22 Best Reality Shifting Methods (2024) Complete Guide

Reality shifting is a process of guiding your consciousness with your imagination to change or transcend your physical reality through mental relaxation and autosuggestion.

Key Takeaways

  • There are dozens of reality shifting methods that have been tried, tested and labelled as highly effective.
  • Anyone is capable of shifting reality, although it requires a lot of focus and self-belief.
  • Browse the list of different shifting methods below and choose a method that resonates best with you.
Reality Shifting Methods
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Practitioners have revealed that these “quantum” journeys can be taken in an awakened state of mind and not necessarily while sleeping.

Keep reading for all the info on the best reality shifting methods.

Let’s dive in.

1. The Raven Method

Lie down comfortably in a starfish position with your feet and arms spread out not touching each other. Stay loose and relaxed with a calm state of mind.

Count from 0-100 and between numbers repeat a positive affirmation or whatever you want to manifest. Visualize yourself drifting closer and closer to your desired outcome.

Link: Raven Shifting Method

2. The Pillow Method

The Pillow Method Reality Shifting
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For the Pillow Method, have a comprehensive script with the names of characters you wish to see or meet and the chain of events you wish to experience.

Even details like odors and tastes can be specified in your script.

Place the piece of paper under your pillow before sleeping or resting and with the intent of what you wish to attract while you shift. 

Link: Pillow Method Shifting

3. The Heartbeat Method

The Heartbeat Method requires you sleep with earphones in with the audio of a beating heart playing.

Visualize the sound emanating from the chest of a person you trust or wish to connect with within your dream reality.

With focused attention, imagine this person leading you to a door that’s your entrance to an alternate reality. Following them, you enter and are engulfed with bright white light from all corners and feel yourself floating away to your dream reality.

Link: Heartbeat Method Shifting

4. The Julia Method ​

During the process, you can use binaural beats to stimulate the dream-like state.

While in a starfish-like position, start the mantra with “I am” as a prefix. Add anything next to it to describe the mantra even more meaningfully, always in present tense.

The mantras can be about whatever you’re choosing to manifest. Like, “I am vibrating at a higher frequency,” “I am moving forward to my desired reality,” or “I am joyful and free.” 

Do this with as much sensory detail as possible, and you will soon be in your desired reality.

Link: Julia Method Shifting

5. The Sunni Method

This method involves persuading your mind by saying you’re already in your desired reality. This can be induced by using sounds, sensations, or just plain silence.

For example, if it’s the beach you’re after, when you’re just about to wake up from sleep, without opening your eyes, imagine yourself lying on a beach, feeling the breeze and hearing the sounds.

Link: Sunni Method Shifting

6. The TV Method

The TV Method Reality Shifting
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Put on subliminals and lay down comfortably in bed. Imagine you’re watching TV in your current reality.

When you feel ready, visualize grabbing the remote and changing the channel to your desired situation.

When you see it on the screen, get up and walk through the TV. Experience yourself in your DR. Then, go to where you laid down and go into that body and fall asleep. You’ll awaken there.

7. The Estelle Method

For this method choose music to help you sync with a person to dance with. It can be anyone you wish. Make sure to feel every sensation in the scene.

Once the dance is over, your pal says to you  – “it’s time to go home” and opens the door for you. As you move through the door, you’ll freefall into absolute void.

Keep affirming that you’re in your dream realm. As you feel the sensations, slowly open to your subconscious.

Link: Estelle Method Shifting

8. The Mirror Method

For the Mirror Method, imagine you’re in a dark room alone with a mirror at a small distance. There’s a spotlight on you.

Slowly move towards the mirror. You see your own reflection walking towards you. However, this reflection shows you exactly the way you want your perfect self to be.

Put your hands on the mirror, while your higher self does the same towards you. Now feel the unification of yourself with your higher being and slowly open your eyes to bring it into your reality.

