31 Best Ways To Respect Your Wife’s Feelings (2024)

Most men like being respected by their wives. Yet few consider that their wives need their respect as well for their marriage to thrive.

Respect Your Wife’s Feelings
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But in reality, for your wife to feel valued, you must respect her.

So today you’ll find out the most powerful things you can do to respect your wife’s feelings. We might as well get started.

Let’s dive in.

How To Respect Your Wife

Respecting your wife makes them feel heard, seen, and safe in your presence which is all a woman needs from a man to enjoy a happy relationship. So how do you do it?

1. Learn About Her

Getting to know your wife doesn’t end when you step in the door of your family home. It must continue so you can be in the loop of what your wife likes and dislikes and ultimately, what makes her feel respected and what doesn’t.

And as long as your wife realizes you’re still curious about her, she’ll feel respected.

Keep in mind that your wife will change over time as her values and perspectives of life change so you musn’t think you know her completely. Keep on asking her questions. Keep on getting to know her.

2. Listen To Her

When you respect someone, you’ll be constantly interested in listening to them. Your wife knows this and will therefore feel valued by you if you continually express interest in listening to them.

Ensure that you keep your attention on her as much as you can when she’s talking. Things like checking your phone or the TV are stuff you shouldn’t be doing whenever she’s talking to you so she can know you respect her feelings.

3. Believe Her When She Tells You How She Feels

One blunder many men do is dismissing their wife’s feelings as overreacting. This makes women feel greatly disrespected.

But if you want to be respectful to your wife’s feelings, you need to trust her when she tells you how she feels about things. Respect for a woman is as simple as such things.

4. Apologize Mindfully

Instead of mindlessly telling your wife you’re sorry when they point out a mistake you’ve done, explain what you understand to be wrong whenever you spot an issue and tell them how sorry you are. 

It can be something like:

“I understand I should’ve helped you with household chores yesterday so you could rest more. I’m really sorry.”

5. Make Changes To Stop Hurting Her

Too many apologies make apologizing a whole lot meaningless. That’s why a woman will know you disrespect her despite your many apologies over the same issue.

A man who respects their wife would strive to fix their mistakes. They won’t be perfect at it but they’ll sure make effort.

Your woman needs to see you making such an effort to stop hurting her feelings.

6. Communicate Respectfully Where You Don’t Agree

Of course, we all get into marriages with some outrageous expectations our partners can’t meet. And that’s true regarding some things your wife demands.

But you needn’t dismiss her expectations just because they seem too much to you.

Where you don’t agree on some things they think you’re doing wrong, sit down together and negotiate your perspectives. You might have to practice the next point on some things.

7. Accept And Appreciate Your Differences

You can’t agree on all things with your wife. And that’s beautiful. But your wife has to know you don’t belittle or alienate her in any way because of them.

In fact, you can appreciate such differences with comments like, “Wow, I’ve never viewed things that way before” or “That’s an interesting way of looking at it.”

Actions speak louder than words though so appreciate her varying views with gestures like buying her a weird gift she likes.

8. Appreciate Her

Women enjoy having a man who “sees” them. A man who not only compliments her looks, but also the state of her soul along with the unique way she does things.

 A man who sees his wife might say things like:

  • I love the way you look in that hairstyle
  • I don’t know why people bother so much about the way they wake up, you look stunning to me every morning
  • I alone know how amazing you are inside out
  • You just make me smile whenever I watch you take care of the kids, you’re so loving
  • I love the way you make everybody feel at home, I’m really lucky to have you
  • You always make me want to be a better dad, a better man

Your wife wants to be respected for who she is inside out. She’s waiting to hear you say and do things that speak, “I see you” always.

9. Play Your Roles Responsibly

Your married life probably has tasks that you normally carry out and those your wife does. If it’s indeed a partnership, your wife would love to see you working your end of the bargain. That’s what makes her feel respected.

So before we go on about other things, it’s wise to have this basic need of a successful marriage done with. Be the husband she expects you to be.

10. Involve Her In Important Decisions

Making your wife feel respected is as simple as keeping her in the loop regarding everything that pertains to the two of you. It could be about the state and flow of your finances, you getting a promotion, or buying a home among other things.

