The Law Of Polarity: 5 Examples to Learn From in (2024)

The law of polarity is the theory that everything in the universe has a dual nature. Things that are seemingly opposite, such as love and hate, are actually two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other.

Tricky to understand? You bet! 

So here are 5 examples to help illustrate the law of polarity.

Let’s dive right into it.

5 Examples of the Law of Polarity

The more you understand how this law of opposites works, the better you can shape your life around it. Here are five examples of the law of polarity that everyone has probably experienced in one way or another.

#1 Happiness and Sadness

If you think back through your life, what are the memories that stand out the most to you? If you’re like a lot of people, the most salient moments of life are also the happiest and saddest.

The birth of a child. The death of a loved one. A first kiss. A painful breakup.

The law of polarity goes hand in hand with Newton’s Third Law of Thermodynamics, which states that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” And you can apply this same force of nature to your own life whenever you are overcome with joy or grief.

For example, during times of intense sadness, you may feel stuck in a negative polarity. To move yourself back towards joy, you can acknowledge the source of your sadness and take an equal and opposite reaction to it. If you are lonely, surround yourself with loved ones. If you are defeated, form a plan for success and take action to work towards it.

#2 Love and Hate

Perhaps no two emotions capture the fact that everything is dual better than love and hate. These are obviously polar opposite feelings, but how can they be part of the same thing?

Believe it or not, science has an answer for us. Did you know that the same neural circuits in your brain that are responsible for feelings of love also manifest feelings of hate? Perhaps that accounts for why there’s no better sex than makeup sex!

The dual nature of love and hate also becomes apparent when you think of the most heroic and heinous acts of humankind. A person will move mountains to be with the one they love. But they will also commit great evil in the name of hate.

So how can you apply this idea to your own life? Remember that the law of polarity is basically saying that opposites exist together, like two poles on a magnet. Thus, it is possible to move yourself from one state to the other.

So when you are overcome with feelings of hate, you do not need to succumb to them. Life may throw you in situations that force painful thoughts upon you, but that doesn’t mean you are powerless to change yourself from within.

Happiness and Sadness
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#3 Masculinity and Femininity

Masculine and feminine energies are also two sides to the same coin of sexual energy. The law of polarity, as it applies to magnetism, says that opposites attract. You know that the north and south poles of two magnets are what will stick to each other. Well, the same goes with masculine and feminine energy.

In a relationship, there needs to be a balance of these two energies between partners. When both partners share the same energy, their attraction will be reduced. Likewise, if you are seeking out a new relationship, you should cultivate in yourself the energy that is opposite to the one you want to attract.

#4 Creation and Destruction

It’s amazing how much the law of opposites takes shape throughout not just our daily lives, but also in Mother Nature and science, if you know where to look.

You are probably familiar with the Big Bang Theory, for example, which holds that the universe was born of a massive explosion. Without this destructive force that took place at the beginning of time, the stars and planets would never have taken shape. The Earth would never have spawned life.

That is why creation and destruction, just like everything else, are bound to the law of polarity. Like the legendary phoenix that is reborn out of its own fiery death, so can you become a new person through destruction.

When you destroy weakness in yourself, you create strength. When you cut off harmful relationships, you make room for healthy ones.

#5 Pride and Humility

The old proverb says “Pride comes before a fall,” warning us against overconfidence. When we become too haughty with our own accomplishments, we fail to see our weaknesses for what they really are. And if we can’t see them, we can’t improve them.

This is why you can fight unhealthy pride with a modest dose of humility. Both can be dangerous in too much concentration. But by manifesting humble thoughts, and acknowledging that you are a human being who makes human mistakes, you can pull yourself away from the negative pole of excessive pride.

Imagine, for example, that you just sealed a major business deal or landed a big client. You may be tempted to pat yourself on the back and rest on your laurels. But then you might lose the very positive energy that attracted the client in the first place. 

Instead, by applying the principles of polarity consciousness, you can admit that your success came from more than just your own skill. And that failure could come in the same way. So you stay humble. You maintain your strong work ethic. You attract success.

What is the Law of Duality?

The law of duality is synonymous with the law of polarity. It is the theory that everything in life has dual nature. For every action, there is a reaction. Everything has an opposite. And every person, object, thought, and feeling ebbs and flows in the continuum that connects these two poles.

Law Of Polarity
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What Are the Types of Polarity?

The two types of polarity can be broken down simply into negative and positive, hence why the law of polarity is also known as the law of opposite. Just like on a magnet, the law of polarity says that for every negative there exists a positive.

Because these two poles exist within the same object, thought, or emotion, we can apply the law to every aspect of our life, as illustrated in many of the previous examples. 

Generally, our goal is to seek the positive and avoid the negative. For example, we want to move out of despair and into hope. We want to shed fear and harness courage. 

However, sometimes the “negative” and “positive” polarities are not necessarily right or wrong, good or evil. They simply are. For example, masculine and feminine energy are opposite poles of the same concept, but neither is more sought after than the other. However, as we move towards one pole, we are always moving further from the other.

What is Polarity in a Person?

In a person, the law of polarity applies to one’s work, relationships, mental state, life goals, and more. Often without us even realizing it.

Simply put, every part of your life can exist in a negative or positive state. And, this state can change from one day to the next. Sometimes, our polarity will change due to external forces. We get laid off from a job and enter a state of depression, for example.

Other times, we actively work to evoke change in our life. We can see that our current state is no good, so we take action to set it right. We feel isolated, for instance, so we seek out companionship from the people who bring us joy and make us feel connected. 

What Does Polarity Mean in Psychology?

Psychologically speaking, the law of polarity offers us a powerful way to use our thoughts to shape our mindset and improve our life.

We have the power to change our current state to the polar opposite, simply by focusing our energy and action towards the object of our desire. If we desire to move from a state of anxiety to a state of peace, for example, we must first identify the source of our anxiety. Then, we must do everything in our power to move away from it, cut it from our life, and replace it with that which will grant us peace.

Now, the law of polarity doesn’t mean that this movement is easy or effortless. And it doesn’t belittle the serious nature of mental health issues like depression and anxiety. But it does mean that change for the better is possible.

The Law of Polarity in Relationships

As I mentioned before, the law of polarity demonstrates itself quite powerfully in romantic relationships through the opposite energies of masculinity and femininity. It’s important to understand, though, that neither force is right or wrong. Instead, you need to realize that the secret to a good relationship is a balance between both forces. 

Ideally, one partner should manifest masculine energy and the other feminine. Because opposites attract, it can be very difficult to enjoy a harmonious romance if these energies are out of balance.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this list of 5 examples of the law of polarity helped you better understand what it is and how it works.

Most importantly, I hope you got some actionable advice on how the law of polarity can be applied to your daily life.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. And if you found this post helpful, please do share it with your friends.

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