151 Best Mind Boggling Questions (2024)

What is the meaning of life? What do you think happens after death? Do we really exist, or are we just a figment of our imagination?

These are questions that people have been asking for centuries.

Questions like these can be mind-boggling.

In this article, we discuss 151 of such best mind-boggling questions!

Here’s what you’ll learn

Let’s get right into it.

What is an Unanswerable Question?

According to the Collins dictionary, an unanswerable question is a one that has no possible answer to it.

It can’t be answered because the question is too tricky, vague, confusing, or is beyond our current understanding of physics.

This includes questions like, what happens when we die, if the past influences the future, or how you feel right at the moment?

We don’t have all the answers to these questions, but it’s essential to keep asking them! If not for anything else, then just because they are fun and mind-boggling.

Answering mind boggling questions can be a little difficult and takes some deep thinking.

However, such questions are fun and make you think in different ways.

Some people even say they’re mind-expanding.

This is because these questions get your brain working outside its comfort zone; therefore, allowing for new and creative thoughts to come out. Mind boggling questions also help you push your boundaries when it comes to creativity with language, logic, and problem-solving skills.

They’re also important because these types of questions help us explore our minds.

Mind Boggling Questions

What are some Impossible Questions to Answer?

  1. What is the purpose of death?
  2. When did time begin? Is time only a concept that applies to humans?
  3. Is there life after death?
  4. What is the meaning of life?
  5. Can we really see a black hole?
  6. How do you know when someone dies if they are in space and not on Earth?
  7. When does time end for us all?
  8. Is there anything after death or just nothingness? What lies beyond the veil, other than darkness and silence?
  9. Who decides whether souls go into heaven or hell?
  10. What is true love?
  11. What is consciousness? Are humans the only species capable of it?
  12. What makes some memories stick with us and others we barely remember?
  13. How do you know when a dream is real or not?
  14. Does time exist outside of Earth?
  15. Why are there so many dimensions to space? Where did they come from?
  16. Is reality just a series of events happening one after another like an infinite looping timeline without beginning or end repeating itself over and over again infinitely?
  17. Before creation or the big bang, what existed?
  18. Suppose God exists; where did He or She come from?
  19. Why did God decide to create creation?
  20. Where was God before He/ She created the Earth?
  21. What would move God to destroy his creation?
  22. Is there only one way to experience consciousness
  23. Is suffering necessary for human life?
  24. Does the Ocean have a bottom, and what is it?

What are some Good Thinking Questions?

  1. What is our purpose as human beings?
  2. Is there an afterlife?
  3. How did the universe come into existence?
  4. How do I figure out what’s true and real in the world of technology?
  5. What does the world need, more intelligence or wisdom?
  6. Will the world at one time become one global enterprise with no governments and nations?
  7. Do we control technology, or is it controlling us?
  8. Is there a God?
  9. What is death like?
  10. As humans, should we pursue happiness or meaning instead?
  11. What is the meaning of life?
  12. Is it possible for a machine to become conscious?
  13. How can we apply human morality in society when what’s moral changes so often and isn’t written down anywhere?
  14. Do robots have consciousness too, or does something need to be alive for that ability?
  15. Is free will really free? Or is it imagined?
  16. What if the world is a simulation and the Matrix was not a movie but a documentary?
  17. How do we know that electrons and black holes exist if we can’t see them?
  18. Who gives out Nobel Prizes? Who decides who receives them if someone dies before receiving theirs? What about future prizes given for work that has not been finished when they die. How do recipients like Bob Dylan or Kurt Cobain receive these unclaimed awards retroactively? In other words, how are awards handled in cases where the winner dies before receiving them?
  19. How can the world be in debt? Who and what is the world in debt to?
  20. Why is February 28 days, yet there are months with 31 days? Couldn’t some of the months with 31 days be deducted and days added to February?
  21. Does the Law of Attraction exist, and what is it?

What Are Some Weird Questions to Ask?

  1. How do you make a shadow appear on the ground? Can shadows be real if they’re not cast by something solid, like an object or person?
  2. What would happen if all of Earth’s plants died out today? Would any other living thing survive since there is air and water left for them to live in?
  3. How long does it take light from a quasar so far away to reach Earth?
  4. Are all ants female?
  5. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
  6. What is the highest number you can count on your fingers or toes without taking off any numbers already counted beforehand?
  7. If you stand behind a clock, is it still going clockwise?
  8. How many random people’s photos have you been in?
  9. In the word Scent and science, which is silent, the “S” OR “C”?
  10. What happens if a vampire bites a zombie? Does the zombie become a vampire, or does the vampire become a zombie?
  11. What if there is no sky?
  12. Ever wondered if your cat or dog has a name for you?
  13. What is the speed of a sneeze in miles per hour?
  14. How many belly-button lint do people create each year on average?
  15. If Cinderella’s shoe fit her perfectly, why then did it come off?

Funny Unanswerable Questions

  1. If you intend to fail, have you succeeded or failed?
  2. Is using a hearse considered carpooling?
  3. What was the first person who milked a cow trying to do?
  4. Why aren’t eyebrows considered facial hair?
  5. If the speed of light is 186,000 miles/sec, what is the speed of darkness?
  6. Why must we wait until its nighttime to call it a day?
  7. Where did the name sand come from? Is it because sand is what divides the sea and land?
  8. When we say that a product is new and improved, what has it improved on?
  9. What is the reason for left-handed people writing unnaturally? Why don’t left-handed people write like normal humans?
  10. If you punch yourself and it hurts, are you weak or strong?
  11. Do blind people dream? And if they do, what do they dream about?
  12. If someone is born deaf, what sound do they hear when thinking?
  13. What hair color do you put on a bald person driving license?
  14. If wild animals eat a person and only one body part is discovered, is there a need for a full casket in the funeral?
  15. Do the French consider it French kissing, or is it just kissing?
  16. In the unlikely situation, a baby’s butt pops out of its mother at 11:59 PM, and the head comes out at 12:01 AM; when will the baby’s birthday be?
  17. How important do you have to be for it to be considered an assassination and not murder?
  18. What do you call a fly without wings?
  19. Is it possible to stand backward on a staircase?
  20. If the tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable, is ketchup a smoothie?
  21. We hear that the early bird catches the worm; why then do good things come to those who wait?

