to have emotionally rich relationships, which can make for intense moments together. They treat intimacy as a way of deepening their connection.
  • Shared Hobbies: Both Pisces and Scorpio love spending time alone — so they’ll both be understanding of that if they live together.
  • Balance: Scorpio gives Pisces the attention they need and Pisces calm demeanor soothes Scorpio’s fiery temper. 


  • Hurt feelings: There are intense emotions in this relationship. Since Scorpio and Pisces are both sensitive, it’s good for both to remember to be sensitive to their partners’ feelings before saying anything critical.

They’re both overthinkers who are way too much in their heads, and that can lead to a lot of unnecessary anxiety in the relationship. So remembering to drop down into the heart more can help.

  • Openness: Pisces wears their emotions on their sleeve, but it can take a lot of time and patience for Scorpio to open up.
  • Aggression: Scorpio sun sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of warlike aggression, so you know they can seem aggressive if something bothers them.

The problem is that, instead of fighting back, Pisces might shut down and retreat into their own little world, which can permanently damage the relationship.

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Scorpio And Pisces Intimately

Both of these signs are interested in serious, committed relationships. They make an excellent pairing because they want the same things out of life and are able to communicate efficiently. 

They trust each other enough to open up about their thoughts and emotions, which is something that does not always happen with a Scorpio. With the wrong person, Scorpio will close themselves off, but with a Pisces lover, they feel safe enough to show their vulnerability.

Scorpios possessive nature can be overwhelming for a Pisces, so they’ll benefit by respecting each other’s strict boundaries. 

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility (Pisces male + Scorpio woman)

The Pisces man and Scorpio woman compatibility leads to a strong love match. They work well as a team and will help each other make their dreams come true.

Together, anything is possible. A Scorpio Pisces pairing could be great, as long as they put their differences aside.

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility (Pisces woman + Scorpio man)

Scorpio and Pisces compatibility is very high. Although a Scorpio male has jealous tendencies, Pisces is a loyal sign. There won’t be any reason for a Scorpio to worry about their Pisces girl straying.

They will feel comfortable in the relationship because they know their connection is real.

These two kindred spirits share a committed relationship and be there for each other through thick and thin. There are differences in how they emotionally express themselves, yet when they work together toward a common goal, their bond becomes unbreakable.

Always keep in mind other factors that will influence the astrological compatibility of these two signs, such as other planet placements in each person’s charts, as well as their aspects. 

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