6 Best Online Coaching Platforms And Tools (2024)

Are you wondering what is the best online coaching platform for life coaches to manage their practice?

In this guide, I’ll reveal six of my favorite online coaching platforms and tools to make client management easier. 

Hopefully, this post helps you find the right online coaching solutions for your needs.  

Let’s dive right into it.

Online Coaching Platform
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Product reviews

Here are six products I recommend for coaches in all niches. You’ll find that these online tools all have great features that make it easier to manage your business and provide your clients with a better overall experience.  


Best for collaboration with clients

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Key features:

  • Create your own unique mobile app for you and your clients to download. 
  • Set, find and track client goals within the app.
  • Send instant messages or create group chats.
  • Create your own online community group and post content to all your clients.
  • Add your first three clients for free. 

Pricing: Nudgecoach has three price tiers depending on how many clients you would like to add. It’ll cost $30 per month (up to 15 clients), $60 per month (up to 50 clients), or $100 per month (100+ clients).


Best for client admin 

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Key features:

  • Save time on admin, so you can concentrate on delivering your coaching programs.
  • Automate invoices, call scheduling and pre-session questionnaires. 
  • Post and find client schedules, track client progress and monitor your business finances all in one place.
  • Use its online payments system to onboard new clients and automate client billing.
  • Use customisation tools to add your own personal branding.
  • New coaches get a 30-day free trial. 

Pricing: Satori costs between $33/month and $99/month depending on how many clients you have. You’ll receive a discount if you pay annually.   

My Coach Office

Best business management software

Star rating:

Key features:

  • Track your client schedules, invoices and business finances all in one place.
  • Create customizable journals for clients to track their goals online. 
  • Create coaching groups, share video content with clients and host online programs
  • Consume expert marketing guides to scale your business.
  • New coaches get a 14-day free trial.

Pricing: My Coach Office costs $29/month for one coach to share with up to 10 clients. It’s $49/month for one coach to share with unlimited clients, or $69/month for a team of up to 10 coaches to share with unlimited clients. 


Best for encouraging client progress

Star rating:

Key features:

  • Create action plans and assign worksheets for clients to view online. 
  • Schedule client appointments, invoice clients and manage contracts directly through the website. 
  • Host online community groups and online programs.
  • Use customisation tools to add your own personal branding.
  • A mobile app isn’t needed because this coaching platform works well on any device.  
  • New coaches get a 30-day free trial. 

Pricing: CoachAccountable has several price tiers. It starts at $20/month for up to two clients. You’ll pay up to $400/month for 100 clients.

Coaching Platform Online
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Best for uploading and sharing video content 

Star rating:

Key features:

  • Udemy is the #1 website for hosting online programs in all niches.
  • Sell digital programs passively or give them away for free to attract a new audience. 
  • You can opt in to have your course promoted by Udemy for free. The website will take a bigger cut of your profits, compared to organic sales, but it’s a good strategy to reach lots of people at no extra cost to you. 
  • There are no limits to the amount of video you can upload.
  • Provide passwords, so a coaching client can get access to your paid content for free. 
  • Send automated emails to those who buy your course, potentially upselling them to 1-on-1 coaching. 

Pricing: Udemy takes 3% of your money made via an instructor referral, 50% of money made via organic search and 75% of money made through its own promotions. There is no upfront fee. 


Best for video conferencing 

Star rating:

Key features:

  • Secure HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform
  • Clients don’t need to create an account to join a call. 
  • Save and share your video coaching sessions with ease. 
  • Share screens and host webinars with multiple users.
  • Zoom has a great support system on all tiers and is easy to use. 

Pricing: If you don’t plan on offering group coaching, you can get away with using a free Zoom account. This tier places no limits on video sessions, nor does it set time limits when calling one client. Its cheapest paid tier costs $149.90 and gives you the ability to store 1GB of video recordings in the cloud, plus it removes time limits on group calls. There are more expensive tiers for those who want to host huge group coaching sessions. 

What to consider before buying online coaching platforms

Honestly, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of these online tools to anyone with a coaching practice, no matter what type of coaching they were offering. 

They will all make running your coaching business so much easier, saving you time and mental energy so you can focus on actually delivering your coaching programs. After all, you probably didn’t get into life coaching because you like spending time scheduling your day and emailing client after client. 

With that said, a lot of these coaching platforms offer the same features. So, how do you choose the best software for your needs?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help decide which of these tools to use  

How to choose the best tools for your coaching practice?

To answer that question, you need to ask yourself what you would like help with. After all, most of the software listed above will help you with different tasks.

CoachAccountable, Satori and MyCoachOffice aim to solve all your business management needs in one place, but they each place additional focus on different parts of your business.

Satori places the most emphasis on automating the admin of client communications, such as scheduling sessions and taking payments. MyCoachOffice does the same, but with more focus on helping a coach improve his time management, as well as offering extra training to new coaches.

Meanwhile, CoachAccountable mostly focuses on providing client support once they’ve signed up for coaching so they can get the best results. Nudgecoach.com is a cheaper solution that focuses on this too, although it requires clients to download a mobile app. 

So what is more important to you? On top of this, you may want to use Zoom to host your video conferencing or Udemy to host your digital program. Or maybe you already have other solutions?   

What are the advantages of an online life coaching platform? 

These platforms are designed to simplify your work life. They help coaches minimise or completely automate the tasks they don’t like to waste mental energy on. 

So, when choosing a platform for your coaching business, consider which one does this the best for you.

What’s the best way to use an online coaching platform? 

I’d recommend that you use your online coaching platforms to manage and automate as much of your business admin as possible. These platforms are great and they’re secure, so you should have no hesitation in using as many features as you can to support you. 

With many of your essential processes such as scheduling new sessions or taking payments, you should be able to program the software one time, then trust it to manage these processes for you. 

Ideally, your platform will allow you to have all of your vital business information stored in one place.

Coaching Practice
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Can coaches need an online coaching platform to run their business? 

It may be possible to manually schedule new client sessions, take payments and deliver documents to clients. This might be a way to cut costs, but it will take up a lot of your time.

Perhaps you’ll choose to hire a secretary or a virtual assistant instead. But you’ll find online coaching software provides a cheaper, quicker and easier way to handle the boring side of your business. It also provides a faster, more professional experience for your clients.

Most certified life coaches will understand the benefits of freeing up their time for the important tasks in the day. That’s why so many are happy to spend a few dollars per month on software that allows them to do this.

If you’re hosting video coaching sessions or offering a digital program to your clients, an online platform is needed for that, although I have suggested a couple of free solutions that are likely to meet your needs for this. 


I hope this guide helped you find the right online coaching solution for your needs. I truly believe all of these solutions are great – and can help to make your work day easier and improve your client results. 

If you feel like you need extra help to get the best online coaching platform for your practice, post a comment below. 

I’m happy to support and help coaches as best as I can.

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