31 Psychological Signs Someone Likes You (2024)

Some people hide their true feelings for the fear of rejection, being called needy, or because it’s just too early to show their feelings for you. 

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You
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But some behaviors quickly give them away because they’re automatically triggered by human psychology. 

So if you think somebody is into you, but you’re not sure, come with me to spot psychological signs someone likes you.

Let’s dive in.

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Everything starts with communication. And you can learn a ton from how someone communicates with you. If they like you, you’ll see the following patterns of communication.

1. They Communicate Consistently

Whether they’d call, text, or meet you in person, someone who likes you will be keen to keep the conversation going. They’d want to foster a relationship with you to see if the attraction is mutual as well.

This is different from what love bombers do since they intensify their connection only to ghost you after a while.

2. They Stumble Over Their Words

Especially if you just met, most people talk awkwardly when around their crush. This is due to nervousness.

So if that person you’re thinking of while reading this article finds it hard to make straightforward sentences when around you, chances are, they like you.

3. They Ask Open-Ended Questions To Elicit Details

Open-ended questions are the type you can’t answer “yes” or “no” to. And someone who likes you will keep asking them so they can hear you talk and get to learn a lot about you.

They want to know how you think, your opinion about issues they care about, and also the things you care about in life so you can have a deeper connection and possibly be in a romantic relationship in the future.

4. They Voluntarily Share Information About Themselves

When you like someone, you’ll automatically want them to know about you – especially the good parts. So this is what you might notice in someone who likes you.

They’ll be eager to tell you many things about themselves and will be observing what you think about them. Most strive to give a good impression. After all, anyone would want the person they like to like them too.

5. They Seek Out Shared Interests

While some theories suggest that opposites attract, it’s merely to an extent. A new study discovered that our desire for the like-minded is hardwired.  

Even if you and your crush bear different personalities, you’d look for similarities so you can gain common ground. And that’s something you’ll probably note in someone who likes you.

They’ll be happy to say “I like that too” or “Me too” whenever you talk of something you like that they do too. They’d even ask you which things or values you identify with so they can talk about your similarities.

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Psychological Signs Someone Likes You But Is Hiding It – Behavior In Groups

Even if still skeptical about whether this person loves you, your doubts might clear up when you’re around other people. That’s when how they treat you becomes clearly different from how they treat others. 

Here are psychological signs that someone likes you when in groups:

6. They Treat You Special When In Groups

Perhaps you’re the only one they pull a chair for to sit. Or they direct their jokes toward you. Or they ask personal questions they don’t ask the rest of the group.

Whatever they do, it seems they’re trying to get your attention at all costs. If you spot this subtle sign, you’ll know they like you.

7. They Position Themselves Near You

It makes sense even outside of the romantic world that when one likes you, they’ll try to be near you at all times. Picture your schoolmates who loved snagging the seat next to yours during lunch or that colleague who always tries to stay close to you during teamwork.

The same happens when someone likes you. Their psychology triggers them to just stay near you even when there are lots of positions they can take with others in the group.

8. They Seem To Focus More On Your Reaction

A huge sign someone likes you when you’re in a group setup is when they constantly look in your direction to see how you react to their actions.

They might crack a joke for everyone to hear but they’ll look in your direction to see if you think it’s funny. They’ll answer a question and look at you to see if you think it’s right. You get the point.

Subconscious Signs Someone Likes You – Physical Contact

We learn since we’re kids that hugging, kissing, and stroking among other forms of physical contact signal affection. The same repeats during romantic attraction. 

Physical Contact
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9. They’d Make Excuses To Touch You

When a person likes you, they crave to touch you. That’s because touch is rewarding where the attraction is involved.

They’ll make excuses to bump into you, take lint off your clothes or sweep hair off your face. Whatever will get their hands or body on yours. 

If the person you’re thinking of right now touches you even when they don’t have to, they probably like you. That’s if the touches are flirty but not perverty.

10. They’re Receptive Towards Your Touch

If someone likes you, they might try to hide it in many ways but your touch will expose them. 

They’ll relax under your touch, seeming to be caught off-guard in a moment before recollecting themselves.

How Do You Know If Someone Likes You Secretly – Their Body Language

The way the body behaves is all directed by our psychology. For instance, when you believe something is scary, your hands can become sweaty, or when you’re joyful, your face lightens up automatically and your muscles relax.

