Life Coach for Teens – A Comprehensive Guide

A lack of self-confidence, poor lifestyle, unreachable dreams, and more is the sad reality for most teens and youths today.

As a result, parents are stuck with children who are unable to reach their truest potentials.

However, with the help of a youth life coach, such youths can learn to grow their confidence, take charge of their life, and improve their lifestyle.

Let’s dive right into it.

Life Coach for Teens

What is a Youth Life Coach?

A youth life coach is a professional that works with teenagers and youths to help them achieve their dreams or make changes in certain areas of their lives. Such a professional guide’s youths and teenagers through this process by asking important questions that help them evaluate their situation.

A youth life coach employs techniques and strategies that will motivate and inspire youth, as well as give them that push to become better versions of themselves. Just like personal trainers, a youth life coach helps students and teenagers achieve their life goals.

They are equipped with the professional training and mindset required to coach youths to the kind of life they desire. They work with them every step of the way, to ensure that their clients are always on track, as well as find ways to keep them motivated, to accomplish their goals.

What is an Academic Life Coach?

Similar to a youth life coach, an academic life coach works with students within or outside the school setting, to help them;

  • De-stress in areas of their life that worry them
  • Increase their academic confidence and effectiveness
  • Learn the proper strategies for organization, self-advocacy and time management
  • Handle whatever problems they may be facing in school
  • And also assist in other aspects of their lives

An academic coach also exposes students to strategies that will help them better manage their time, study effectively, and keep them well organized.

What Makes a Good Youth Coach?

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A good youth coach should be able to push their clients to become better versions of themselves, as well as achieve whatever life goals they have. Therefore, in order for them to do this, a good youth coach should possess certain qualities, some of which are highlighted below.

  • Leadership Skills: A good youth coach should possess the right leadership skills that will help guide, inspire, and motivate youths to achieve their full potential.
  • Knowledge: They should also have a wealth of information concerning the issues that affect youths, as well as how they can help them overcome such issues.
  • Consistency: A good youth coach should be able to work diligently and relentlessly with their client, until they see remarkable and noticeable improvements.

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Typical Youth Life Coaching Topics

During a youth life coaching sessions, a youth/teen coach will touch on various topics that might help teenagers and youths address some of the issues they are facing. Some of the typical youth life coaching topics include:

  • Improving Focus
  • Eradicating Limiting Beliefs and Negative Attitudes
  • Building Resilience
  • Increasing Self Confidence
  • Setting up Short & Long Term Goals
  • Discovering Drive and Inner Motivation
  • Overpowering Distractions
  • Forming Healthy Habits

Questions a Life Coach for Teens May Asks You

To help you get the most of your coaching session, a life coach for teens will ask you certain questions, in addition to the topics they address with you. These questions aim to help you design the right strategy to address your unique needs.

“If you had the power, what are some of the things you would change in your life?” is an example of a question a life coach for teens may ask you. Others include;

  • What are the factors you think will help you accomplish your wish, dream, or goals?
  • During what point in your life do you feel like your true self?
  • What are some of the highlights of where you are currently in life?
  • If you had everything at your disposal, what would you be doing today?
  • Is there anything you could do less of? If yes, what are those things?

What is the Difference Between a Life Coach and a Therapist?

A lot of people tend to get the descriptions of life coaches and therapists mixed up. Although both of these professions generally seek to help people, one deals with healthy people while the other is for the sick. A therapist is a mental health professional who helps, treats, or manages people with mental health problems such as depression, OCD, and so on.

Life Coach for Teens
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A life coach, on the other hand, is not a healthcare professional, but also help their clients identify obstacles that may prevent them from reaching their potential. They also identify problematic behaviors that are preventing their clients from actualizing their goals. However, sometimes, depending on the needs of the client, a life coach and a therapist may need to work together.

See also coaching vs. therapist .

Life Coaching for High School Students

For a lot of students, high school is a time where they experience so much difficulty, that they become confused and stressed. Most of this stress and confusion stems from the barrage of conflicting demands from not only their teachers but also from family and friends. Therefore, such students may require professionals like a life coach for high school students, to help them deal with some of these issues. The following are some ways in which life coaching can help.

  • Student Empowerment

A life coach empowers students with the required resources needed for them to thrive in their academic as well as personal lives. They train students to become highly proactive, thus improving their academic skills.

  • Stress Management

With the help of a life coach, students can learn to maintain the right balance between their academic and personal lives by practicing stress management tips. With the right balance, students have better control of their physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.

  • Problem Solving Skills

Through life coaching, students can learn problem-solving skills that will enable them to solve their own problems, whether academic or personal. With the right coach for teens, students will learn valuable skills that enable them to master their problems.

Youth Life Coach Salary

The hourly rate charged by life coaches for teens varies between $75 and $200 USD.
This is the spectrum you should calculate with if you think about hiring a youth life coach.

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Depending on your challenge, the average session number vary also between 4 to 10 sessions until you see results.

This leads to an approximate price spectrum between $300 and $2,000 USD.

Sure, there are exceptions to the average numbers.

Some cases are done in 1 or 2 sessions, others need even more time than 10 sessions.

You should discuss your personal challenge in a first consultation with your potential teens’ life coach candidate and get an estimate about the costs.

How Do You Become a Youth Counselor?

Besides youth life coaches there are also youth counselors.

In order to become a youth counselor, you must possess;

  • A Bachelor’s degree program in behavioral sciences, social services, counseling, psychology, or human services.
  • Work experience in areas like schools, correctional facilities, community & medical centers, private practices, and so on.
  • Graduate education in youth development or human services

Youth Life Coach Near Me

In these directories you can find a trustable youth life coach near you:

Thanks to the internet, finding the right coach is a lot easier than it used to be. There are many resources and directories online that you can go through, to pick the right life coach. Some of the directories that can connect you with the best life coaches near you are as follows.

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