Best Life Coach for Women 2024 & Checklist

Today, more than ever, women are shattering boundaries, reshaping societal norms, and rising as global leaders.

Yet, are you living your best life or is there a chasm between your present and your ambitions?

In this article, I researched the best life coach for women and created a checklist that helps you to find your perfect fit.


  • Women have unique challenges in life, therefore a specialized life coach for women is the most effective
  • Workplace inequality, motherhood & parenting, aging, midlife, menopause, and infertility are some of the challenges women face
  • Certification, area of expertise, experience, and if the coach resonates with you are important selection criteria

Life Coaching for Women: A Unique Approach

Women navigate through a unique set of life challenges, from juggling career aspirations to balancing family roles, which sometimes creates an emotional landscape that calls for specialized guidance.

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Understanding the Specific Needs of Women

Many women prefer to use female life coaches. Indeed, a certified life coach, with a deep understanding of a woman’s distinct challenges, can offer targeted strategies and insights, empowering you to surmount these hurdles and reach your full potential.

Key Areas a Life Coach for Women Can Help With

Personal Empowerment and Confidence Building

  • Confidence Building: A life coach for women can provide empowerment coaching via tools and practical exercises that boost your self-esteem and confidence. These are essential for personal and professional growth
  • Self-Love and Acceptance: Life coaches help women in recognizing their self-worth, overcoming self-doubt, fostering self-love, and embracing their individuality.
  • Encouraging Self-Expression and Assertiveness: A life coach for women fosters assertiveness by enabling self-expression, dispelling anxious thoughts, and facilitating the practice of voicing personal rights without infringing on others.

Special Challenges For Women In The Workplace

  • Women in Leadership: Even today, many women face a metaphorical barrier to advancement in their professional fields. Life coaching can help navigate these barriers and provide strategies for negotiation that empower you to start your own business or seek leadership positions.
  • Balancing Act: Juggling career and personal life can be challenging. Life coaching can assist in establishing a healthy work-life balance that doesn’t compromise your well-being.
  • Workplace Inequality: If you’ve encountered unfair treatment or bias at work, a life coach can provide guidance and help develop techniques to address these issues effectively.

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Women in the Role of a Mother

  • Balancing Motherhood and Career: Life coaching can help navigate the challenges of maintaining a fulfilling career while being an engaged and present parent. This includes setting boundaries, prioritizing tasks, and integrating self-care.
  • Confidence in Parenting: If you’re second-guessing your parenting decisions or feeling overwhelmed, life coaching can help build confidence and develop effective parenting strategies.
  • Postpartum Transition: Life coaching can provide support during this significant life change, helping to manage emotions, expectations, and the shift in identity that comes with motherhood.

Navigating Transitions And More Women’s Challenges

  • Aging: Navigating aging can be challenging. A women’s life coach provides support and guidance, helping you to redefine aging as a privilege and exploring strategies for embracing this journey with grace, vibrancy, and desire.
  • Midlife Challenges: Midlife can bring about its own set of challenges for women, from dealing with aging parents to managing career transitions, coping with an empty nest, or dealing with a divorce. Coaching can guide women through this transition, develop healthy habits, manage symptoms, and maintain a positive outlook on this natural stage of life.
  • Infertility: Infertility is a deeply personal and often stressful issue for women. The emotional toll it can take is immense, and it can lead to feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and depression. A life coach for women can provide emotional support, help women navigate their feelings, and develop coping strategies to handle this challenging experience.
  • Menopause: Menopause is another unique stage in a woman’s life that can come with physical discomfort and emotional distress. A life coach can help women navigate these changes, rediscover their identity, and set new, fulfilling goals for the next phase of their lives.
  • Stress and Anxiety Management: Women experience stress and anxiety differently. Life coaches can provide strategies to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and promote overall well-being.
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Checklist: Choosing the Right Life Coach For Women

Choosing the right life coach tailored to women’s unique needs is a significant decision, and it can feel overwhelming. To help you navigate this process, I’ve created a checklist of key evaluation factors. Use this as a guide to help you find the right life coach:

1. Area of Expertise: Life coaches often specialize in specific areas. Identify what you’re seeking in a life coach – is it personal development, career growth, health, and wellness, or overcoming personal challenges? Make sure your chosen coach has a unique perspective or area of expertise that aligns with your needs.

2. Qualification & Certification: Not all life coaches have the same level of training. Look for a coach who has reputable certification from a recognized organization (e.g. ICF International Coaching Federation). This ensures they have undergone rigorous training and adhere to a certain standard of practice. (Best ICF-accredited Coaching Programs)

3. Experience and Track Record: Consider the coach’s experience and track record. How long have they been coaching? What results have their clients achieved?

