Intimacy Coach – 8 Facts Checklist (2024)

In this guide, you’ll discover what an intimacy coach does and who might benefit from working with one.

As an experienced life coach, I’m well aware how many people struggle to deal with sexual intimacy. 

Yet, only a tiny percentage are even aware that intimacy coaching may help them.

Let’s explore how it works.

#1 What Is An Intimacy Coach?

For the purposes of this guide, let’s define intimacy as: a close personal connection between two lovers.

An intimacy coach helps people deepen this connection with sexual partners. They can work with individuals or couples. 

A coach may assist their clients with problems surrounding emotional intimacy or physical intimacy

However, it’s often the case that the former has a dramatic effect on the latter. 

For this reason, an intimacy coach will often feel the need to dive into the psyche of their clients, using similar methods as traditional therapists.  

#2 What Does An Intimacy Coach Do?

In order to improve our intimate relationships with others, it’s often necessary to first look at the relationship we have with ourselves. 

Indeed, problems with intimacy often stem from emotional blocks that might have occurred outside a romantic relationship. 

For this reason, intimacy coaches will often engage in talking therapy with individuals in order to uncover these blocks, similar to how a traditional therapist or transformation coach would do. This talking therapy will typically focus on a client’s self-image and their relationship with sex in general. 

They will also seek to address problems shared by a couple, in a similar fashion to how a relationship counsellor might do. 

Once the source of these problems are discovered, a coach can begin to help their clients see them from a different perspective.

Our guide on mindset coaching reveals some of the techniques that could be used to do this.  

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What Is The Somatica Method?

The Somatica Method is a popular form of sex coaching, which combines talk-based therapy with hands-on training. It is highly recommended for individuals who struggle with emotional intimacy, physical intimacy and/or having fulfilling sex in general. 

Yes, you’ll learn how to talk about sex and intimacy with partners, but you’ll also be shown how to turn them on in various ways. 

The Somatica Method aims to simulate real-life situations, bring up the struggles that clients may be struggling with, then tackle them in a gentle and informed manner. 

No, you won’t be having sex or even taking your clothes off. But you will be able to tackle your intimacy issues head-on with guidance from an expert. 

Coaches have to gain certification from the Somatica Institute before teaching this method professionally.  

Intimacy Coach
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#3 Who Might Work With An Intimacy Coach?

Many otherwise happy and healthy individuals struggle with intimacy issues. 

For example: 

  • People who have mental blocks, who struggle to let go, become aroused or achieve orgasm during sex. 
  • Couples who have lost their sexual spark and are hoping to reconnect;
  • Couples who struggle with mismatched sex drives;
  • Single men who want to become better lovers;
  • Single men and women with low libidos;
  • SIngle men and women who are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality;
  • ANYONE craving deeper intimate connections.

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#4 Benefits Of Working With An Intimacy Coach

While a traditional therapist is likely to help you open up, uncover emotional blocks and feel deeper emotional connections, they may not be as qualified to assist with issues surrounding specific sexual scenarios.

If you are specifically looking for assistance with your sex life, an intimacy coach is more likely to have the knowledge and experience to assist you. 

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#5 There Are Many Different Types Of Sex, Dating And Relationships Coaching 

Not all coaches will be qualified to give you expert advice with your specific problem, so it’s important to know the differences. 

Intimacy Coach Vs Sex Coach 

An intimacy coach will focus on the emotional aspect of sex. A sexual coach will focus on the physical side. Many coaches who focus on both will label themselves as a sex and intimacy coach.

Intimacy Coach Vs Relationship Coach 

There might be an overlap in the coaching offered as far as the deep exploration of you and your partner’s emotions.  

However, relationship coaches tend to be less qualified to deal with specific bedroom issues. 

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Intimacy Coach Vs Dating Coach 

A dating coach will often dive into your psyche to uncover issues surrounding your self-image. They’ll be able to turn around negative feelings such as thoughts of not being enough for a great partner.   

However, the majority of their teaching will focus on how to attract a partner into your life. It is rare that a dating guru can share detailed knowledge on how to improve intimacy within a relationship.  

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What Is A Cuddlist? 

A ‘professional cuddler’ who can help people overcome problems with loneliness, physical intimacy and human connection through the act of cuddling. Professional cuddle therapy is a relatively new concept described as a ‘transformative healing experience’. Talking therapy isn’t part of the package. 

