Rapid Transformational Coaching – The Complete Guide (2024)

Rapid Transformational Coaching

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl with BIG dreams.

But little did she know that people can be cruel, and the big city can feel so bitter and empty. 

Experiencing the pain of a thousand broken dreams, the little girl lost the spark that used to shine so bright in her gentle, vulnerable soul. 

Do you think that maybe (just maybe) she could benefit from rapid transformational therapy coaching?  

Is it possible she gets to find all the strength and light to TRANSFORM her life..after a 90-minutes/ 120-minutes session?! 

I invite you to join us below. 

We will reveal nothing less but the most useful facts and amazing details about RTT life coaching. 

Plus, we have a search engine for you that compiles a list of some of the best RTT Therapists out there.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in! 

Let’s dive right into it.

What is RTT Marisa Peer? 

Rapid Transformational Therapy
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Marisa Peer RTT refers to a revolutionary therapy pioneered by Peer herself. 

It also denotes the in-person RTT training course Peer has started teaching back in 2015. 

The focus of RTT is working with the subconscious mind

The ultimate goal of rapid transformational therapy (RTT)?

To help clients experience a profound transformation. 

The dramatic, quick, and lasting transformative effect is achieved by applying a powerful combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, and psychotherapy.

The unique hybrid therapy is focused on helping people overcome unresolved issues, such as childhood-related trauma, among others. The goal is to help people greatly upgrade the relationship with their authentic selves. 

In summary:
Marisa Peer RTT life coaching is practical-focused and solution-oriented.

Marisa Peer RTT Courses

With the help of a certified coach, you can access and uncover the root of accumulated, unresolved issues and blockages that have been stopping you from achieving your goals.

Usually, these blockages are deeply related to holding on to self-sabotaging beliefs. These beliefs are based on fear, instead of based on love. 

After being fully identified and acknowledged, issues can be then transformed FOR GOOD.

Think of improved confidence, success, freedom. Do we need that much to enjoy our days in this beautiful world?

How come words like freedom, success, and confidence can feel so powerful, rejuvenating, motivational? Yet simultaneously, the same words can feel so distant and so hard to manifest into reality?

Indeed, these words are powerful but they mean nothing without our willpower to take the right actions. A common example of this scenario: weight management issues.

Why do so many people keep trying to cope with weight issues for years without any long-term success? Does it have to be so difficult to enjoy improved confidence for the better?

The number one secret to powerful transformation is plain simple: addressing the very cause of our issues.

Above and Beyond The Benefits of Therapy

Therapy does not equal healing unless therapy is combined with focused effort and persistence.

Therapy, therapy, and some more therapy – this does not necessarily equal success. But what is the (ultimate) goal of undergoing therapy anyway? 

To cut the emotional bond with unresolved issues! Once you do so, you can then nurture the seedling of profound transformation implanted in your mind. 

Note that it is up to YOU, and not to your therapist, to keep cultivating the seeds of change in the garden of your mind. It is up to you to create the life of your dreams.

Picture this as bringing a fragile flower home and taking proper care of it.

The rewards?

Experience the smooth flow of healthy self-love. Likewise, improved confidence, well-being and enhanced performance blossom in front of your happy eyes.

Develop a deep understanding of the limiting beliefs that have kept holding you down.

Get rid of habits based on fear and trauma.

Eliminate anxiety/ depression in favor of letting a massive shift in consciousness to occur.

Notice phenomenal empowerment and motivation kicking in.

(Finally) gain control over that weight management issue you have been desperately fighting with for years.

Cultivate the power of building healthy professional and intimate relationships.

Chieve clarity of mind. Improved self-esteem. A sense of ultimate freedom. 

Feel the unconditional inner support that will help you ACTUALLY get down to changing what doesn’t work for you.

A deep relief. 

Success smells so invigorating, can you feel it?

The Secrets of Establishing Healthy Habits

An RTT session ends with a strictly personalized audio recording. When it comes to online sessions, you will receive the recording via email.

It is the client’s sacred responsibility and joy to then use the recording to bring the deeply desired transformation into reality.

One has to keep listening to the special, 100% individually-tailored recording for 21 days. 