9. The Alice In Wonderland Method

The Alice In Wonderland Method Reality Shifting
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This method comes from the famous novel, “Alice in Wonderland”,  by Lewis Carroll.

Lie down comfortably and imagine yourself sitting under a tree. A person from your DR approaches you and just as you get up to talk to them, they run away and jump down a rabbit hole.

You follow them and jump in when you’re ready. As you fall down this rabbit hole, let go of all the memories of your current reality.

You land in a small room with a door, a table and a key. The person you were chasing asks if you’re ready to unlock the door.

Once you’ve unlocked the door and entered, you’ve become your desired reality self. A similar method to this is called the falling method.

Link: Alice in Wonderland Shifting Method

10. The Train Method

For the Train Method, slowly relax your mind with deep breaths and close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting in a train that is headed to your dream reality.

Maintain positive thoughts so your train leads in the right direction, not the opposite way.

Keep visualizing and affirming that you’ll reach your stop soon and open your eyes only when you feel you’ve shifted. The train has come to a halt at your dream reality station.

11. The Piano Method

The Piano Method Reality Shifting
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The Piano Method is so powerful because it requires most of your senses to be active.

Imagine you’re in a grand hall with a piano in the center. Activate all your senses to bring the room and piano to life. A spotlight falls on you as you walk toward the piano with people watching you.

You can feel the energy from the crowd. Keep positively reaffirming anytime you lose focus. As you start playing the piano, the hall is silent.

Feel each of these moments. You deliver a captivating performance of a song linked to your desired reality, and roaring applause comes from the crowd.

You get up to leave, immersed in that scene, your heart filled with joy. A person opens a door for you. When you enter, a dear one says welcome home love. You drift into sleep and awaken in your desired reality.

12. The Eye Method

This shifting reality method involves rolling eyes in a to and fro motion and may not suit everyone.

Lie down with your eyes closed and begin counting to 100. Keep it slow and steady, letting you drift off to sleep before you can reach 100.

While counting, keep affirming what you want to see in your dream realm. After a certain time, start rolling your eyes (with eyes closed) and keep affirming your desire.

This helps rewire your neurons to your wishful realm. The rolling can continue and should only be stopped if you feel strain. When you open your eyes in your sleep, you are there.

13. The Eleven Method

The Eleven Method was adopted from the Netflix series “Stranger Things” and named after the character, El.

Lie down in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Begin listening to “white noise” sounds. 

Focus and visualize the consciousness of your CR self flowing out and merging together with your desired version of yourself.

As you “become one” with your desired self in your mind’s eye, you might experience cold or hot flashes or see bright light. Continue focusing as you feel yourself slowly drifting to sleep, and awaken in your dream reality.

14. The Intent Method

For the Intent Method you begin in a state of drowsiness. After you’re comfortable, visualize and think of your desired reality with you in it.

Just before you fall asleep, say “I intend to wake up in my desired reality”. When you awaken, you’ll be in your dream reality.

15. The Tea Party Method

The Tea Party Method Reality Shifting
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This method involves meditating before going to sleep, then visualizing yourself having tea with your dream reality self.

Before you fall asleep, you’re meant to visualize yourself standing up and telling your DR self that it’s time to go home. When you hug them goodbye, you visualize the two of you merging bringing you to your DR.

16. The Rope Method

The Rope Method of reality shifting involves laying in your bed and relaxing. Then imagine an energy around your body that gradually feels stronger and stronger.

Next, visualize your desired reality and when you feel ready, begin imagining your consciousness leaves your body via a rope. Climb the rope until you reach a portal that leads you to your desired reality.

17. The Melt Method

The Melt method doesn’t require scripting like other reality shifting methods. Get into a comfortable position. Then imagine that under your current reality room is your desired reality room.

Next, recite affirmations while counting from 1-100 and begin visualizing yourself melting into your DR room. Open your eyes and welcome to your desired reality!

