22 Genuine Characteristics Of Kind People (2024)

Are you wondering what it means to be genuinely kind? 

In my role as a life coach, this is an idea I’m often exploring with my clients. 

So, read on for my list of 22 genuine characteristics of kind people. This article also features answers to frequently asked questions about kindness too. 

Let’s dive right into it.

What Is A Kind Person?

Just so we’re on the same page, a kind person is someone who is frequently generous, helpful and selfless. They put other people before themselves throughout their lives.  

What Are The Characteristics Of A Kind Person?

Kindness comes in many forms. Below, I’ve listed 22 genuine characteristics of kind people.

1. They Are Good Listeners

Kind people have a great listening ear. They’re happy to listen to what other people have to say, no matter how interesting they find it. 

2. They’re Considerate With Their Words And Behavior

Before they act, they judge how their words or behavior will make others feel.

3. They Respect Others’ Feelings

If someone is feeling angry, upset or lost, they have the ability to understand and respect that. They’re not quick to judge or blame others for their anger or bad behavior.  

4. They Accept People For Who They Are 

Kind people accept that others have different viewpoints to them. They’re not caught up in judging others for this. 

5. They Forgive People For Their Mistakes

Kind people accept that other people aren’t perfect and are less likely to hold a grudge if someone else wrongs them. 

6. Give Without Expecting Anything In Return

The act of kindness makes them feel good, so they don’t need anything else from that person.

7. They Give Praise

Kind people are quick to recognise and point out when others do good things and deserve praise. 

Kind People
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8. They’re Humble

When others praise them, kind people tend to respond by highlighting the rest of their team’s success, rather than their own. Humble people understand that we all rely on others to achieve any meaningful goal. 

9. They Let Others Have The Spotlight

In a one-on-one conversation, kind people are prepared to take a backseat, let someone else have the attention and listen to them. 

10. They’re Respectfully Honest

Honesty is a big part of a kind person’s character. However, they will often share the truth in a manner that doesn’t hurt others’ feelings. You can be honest without being cruel. 

11. They Show Gratitude To Others

If someone has made their life easier, kind people will be the first to say ‘thank you’. They’ll also be mindful of ways they can return the favor.

12. They Show Unconditional Love

When they choose to love someone, they do so unconditionally, not based on what the other person can give them. While they understand that kindness should go two ways, they’re not the type to keep score in a relationship with their partners or families. 

13. They’re Patient

Kind people understand that showing impatience makes others uncomfortable. They’re naturally empathetic enough to understand that some require more time than they might to complete the same action.

14. They Spread Good Vibes

A kind person usually understands that their mood is infectious. So, if they’re in a group environment, they’ll do their best to smile and spread positivity, no matter what mood they’re in. In fact, they often feel responsible for the happiness of those around them.

15. They Don’t Complain

In a similar vein, they understand that complaining can bring down the mood of those around them. A kind person will only complain if they think it can make a difference, rather than to lift a weight off their own shoulders.

16. They Act With Integrity

Acting with integrity is entirely selfless. Sometimes, it’s tempting to bypass integrity and do something that’s morally wrong, but a kind person realises this will normally make other people’s lives harder.

17. They Are Generous 

The joy of giving is enough for them to be very generous when it comes to giving gifts, or their own time.

18. They Admit Their Flaws

If they are not the best person for a particular job, they will normally admit this to warn others, rather than try to save face. 

19. They Treat Everyone Equally  

It’s easy to be kind to someone who can help you. Genuinely kind people have the ability to show kindness to EVERYONE. 

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20. They’ll Invite Others To Their Party

If they’re having a good time with their friends and family and someone else feels left out, a kind man or woman is the type to invite others and talk to them to make them feel welcome. They’re often putting in the effort to treat strangers as friends.   

21. They Want To Make The World A Better Place 

The desire to enact change in the world is normally a big part of their life mission. Indeed, when we are kind to others we have the power to make the world an amazing place. 

22. They’re Genuinely Very Happy

Happy people find it easier to be kind to others. Their own cup is full, so they have the emotional space to give to others. Indeed, people in this position quickly discover that giving to others fills their own cup even further. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kind People

I want to round off this guide with answers to frequently asked questions about kind people. 

What Makes Someone Kind-Hearted?

To some, being ‘kind-hearted’ is the same as being kind. To others, the term ‘kind-hearted’ relates to how someone naturally feels inside themselves. It’s in their nature to be kind, because these feelings come from the heart.  

What Made You A Truly Kind Person?

It’s commonly suggested that all humans are naturally kind to others. Others believe that kindness has to be taught to us by our parents, teachers, peers and pastors when we are children.

Of course, as adults, we should be responsible for our own kindness, no matter how we were treated as children. 

It’s often a lot easier to be kind when you feel others have been kind to you – and when you have the basics you need to be comfortable in life.

When we have fallen on hard times in our lives, we might find it easier to give into the temptations of selfishness. 

However, these people might be advised to understand the law of cause and effect, which states that the universe tends to give back whatever you put into it. When you’re kind, it can lead to amazing things happening in your future. 

How To Be Kind To Yourself?

Kindness starts with how we treat ourselves. When we learn to be kind to ourselves, it becomes easier to fill our own cup and spread kindness to others.

This sounds easy enough in theory, but many of us have an inner voice that is nastier to ourselves than our outer voice would ever dream of being to another person.

Watch this video below for some great ideas on self-kindness. 

How To Spread Kindness?

There are thousands of opportunities to spread kindness to others every day. The first step is to stand up, be present, open your eyes and search for them. It’s a simple process, but most people are too busy looking for what they can get to spot opportunities to give. 

Famous Kind People

It seems unfair to single out certain celebrities for their kindness. Most celebrities are extremely generous and practice kindness every day, giving time to their fans and a significant portion of their money to charity. Many do this without making a big song and dance about it in the media.

With that said, if you’re looking to be inspired by tales of kindness, search for the life stories of:

  • Nelson Mandela;
  • Mother Teresa;
  • Gandhi. 

Is Being Kind The Same As Being As A ‘Nice Guy’? 

You may have heard ‘nice guy’ used in a negative light. In recent times, people use the phrase to describe a people-pleaser, who is only kind to others in order to benefit in return. A truly kind man or woman is kind for kindness’ sake.  

Any More Questions About Kind People?

Thanks for reading my article! I hope you found it helpful. 

These tips should serve you well in the workplace and personal life, as well as your romantic relationship.

If you have any questions about kind people, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. 

It will be great to talk further about this topic. I will search for new comments as often as I can.

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