According to Maxwell Maltz’s book – Psycho Cybernetics – which became widely popular in 1960, it takes exactly 21 days to form a habit.

21 days?
Yes, 21 days.

However, this isn’t the ultimate rule of bad-habits-breaking.

According to neuroscientist Elliot Berkman, the easier part is to “start doing something new than to stop doing something habitual without a replacement behavior.

So, is one single RTT therapy session is enough to provide the desired results? In many cases, yes.

However, we are all unique.

Therefore, some people find that they need to undergo more than one session (but two or three) to experience the invaluable gift of profound change to the fullest. 

Therapy sessions can be face-to-face or online.

You are free to choose skype/ zoom, or other online platforms when booking an online RTT session.

Heads Up:
Hypnosis is an intricate, foundational part of the (almost-too-good-to-be-true), miraculous results RTT can provide.

Real Value For The Money VS. Fancy Mental Health Trend Millionaires Adore: What Is Transformational Hypnosis?

Olympic athletes.
Masters of public speaking.
Political leaders.
Hollywood stars.
Top-performing CEOs.
From literally all around the globe. 

What is that unites all of these successful people?

No, it is not the lack of any troubles or issues to deal with!

It is their first-hand experience with the benefits of transformational hypnosis. 

As a rule of thumb, hypnosis is not some (voodoo) magic trick.

It has nothing to do with one of those hand watches swaying left and right until you switch into a (zombie-like) state of unconscious sleep. 

Hypnosis is nothing less or more but a scientifically-based (and scientifically-proven) method of reaching down the depths of the subconsciousness. 

During a hypnosis session, clients are completely aware

The hypnotic condition feels as if you are deeply absorbed by a favorite book or movie. In this state of being, faulty barriers you have created in your mind gradually fade away. 

It is in this clear state of heightened awareness, embraced in safety, comfort, and awareness, that people are capable of undergoing an incredibly illuminating transformation.

Insightfulness erases fear. Weakness is replaced by feeling your inner power. 

Guided by a certified therapist, clients report to experience a deeply healing, rejuvenating, transformative effect. 

As mentioned earlier in this guide, it is possible to experience the positive effects of transformational therapy in as few as a single session! (*the skeptic inside me speaking up: Just a SINGLE session?!*)

Neuroplasticity And A Whole New Level of Well-Being: New Neural Pathways In The Mind

The way hypnotherapy works is NOT like taking a magical potion for enhancing well-being in a gulp (Alice in Wonderland is a different story). 

Without any doubt, though, hypnotherapy can and is bringing mental health methods to a whole new level of serenity, effectiveness, and exquisiteness! 

Think of hypnosis as pulling the trigger.

Once you pull the trigger, sudden insights take place.

And then you can (finally) GRASP what it is that has been blocking you from living the excited, blissful, beautiful, success- and positivity-laced life of your dreams. 

The benefits of hypnosis reach deep down to the cellular level.

Marisa Peer RTT Courses

It works as an invisible thread weaving through the physical-mental-emotional levels of health, creating new neural pathways in the mind.

Hypnotherapy is all about helping you tap into the full power of your being.

One single word to have on your to-do-my-homework-on-hypnotherapy menu: 

Neuroplasticity (then again, hypnosis/ hypnotherapy is nothing but SCIENCE).

What Is Rapid Transformational Life Coaching (Is It REALLY Worth All That Praise)?

Rapid Transformational Life Coaching
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RTT sessions are focused on providing fast and deep healing. Unrooting toxic habits, replacing outdated, corrupt beliefs. Making way for love to pour from the inside out.

RTT coaching helps clients stay on track with what they have achieved after undergoing a session. They are gently guided towards how to further integrate the change they have been able to realize during hypnosis into their lives. 

Ultimately, who can benefit from RTT life coaching? 

  • Anyone who wants to get a mind-blowing, out-of-the-box perspective on his/ her life goals, dreams, aspirations.

  • Creatives looking for a major boost in their creative juices flow.

  • Athletes looking forward to enhancing their performance. 
  • Business managers, entrepreneurs 
  • Anyone eager to become aware of hidden blockages that keep curbing down his/her progress as a healthy and wealthy human being. 
  • People suffering from anxiety/ depression.
  • People who want to give up on toxic habits (e.g. smoking).