18. The Hug Method

The Hug Method Reality Shifting
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Start by closing your eyes and visualize waking up in your desired reality. Visualize how you get out of bed and how the floor feels to your feet.

Imagine there’s a person from your desired reality in your room. How do they look and sound? Spend time with them and then hug them goodbye. Recite shifting affirmations until you fall asleep.

19. The Blanket Method

The Blanket method is one of the best shifting methods you can do while awake. Warning, if you’re claustrophobic, I suggest you don’t use this method.

Start by raising your vibration. Then snuggle under your favorite blanket while reciting shifting affirmations. Count to 100 slowly.

Come out of the blanket and enjoy being in your desired reality.

20. The Elevator Method

Get comfortable for the Elevator Method and raise your vibration. Next, visualize being in an elevator. With every level you pass, imagine your vibration getting higher, remember to affirm that you’re in your desired reality.

Once you feel your energy is high enough, the doors open to your desired reality. Exit the elevator and see yourself sleeping.

Now go into your body and fall asleep. You’ll wake up in your desired reality.

There’s also the staircase method, which involves walking up a staircase instead of taking a elevator.

21. The River Method

The River Method Reality Shifting
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Put on subliminal music and lay down in a comfy position. Count to 100 slowly, to make it easy 1 breath = 1 number. Focus on your breathing. 

Then, visualize your current reality self standing in a river, feeling the water moving over your feet. Look into the water and see your desired reality self. Connect with yourself there.

Once you feel connected, notice something or someone guiding you face first into the water. Feel the water. While you’re submerged, feel all your worries from your CR wash away. Now affirm you’re shifting realities until you fall asleep and you’ll wake up there.

22. I AM Method

Play some subliminals or frequencies then lay down and get comfortable for shifting realities.

Begin saying ‘I AM’ over and over again until you feel some symptoms of shifting. Then count to 100, say an affirmation between each number while visualizing if you want.

After you finish counting, start only visualizing your desired reality. While you’re visualizing you can affirm it to yourself by identifying things from your DR like:

  • My name is _____ _____
  • My age is ______
  • I attend _____ school
  • I work as _____
  • My friends are ____ ____ ____ and ____
  • My best friends are ______
  • My special other is _____

Open your eyes when you feel like you’re in your DR, or go to sleep and wake up there

What Is The Best Reality Shifting Method?

The Raven method, the pillow method, the Alice in Wonderland method and many others are easy reality shifting methods.

The most popular shifting method however, also the most effective and easiest method for most people, seems to be the Raven Method.

With the Raven Method, lay comfortably on your bed and count to 100 while subliminals are playing, saying positive suggestions between numbers.

Many first timers don’t make it right away. Keep trying though and script every time before shifting realities. You’ll get there.

Link: Reality Shifting Methods

How Do You Do The Shifting Method?

Reality shifting methods have been compared to lucid dreaming, astral projection, maladaptive daydreaming, hypnosis, etcetera.

There are a multitude and variety of methods for reality shifting. A lot of shifters say listening to subliminals, meditating, and saying positive affirmations will help raise your vibration, which in turn helps you shift to your desired reality.

Most methods start off with you laying in a starfish position and counting to 100 while saying positive affirmations in between.

You can go into more depth by imagining where you’d like to be, who’ll be there, and what you’ll see. Using your five senses helps you shift.

Lots of people have tried it and successfully shifted. A lot of the comments when they’re back from shifting say it was very vivid and felt absolutely real.

Link: Crystals For Shifting

How Do You Start A Shifting Reality?

Many of you may be familiar with that liberating feeling of total control in a “dream world”.

Shifting is such a personal experience, there really is no one size fits all solution.

Overall however, shifting generally entails a combination of the following:

  • Meditating
  • Listening to ‘subliminals’ (affirmations related to your desired reality, sped up to pretty much be silent, layered with music and ambient noise)
  • A detailed script of one’s desired reality 
  • A specific shifting method

Scripting in particular is a core topic in reality shifting. While it’s not mandatory, many claim that creating a detailed script can help the process a lot.

