Power Poses Against Imposter Syndrome

Do you sometimes feel like an imposter?

Power poses against imposter syndrome helps!

Do you usually have thoughts like
“I’m not supposed to be here.”

Do you know that most people around you feel the same?

It turns out there is an

  • easy,
  • powerful and
  • scientifically proven

tool to help you out.

I don’t know if you have heard about power poses against imposter syndrome?

Inspired by psychologist Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk and her book “Presence”, in this article I summarize the most effective and scientifically proven method of power poses against imposter syndrome. They will help you to get more self-confident and even become the person you can’t imagine.

Like Amy Cuddy says, “Fake it until you become it!”

Let’s get right into it.

Power Poses Against Imposter Syndrome
How you name it makes a difference – imposter Syndrome

Try the following self-experiment:

In which case do you feel more powerful, if you name it:

Version 1 “I have an imposter syndrome”

Version 2 “I sometimes feel insecure about myself”

Be honest with yourself, which of these versions feels better?

Version 1 in most cases gives people a feeling that they have a serious mental illness.

Maybe with this statement, you feel like you are not normal. Therefore, it can make you appear powerless and sometimes, desperate.

Version 2 in contrast, sounds more harmless. You may/can still feel that you are normal.

Because of this empowering effect, I would recommend that you name your “issue” as the second version.

Here’s the deal:

The Current State of Our Health Care System May Not Be Good Enough for You

Our medical system needs catalogs of fixed terms and definitions for all sorts of conditions. This is necessary so the monetary-based health care system can work.

However, we should look carefully at the consequences of naming on our own reality creating process.

If you want to feel more powerful, it’s better to choose version two for your own personal naming.

Just because I want to reach as many people as possible on google I will go on with using the term “imposter syndrome”. ?

Want to know the best part?

Stunning Effects after doing Power Poses for 2 Minutes – imposter Syndrome

Harvard psychologist, Amy Cuddy has shown in different studies that 2 minutes of power posing shows significant effects on people.

  • The stress hormone cortisol decreases around 25%.
  • And the male hormone testosterone increases by around 20%.

These chemical reactions configure your brain to be assertive, confident and comfortable.

People who do power poses for 2 minutes also have a significant increase in their levels of risk tolerance. It is approximately 43% more likely (86% vs. 60%) that they will gamble.

Power poses are easy to use.

Power Pose – Wonder Woman or Superman

One Power Pose out of the studies is called Wonder Woman or Superman.

Just stand boldly with your fists straightened out in the air.

Power Pose Wonder Women 2
Source: Bijan Kholghi

Or put your fists at your hips.

Against Imposter Syndrome Power Pose Wonder Women
Source: Bijan Kholghi

Power Poses – How to Use Them

Are you facing challenging situations like:

  • a job interview,
  • a presentation or talk,
  • contact with new people,
  • or every other situation that feels challenging for you?

Directly before the event hurry to the restrooms, power pose for 2 minutes and afterward just fake t your self-confidence. You will see it works great.

In her book, “Presence”, Amy quoted so many people with amazing and touching stories of how power poses helped them.

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Fake It Until You Become It! – Power Poses Against imposter Syndrome

After faking it several times, you will gradually feel more self-confidence.

Slowly, you will begin to believe in yourself until you finally become the person you once pretended to be.

It gets even better:

Power Poses – Imaginations Are Enough

There are no restrooms available before your big event? No place to hide? Don’t worry.

In recent studies, Amy Cuddy has shown that even imagining doing the power poses have the same effects as physically doing them.

This goes on to show the power of pictures and imaginations on our subconscious and our bodies.

It is enough if you are imagining doing your power poses for 2 minutes before your event.

Power Pose – Boss Pose

You are sitting bold, cross-armed at a desk and having your feet on the desk. This is another of the power poses against imposter syndrome.

Power Poses Against imposter Syndrome
Source: Bijan Kholghi

Power Poses – Every Pose feels Different

Humans are different and we all have custom perceptions.

Just chose the pose that feels most powerful to you.

You might be wondering how but our bodies can actually change our minds:

Our Bodies Change Our Minds

People doing these power poses against imposter syndrome experience significant improvements in different scenarios.

In different situations, they were rated more;

  • passionate,
  • enthusiastic,
  • captivating,
  • comfortable,
  • authentic
  • and confident.

Another Power Pose

You raise your arms as shown in this drawing.

Power Pose Victory
Source: Bijan Kholghi

Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk

If you haven’t seen Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on this theme I highly recommend that you watch it.

Her book, “Presence”, was also very helpful for me to better understand the effect of power poses against imposter syndrome.

A bonus for you:

More Effective Strategies Against imposter Syndrome

Control your Focus

Wherever your focus goes, so go your thoughts and your life. Focus on the things you do good. Look at your accomplishments. You could make on every day, a list of what you were able to finish.

NO! I don’t believe you that there are none. Please look carefully!

90% of all people feeling similar

From the experiences in my coaching practice, I’ve known a lot from what people share with me that they won’t share with anyone else.

I can’t emphasize this enough;

But believe me when I say as much as 90% of the people out there feel somehow insecure or not worthy enough.

So, you are not alone!

Maybe the others around you are just better at hiding it and playing a role.

But inside most people, it looks different.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Comparing yourself too much with others can lead to a negative focus.

Try to free yourself from the opinion of others and just do your thing.

If you feel you need external help, hiring a life coach or counseling can be an option to consider.

Important Note

Every article I write is intended to help you with:

  • questioning and reflecting on your own view of the world
  • understanding why you are looking at the world like you do
  • finding different perspectives to view situations from different angles, and
  • going on a meta-level and reflecting on the consequences of your view

However, with every sentence of my writing, I create another view of how things “really are”.

Even if I do this with the best intentions, please critically examine if this construction of the reality is helpful for you as an individual person in your own special situation.

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About The Author

Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.