Mind Boggling Philosophical Questions

Mind Boggling Questions
  1. What is the sound of one hand clapping?
  2. If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around, does it make any noise at all?
  3. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  4. If everyone on your favorite sports team moved to your least favorite team, would you still support the team?
  5. Are we living or slowly dying?
  6. If you had to choose between living with one leg or not seeing, which would be the better option?
  7. Is it possible for a human’s mind and body to exist separately from each other?
  8. What is time? Is it real or just an illusion of our minds?
  9. What are we most afraid of in life: death or failure?
  10. How do I know that what I see right now isn’t just happening inside my head like some dream without any substance?
  11. Do video games count as art if they can create emotions such as suspense, happiness, anger? When people play them, does this make them feel more alive than before playing the game? If so, then could video games also be considered more real than reality?
  12. If you were to give one person a single wish, who would it be for, and what do they want the most in this world?
  13. What is the meaning of life?
  14. What is love at its core: something beautiful or disgusting. If it’s not either of those things, then what is it?
  15. Is there such thing as fate or destiny, and nobody can escape from their path no matter how hard we try? Or does life just happen randomly with nothing predetermined about our futures but instead only created by us based on our decisions and actions today?
  16. If you were given a ship restoration job and replaced every part of the ship with new identical parts of the old ones, is it the same ship, or is it a new ship? And if you took the old parts and used them to make a new ship, which would be the original ship?
  17. What if the world only exists because we believe in it? What if life has become so interconnected and dependent on each other that what was once just a collection of single-cell organisms now becomes an organism with many different parts (i.e., trees, animals, minerals)?
  18. If humans were immortal like gods, they would eventually take up all available resources without experiencing any consequences until they died from starvation or dehydration. Does this mean immortality could be considered “good” for some people but not others?
  19. Nature or nurture! Which of these has the most impact on a person’s personality?
  20. What is freedom? Is true freedom possible?
  21. Can good exist without evil?
  22. Can happiness exist without sadness?
  23. If God is good, why is there so much evil among his creation?
  24. Will the Earth really end? When and how do you think the world will end?
  25. Even if money can’t buy happiness, can you ever be happy without any money?
  26. It’s unlikely for someone to slaughter their dog or cat, but they are likely to slaughter and eat chicken or a cow. What makes some animals food and others pets?
  27. If you’re not the one in control of your mind, who is?
  28. Will computers and machines take over the world one day?
  29. What if the world was created five minutes ago? (Every memory, including history, is a simulation)
  30. What makes us human?
  31. How does the brain work? How does it take, store and retrieve memory in microseconds?

Mind Boggling Questions to Ask a Girl.

  1. If the world was ending, what would you do tomorrow?
  2. Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?
  3. Do you think human morality is learned or inborn?
  4. If you could time travel, would it be to the future or past?
  5. Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not?
  6. Is it better to have loved and lost or never loved at all?
  7. Do you think some video game violence can cause more aggression than watching an action movie with violence in it?
  8. And with that, should kids under 16 years old be allowed to watch movies with gratuitous sex and nudity in them without accompanying parent or guardian supervision?
  9. Do you think the present is better than the past? Why?
  10. How much is a human life worth? Are some lives more worthy than others?
  11. Are people born evil, or does their environment make them that way?
  12. Why is it hard for people to make real connections, yet so many people are looking for real connections?
  13. Why does society place so much value on beauty, yet, it serves no functional purpose?

Mind Boggling Questions about the Universe

Mind Boggling Questions about the Universe
  1. What is the universe expanding into?
  2. What is dark matter?
  3. What is dark energy?
  4. How much does an atom weigh?
  5. Why do stars shine so brightly at night but not during the day?
  6. Is there a black hole inside Earth or outside of it?
  7. Why would they be called “black holes”?
  8. Where will our Milky Way galaxy end up when all other galaxies eventually collide into ours and create one giant super-galaxy?
  9. What existed before the big bang?
  10. Do black holes emit light?
  11. Can all of the energy in a single atom be released at once?
  12. What is the difference between “time” and “space”?
  13. Where do stars come from, how are they created?
  14. How much does Earth weigh?
  15. Why can’t we see through time to see what happened before or after it ends when all matter collides with itself again?
  16. Was there ever life on Mars or any other planets beyond our solar system?
  17. Are there multiple universes?
  18. If multiple universes exist, is it possible to cross them, and what would be the repercussions?
  19. If there are infinite universes, do I exist in all those universes too?
  20. Why can’t the universe be infinite?
  21. How many atoms are there in a single grain of sand?
  22. What would happen to Earth if it was only 100 miles away from its current position and orbit around the Sun, but all other factors remain unchanged (i.e., same gravity)?
  23. Is time travel possible? If so, how could we use this knowledge?
  24. Are black holes actually just wormholes with an event horizon that prevent us from seeing what’s happening inside them until they’re too close to escape their pull?
  25. Can anything in space still exist without being attached to another object or planet/sun?
  26. Is there order in the universe, or does everything happen at random?

Any Further Questions?

There you go.

151 of the best mind boggling questions.

While it may be impossible to get answers for most of the questions in this list, the journey to trying to answer these questions could result in new revelations.

If you know of any other mind boggling questions, please share them in the comments section below.

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