4. Client Testimonials: Check for client testimonials. These can provide valuable insights into the coach’s methods and success rate.

5. Personal Connection: Establishing a personal connection is vital. You need to feel comfortable with your coach, as you will be sharing personal information and working closely with them. Arrange an initial consultation to assess the chemistry.

6. Communication Style: Does the coach’s communication style resonate with you? The right coach should be able to communicate clearly and effectively, ensuring you understand their guidance and feedback.

7. Professionalism and Ethics: The coach should uphold a high level of professionalism and adhere to a strict code of ethics, which includes maintaining confidentiality.

8. Flexibility: Can the coach accommodate your schedule? Are they flexible with their sessions, and can they provide coaching in a format that suits you (online, in-person, group, or individual)?

9. Cost and Contract: Understand the costs involved and what is included in the contract. Will you need to commit to a certain number of sessions? What happens if you want to terminate the contract early?

Remember, choosing a life coach is a deeply personal decision, and it’s essential to take your time and make an informed choice. Trust your intuition – it will guide you toward the right coach who can help you achieve your goals.

Best Life Coach For Women

Best Life Coach For Women – Life Coach For Moms

Alysia Gilliam is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, mom empowerment coach, and joy strategist. She has more than a decade of experience helping individuals improve behaviors that allow them to live a more fulfilling life. She owned a pediatric behavioral therapy clinic for nearly 8 years, serving hundreds of children and families. After becoming a mom, her focus shifted to helping other moms find joy and balance when motherhood becomes a struggle. She shares her life experiences through consulting, creating online courses, and blogging.

Stephanie Rosenfield, as a mom coach, empowers overwhelmed mothers to find happiness and confidence in their parenting journey. She provides tools for mothers to create peace at home and to engage more positively with their children. Her coaching approach involves helping women heal by focusing on decreasing their anxiety, enhancing self-confidence, and promoting self-care.

Kara Ryska is a life coach who helps moms develop confidence and take hold of their lives. She is a working mom of four kids, one of whom has special needs and survived a brain tumor. She is passionate about family, marathons, and Spanish. She works with moms of kids with special needs and helps them learn from her experience and take the next step.

Deborah Porter is an influential voice and media contributor on parenting and motherhood. She helps businesses reduce attrition and the cost of turnover among their working parents by providing support beyond parental leave. She has experience in the criminal justice field as a probation/parole officer and criminal investigator. She is also the founder of Porter Systems, LLC, which helps parents design a work/life balance system through coaching. Additionally, she is a media contributor on parenting and sits on the board of MOPS International and New Horizons of SWFL.

Best Life Coach For Women – Career & Leadership

Laura Weldy is a career coach specializing in personal development and leadership. Her focus lies in helping high-achieving women align their thoughts, values, and actions, enabling them to show up powerfully at work and build sustainable success for themselves. She emphasizes self-empowerment and intentional alignment.

Brooke Taylor is a transformational career coach experienced in sales, strategy, and people management. With a history of high ambition and achievement, she assists clients in healing the ‘Success Wound’, aligning their ambitions with their definition of success sustainably. Her approach combines personal recovery experiences and professional acumen, providing actionable guidance without sacrificing well-being.

Best Life Coach For Women – Midlife & Menopause

Tania Elfersy is an educator, certified transformative coach, and author specializing in midlife women’s health, particularly perimenopause and menopause. She encourages understanding and embracing the natural changes occurring in women’s bodies, challenging prevailing myths about menopause. Elfersy offers insights and guidance to women, promoting internal healing of symptoms rather than external solutions. She’s written bestselling books on the subject and provides coaching services, online courses, and resources through The Wiser Woman project.

Lynsey Eland, the founder of Dandelion Coaching, is a passionate mental health coach with extensive experience in the field. She provides individualized, solution-focused coaching, leveraging her personal experience with early menopause to specialize in supporting women through similar transitions. Lynsey works to help women identify their priorities, overcome barriers, and develop realistic plans for personal and professional growth.

Laura Shuckburgh from Marvellous Midlife is a menopause and life coach specializing in aiding women experiencing menopause. She offers support for those at crossroads, feeling anxious or lacking self-confidence. Her coaching aims to dispel self-limiting beliefs and enable women to align their lives with their core values, thereby finding contentment and purpose.

Best Life Coach For Women – Stress & Anxiety

Sandy Woznicki

Sandy Woznicki is a Stress and Anxiety Coach who guides ambitious leaders and parents on their journey to stop feeling like every day is a stress-filled grind so they can thrive as the happiest version of themselves. She offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and retreats.

