Life Coach Seminars – The Best Choices Worth Your Money

Life Coach Seminars

Wondering how to find the life coaching seminars that’ll take your career to the next level? The following guide will help you.

I’ve been to plenty of life coach courses throughout my career. Some good, some bad, and a couple that were incredible.

So, I’ve decided to use my experiences at life coach seminars to ensure you choose the program most worth your time and money. 

What Is A Life Coach Seminar?

There are two types of life coaching seminars that you should be aware of; 

  • events aimed at coaches;
  • events aimed at clients.

This article will focus on the advantages of events aimed specifically at life coaches, although it’s true that you could achieve many of the same benefits from attending events aimed at clients too.  

What Can I Expect To Learn At A Life Coaching Seminar?  

Seminars for life coaches aim to help attendees continue their education and learn from the experiences of others in their field.

The curriculum often extends beyond what coaches learn during their accreditation.

Often, it focuses on new trends in life coaching, advanced coaching methods, the latest online tools and advice on running a successful life coaching business.

The most important lessons I have learned at life coaching seminars include:

  • alternative methods for setting goals, developing empathetic listening skills and motivating clients to reach their full potential;
  • tips for successfully coaching clients in specific industries;
  • advanced coaching techniques for identifying and clearing mental blocks;
  • how to use the latest online tools to market an online coaching business;
  • eye-opening case studies from coaches who helped clients skyrocket to greatness;
  • invaluable advice for growing a coaching business and managing large workloads; 
  • ideas for finding your own purpose and growing through coaching others.  
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It’s not just the designated speakers that help you grow at a life coach course. These events provide fantastic opportunities to network with fellow professionals and to learn from their experiences. 

Most life coaches understand the importance of training to help them fulfill their potential.

That’s proven by the huge proportion of coaches who pursue accreditation from an official body. 

Although a 3-day course in life coaching will never be as important as an official accreditation, it remains a valuable addition to any official training.

After all, many coaches aren’t satisfied with simply being qualified for the job.

There are plenty who are striving to be the best in their field – and the best coaches are always learning. 

How To Find The Best Life Coaching Seminars

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Not all courses in life coaching are created equal. Before pledging your time and money to a particular coaching experience, evaluate the following attributes. 

  • Speakers.
    A large proportion of most professional seminars will feature speeches from experts in the field.
    It’s therefore worth checking the credentials of the speakers and learning more about their coaching experience.
    If an entire day or more is filled with unknown speakers who have little experience, it may be worth skipping.
    If the speakers are famously successful in their field, you’ll be far more likely to receive an incredible training experience. 
  • Reviews + reputation.
    There are many well-established coaching seminars that have built a reputation for being extremely useful.
    If you’ve heard of a particular seminar and it regularly sells out, it’s a safe bet that it’ll be well worth your time.
    Still, it may be worth scoping out reviews from fellow professionals who have attended the event in the past.  
  • Curriculum.
    Most seminars will outline the curriculum within its marketing material.
    Often, each of the speakers will advertise the topic of their speeches too.
    In fact, most of the event’s highlights will usually be revealed before it begins.
    If the guest speakers are discussing topics you’re particularly interested in learning more about, that’s a great reason to buy a ticket. 
  • Attendance.
    How many people are likely to be there?
    The bigger the event, the more networking opportunities are likely to pop up.
    As a general rule of thumb, you can expect the most popular coaching seminars to be the most worth your time.
  • Course length.
    Some of the longer events may last a whole day, or even several days.
    This means you’ll need to take more time away from your coaching clients, plus you may have to book accommodation.
    Still, the longer the event, the more ideas and tools for improving your career you’re likely to walk away with. 
  • Location.
    This won’t necessarily have any bearing on the quality of the event, but it may still be worth considering.
    The time and effort it takes to reach a training program will always play a role when deciding whether it’s worth your while.
    Of course, if it’s being held in a glamorous overseas location, this might make you even more excited to attend.
    This is a good place to mention online life coaching seminars.
    These remove the inconvenience of traveling, but also take away your opportunity to network with fellow professionals.  
  • Price.
    I was reluctant to list this.
    After all, when it comes to self-development seminars, you tend to get what you pay for.
    A higher entrance fee is not only an indicator of an event that’s in high demand, but it may also motivate you to get more out of it.
    At the same time, you are only human and will, therefore, be inclined to check whether the event is likely to provide value for money.  

How Do I Become A Life Coach?

Technically, you don’t have to obtain any qualifications to become a life coach. There’s nothing stopping you from setting up a website and advertising your coaching services today.

However, in order to stand any chance of being successful, you should obtain an official life coaching certification.

This proves you have all the tools, knowledge and experience to make a difference to paying clients.

With tens of thousands of certified life coaches operating online, clients would have to be foolish to hire anyone who was unqualified.

New coaches can obtain certification from one of several life coaching bodies. The certification process typically involves a lengthy training program and a formal assessment.

You’ll usually need to have clocked up a specific amount of time coaching others too.

Life Coach Seminars

Should I Attend A Seminar If I’m Not A Certified Life Coach? 

Even if you’ve not completed your life coaching certification, a training seminar could still be useful. 

The program will give you a wealth of ideas and tools to help you get certified with ease. You’ll be able to spend a day or two meeting new people and learning new skills.  

What’s more, you’ll be able to digest a wealth of new insights into what a life coaching career is like.

You may leave the program with more enthusiasm and tools to succeed in your chosen career path than ever. You may decide it’s not for you. Either way, it’s likely to be a good use of your time.  

Ready To Take Your Career To The Next Level?

Are you a life coach – or a professional in another field – looking to take the next big leap in their career?

Let’s start a conversation to find out how I can help you get there. 

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.