21 Reasons Why Intuitive Empaths Having A Gift (2024)

Intuitive empaths are able to read and absorb the emotions of others. With their intuition, they can make accurate assumptions about others and their needs.

The term ‘intuitive empaths’ was first introduced by psychiatrist and author Judith Orloff.

Intuitive empathic people may appear to be oversensitive and emotional, but they possess a wonderful gift.

In this article, we’ll explore 21 traits that prove how special they really are.

1. They Are Extremely Rare

Intuitive empaths are a very rare type of empath, holding two abilities. One is that they have a great capacity for empathy. The other is an almost-psychic intuition.

Sources say they make up just 1% of the population, a very small number indeed.

If you yourself identify as this type of empath, be assured that your gift is very rare. Don’t take yourself for granted, and don’t let others either.

2. They Choose Meaningfulness Over Practicality

Intuitive Empaths
Photo by Irina Petrichei from Pexels

They seek to connect deeply to everything they do, and every conversation they have.

Since intuitive empaths need depth to be satisfied in their life, they are drawn to meaningful careers.

If the conversation or activity they are engaged in is shallow or mundane, they won’t stay with it for long. It has to align deeply with their core values and life goals.

3. They Easily Understand People (And Their Viewpoint)

Intuitive empaths could easily play devil’s advocate in a debate.

The reason is that they can see the other side of the story. In other words, they see the other person’s feelings and point of view.

Their intuitive empathy allows them to take in and feel others’ point of view. Almost as if it were their own feeling and opinion.

Empathy indeed is a skill that we should all learn to master in life. But intuitive empaths are born geniuses in this area.

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4. They Are Natural Problem Solvers

Intuitive empaths hate to watch people struggle over worries and problems. This is due to their natural empathy.

In addition to empathy, they have abundant intuition. Thus, they can easily find the core problem, and think of possible solutions to it.

This is the way that intuitive empaths survive in this world, despite their oversensitivity.

5. They Know How To Find The Positive Energy They Need

Because they can sense and absorb other people’s feelings, intuitive empaths feel exhausted if they have to spend too much time around gossipers, complainers, and other negative people.

They often need to ‘wash off’ the negative energy they may encounter at school or work.

They will find and surround themselves with positive people and pleasant hobbies in order to recharge.

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6. They Know How To Listen

An intuitive empath is gifted at the art of listening. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s rare to find someone to truly listen to what you have to say.

Because they are a true empath at heart, they’ll also absorb and reflect other people’s emotions while they are listening.

Expect them to cry along with you as you share bad news, or laugh with you as you tell them a good story. This is a trait that they can’t help.

Watch this video on the importance of developing empathy as a life skill, in order to become a better listener:

7. They Feel Others’ Emotions

I’m sure that all intuitive empaths have had an experience like this: they see a stranger crying, and they suddenly can’t keep their own tears back.

It’s almost as if the feelings were their own.

They might also exhibit traits of the physical empaths: they see a friend who is sick, and they feel the physical symptoms themselves.

The point is that nobody can rival an intuitive empath when it comes to feeling and embodying the emotions of others.

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8. They Are Creative

Intuitive Empaths Creativity
Photo by bridgesward from Pixabay

Because the intuitive empath is in tune with their own emotions, they are likely able to express them in creative ways.

They are drawn to the arts, such as painting, music or poetry, and may have some talent for them.

In an office setting, the highly intuitive empath worker will use their gifts to come up with fresh ideas.

And they often bring in plants and paintings to bring aesthetic beauty to their workplace.

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9. They Can Bring Harmony To Any Situation

Speaking of harmony, they are highly allergic to negative energies in their workplace or home.

The intuitive empath is a natural peace-maker, which is a wonderful social survival skill.

Their empathy allows them to resonate with the other person’s emotions whenever a conflict arises.

And because they are intuitive people, they will devise whatever means necessary to achieve harmony in their environment.

10. They Can Read People Like An Open Book

Intuitive empaths have the ability to sense the emotions of others. Some are also gifted at interpreting nonverbal signals and body language.

This means that they are adept at ‘reading’ people, even those they meet for the first time.

Don’t be surprised when one suddenly stops to ask you about your troubles, even if you haven’t mentioned it to them at all.

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11. They Use The Power Of Their Imagination To Cope With Stress

The intuitive empath has a sensitive and emotional nature. High-pressure situations or even the smallest arguments can leave them overwhelmed.

Not to mention large gatherings.

Because they’re so in tune to the emotions of the people around them, having such a large number of people in one place will make them feel drained.

It’s common for these types of empaths to have some form of social anxiety.

In order to cope, intuitive empaths often escape into their own mind. They use their vivid imagination to mentally escape the hustle and bustle around them.

After they’ve drawn away for some time, they’re able to return to reality with a refreshed mind and spirit.

12. They Know How To Enjoy Their Own Company

Intuitive Empaths Alone Time
Photo by Uriel Mont from Pexels

Intuitive empaths, as before, can experience sensory overload in crowded places and gatherings.

It’s not uncommon for them to identify as introverts, needing lots of alone time to recharge.

This is a form of self care for the intuitive empath, and is one of the ways that they can care for their own needs, in spite of their often selfless nature.

It’s a good thing then, that they are able to truly enjoy their own company, using the time to reflect or engage in their hobbies.

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13. They Cannot Get Themselves Not To Care

Intuitive empaths are highly sensitive to the needs of others, and thus it is hard for them to not care.

They might even feel anxious if they have to pass by, or ignore someone in distress or poverty.