What Is A Sex Surrogate? 

A surrogate partner who can help men and women overcome their sexual dysfunctions by engaging in sexual activities with them and coaching them through it.

A sex surrogate is recommended by a licensed therapist if they feel it will allow their client to overcome severe sexual dysfunction or anxiety. 

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#6 The Best Intimacy Coaches

There are hundreds of fantastic coaches out there and I’ll suggest how to find the best coach for you below.

However, I wanted to highlight these individuals for the fantastic work they’ve done to boost the reputation of intimacy coaching. 

  • Arica Angelo. A dating/relationships expert who specialises in helping men find and build deeply intimate relationships. 
  • Michaela Boehm. Michaela has worked as an intimacy coach with several Hollywood A-listers including Will Smith and Gwenyth Paltrow.  
  • Mariah Freya. Mariah co-founded Beducated – a sex education website which sells fantastic digital courses that allow people to enjoy more fulfilling sex. 
  • Celeste and Danielle. The creators of the Somatica Method are still offering personal coaching, either as audio recordings or face-to-face coaching sessions.

#7 How To Choose An Intimacy Coach

In most cases, an intimacy coach will offer you a free trial consultation, so you can each decide whether you are a good fit for each other. 

Below, I have listed the skills and certifications that a great intimacy coach would have. It’s your job as a client to check whether your chosen coach has these before you hand over any money. 

However, it’s also important to make sure you feel calm, safe and happy communicating with your coach. This is essential for you to be able to fully open up and express your emotions.   

Without this, your results will suffer, regardless of how qualified or skilled your coach is. 

How Do I Find An Intimacy Coach Near Me?

Google is pretty great for finding local businesses near you. Simply type “ïntimacy coach in” followed by your city name.

The Somatica Institute operates an effective ‘Sex Coach Near Me’ service for its certified coaches based in the United States.     

Intimacy Coaching
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#8 How Do You Become An Intimacy Coach?

Technically, you can set up a website and begin charging people for advice on intimacy today. After all, the coaching industry is self-regulated.

However, if you want to become a successful coach, you might first want to get a recognised coaching certification. 

Once you do, share it on your website. It’ll show potential clients that you have the skills needed to give them a great coaching experience.    

This is a good first step to help you stand out from all the other coaches they could choose. 

Best coaching certifications

Individuals looking to carve a successful career in any form of life coaching are strongly encouraged to get a certification from an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited training provider. 

The ICF accreditation is widely acknowledged to be the most prestigious mark of quality for a coach training program.  

You’ll receive better training and appear more reputable as a coach if you complete an ICF-accredited certification program. Here are six of the best life ICF-accredited coach certifications out there. 

On top of that, if you get a certification from the Somatica Institute, you’ll have all the knowledge to specialise as an intimacy coach. 

Both of these certifications will help you to attract more clients and enjoy a successful coaching career.  

Marisa Peer RTT

What skills do intimacy coaches need? 

Here are some basic skills, which are taught during coaching certifications, although many individuals will argue they should also come naturally.

A great intimacy coach will have the ability to: 

  • build rapport and trust with clients; 
  • show empathy, love and support to others;
  • maintain patience in trying times
  • act in the best interests of their clients at all times; 
  • communicate their thoughts and ideas clearly; 
  • retain a deep knowledge of human behavior and psychology.

As mentioned earlier, these skills are arguably as important as a certification, if not more. If you can’t make your potential client feel like they can trust you, there’s little to no chance they will choose to work with you. 

Intimacy coach salary 

The money you can expect to make from intimacy coaching depends on a number of factors.

First off, what type of coaching will you provide? Email coaching? Face-to-face coaching? Will you get hands-on using the Somatica Method?   

As a self-employed individual, you can charge whatever you feel like. However, the amount people are willing to pay will depend on your experience, qualifications and ultimately demand for your services.  

With that said, research suggests an intimacy coach can expect to make anywhere between $16 and $45 per hour.  

Share your thoughts with me in the comments 

I hope this guide helped you get a clearer idea of how intimacy coaching can make a difference to your life. 

If you have any questions, please share them in the comments.

I would really like to hear your queries about this form of coaching.

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