Important Decisions
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It doesn’t matter that you’re the only one providing financial security, just keeping her informed goes a long way in keeping your married life happy.

11. Collaborate With Her

If you have projects your wife can prove useful to, involve her. She doesn’t have to contribute financially or be on the managing team. Just fit in her skills somewhere.

When your wife gets to work with you, she feels you respect her for whatever she brings to the table. And that’s a big deal. 

12. Ask Her Opinion

Make asking your wife’s opinion a habit in your daily life. You might think she’ll meddle in your affairs but think about it. Asking for her opinion doesn’t mean taking everything she says as your decision.

It’s about getting the perspective of someone you trust. And making them feel valued in the process.

13. Celebrate Her Publicly

Celebrating someone in private shows you really value them. But celebrating them in public shows how proud you are of them. 

That’s why you should praise her every opportunity you get in public. This can be as simple as acknowledging her efforts in front of family and friends or even surprising her on her birthday at her workplace.

14. Treasure Her Loved Ones

This is a special one yet not many people realize it.

Find ways to appreciate your wife’s friends and family every chance you get. Maybe you’d be willing to offer help to her loved one in need – anything to show her that you treasure the people she chooses to love.

15. Keep Your Word

If you have to do one thing on this list, at least do this. It’s everything.

No human being feels respected by someone who constantly fails to meet their promises. No one even respects such a person.

So if you’re looking to respect your wife’s feelings, make sure you do everything in your power to do what you say you’ll do. You might not deliver every promise but you’ll make most of them.

16. Take A Stand With Your Wife In Public

Sometimes you have to face those awkward moments where your wife is wrong in public. But you have to make a way for whatever she said or did to slide instead of challenging her right there.

She must know that you’re there to protect her from public embarrassment whenever she messes up. After all, you’re partners in this.

You can take her aside and talk to her in private or wait for the two of you to get home first.

17.  Trust Her

Respecting your wife is about dealing with any insecurities you might have about her cheating and letting her live her individual life.

No constant texting and calling plus questions that pry every one of her moves. Also, keep away from checking her phone for any evidence of her infidelity. Trust your wife and she’ll feel respected.

18. Relieve Your Wife Of Her Duties Sometimes

This is something you can do from time to time for your wife to show her that you respect whatever she does for you at home. You can tell her to spend time with her friends so you can deal with chores at home.

Relieve Your Wife
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You can also do stuff as simple as helping her with some household chores when you’re free. Respect is sometimes showing extra kindness even when you don’t have to.

19. Support Her Dreams

Your wife probably has dreams of her own. So show her that her dreams are valid by encouraging her and offering any assistance you can to help her pursue her ambitions.

When you let her follow her dreams, she feels respected as a person which then adds up to a happy marriage.

20. Fight Away From Third Parties

Fighting should be a private thing between you and your wife. Therefore whenever you sense you’re about to argue, move away from people including your kids.

Doing this would show your wife that you have respect for both of you and especially her.

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21. Respect Her Boundaries

We all have boundaries we don’t like anyone crossing. And one easy way we know someone truly respects us is if they strive to keep up with those boundaries we set.

So don’t try to break the boundaries your wife set. Instead, make effort to stick to them. That alone is proof enough that you respect her.

22. Avoid Talking Negatively Of Her With Others

Praising your wife in public isn’t enough to show her you respect her if she hears rumors of your badmouthing from others. That’s why you need to quit airing your dirty laundry to others and keep your wife’s flaws to yourself.

While you can have someone trustworthy to confide in with your marital matters, don’t involve anyone else in such talk. When she knows you keep her stuff private, she knows you honor her.

23. Be Honest With Her

Transparency is one of the fundamental requirements for mutual respect in any relationship. So be honest with your wife in everything so much so that she can trust you no matter what other people say.

Trusting her with yourself makes her feel respected for the long term as long as you stay consistent. She has to know she can trust you.

24. Handle Her As An Equal

Women are used to being disrespected by men everywhere from work to the streets. That’s why it’s so important to her that she finds respect in her home where her husband although having different roles, treats her as an equal.