Madi Snow

Madi Snow is a stress and anxiety coach who helps ambitious women overcome stress and anxiety so they can thrive in their personal and professional lives. She offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and workshops. Her approach is holistic and focuses on mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Lauren E. Miller

Lauren E. Miller is a stress relief coaching expert who helps women with emotional, physical, and spiritual issues using various techniques, such as EFT, NLP, and EMDR. She has a master’s degree in adult education and human resource development and is a certified master NLP and EFT practitioner.

Best Life Coach For Women – Infertility

Dr. Alice D. Domar is a leading figure in mind/body medicine, focusing on stress and its impact on various medical conditions. She serves as the Chief Compassion Officer at Inception and an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. Domar is a best-selling author, media authority, public speaker, and provides consultations and training in fertility care.

Benefits of a Female Life Coach

1. The Strength of Empathy and Understanding
Choosing a female life coach can have significant benefits rooted in empathy and understanding.

Empathy, a key trait for a successful life coach, not only facilitates a strong connection between you and the coach but also enables the coach to better understand and aid you in overcoming your challenges.

The inherent strength of a female coach lies in her natural ability to empathize, helping you to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and resilience. This offers a unique, empowering perspective, cultivating positive change and personal growth.

2. Role Modeling and Mentoring
As your journey through your everyday life unfolds, a female life coach can serve as an invaluable guide, leveraging her experiences and wisdom to help you navigate your path.

She acts as a role model, helping you to envision your potential and identify strategies to reach it. Additionally, in the form of a mentor, she shares her lessons learned, challenges your assumptions, and nurtures your skills, fueling your growth and transformation.

This dual role of role model and mentor paves your way toward self-actualization, equipping you with tools for success and fulfillment.

3. Addressing Women-Specific Challenges
A female life coach has the unique ability to truly understand your women-specific challenges. Therefore it makes women experts help you navigate and overcome these challenges.

The Power of Life Coaching For Women

The transformative power of life coaching for women is immense and life-altering. Just imagine a journey where you:

  • gain clarity on your life’s path,
  • unearth your intrinsic potential, and
  • confidently move forward towards your personal and professional goals.
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Importance of Personal Development For Women

As a woman, life coaching help you feel empowered you to navigate life’s challenges, embrace change, and cultivate resilience.

A life coach serves as your supportive ally, offering

  • guidance as you confront tough decisions,
  • instilling confidence as you set your sights on meaningful goals.

They don’t only address surface-level issues but delve deeper to help you recognize and change limiting beliefs, aiding you in embracing a more positive and fulfilling mindset.

Consider life coaching as a transformative journey, where every step equips you with the tools to enhance your:

  • self-worth,
  • self-confidence, and
  • self-love.

How Life Coaching For Women Contributes to Growth

You’ll find assistance to:

  • assert your boundaries in relationships,
  • learn to cope with stress, and
  • ultimately lead a happier, more satisfied life.

As a woman, life coaching helps you

  • reclaim your power,
  • steering you to rise above societal expectations,
  • recover from toxic relationships, and
  • take control of your life narrative.
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In essence, life coaching isn’t just about getting unstuck; it’s about stepping into your power as a woman, making mindful decisions, and living a life that’s aligned with your values and aspirations.

Initial Consultation: What to Expect

Many coaches offer a free initial consultation where they’ll outline the common benefits of coaching and how they can help you get what you want in life. Approaching your initial life coaching consultation may feel daunting, but remember, this is your time to shine.

This meeting is an opportunity for you to articulate your aspirations, challenges, and expectations to the coach.

Be open and honest about where you are and what you hope to achieve.

Expect the coach to listen attentively, ask powerful questions to ignite self-awareness, and outline their coaching process, ultimately forming the foundation of a productive coaching relationship.


Finding the best life coach for women can be an empowering step toward your personal and professional growth. It’s about partnering with a mentor who resonates with your specific needs and life goals.

Be it transforming from toxic relationships or navigating a career change, a life coach can provide that much-needed guidance and support.

Remember, it’s not about instant changes but fostering a growth mindset for a long-lasting, profound impact.

Your journey towards a better, brighter future starts today. Start exploring and let your potential unfold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Life Coach For Women Do?

A life coach for women offers guidance tailored to unique challenges women face like career aspirations, family roles, and societal pressures.

They empower women with strategies and insights to boost confidence, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

What is the average cost of a life coach For Women?

The average cost of a women’s life coach can vary.

Hourly rates typically range from $75 to $400, while monthly packages could cost between $300 to $2.000 USD. Check out my article: Life Coach Prices

Are Womens Life Coaches Are Really Worth It?

Absolutely, women’s life coaches are worth it!

They provide invaluable guidance, tailored strategies, and emotional support to help women navigate their unique challenges and achieve their personal and professional goals.

What type of person needs a Women’s life coach?

Any woman facing challenges in balancing personal and professional life, seeking confidence, a self-esteem boost, or navigating societal pressures, can benefit from a women’s life coach.

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.