Is Reality Shifting Possible?

Reality shifting can be a complex process, however anyone is capable of doing it. It’s like most things; practice, practice, practice.

Once your mind and body are deeply relaxed, you enter a meditative state. Reality shifting is based around this idea, but instead of letting it happen freely, the most precise details of your experience are planned by you!

It’s like incorporating a daydream into your subconscious.

Some say, the younger generation is finding ways to cope with the various narratives of fear that are coming at society.

Together with all the fear being spread in almost every facet of life, the covid pandemic has interrupted childhood, youth, young adult rites of passage as well as normal life.

So, it isn’t surprising that people are figuring out how to cope or how to induce for themselves a reality that’s more pleasant.

Truthfully, it’s tough to discuss the legitimacy of reality shifting without treading into philosophical crises like “what reality even IS”, but there are enough reports or accounts out there of ‘shifting’ that it feels real to those who successfully manage it.

What Does It Mean To Shift Reality?

Dr. Eli Somer, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Haifa in Israel, describes it as “the experience of being able to transcend one’s physical confines and visit alternate, mostly fictional, universes.” His academic paper on shifting was published by the research journal “Current Psychology” in October 2021.

Shift Reality
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Practices intended to help people transcend reality, such as meditation, hypnosis, or Kabbalah visualization techniques, stretch back centuries. 

Meditation has documented positive benefits mentally, spiritually and physiologically

One key element of shifting is the creation or “scripting” of a dream or desired reality, known as “DRs” on TikTok.

DRs can be fictional worlds — like Hogwarts or the Marvel Cinematic Universe — or they can be the reality you’d like to see in your life. Shifters “script” their lives within them, including their appearance, relationships, and interactions.

How To Shift Realities While Awake

In addition to the Julia Method, I AM Method and Piano Method, explained above, here are some shifting methods that can be done while awake.

1. 54321 Method

With this reality shifting method, you take 15 deep breaths while your eyes are closed. In through the nose and out through your mouth.

Then imagine and visualize:

  • 5 things you can see in your DR.
  • 4 things you can touch/feel in your DR.
  • 3 things you can hear in your DR.
  • 2 things you can smell in your DR.
  • 1 thing you can taste in your DR.

After you’ve finished, start reciting shifting affirmations. When you feel detached from

your physical body, open your eyes. You’ll be in your desired reality by now!

2. The Animal Method

Meditate for 5-10 minutes to relax your body and mind. After that, start counting from 0-100 very, very slowly, lying comfortably on your bed.

Imagine yourself in a field after you’ve finished counting. Feel the grass on your feet, the wind on your skin, all the smells around you, and so on. Really immerse your senses.

Then, imagine you see an animal of your choice run towards something. Chase the animal and follow it wherever it leads you.

3. The Cinn Method

Lie in a comfortable position, then start counting in your head and visualize a different aspect of your desired reality on every tenth number (e.g., 10, 20, 30, 40, and so on).

Imagine how you look on 10, how your friends look on 20, and so on. Once you’ve reached 50, continue counting all the way up to 100 without pausing.

Now, open your eyes. You’re in your desired reality.

Link: How To Shift Realities While Awake

Sleep Shifting Methods

If you want to learn how to shift realities while sleeping, then these methods are pretty straightforward, in addition to the ones listed above.

1. The Seliber Method

Find a comfortable position. Visualize 1-3 emotional scenes from your desired reality until your body goes numb or you begin to experience shifting signs.

Act as if you’re blinking without opening your eyes until you shift or fall asleep. You should wake up in your desired reality.

2. The Hug Method

After getting comfortable, visualize yourself waking up in your desired reality and feel your feet on the floor (wood, carpet, etc.). Imagine a DR friend walking in and hugging you. Do your best to feel the hug.