    All that’s left for you to do once the rtt coaching session (or sessions) is over: take personal responsibility and live up to your potential by sticking to your plan. 

How about those of you who may be interested in becoming certified RTT therapists?

  • You don’t need any previous experience to get your career in RTT life coaching started. 
  • Pre-existing therapists can further upgrade their professional skills by obtaining a certification in RTT. 
  • To practice RTT life coaching, it is a MUST to receive a valid RTT certification. 
  • The ONLY way to receive a certification in RTT is by taking a 12-days in-person course lead by Marisa Peer herself. Which (logically) brings us to the next section of this article. 
Rapid Transformational Coaching

What You Need to Know About Rapid Transformational Coaching Courses – The Original Source

RTT coaching courses are the pearl in Marisa Peer’s crown.

After passionately developing, upgrading and polishing her one-of-a-kind hybrid therapy for years (30 years, to be precise), Peer finally established her very own coaching courses. 

There is NO other way to legally practice RTT except for taking the original courses. 

At the end of the 12-days first-hand experience with the core concepts and magic of RTT, practitioners can obtain a certificate.

Rapid Transformational Coaching EASY Explained – Top Videos To Help You Discover How RTT Works In A Breeze 

Is there anything about Rapid Transformational Therapy & Coaching that we failed to make crystal clear so far?

Or maybe your curious mind is eager to get a better taste of what RT life coaching is all about?

Then the top 2 carefully selected videos below may be exactly what you need!

Rapid Transformational Criticism: Sharing An Unbiased Perspective (The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth) 

You know that feeling you get when watching one of those wishy-washy ads on TV? 

Well, I personally highly dislike the marketing side of life.

But let’s admit it: our world is developing at a never-seen-before pace. Nowadays, it is so easy to get lost in the ocean of information out there!

We shouldn’t take every single “golden” promise for granted, right? 

So, when you come across something that claims to change people’s lives in 90 minutes, the most natural response is to think to yourself “Something smells fishy here!” 

Roaming the web in search of unbiased opinions on RTT coaching, it gets even more suspicious.

You realize there doesn’t seem to be even a single nayer to prove Marisa Peer’s method as wrong or invalid. 

It is truly important to understand that RTT canNOT possibly work equally well for all of us. 

But why would we ever expect that Marisa Peer’s coaching is to be advertised as anything less than brilliant?

For the thousands of people whose lives have been forever changed, RTT is everything it is promoted to be. 

We are living in the most dynamic business times, right? 

The precious time businesses have to grasp the attention of their potential clients and partners online is VERY LIMITED. 

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with RTT-associated criticism. 

What is crucial is to apply criticism in moderation. Especially since the thousands of positive testimonials speak louder than any skeptical critics.

Remember that holding on too tightly to the negative OR positive side of just about any aspect of life is a revelation of limiting beliefs. Nothing in life is simply black or white – neither fear nor love – but all the nuances in between. 

Marisa Peer RTT Courses

How Much Does Rapid Transformational Coaching Cost? (The Most Straightforward Answer In A Nutshell)

Rtt coaching price lists do vary based on each therapist’s personal pricing list.

On average, you should expect to pay about $150 per 1 hour.

A single 90-minutes session starts from $130 but will often get into the $300 – $400+ price range. 

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Ready For The Countdown: TOP 10 Rapid Transformational Therapy Coaches Online 

On the following search portals, you find the leading RTT Coaches and Special Therapists.

Find a Therapist

Find a Special Therapist

The Bottom Line

At depart, I have a tiny request for you.

Close your eyes.

How do you envision the future of the little girl with big dreams and a broken heart? 

Can you see her overcoming her emotional wounds? 

Here is how I see this story unfold.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who found the power to embrace her scars and fly high to exploring new horizons.

Did this guide give you wings to navigate higher (and deeper) into the secrets of RTT? 

Did you enjoy the ride?

I truly hope the information shared above has helped you learn the truth about the possible pros and cons of RTT. 

Join us in the comment section below with any ideas or questions – and let’s make this world a better place together! 

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.