If attracted to you, someone’s body language will show the following signs:

11. They Have A Relaxed Body Language

With exception of insecure types, when someone likes you, they tend to relax around you. You can see their hands (meaning they’re not pocketed/crossed), their shoulders are relaxed, and their posture is open and welcoming.

This reveals that they’re comfortable being around you and want you to feel the same so you can connect. 

12. Their Posture Is Directed Toward You

When someone likes you, they’d want to talk while facing you. They’d also want to position themselves in your direction of vision. This is called open body posture/language.

If someone’s feet and body are often directed towards yours whenever you’re together, chances are, they like you. 

This psychological sign could be for platonic attraction but you can confirm a person likes you romantically if other signs on this list are involved.

13. They Lock Eyes With You

Direct eye contact with a crush triggers oxytocin, a rewarding hormone in charge of social bonding. That’s why someone who likes you will try locking eyes with you so often.  It makes them feel close to you. 

This they do subconsciously because human psychology is hardwired that way.

14. They Mirror Your Body Position

Mirroring is a psychological phenomenon where someone unconsciously mimics the attitude, position, behavior, or speech pattern of another person. This is especially common among people who like each other.

Do mirror tests with the one you suspect is crushing on you. For instance, you can keep a particular posture for a while and change it afterward. If they imitate it in most of the tests, they probably like you.

15. They’re Visibly Nervous Around You

Before you make your crush feel comfortable, they’re going to be really on edge when around you. It usually happens automatically when they’re caught up in trying to make a good impression on you.

This is a good sign they’re genuinely interested in pleasing you because they’re into you.

Facial Expressions – A Few Signs Someone Likes You

The most obvious part of the body (the face) reveals some of the most common signs of romantic attraction.

Someone Likes You
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So this is what you might notice on someone’s face when they like you:

16. They Blush When Around You

Blushing is a physiological reaction to a psychological stimulation such as embarrassment or romantic attraction.

So if someone constantly blushes whenever you meet, chances are, they like you. They’d blush because they’re excited to see you and at the same time because of fear you might be aware of their vulnerability.

17. They Smile Freely

We generally stop smiling so much as we grow older. But then we can’t resist showing our teeth whenever we’re really happy. 

So does that someone causing you to read this article rock a toothy smile whenever around you? Chances are, they’re into you.

18. They Press And Lick Their Lips

Pressing lips together and constantly licking them is a sign that you’re expecting or desiring something. This is the way most people act when they’re around something or someone they’re attracted to.

Moreover, saliva production increases with attraction and that’s one of the signs of nervousness.

So if someone you suspect likes you seems to constantly press their lips together and moisturize them with saliva, chances are, you have a crush in your hands.

19. They Lighten Up Whenever They See You

When you see someone you enjoy spending time with, you can’t help but smile. Your crush’s body works the same way that’s why you notice them lightening up whenever you approach them.

20. Their Eyes Dilate

The love hormones dopamine and oxytocin when released by the brain cause dilation of pupils. That’s why your friends can notice you love someone without telling them.

The same happens to your crush. When they look at you and feel romantic attraction, the brain releases love hormones which in turn dilates their pupils. You can note this rather clear sign someone likes you every time you catch them looking at you.

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Investment – A Good Sign Someone Likes You

Romantic attraction is proven by how someone invests their time and resources in you. That’s why you need to note the following signs to know for sure if someone likes you.

21. They Strive To Spend Time With You

People spend time with people they like. And it’s because when you like someone, being around them produces feel-good chemicals like dopamine. In a nutshell, it’s rewarding to spend time with people you love that’s why you always look forward to spending time with your loved ones.

So if this guy/girl you suspect likes you keeps making excuses to hang out with you, chances are, they’re attracted to you.

22. They’re Often Available Whenever You Need Them

When we like someone, we tend to desire to be valuable to them all the time. That’s why someone who likes you would jump at every opportunity to meet your needs within limits of  reason like if you need help moving, or you want your faucet fixed among other needs.

So if this person you suspect is attracted to you keeps coming to your rescue whenever you need it, it’s likely because they have fallen for you.

23. They Make Sure They Look And Smell Good Around You

When attracted to someone, we tend to want to look attractive to them as well. This is because it increases the chances of the other person liking us too. This human behavior is embedded in your crush as well.

So if someone makes an effort to look good whenever around you, chances are, they’re into you. 

One scenario that highlights this tendency is when someone has been at work all day and didn’t have the chance to freshen up but when you meet them, they smell fresh cologne. That’s a clear sign they like you.