Spend time with them (ex: talking, walking, etc). Take your time with this. Say goodbye to them and go to your desired reality bed. Then, recite affirmations such as “I have shifted” until you fall asleep.

You’ll be in your DR when you wake up.

3. The Jared/Linn Method

With the lights off, lie down with your headphones on and listen to relaxing music. Close your eyes and visualize yourself ascending something, such as a mountain or a rope.

At the top, there’s a mirror or portal. Pass through it and see a location that means a lot to you in your DR. Visualize this location in detail. 

Begin dancing, and your DR self will join in. When the song finishes, approach each other and hug, switching consciousness. Open your eyes to your current reality self smiling and saying, “It’s time to go home.”

Your CR self will return through the portal, while you explore the location and return to your DR home in your DR body. Go to bed picturing your desired reality life at home. You should be able to wake up in your DR.

4. The Rat Method

For this reality shifting method, put yourself in a comfortable position and count to 111. Visualize your dream reality. Include places, people, and memories.

In your mind, repeat these affirmations: “I am in my DR; I have shifted to my DR; Shifting to my DR is easy; I am already in my DR.”

Then, visualize a hallway leading to a door, with a sticky note that says “Desired Reality” on it. Go through that door.

Imagine seeing a mirror, looking in the mirror, you are your DR self.

Back in the corridor, it leads to a white door. Feel your energy and vibrations grow as you walk towards it.

When you open the door, you realize it’s your DR bedroom. Now lay down and awaken in your DR.

Reality Shifting Methods For ADHD

While for other methods, sound is optional. For the ADHD Method of shifting, sound is a must. Make sure to use proper headphones and search for 8D soundtracks.

While you lie down and listen to the audio, choose affirmations like “I am shifting to my desired reality.”

Sync your breath with the audio. Count from 1 to 5 after each affirmation and then repeat it. As you sync with the sound and the affirmation, soon, you’ll start feeling the shifting symptoms.

Once the symptoms start, begin to visualize the reality you wish to land in, and you shall soon be there.

Shifting Symptoms

Shifting Symptoms
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Shifting to your desired being is personal to you and so is your experience. Most practitioners have felt the following symptoms.

  • Racing heartbeat 
  • Weightlessness (like you’re floating)
  • Noticing a pure white light radiating pure aesthetic rays
  • Perceiving the smell of your desired reality people (though they’re around you)
  • Tingle or a kind of irritation in body parts
  • A feeling of numbness
  • Dizziness
  • A subtle warmth of ‘to be lost in another world’
  • Blurred intuition
  • Sweating
  • Migraine or headache 
  • The feeling of detachment (from the worldly restraints and/or your body)
  • Abundant state of mind

Link: Shifting Symptoms

How To Script For Shifting

A script is a framework that shifters create to define what they’d like to experience in their DR. 

These are very much like affirmations — they clarify the shifter’s intentions, with the goal of creating a better and fuller experience.

Some people shift with scripts just in their mind.

​​Details many shifters include in their scripts for shifting to a DR can include:

  • Personal Details — Name, nickname, birth date, age, family history, and so on.
  • Personality — You don’t have to be the same as in your CR. You might be brave, good at math, hilarious, different hobbies, or any number of other things. 
  • Looks — This could be what you look like in your CR, or entirely different.
  • Relationships — Who are your friends? Love interests? Mentors?
  • What Do You Do — Hogwarts is a popular DR, for instance. What house are you in? What are you good at?
  • Helpful Extras — Belief, perfect vision, knowledge and details about the DR. 
  • Safety — Specify your body won’t come to harm in the CR, and that anything experienced in the DR won’t cause them trauma in the CR.

Link: How To Script For Shifting

Reality shifting is a tremendously powerful tool that we all have at our disposal. It’s simply a matter of learning how to tap into it and use it purposefully with a positive mindset.

Let us know how you enjoyed this article ✅. We invite you to share this with your friends and shift into a reality 💫 that brings you joy.

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.