What we mentioned earlier especially involving her in decisions making really helps make a wife feel equality in marriage.

25. Avoid Aggression

Many emotionally weak men use aggression as a weapon for putting a wife cooperative. But it’s the worst thing to do if you wish to make your wife feel respected.

She would feel insecure with you instead.

Learn about Assertive Anger so that you can know how to communicate effectively and yet respectfully to your wife. This way your wife not only feels respected but you also gain your wife’s respect.

26. Give Her Freedom To Practice Her Beliefs

You can demand your wife to emulate all if not most of your principles. But this only makes her feel you disrespect her beliefs and would rather have her as a puppet rather than a partner.

This is especially unfair if she comes from a different culture and you married her knowing it.

But if you want your wife to feel respected, it’s best to let her practice some if not all her beliefs while presenting the truth of what you believe to her. 

27. Stay Loyal To Her

Being honest with your wife is more than telling the truth. Even if you think you won’t get caught, don’t cheat on your wife.

This is the basic code for respecting your wife you’d want to follow if you want a successful marriage.

28. Encourage Her To Speak Up

Most women have their opinions suppressed due to the general nature of the male-dominated culture that’s in most families.  

But if you encourage your wife to let her voice be heard whether it’s between the two of you, among friends, or to the whole world, she’d feel a lot respected.

29. Treat Her

Respect for your wife also means simple gestures of love that you can give her regularly as her spouse. This means studying what simple and complex things your wife loves and doing them.

Your wife feels respected when you treat her as a fresh date instead of dismissing her as a beat-down woman undeserving of tender care.

30. Critique Her With Care

In all you do, you’d probably have to offer constructive criticism to your wife so she can grow to be a better person.

Still, you need to do it while showing respect as her best friend and fan in the whole world.

You can use the 3 positives offsetting 1 negative formula as a strategy to offer criticism to your wife. Here’s how it goes:

  • First compliment: You know you’re the best mom in the world, right?
  • Second compliment: I really appreciate how you work hard to nurture our kids right
  • Third compliment: You really make parenting easy for me as their dad you know
  • Criticism: There’s just one thing you can improve hun

You get the point.

31. Continually Make Effort To Grow As A Individual

Of course, keeping up with these tips would be stressful if you’re not growing as a person. So dive into personal development or work on your spiritual man if religion works better for you.

When you grow more empathetic, understanding your wife’s feelings would come more naturally to you. If you become more assertive, you’d find yourself getting less and less aggressive with your wife. You get the point.

Growing as an individual is what makes you do things in a better way so never stop learning, never stop seeing your flaws, and never stop changing. Respecting your wife depends on that.

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What Does Respecting Your Wife Mean?

Respecting your wife is all about being sensitive to her feelings and therefore making effort to not hurt her. You can do this by first learning what she likes and dislikes, striving to do the things she likes, and keeping away from hurting her. It’s a work in progress you’d keep getting better at as time goes.

How Do You Tell Your Wife You Respect Her? How A Husband Should Treat A Wife?

Here’s how to show respect to your wife:

  1.  Learn About Her
  2. Listen To Her
  3. Believe Her When She Tells You How She Feels
  4. Apologize Mindfully
  5. Make Changes To Stop Hurting Her
  6. Communicate Respectfully Where You Don’t Agree
  7. Accept And Appreciate Your Differences
  8. Appreciate Her
  9. Play Your Roles Responsibly
  10. Involve Her In Important Decisions
  11. Collaborate With Her
  12. Ask Her Opinion

How Does A Man Honor His Wife?

You can honor your wife by learning about her and treating her the way she wants to be treated. While most women are similar, your wife has a nature that sets her apart from other women. You have to study her so you can do things that make her feel honored, loved,  and lucky to be the only woman in your life.

The Final Note

Your wife is your partner for life. That’s why respecting her feelings goes a long way in making her happy.

Now what?

Choose the strategies above that best resonate with your situation and start practicing. After some time, you’ll master how to respect your wife’s feelings which also earns your wife’s respect for you. It’s a two-way street. 

So hey, if you loved this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends to better marriages and ultimately, lives.

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