24. They Offer You Gifts

Why on earth would someone bring you gifts if they don’t like you? That’s unless they gave you a clear platonic reason why they’re doing it.

Otherwise, if someone keeps bringing you gifts, that’s a clear sign they’re attracted to you.

25. They Invest Time And Resources In Things Important To You

Perhaps they just started attending your dancing sessions whenever they’re in town. Or they donated to a cause you love. 

Whatever the case, if someone likes you, they’ll take a keen interest in the things closest to your heart. They’ll do this intentionally or subconsciously to show they care for you.

26. They Give Rain Checks They Can Follow Up On

If someone likes you, they might cancel plans you had but they’ll set a new date or give you a timeline for another meetup. They won’t be vague about meeting again only to get lost for a long time, no.

A person who likes you might cancel a date but they’d be sure to follow up on their raincheck to avoid losing you.

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How Do You Know If A Guy Is Into You Psychology – Attitude And Moods Around You

You can judge the state of many relationships based on the attitude and mood portrayed between the parties involved. That’s why you should pay attention to the following signs if you want to know someone’s feelings for you.

27. They’re Kind To You

We’re generally kind to people we like because it promotes social connection. So if someone is genuinely interested in you, they’ll want to be good to you even if they’re generally a toxic person to other people.

28. They Appreciate You

Whether it’s your looks, abilities, or achievements, someone who likes you will compliment you and show you all kinds of appreciation. 

Your feeling good makes them feel good as well that’s why they appreciate you.

29. They Remember Most Details About You

When a person is into you, they enjoy knowing stuff about you. They’ll listen attentively and remember intimate details about you.

So don’t be shocked when this person you think is attracted to you recalls almost all the things you told them about your life. It’s because they’re attracted to you.

30. They Laugh A Lot With You

When someone likes you, they can be super happy to the extent you might think is too silly. It’s because looking at you, talking to you, and the mere presence of you trigger their brain to release happy hormones.

Pay close attention to your conversations because if there’s so much laughter, even at your jokes that aren’t funny a bit, you have an admirer in your hands.

31. They Preen Themselves

Last but not least of all the psychological signs someone likes you is the preening part. 

As if they feel uncomfortable looking any less than perfect around you, someone who likes you might try to constantly put their clothes, hair – anything, together. 

They don’t want to mess anything up, perhaps they feel insecure even – because they’ve fallen in love with you.

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How Do You Tell If Someone Is Genuinely Attracted To You?

If someone has genuine feelings for you:

  1. They Strive To Spend Time With You
  2. They’re Often Available Whenever You Need Them
  3. They Make Sure They Look And Smell Good Around You
  4. They Offer You Gifts
  5. They Invest Time And Resources In Things Important To You
  6. They Give Rain Checks They Can Follow Up On
  7. They’re Kind To You and Appreciate You
  8. They Remember Most Details About You
  9. They Preen Themselves

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You Without Talking

Non-verbal cues that show someone has feelings for you:

  • They make intense eye contact
  • They Treat You Special When In Groups
  • They Position Themselves Near You
  • They Seem To Focus More On Your Reaction
  • They’d Make Excuses To Touch You
  • They’d Be Receptive Towards Your Touch
  • They Have A Relaxed Body Language
  • Their Posture Is Directed Toward You
  • They Mirror Your Body Position
  • They’re Visibly Nervous Around You
  • They Blush When Around You
  • They Smile Freely
  • They Press And Lick Their Lips
  • They Lighten Up Whenever They See You
  • Their Eyes Dilate

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You At Work

  • They do kind gestures like bringing you coffee
  • They treat you special than other coworkers
  • They communicate with you outside of work
  • They invite you to events outside of work
  • They are excited to help you with your own work
  • They remember personal stuff like your birthdays
  • They come to your rescue 
  • They tease you
  • Their body language is flirtatious 
  • They make excuses to spend time with you

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You Through Text

  • They find ways to  keep the conversation going
  • They reply fast
  • They let you know when they’re unavailable
  • They say “sorry” for the time they were unreachable
  • They take their time to text long messages
  • They open up
  • They check in frequently

Wrapping Up

Psychological signs someone likes you are irresistible. Once you like someone, they’d be evident if a person is paying close attention.

I hope this list of signs is genuinely helpful in navigating your love life. If it is, share with others you think would benefit from this content.

Otherwise, Thanks for stopping by!

About The Author

Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.