Pisces And Aquarius Friendship Compatibility 2024 (+Love & Intimacy)

A Pisces and Aquarius friendship is hit and miss. These two signs can become great friends, but they have obstacles to overcome. Discover all the details in this Aquarius and Pisces compatibility guide.

Pisces And Aquarius Friendship
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You’ll find the strengths and weaknesses of Aquarius and Pisces as friends and lovers in the article below. 

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients better understand themselves and those closest to them. 

That’s why I’m excited to share this Aquarius and Pisces friendship compatibility guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in. 

Pisces And Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Aquarius is an air sign while Pisces is a water sign, and these pairs aren’t known for having great compatibility.

These two are neighboring signs on the zodiac wheel, but that’s rarely a signal of being compatible. More often, they’ll be unable to understand and relate to each other’s differences.

An Aquarius is known for being a spontaneous free spirit who doesn’t take life too seriously. A Pisces is highly sensitive and emotional. This is the key difference which throws a spanner in the works of their friendship, and especially a budding romantic relationship. 

However, it is possible for these two to become best friends or something more if they can find a way around these differing qualities.

Both signs are creative and ambitious, so it may well be that they pair up to create projects based on their innovative ideas.

As they are both humanitarian signs, there’s every chance they share common interests when it comes to helping other people.

Indeed, the Aquarius and Pisces natives who do become good friends are fantastic at lifting each other up to reach their potential in life.   

Pisces And Aquarius Compatibility Score

According to zodiacsign.com, the Aquarius and Pisces compatibility percentage is only 38%.

They rate as: 

  • 50% for trust;
  • 50% for values;
  • 50% for intimacy compatibility;
  • 40% for shared activities;
  • 35% for communication;
  • 1% for emotions.

The Aquarius/Pisces compatibility score is low, mostly because of their differing attitude to new relationships. The emotional and sensitive Pisces is often quick to invest in this exciting new relationship, but this can suffocate Aquarius natives, who value freedom and independence a lot more.

That’s why the score for ‘emotions’ is particularly low. It’s rare for these zodiac signs to immediately connect an emotional and spiritual point. It usually requires work to ensure these two are on the same page.

Why Do Pisces Hate Aquarius & Is It True?

Pisces doesn’t hate Aquarius, but conflict can arise when a Pisces man or woman is too quick to invest in a relationship with an Aquarius native.

This over-investment can scare away these free spirits and that can deeply puncture the emotions of a Pisces. Communication is key to stop these hurt feelings turning into pure hatred.

If an Aquarius is wise enough to explain why they’re not ready for a Pisces’ love, these two could make up and slowly build a strong emotional connection. 

When the Aquarius cuts ties without explanation, that’s usually when feelings become hurt beyond repair.

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How To Make Pisces And Aquarius Relationship Work

It should be mentioned that Pisces/Aquarius relationships tend to work when the water-bearer sign initiates it. 

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In this case, it’s less likely that a Pisces man or woman can intimidate them with their speedy desire for long-term commitment.

In any case, to have a chance of developing a strong bond, both natives need more understanding of how their emotions differ at the early stages of a relationship.

When a Pisces can learn to be less intense in their search for a new lover or best friend, an Aquarius can quickly warm to them.

At this point, Aquarius and Pisces natives can bond over new ideas and exciting plans to make the world a better place. A Pisces is particularly good at supporting the wild dreams of an Aquarius man or woman. Meanwhile, an Aquarius can teach Pisces how to become a more relaxed and open-minded person.

Once the Aquarius/Pisces friendship grows they can push each other to unknown heights.

However, they’ll need the patience and understanding to get to that point in the first place.   

Pisces And Aquarius Relationship

We’ve all witnessed a blossoming relationship where one person was just a little too interested too quickly.

This nearly always scares the other person off before they have the chance to explore their romantic compatibility. 

Indeed, this dynamic has ruined so many relationships between Aquarius and Pisces. 

Often, it’s the Pisces man pursuing an Aquarius woman with too much vigour. To stand any chance of attracting the flighty carefree Aquarius woman, a male Pisces will have to learn a bit about playing hard-to-get. 

The relationship between an Aquarius man and a Pisces woman is a bit less complicated though. Aquarius is known as the most unconventional sun sign – and a Pisces woman is often fascinated by the way an Aquarius man goes about his life. When he makes his approach, she’s often more than ready to be taken on his emotional rollercoaster.

However, in both cases, the Pisces will have to learn to accept the freedom-seeking nature of their Aquarius partner.

An Aquarius will often want to let their hair down with their friends at a party. An Aquarius will sometimes want some alone time to work on a personal project. If a Pisces can’t accept that, the Aquarius/Pisces couple will surely be doomed.

Pisces and Aquarius Marriage

When the emotional and intimacy compatibility is high enough for Aquarius and Pisces to consider getting married, there is a great chance that the relationship will last the distance.

Aquarius and Pisces aren’t ones to give up easily on something great. These two are built to get through tough times, thanks to their passion, ambition and ability to communicate well.  

The key is that the Aquarius learns to be as generous at showing love as their Pisces partner, rather than focusing on their own happiness. 

No matter how much a Pisces values time with their Aquarius partner, they must respect their need for independence too. 

This is the key to a successful marriage between Aquarius and Pisces.

As the Aquarius man/Pisces woman compatibility is the highest, it’s these couples that have the highest chance of tying the knot and staying together.  

Aquarius And Pisces Intimately

The ruling planets of Aquarius and Pisces help to ensure that their intimate life will never become boring. (The Aquarius zodiac sign exalts Neptune, which is the ruler of Pisces.)

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility
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The Aquarius desire for fun and new adventures extends to the bedroom. However, since Pisces is a mutable sign, they will usually have no problem meeting that desire with their Aquarius partner.

The natives of highly emotional Pisces love to spoil their lovers sexually, while the Aquarius is more than happy to explore the best way to pleasure their Pisces partner. 

Indeed, in their intimate life at least, the Pisces/Aquarius partnership would appear to be a match made in heaven.

Any Questions On Aquarius And Pisces Compatibility?

Thanks for reading my guide on Aquarius and Pisces compatibility. 

These two sun signs have a less-than-complementary nature, but it’s possible to build a valuable connection as lovers or good friends. 

Hopefully, you’ll now be more aware of the obstacles to overcome if you want to make things work with your Aquarius or Pisces partner.

If you have any questions or ideas to share on this topic, feel free to write me a comment in the box below. 

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