They see and feel the suffering of others, and may even feel physical symptoms of a person if they are in so much pain.

They will often do whatever they can do to ease the burdens of others, and are one of the most caring types of people in the world.

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14. Intuitive Empaths Are In Great Company

Intuitive empaths are highly sensitive and creative, and seek to bring harmony to their environment and world.

It’s no wonder that there are many famous artists and celebrities that are various types of empaths, including intuitive empaths.

Famous empaths include Ed Sheeran, known for his sweet songs and emotional lyrics.

Oprah Winfrey is also an empath, and is known for using her billion-dollar platform to reach out and give to the less fortunate all over the world.

15. They Can Spot A Liar From a Mile Away

Because the intuitive empath is gifted at reading people, they can spot deceit very easily.

Never try to lie to or trick a highly intuitive empath. They’re always one step ahead when it comes to knowing your intentions.

They can often spot dishonest, toxic people when they first meet them.

It would be beneficial to observe which people they avoid dealing with. The kind-natured empath likely has a good reason to stay away.

16. They Are The Ideal Confidantes

Intuitive empaths are the first people to call if you’re worried or stressed.

Their empathic nature allows them to sympathize with and feel your emotions with you, which can be a great relief to those with a troubled mind.

If you grew up with an intuitive empath family member, you likely had a good childhood, where you felt listened to and affirmed.

These emotional empaths have a caring nature, and a sympathetic ear to listen to other people’s stories.

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17. They Have The Capacity For Endless Optimism

Because too much negativity is stressful to their wellbeing, intuitive empaths try their best to look on the bright side.

Whatever the circumstances are, they will do their best to see the silver lining.

And when they sense that you are feeling under the weather, they will try to bring this optimism to you, to brighten your day.

Despite the stress of everyday life, the enthusiastic positivity of the intuitive empath can make anyone smile.

18. Intuitive Empaths Can’t Help But Stand Out

Intuitive empaths are a rare sight to see. They have an ability to experience the viewpoints and feel the emotions of other people.

On top of that, their uncanny intuition makes them like shining gems in a dull world.

They likely stand out in social settings when they express their nature, and some may even think they have psychic abilities.

The intuitive empath can inspire strangers to confide in them, and will often gather a lot of admirers in their lifetime.

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19. They Hate To See Others Suffer

Intuitive Empaths Hug
Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

Intuitive empaths hate to see someone in pain, even if the person is their greatest enemy or rival.

They will think of quick ways to remedy people’s emotional and physical pain.

That could mean sitting with them to listen to their problems, or rushing to the store for medicine or a band aid.

Because they are highly sensitive, they can feel the turmoil of others as if it were in their own bodies.

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20. Intuitive Empaths Don’t Make Rash Decisions

While the intuitive empath can think of solutions quickly, thanks to their amazing intuition, they won’t make big decisions in a rush.

This is because they want to dig deeper into the issue, and explore all the possible solutions and their consequences.

This might look to others like indecision, but in the end, they often make the best decision for everyone involved.

Intuitive empaths share a desire to bring harmony to their environment. They know that every big decision counts for or against that harmony.

21. They Make The Best Friends You Can Ever Have

Intuitive empaths prefer deep connection with a few, precious friends over shallow friendships with many.

To be friends with an intuitive empath means that you will have a true friend for life.

They are always there to listen, and feel the same emotions that you feel when you confide in them.

Their intuitive empathy means that they will often make great friends and confidantes. Count yourself lucky and blessed to have an intuitive empath in your circle.

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FAQs About Intuitive Empaths

What’s the difference between an empath and an intuitive?

An empath is someone who has empathic abilities. That is, they can feel other people’s feelings as though they were their own.

It’s easy for them to adapt to the emotional state of the person they are with, by literally feeling what they are feeling.

Intuitive people are those who have a refined sense of intuition.

That means that they have an uncanny ability to predict events and sense the characters and motivations of those they just met.

An intuitive empath usually has both of these two abilities.

How to know if you are an intuitive empath?

While it is best to be evaluated by a trained professional, intuitive empaths often know deep down whether they are intuitive empaths.

Traits include being able to feel others’ emotions deeply, and having an ability to quickly read situations. They often have the ability to bring harmony to group settings.

These are not concrete proof, so you may want to take a quick online test to find out what kind of empath you are.

Besides intuitive empaths, there are other types of empaths. These include the emotional empath, the physical empath, and the earth empath, among many others.

What are the ideal careers for an intuitive empath?

Many intuitive empaths seek meaning in their careers.

Now, what is meaningful to one empath might not be meaningful to other empaths.

But what is certain is that many empaths seek to make a positive impact and change in their work.

Intuitive Empaths Comfort
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

Career paths where such impact is obvious, such as health care, and social services, might be good choices for intuitive empaths.

Religious fields might also be good, as they have a deep capacity for faith and spirituality.

How can I control my intuitive empath tendencies?

As an intuitive empath, the ability to control your nature would be a good goal to aim for, in order to mature.

Your intuitive empathy might cause you to be overly sensitive to negative energy and crowds.

While you may want to help others all the time, know that you need relaxing alone time. It’s an effective form of self care, in order to recharge and be your best.

Intuitive empaths should try to spend as little time as possible with negative people and energy vampires.


In this article, we shared 21 reasons why intuitive empaths have a wonderful gift.

If you identify as an intuitive empath, don’t be afraid to let your empath traits shine. Because this world really needs more of you 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and reading my guide. Share this piece with a friend to help them too!

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